Precor 956i Experience Line Treadmill
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  • Precor 956i Experience Line Treadmill
    Precor 956i Experience Line Treadmill

    Precor 956i Experience Line Used in Health Clubs worldwide because of its outstanding quality, durability and overall reliable track record, from the novice walker, to the most advanced athlete or long distance runner you'll get the most out your workouts when using this top of the line commercial model. With a multitude of program options including an incredible speed range of up to 16mph, the 956i offers a fantastic shock absorbing deck system that better protects ankles, knee's, hips and lower...

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  • Precor 956i TREADMILL DECKS
    Precor 956i TREADMILL DECKS

    Product Description Our treadmill running decks are made to the manufacturer’s original OEM specification. All of our running decks have been manufactured to be used within a commercial grade machine, to provide long life and excellent rebound qualities. All decks are pre drilled ready to fit your treadmill.