Nasa Cobra Ct 190 40cm Monopod
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  • Dodge Viper Collage, Chrysler Corporation Poster: 40cm x 50cm - Buy Online
    Dodge Viper Collage, Chrysler Corporation Poster: 40cm x 50cm - Buy Online

    Automobile Poster: Heavily inspired by classic American sports cars such as the iconic AC Cobra, the Dodge Viper combines a big engine with beefy, masculine bodywork to produce a stylish, high performance machine. Quickly carried from 0-60mph in less than four seconds by a purring V10, in 2008 Dodge were forced to pull the plug on the Viper unless a buyer could be found. This great mini poster celebrates a great car, and is an ideal piece of Viper history for any fan.

  • Cobra

    Cobra Like a cobra this plant will grow with one big bud and very few branches. The main cola is compact and the plant gives off a strong fruity strawberry smell. The buds and the leaves glisten with resin glands. This is a cross between Blueberry, Lebanese and Lowryder #2. Type: Autoflowering Heigh: 40-90 cm Time to harvest: 65-75 days from seed Yield: 25-45 gr per plant Tweet

  • Cobra Size 1
    Cobra Size 1

    Cash rating £4,000 or valuables rating £40,000. Approved by the Association of Insurance Surveyors (AiS). 30 Minutes fire protection for paper to Japanese test JIS S 1037. Dual lock - high security double bitted key lock supplied with two keys and mechanical dial combination lock. Manufactured to ISO 9002 accredited quality assured process. Professional bolt down installation included. Optional electronic combination locking upgrade available. 1 Year warranty. Weight: 185 Kg. External: ...