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  • Swan AC230 Popcorn Maker, Red
    Swan AC230 Popcorn Maker, Red

    Conjure up fresh, warm popcorn in just minutes with the Swan Popcorn Maker. Perfect for parties or movie nights in, you can enjoy the taste of fresh popcorn without having to make a trip down to the local multiplex. The Swan Popcorn Maker uses hot air circulation to produce delicious popcorn. Other ingredients such as butter, sugar or salt can be added afterwards to suit your tastes. . Useful info: AC230 - 50Hz 900-wattPops corn via hot air circulationWith anti-slip rubber...

  • Shef Popcorn Maker
    Shef Popcorn Maker

    Enjoy home-made popcorn in your own home! Create your own flavours of popcorn! From Sweet & Buttery all the way to Parmesan Cheese & Bacon. Or create healthier flavours by using herbs & spices Operates through hot-air circulation, which requires no oil or fats, making your popcorn fat free & a great source of fibre Easy to use. Lid doubles up as a butter melting cup Cool-Touch housing. Measuring spoon included

  • American Originals EK0493AR Popcorn Maker - Red
    American Originals EK0493AR Popcorn Maker - Red

    Makes hot, tasty popcorn in less than three minutes. Perfect for parties or movie nights. 1100 watts. Makes up to 40ml of popcorn in 3 minutes. Size H30.5, W15, D18cm. Includes user instructions. EAN: 5051554605871.

  • Eddingtons 1-Piece Traditional Popcorn Maker
    Eddingtons 1-Piece Traditional Popcorn Maker

    Easy to use traditional popcorn maker Makes enough popcorn for the whole family Not suitable for the dishwasher Use fresh popcorn, old popcorn loses its moisture and won't pop well Hand wash and dry throroughly, Weight: 1200 grams, Manufacturer: Eddingtons

  • Swan SF14010N popcorn maker
    Swan SF14010N popcorn maker

    This SF14010N popcorn maker by Swan uses hot air circulation and 900W of power to make a perfectly light, oil free popcorn batch. It has non slip feet and an on/off switch.

  • Red Stovetop Popcorn Maker
    Red Stovetop Popcorn Maker

    Make popcorn the old fashioned way with this stovetop popcorn maker This is the most brilliant kitchen gadget. Buy traditional corn kernels, place in the pan - add butter, salt and sugar to taste and put on the stove. As the kernels start popping turn the stay-cool wooden handle to stop them sticking to the base and soon you will have a cauldon full of soft puffy popped corn - delicious. The perfect family Christmas gift made from: Metal and wood Please note this item is not suitable...

  • American Originals Popcorn Maker
    American Originals Popcorn Maker

    Make popcorn in minutes with the American Originals Popcorn Maker the perfect snack for film nights in and parties. The stylish red plastic housing is topped with a clear lid for you to see the corn popping and check on its progress whilst the non slip rubber feet will keep the unit sturdy. Both easy to use and clean the practical maker is a convenient way of making a tasty snack at the click of a button. - R.K. Features: Popcorn maker from American Originals Makes popcorn in minutes approx...

  • Popcorn Maker
    Popcorn Maker

    Description Whether it’s a mid-movie snack or just a favourite any-time treat, with this easy popcorn maker you can enjoy the delicious aroma and authentic taste of fresh, home-cooked popcorn in the comfort of your own home. The handy dispensing design with transparent lid and filling scoop means you can measure out the ideal amount of popcorn kernels, and then watch as they pop and tumble out of the spout. With no pre-heating required, the popcorn maker takes just 3 minutes to produce tasty hot...

  • Pretty Pink Popcorn Maker
    Pretty Pink Popcorn Maker

    With a sleek modern design the Pretty Pink Popcorn Maker is quick and easy use, with delicious popcorn ready to eat in 3-5minutes, ideal for a movie night in for you and all your friends. With hot air circulation, there's no need for added oil so you get the awesome taste of popcorn, with less calories! Quick and easy to use - makes popcorn in 3-5 minutes. Hot air circulation and no need for added oil, means healthier cooking and less calories! Non-slip rubber feet. Gift boxed. Design may vary. For...

