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  • Numark TTUSB Turntable with USB Audio Interface
    Numark TTUSB Turntable with USB Audio Interface

    Numark TTUSB Turntable with USB Audio Interface

  • Numark CD Mix BT Twin CD with Bluetooth Numark CD, MP3 & Vinyl Turntables
    Numark CD Mix BT Twin CD with Bluetooth Numark CD, MP3 & Vinyl Turntables

    Features Bluetooth/AUX/mic channel with EQ controls Anti-Shock buffered skip-protection technology LCD display for excellent visibility in different lighting environments Housed in a solid steel chassis for rugged, reliable performance Multifunction jog/shuttle wheels for search, scratch, and pitch bend

    Nevada Music
  • Numark TTi USB Turntable with Pitch Control and iPod Dock
    Numark TTi USB Turntable with Pitch Control and iPod Dock

    Record directly to iPod video (5th gen) and iPod nano (2nd gen) Record directly to your computer via USB Works with all docking iPod models when used through iTunes 33 and 45 RPM belt-drive turntable (Recording 78 RPM records requires using bundled software) Line-level RCA outputs (built-in phono preamp)

  • Numark iBattlepack Turntable Package
    Numark iBattlepack Turntable Package

    Everything you need to perform and record with vinyl and iPod. iBATTLEPACK is a direct-drive turntable pack for performing with vinyl, iPod or iPhone, and more. iBATTLEPACK features iM1, the world's first DJ mixer that records your mix to your iPod.

  • Numark TTUSB Turntable
    Numark TTUSB Turntable

    As an added benefit, TT-USB also includes a 1/8-inch stereo mini jack input connector to facilitate the transfer of cassette tapes (or similar line level sources) to computer files, which makes TTUSB the perfect tool for archiving older recordings, regardless of their original format. For the editing of your transferred files, the included Audacity software (PC and Mac compatible) provides a wealth of easy-to-use features. Exporting your analog music to popular digital formats such as WAV or MP3...

  • Pt-01usb Record Turntable
    Pt-01usb Record Turntable

    Numark Portable Vinyl Archivingperp - Turntable

  • Numark TT USB Turntable
    Numark TT USB Turntable

    The easiest way to digitize your vinyl. The TTUSB is a unique, plug and play, USB compatible turntable that makes digitizing your vinyl record collection to your PC or Mac a snap. Packaged with all the necessary cables to connect with a computer or stereo playback system, along with software to remove clicks, pops, and other undesirable characteristics of vinyl, the TTUSB is a comprehensive package that breathes new life into older recordings. As an added benefit, the TTUSB also includes a 1/8–inch...

  • Numark Tt1650 Turntable
    Numark Tt1650 Turntable

    NUMARK TT1650 PROFESSIONAL TURNTABLE With a direct drive high torque motor, and premium features...

  • Numark TT200 Turntable
    Numark TT200 Turntable

    NUMARK TURNTABLE QUALITY AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE. The TT200 delivers many of the innovative features found in Numarks popular TTX turntable, in a cost-effective package. The TT200 features a direct drive motor that delivers 1.7 kg/cm of torque, Numark quality and dependability with all the features that vinyl DJs require to excel.

  • Numark V7 Motorised Turntable DJ Software Controller
    Numark V7 Motorised Turntable DJ Software Controller

    The turntable, evolved - V7 is the turntable for today's DJ. V7 delivers outstanding feel and unprecedented power in a single-platter digital DJ controller. V7 is based around the acclaimed adjustable torque, motorized-platter design from Numark's NS7 and delivers a host of professional features including real vinyl and a slipmat that analog turntablists will love, plus turntable control at ten times the resolution of standard MIDI, mouse-less library navigation, and Strip Search virtual-needle drop...

  • Numark TTX USB Turntable
    Numark TTX USB Turntable

    World's first user-adjustable ultra-high torque (2.5kg·cm, 3.7 kg·cm, 4.7 kg·cm) direct-drive motor. Patented interchangeable aluminum tonearm system includes both straight and S-shaped tonearms. Interchangeable pitch fader and button cartridges for club and battle style. Blue illuminated display provides pitch, RPM, BPM and motor settings. Removable aluminum target light and strobe with super-bright white LED. Solid-core steel top and rubber base construction diminishes vibration and unwanted...

