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  • Body Sculpture Mini Trampoline
    Body Sculpture Mini Trampoline

    36 inch Aerobic rebounder is fun and an effective way of exercise. Combines the benefits of strength training and cardiovascular exercise training making it suitable for all ages. a perfect way to increase cardiovascular fitness, strength and vitality, improving co-ordination and balance, reducing stress and tension in the body and improving the body's circulation and blood flow.

  • AirKing Mini 5ft Trampoline
    AirKing Mini 5ft Trampoline

    The Air King Mini 5ft is a great value entry level trampoline. 30 springs and a unique polypropylene-woven Soft Touch mat give excellent bounce characteristics for lighter jumpers, supported by a strong 1.6mm tubular steel frame with advanced T-bar connectors and high-security V-ring fittings. The mat is easy-draining and air-permeable for a better response, and 10 rows of perimeter stitching ensure long life and peace of mind.

  • Big Air Mini Adult'sTrampoline
    Big Air Mini Adult'sTrampoline

    THIS ITEM IS DUE BACK IN STOCK WEEK COMMENCING 28TH JULY. WE HAVE LIMITED QUANTITIES ARRIVING SO WE RECOMMEND ORDERING NOW TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT Big Air Mini Adult's Trampoline Brief Description: Made with a strong 1.3mm HOT galvanised steel frame, this Mini range offers a fun bouncing experience for the whole family to use. It has a maximum weight limit of 16 stone so theres no way you can refuse a go with this in your garden. Designed to incorporate the strength to comfortably hold adults, but...


    These versatile, trampoline-like disks are superb for hand/eye coordination activities and improving a whole range of skills! A special ball is included with this set of two disks. Great fun.

  • Padding for 8ft x 11.5ft Mini OvalPod Trampoline
    Padding for 8ft x 11.5ft Mini OvalPod Trampoline

    The OvalPod pads/cushions are good quality trampoline pads, however may need replacing after many years of use. Replacing worn pads not only improves safety, but also improves the overall look of the trampoline.

  • Mini Trampoline
    Mini Trampoline

    Item description Show full descriptionShow short description This junior trampoline from Galt will have children jumping for joy whilst exercising and keeping fit! This junior trampoline will have children jumping for joy whilst exercising and keeping fit! The strong steel frame has a removable easy grip handle, strong weatherproof mat and padded protective outer cover, and the legs fold down for easy storage. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Base 86 x 86 cms (34 x 34 ins). Floor to handle...

  • JumpKing Mini OvalPod Trampoline - 11ft x 8.5ft. Trampoline Sales for Oval Trampoline
    JumpKing Mini OvalPod Trampoline - 11ft x 8.5ft. Trampoline Sales for Oval Trampoline

    Our new range of nylon covers have a superb finish with a reinforced buckle tie-on system and an elasticated rim for additional security. Our covers provide protection from leaves, bird mess and other unwanted debris - as well as letting smaller members of the family know that the trampoline is out of bounds until Mum or Dad are around!

  • Mini Trampoline
    Mini Trampoline

    V-Fit Mini Trampoline - Robust 25mm square tubular leg frame - 6 support legs with non slip rubber footcaps - Diameter 92cm x h20cm - Weight 6.8kg - Maximum user Weight 100kg

  • Mini Magnitude and Enclosure (6 ft)
    Mini Magnitude and Enclosure (6 ft)

    Trampolining is not only fun but it is a great way to encourage outdoor play and exercise and helps improve children's development by increasing co-ordination, balance and strength. The curved enclosure will make your children feel they are in a huge bubble whilst they have fun bouncing off all their energy. This premium grade trampoline is not only stylish but delivers on safety, durability and fun. Useful info: Trampoline frame made from steel galvanised inside and out for rust FREE protection...

  • ELC Indoor Giraffe Trampoline
    ELC Indoor Giraffe Trampoline

    Adorable giraffe design mini trampoline. Suitable for use indoors. Great for building strength and coordination. Maximum child weight 20kg. Requires LR44 1 Pack batteries (included).

  • 66fit Trampoline - Black/Blue 90cm
    66fit Trampoline - Black/Blue 90cm

    <p>The 90cm 66fit Mini Trampoline features a 25mm Square Tubular Steel Main Frame and is ideal for low impact exercising and will improve coordination and balance.</p><p>&lt ;strong>Features</strong ></p><ul><li >Maximum User Weight: 100kg</li><li>30 Heavy Duty Springs</li><li>6 Support Legs with Non Slip Rubber Foot Caps</li><li>Size: Diameter: 90cm x Height: 22cm</li><li>Heavy Duty Nylon Deck</li>&lt...

  • Fitness Trampolines
    Fitness Trampolines

    A Fitness Rebounder (sometimes called a Mini Trampoline or Trampet) provides an amazingly efficient form of exercise with a whole host of cardio vascular and wholistic benefits. But best of all it's also great fun and a fun exercise regime is one that your more likely to stick to rather than getting bored of yet another fad and going back to slumping on the sofa!! When bouncing on a rebounder a weightless state is achieved at the top of each bounce and at the bottom of the bounce you experience twice...

  • Reebok Trampoline 36in
    Reebok Trampoline 36in

    Price: £49.99 RRP: £49.99 This miniature trampoline is ideal for beginners. It is washable, stores flat and has 6 legs for extra stability. Partial self assembly required. Features Steel frame construction High quality polypropylene jumping surface High-tension springs Maximum weight 108kg or 17 stone H23xDia.102cm Weight 8.5kg Email to a Friend

  • 10ft Trampolines With Enclosures | 8ft Trampolines | Mini Trampolines
    10ft Trampolines With Enclosures | 8ft Trampolines | Mini Trampolines

    This is our complete selection of trampolines with sizes ranging from 4.5ft to 14ft. We are one of the UK's leading Trampoline suppliers and have been helping the country to get bouncing since 2004! Our best selling product is the Rebo 10ft Trampoline with Enclosure.

  • Mini Trampolines | Mini Trampoline with Enclosure | Junior Trampoline
    Mini Trampolines | Mini Trampoline with Enclosure | Junior Trampoline