  • Roadpro Saucepan And Popcorn Maker - White
    Roadpro Saucepan And Popcorn Maker - White

    Roadpro 12V saucepan & popcorn maker Plugs into any 12V socket which is capable of supplying 12.5 Amps Approx. 6 inches wide Cable length: 1300mm

  • Nostalgia Electrics Retro Mini Popcorn Maker
    Nostalgia Electrics Retro Mini Popcorn Maker

    Amaze your family and friends with the exceptional experience of hot light popcorn in minutes with the Mini Retro Popcorn Machine. Create fun for everyone as a treat or a fun snack to accompany a film at home! The Mini Retro Popcorn Machine is part of Giles and Posner's unique Retro Range a selection of stylish kitchen gadgets that create a feeling of nostalgia but with the benefits of modern technology. This product looks stylish in classic red and white colours that will bring the 1950's...

  • Retro Mini Popcorn Maker
    Retro Mini Popcorn Maker

    See more: Kitchen Gadgets Retro Mini Popcorn Maker Description Make any party 'pop' with this Retro Mini Popcorn Maker. Fun for all the family, this table-top popcorn maker can make up to 8 cups of popcorn per batch in just minutes! Crunchy, warm popcorn is made using an electric system which does not need any oil - meaning that you get your favourite snack without the added calories! Using this popcorn popping machine is easy, all you have to do is pour your kernels into the kernel measuring cup...

  • Palson Denver popcorn maker
    Palson Denver popcorn maker

    Weight: 3.17 lbs.

  • JM Posner Popcorn Maker
    JM Posner Popcorn Maker

    Heat up time 5mins. Instruction manual, oil measuring scoop, corn measuring scoop and serving scoop included. Removable kettle. Capacity 8oz. Dimensions 650(H)x 380(W)x 450(D)mm. Fuel Type Electric. Power Type 860W, 13A. Voltage 230V. Warranty 1 year. Weight 21kg. Plug fitted Yes.

  • Fairground Popcorn Maker
    Fairground Popcorn Maker

    The Fairground Popcorn Machine introduces a healthier option for the popcorn lover. The popcorn is made by the circulation of hot air, rather than the traditional approach of cooking using oil. Easy to clean - simply wipe with a tissue, the Fairground Popcorn Machine, with its attractive fairground stall design is perfect for use both in and out of the kitchen, making fresh popcorn at home whilst watching a movie, or cooking a snack on your desk at work. This practical innovative gadget will be...

  • Gourmet Gadgetry Popcorn Maker in Pink - Return
    Gourmet Gadgetry Popcorn Maker in Pink - Return

    This is a Brand New item that is a customer return. Packaging may not be perfect and has been opened to check the contents.Free Fast Delivery (up to 2 business days)Sweetening up fun times, these two table top machines dish up sweet treats in a jiffy. The popcorn maker makes fluffy treats in minutes, with a butter melting tray included and bags of hot air. Table-top popcorn makers with butter-melting tray Instructions included

  • Cinema Popcorn Maker
    Cinema Popcorn Maker

    Invite over some friends, grab a few good movies and whip up some popcorn for everyone to enjoy! The new cinema popcorn maker from JM Posner. There’s nothing better than to chow down on your favourite cinema snack in the comfort of your own home. The Cinema maker produces fluffy luscious popcorn within minutes. Now you really can have the perfect movie night in your own home, making your own authentic cinema style popcorn. The retro style Popcorn maker really goes back to the old school cinema...

  • Retro Mini Popcorn Maker
    Retro Mini Popcorn Maker

    Collect and spend Clubcard points Free next day Click & Collect * Returns are easy Home Home Shop by Room Kitchen Small Kitchen Appliances Food & Drink Makers Retro Mini Popcorn Maker Retro Mini Popcorn Maker Retro Mini Popcorn Maker Retro Mini Popcorn Maker Catalogue Number: 769-7375 /direct/retro-mini-popcorn-mak er/769-7375.prd;jsessionid=7AB FF36544362C000D0FC985F0502F80. UKTUL02LF71V_slot1?skuId=769-7 375 Previous Next Previous Next Images Video 360° Add to wishlist...