  • Numark TT500 Turntable
    Numark TT500 Turntable

    Details Now Discontinued please see Numark TTX Numark TT500Featuring the same ultra-high torque direct drive motor as Numark’s TTX, the TT500 is a first-class turntable for the professional DJ who demands uncompromised quality construction while not requiring digital implementation.Features:- Ultra-high torque (5.0 kgf/cm) quartz-controlled direct drive motor - Interchangeable aluminum tonearm system includes both straight and S-shaped tonearms - Battle and club style design - Instant reverse and...

  • Numark TTX USB Turntable
    Numark TTX USB Turntable

    Details The result of extensive research into the needs of professional DJs, the TTX usb combinesunmatched torque, incredible precision and the world`s first interchangeable tonearm design for optimal performance under all conditions.The TTXUSB stands alone among professional turntables because it was exclusively designed for the modern DJ, with a silicon rubber base that absorbs vibration and dampens low end feedback, and an interchangeable tone arm system that adapts to any DJ style. The TTXUSB...

  • Numark NS7 II
    Numark NS7 II

    Numark NS7 II, 4 Channel DJ Controller, High-resolution controller built for Serato ITCH and compatible with Scratch LIVE libraries, Direct-drive, motorized turntable platters with classic and modern feel settings, Includes Serato ITCH DJ software, fully pre-mapped, Audiophile-grade audio circuitry with mic and line inputs, system and cue outs, Extensive loop, cue, and track-access controls, Strip Search (patent pending) virtual-needle-drop control, Controls most MIDI applications without...

  • Numark TTiUSB Dust Cover
    Numark TTiUSB Dust Cover

    Universal design fits nearly all Numark turntables Slight ultraviolet tint protects vinyl from sun damage Robust polycarbonate construction Shatter and scratch-resistant Tone-arm counterweight cutaway permits playback with cover in place

  • Numark Alesis Europe Limited
    Numark Alesis Europe Limited

    Thank you for visiting the Numark Alesis Europe Limited brand on Disc DJ. The brand includes products from the following categories: Dj decks and turntables . Please send a message if you cannot find a product.

  • Numark C3 Mixer
    Numark C3 Mixer

    C3 is a versatile mixer with five channels plus a DJ mic input with EQ. Thanks to its wide range of inputs, you can connect all of your gear with just this mixer. Combine turntables, CD players, samplers and more. A massive I/O section gives you 10 line, three phono, and three mic inputs, as well as Master, Record, and Zone outputs. There's a steep, three-band EQ on every channel, plus EQ on mic channel. You get split or blend cueing, PFL gain-adjust with meter, fader start, panning on master fader...

  • Numark M6 USB Mixer
    Numark M6 USB Mixer

    Versatile mixing with computer integration. M6 enables you to step up to a four-channel mixer. This club-style design not only works with any standard audio sources including turntables and CD players, but it also has a USB computer connection. When connected to your Mac or PC, the plug-and-play connection empowers you to mix in audio in from music-player software and record your sets into virtually any audio recording application. You will enjoy a complete range of performance essentials in M6...

  • Numark Mixtrack Pro II White
    Numark Mixtrack Pro II White

    Mixtrack Pro has two decks, each with a large, touch-sensitive turntable for accurate scratching, beat-juggling and locating precise points within your tracks. It’s just like working with a record. In addition to the two decks, Mixtrack Pro has an easy to use audio mixer so veteran DJs and beginners alike will be able to step right up and get the party going. If you’re DJing for the first time, Mixtrack Pro is a great place to learn because your skills will transfer to any other DJ system.

    Production Room Music
  • Numark NS7 FX
    Numark NS7 FX

    High-resolution digital DJ controller with effects, built for Serato ITCH and compatible with Scratch LIVE libraries. Direct-drive, motorized turntable platters with classic and modern feel settings. Activate and control the effects in Serato ITCH. Includes Serato ITCH DJ software—now with video mixing capability (Requires Serato video plug-in). Built-in audio with audiophile-grade circuitry, 24-bit interface. Extensive loop, cue, and track-access controls. Strip Search virtual-needle drop...

    Music Matter
  • Numark Stereo iO
    Numark Stereo iO

    STEREO|iO is a connection box that turns analogue audio into digital signal. STEREO|iO has RCA plugs for use with virtually any audio equipment from DJ mixers to turntables, its other end has a USB connector for your Mac or PC. You can connect any line or phono-level gear to your computer for recording, mixing or processing. Or you can also use STEREO|iO as an output cable from your computer to inputs on an analogue mixer, enabling you to mix MP3s and other music from a computer in your standard...

