Polar Wireless Cs200cad Cycling Computer
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  • Polar CS200cad Wireless HRM Cycle Computer
    Polar CS200cad Wireless HRM Cycle Computer

    Polar CS200cad Wireless HRM Cycle Computer: Combines Body feedback and cycling data, which helps you achieve your cycling goal. ECG accurate heart rate (%/bpm) Average HR Owncal , calorie expenditure Calorie consumption rate/hour Calorie consumption rate/km Oversized 3 row display Laps with recall (lap, split avg. HR info) 50 Autolap Target zones Speed (actual, average and max) / Trip Autostart Wheel-size settings for two bicycles Estimated Time of Arrival / Speed pointer Bike Mount Wireless Speed...

  • CS400 Cycling Computer
    CS400 Cycling Computer

    CS400 is the choice for cyclists with a competitive attitude. Track your ride with wireless sensors; prepare your detailed training programme easily with Polar ProTrainer 5 Software; and use the incline measurement to adjust your cycling effort accordingly. Buttons designed specifically for cycling plus a big display help you to track your performance even at maximum speed. Compatible with Polar Training Plan Bank.

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  • Polar CS500+ cad Heart Rate Monitor and Cycling Computer
    Polar CS500+ cad Heart Rate Monitor and Cycling Computer

    Smart Calories - Provides a comprehensive, accurate rundown of how many calories have been burned during a specific workout. Training Load - Helps the user find the perfect balance between rest and training. Oversized Display - Displays large quantities of data that can be viewed clearly from all angles in all weather conditions. Altimeter - Calculates the cyclist's altitude, particularly useful on winding terrain that passes through differing altitudes. Inclinometer - Utilises data from the altimeter...

  • Polar CS600X Wireless HRM Cycle Computer
    Polar CS600X Wireless HRM Cycle Computer

    Polar CS600X Wireless HRM Cycle Computer: The Polar CS600X is the perfect solution for competitive cyclists. The CS600X is another perfect example of the training revolution. Advanced heart rate and training features make this the ultimate cycling computer. With the compatible G3 GPS sensor it provides valuable data helping you to keep track of your route so you know where you've been and you know where your performance is going. The basic set comes with Wearlink®+W.I.N.D. transmitter belt...

  • CS300 Cycling Computer
    CS300 Cycling Computer

    CS300 is the optimum choice for a fitness cyclist who also enjoys other cardio sports. You can easily wear your CS300 wrist unit during the indoor fitness session or mount it onto your bike when cycling. With CS300; the proven; excellent polarpersonaltrainer.com online training programmes are at your service.

  • RS800CX PTE10 Cycling Computer
    RS800CX PTE10 Cycling Computer

    For serious cyclists in a sleek; limited-edition design

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  • Polar CS Cadence Sensor 91026636
    Polar CS Cadence Sensor 91026636

    Measures your pedal cadence (rpm) Wireless connection with cycling computer Easy to attach to your bike Comes with all necessary attachments (Bikemount Supplied) This sensor will measure your pedal cadence as you ride. It will send the data to your bike computer that will show you the data during your exercise. The CS series cadence sensor is compatible with; Polar CS100b Polar CS100 Polar CS200 Polar CS200CAD Polar CS300 Polar CS400

  • Polar Speed Sensor for CS Range (91026629)
    Polar Speed Sensor for CS Range (91026629)

    The Polar Speed Sensor is a wireless sensor measuring cycling speed and distance via a magnet rotating on the front wheel. The kit includes speed sensor, bike mount kit, and all mounting hardware. The sensor enables measurement of distance trip/total, speed avg/max and riding time. After the ride, download this data to the computer along with your heart rate data. Compatible With: Polar CS100b. Polar CS100. Polar CS200. Polar CS200cad. Polar CS300. Polar CS400. Please Note: The twist lock bike mount...

  • Polar RS800CX Bike Computer
    Polar RS800CX Bike Computer

    Comes with the wireless CS speed sensor™ W.I.N.D. for interference-free cycling data. Measures incline and adjusts your efforts accordingly. Synchronises with the Polar ProTrainer 5™ software for guidance, analysis and creating individual training settings. Highly sensitive barometric altitude sensor shows your elevation profiles. Determines if your training programme and recovery time are optimally developing your performance. Sets personal training zones so that you can train at the right...