  • Heat N Eat Popcorn Maker
    Heat N Eat Popcorn Maker

    Heat 'n' Eat Popcorn Maker Never again will you be without popcorn on movie night. Nothing beats a warm bag of popcorn when visiting the cinema, now you can recreate that at home, without all the mess and fuss. The Heat n Eat popcorn maker is super easy to use, simply fill the measurer with kernals and then microwave the handy sized tub in the microwave. In a couple of minutes you will have a tub of fresh popcorn and with no need for oil it is also healthier too! – How can you resist now?! Once cooked...

  • Retro Kettle Popcorn Maker
    Retro Kettle Popcorn Maker

    Retro Kettle Popcorn Maker The Retro Kettle Popcorn Maker is an easy to use, traditional style hot oil popcorn maker. It has a large 2oz stainless steel kettle with in-built stirring system and can make up to 8 cups of popcorn per batch. Includes kernel measuring cup, oil measuring spoon and instructions (which include popcorn recipes too). Unit measures approximately 27 cm x 29 cm x 52 cm. Warning: Not a toy. Parts get hot - Keep out of reach of children. Key Product Features: Easy to use hot oil...

  • American Originals EK0493 Popcorn Maker in Red |Kitchen Gadgets|Red|American Originals
    American Originals EK0493 Popcorn Maker in Red |Kitchen Gadgets|Red|American Originals

    Service rating : Very quick service, had previously bought on Amazon and was let down. This service so far superior to their service. I love the Coop!

  • Global Gizmos Benross Popcorn Maker
    Global Gizmos Benross Popcorn Maker

    Manufacturer: Benross Group

  • Giles & Posner Popcorn Maker with Popcorn kernels
    Giles & Posner Popcorn Maker with Popcorn kernels

    Delicious popcorn in 3 mins. Efficient way to make tasty popcorn. Easy to clean. Power: 220-240V, 50HZ, 1200W. Premium quality popcorn kernels.

  • Lloytron Popcorn Maker - Red
    Lloytron Popcorn Maker - Red

    Product Description Pop pop pop your way to a bowl full of crunchy freshly popped corn with the funky Lloytron Popcorn Maker. Just add some kernels, flick the switch and your hear the pop corn popping within two minutes. Simple to use Popcorn made by hot air, so less calories Capacity 40-60g No oil needed

  • Big Popper Popcorn Maker 220-240V
    Big Popper Popcorn Maker 220-240V

    Pop corn machine with perfect popping! A healthier alternative to snacks. Pops 4.5L pop corn. Pop, turn and salt! Non-stick coating. Lid also functions as a bowl. Effect: 1000 W. Only EU-version (220V) available. For UK, US, CA and AU orders adapter is included.

  • Clatronic PM 2658 Popcorn Maker
    Clatronic PM 2658 Popcorn Maker

    Popcorn made by hot air circulation - less calories A healthy and tasty snack for the whole family Preparation without oil, Weight: 1.12 lbs., Manufacturer: Clatronic

  • Elgento E26006 Popcorn Maker, Red
    Elgento E26006 Popcorn Maker, Red

    1200W Non-slip feet transparent lid with integrated filling scoop Handy dispensing design, Manufacturer: ELGENTO

  • Ez Popcorn Maker
    Ez Popcorn Maker

    Viatek Ezp01 Ez Popcorn Maker

  • Severin Popcorn Maker, White
    Severin Popcorn Maker, White

    Prepares popcorn with hot air ion approx 2.5 min 1200 watt Transparent lid with intergrated filling scoop On/Off switch with pilot light Non-slip feet, Weight: 2.2 lbs., Manufacturer: Severin