  • Numark C3 5 Channel Mixer
    Numark C3 5 Channel Mixer

    The Numark C3 is a versatile mixer with a wealth of Phono, Line and Microphone inputs, serving as a perfect routing mixer for bigger Mobile DJ setups. Turntables, CD Decks and media devices can all be hooked up with ease, and multiple microphone inputs make this perfect for DJ duos and party hosts. There's a steep, three-band EQ on every channel, EQ on mic channel, split or blend cueing, PFL gain-adjust with meter, fader start, panning on master fader, and of course, a replaceable, assignable crossfader...

  • Numark M2 Scratch Mixer
    Numark M2 Scratch Mixer

    Pure professional power. M2 is a two-channel DJ scratch mixer with all the essentials to hit the stage in Numark style. Switchable phono/line inputs for turntables, CD players, and other line sources make M2 a superb choice for any DJ setting from weddings to clubs, parties to practice setups. A mic input with dedicated EQ and gain, and a headphone output with crossfader-style cueing complete the plentifully featured package. Three-band EQ on each channel plus crossfader-reverse and slope controls...

  • Numark NS7 Mk2
    Numark NS7 Mk2

    7-inch motorized turntables with ultra-high-resolution MIDI (3600 ticks per rotation). 4-channel mixer and 24-bit audio interface built in. 16 multi-color MPC® pads from Akai Professional. Capacitive touch-sensitive filter, EQ, and effects knobs. Genuine vinyl discs and real felt slipmats for unmatched tactile control. The most intuitive and seamless control for Serato DJ available. Connect and mix CD players, turntables, MP3 players, or any other external source. Mixer can operate standalone...

    Music Matter
  • Pioneer Numark M101USB
    Pioneer Numark M101USB

    Description Numark M101 USB DJs always need a dependable mixer. M101USB fits the bill perfectly as a highly adaptable two-channel mixer for virtually any DJ. M101USB lets you get up and running quickly whether you're using a computer, turntables or CDs. M101USB is right at home at weddings, parties, clubs and everything in-between. Beginners and seasoned DJs alike who want a durable USB-equipped two-channel solution will find M101USB a perfect fit. M101USB builds on the two-channel M101 mixer...

  • AVA Record Stylus Supplies NUMARK Record Needle/Stylus Replacements
    AVA Record Stylus Supplies NUMARK Record Needle/Stylus Replacements

    Replacement stylus/needle for NUMARK record player turntable Nos. TT1610, TT1625, TT1650.

  • Numark iM9 DJ Mixer
    Numark iM9 DJ Mixer

    Four channel DJ mixer. Integrated dock for iPod for playback and recording of sets. Beatkeeper BPM detection to create precise mixes between songs. Beat-synced effects including: Delay, Filter, Flanger, Pan & more. Crossfader with channel assign switches. Dedicated XLR microphone input with Gain & EQ. Two phono line inputs for connecting turntables. Five RCA line inputs. Balanced XLR outputs. Master, Booth and Record RCA line outputs. Includes: iM9 mixer Power supply Quick start guid.

  • Numark NS6 Top
    Numark NS6 Top

    Numark NS6 - USB DJ Controller Product Description The Numark NS6 is a MIDI controller for poplular DJ software such as Serato and Trakor with an integrated 4-Channel DJ Mixer that works with or without the computer. Featuring Inputs for 4-line, 2 turntables, 2 microphones. Numark even include Serato’s Itch 4-deck DJ software so you can start using the NS-6 straight out of the box. The NS 6 has a built-in professional 24-bit audio interface also with balanced XLR outputs. The touch sensitive illuminated...

    Music Matter
  • Pioneer Numark NS6
    Pioneer Numark NS6

    Description Numark NS6 4-Channel Digital DJ Controller and Mixer capable of controlling both Serato ITCH (supplied) & Traktor Built-in 4 Channel DJ Mixer that works with or without the computer Inputs for 4 line, 2 turntables, 2 microphones Serato’s Itch 4 Deck DJ software included Built-in professional 24-bit audio interface with balanced XLR outputs Touch sensitive illuminated wheels with 3600 ticks of resolution per rotation Strip Search with track position indicator Channel assignable...

  • Numark IDJ3 Angle
    Numark IDJ3 Angle

    Large, touch-sensitive turntables for scratching and song cueing. Music playback using the built-in dock for iPhone or iPod. Built-in audio connections for both preview and master outputs. Includes Virtual DJ LE professional mixing software. Complete mixer section with EQ, loop and effects controls. Lighted deck-controls indicate status within software. Integrates with your iTunes library to play and mix songs. Record DJ performances directly to a docked iPod or iPhone. Controller is compatible...