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  • broads - Undercurrents Video Productions
    broads - Undercurrents Video Productions

    What is reality? Who defines it? Evolving Minds offers a fresh and radical perspective on alternatives to the mental health system. Presenting clear information in a humorous style it covers diverse topics such as shamanism, nutrition, psychotherapy, meditation and protest against draconian mental health legislation.

  • cheap Tumi Productions uk
    cheap Tumi Productions uk

    This video documentary shows one of Cuba's greatest contemporary singers and his evolving career, from railway worker, to shoemaker and then singing/composing sensation!Filmed in the UK during a... read more . Get the best online UK deals from Buy more cheap Tumi Productions items at . Also try Felix Beloy And The

  • Clearance item. Golmar CE-990 Video Switchboard
    Clearance item. Golmar CE-990 Video Switchboard

    Product Description Video Porter Switchboard for older range of Golmar system. Good condition, previously used for testing. This unit is no longer in production. One only Suitable as replacement part. Product Dimensions: approx 200(W) x 230(H) x 68(D)mm Similar to image but older style.

  • CPD: Live Video in Performance 1
    CPD: Live Video in Performance 1

    Course fee includes course notes, lunch, refreshments and a ticket to an NT production. Book online, by telephone on 020 7452 3000 or by email uk .

  • Fanfilms – What are they all about?… Video
    Fanfilms – What are they all about?… Video

    As part of his Masters Degree in Media Production, BYP’s Executive Bully, Darren Scales, has produced a unique 30 minute documentary on Fanfilms. Darren has interviewed fanfilm makers, professionals from the creative industry and media academics. Darren explores the world of fanfilm making, why people do it and what it is that drives the media’s interest in it. With some colourful and personal accounts from those involved in making fanfilms, inlcuding The Emperor’s New Clones , this documentary will...

  • Globe Videos Films, Western Heroes, on DVD
    Globe Videos Films, Western Heroes, on DVD

    The extended production time on this programme is due to exhaustive and painstaking research of train and loco identities to ensure that captions are as informative as possible. To this extent some interesting anomalies have been resolved, even after so many years.

  • HHH Video Mag
    HHH Video Mag

    Protesters surprised the makers of the burger giant's latest advert when they arrived at their location shoot in Ruskin Park, South London on 5th June. Ronald McDonald's cheesy grin faded when the protesters appeared behind him with a banner reading "McDonald's - guilty of exploiting workers, destroying the environment, murdering animals". The production company's plans of filming the clown by the pond and the bandstand (painted specially for the purpose) were completely frustrated all day, at an...

  • Hotels near Ovation Productions
    Hotels near Ovation Productions

    Since January 1985 Ovation has built a reputation for producing conferences, business meetings, special events and video programmes, powerfully, efficiently and creatively. Their speciality is event management, looking after every aspect of business conventions, product launches and awards ceremonies. Ovation will source the venue, devise the theme, supply the staging, lighting and sound, and create the graphics and video support. They will also organise the entertainment, including music, after...

  • Kids Party Video by Mark Leveridge - DVD
    Kids Party Video by Mark Leveridge - DVD

    Introduction. Mark's Start in Children's Parties. Type of Table to Use. Types of Games to Use. How to Handle the Children / Use of Prizes. Learning the Children's Names. Mimes. Torn & Restored Paper. Three of a Kind. Teeter-Totter Tower. Use of an Amp & Mike. Musical Numbers / Number Dance. Props. Flying Coin / Magic Wand / Flower Productions. Classic Games. Musical Bumps. Corners. Picture Game. Pass the Parcel / Fun Bits. Silk Surprise. Kay's Game. Types of Prizes to Give Away...

  • Laurence Hogg Productions VHS format
    Laurence Hogg Productions VHS format

    Videos of some exciting and different canal voyages.

  • Master Handbook of Video Production
    Master Handbook of Video Production

  • Mates Really Horrid Productions
    Mates Really Horrid Productions

    An Overview for the Organiser, includingGuidelines for preparing the mysteryGuidelines for running the mysterySuggested timings. A "narrative arc" for the mysteryKey plot pointsEssential events. Character Briefs for each characterCharacter descriptionCharacter historyMotivation. The SolutionAn explanation of who dunnit and why!. Additional MaterialsCollateral material to make the "event" more realistic, allowing you to print event cards and the cover of an incriminating video for distribution...

  • MOTU HDX-SDI Analogue Video Interface
    MOTU HDX-SDI Analogue Video Interface

    The MOTU HDX-SDI Analogue Video Interface adds comprehensive, professional video capture and monitoring options to your Mac or Windows computer. With support for uncompressed HD and SD, Apple ProRes,and many other popular workflows this will be the go to interface whatever the application. The MOTU HDX-SDI takes advantage of the blazing speed of PCI Express, turning your Mac or PC desktop or laptop computer into a powerful HD/SD video production workstation featuring all the I/O you need. MOTU...

  • Our Official promo video DONE
    Our Official promo video DONE

    The guys at Candy Jar Productions have done an amazing job and we are thrilled with the finished footage. Both of us would like to thank Shaun & Justin for all they have done to support us so far and we hope to continue working with them through this amazing challenge.

  • Professional Studio Video Shoot
    Professional Studio Video Shoot

    We have teamed up with nationwide local video production companies who will attend your recording session and professionally film the performances of one of your chosen songs. Check out our YouTube page to watch some of our latest videos When your video has been edited (allow 5 working days), you will receive an HD video file to play on your computer and also on a DVD in a cool branded presentation case. A wonderful addition to any singing gift experience, and a fantastic (and...

  • Somerset Film And Video Ltd
    Somerset Film And Video Ltd

    Somerset Film is a charity promoting education in the moving image within the county and wider region. SF is devoted to sharing knowledge and skills in film and digital media making and act as a central hub for moving image based training and education; providing facilities, equipment and advice and for the production of video and digital media programmes and installations.

  • The Videomaker Guide to Video Production
    The Videomaker Guide to Video Production

    From the editors of Videomaker Magazine comes this new edition that you have been waiting for. The Videomaker Guide Digital Video, fourth edition, provides information on all of the latest cutting edge tools and techniques necessary to help you shoot and edit video like the pro's.

  • Themes - Video 125 Theme Music CD
    Themes - Video 125 Theme Music CD

    We take great care and pride in choosing only the best and most appropriate music tracks for our video productions so the 18 theme tunes on this compact disc offer a wide variety of moods for your listening pleasure.

  • Tightbooth Production Lenz II DVD
    Tightbooth Production Lenz II DVD

    If you're looking for something a little bit different from the usual skate flicks, then look no futher than this Tightbooth Production Lenz II DVD. LENZ 2 is the latest DVD by Osaka's most notorious skateboarding video production company Tightbooth Production. The DVD is 90 minutes long & features scenes from all over Japan and showcases the incredible talents of Magenta pro Quick Feet Master Koichiro Uehara and over 180 (!) others.

  • Used Video Equipment
    Used Video Equipment

    If you have big ambitions for your production but not a big budget, take a look at our used video production equipment. Buying used video equipment from PEC doesn’t raise the same concerns as buying from auction sites, as you can still make big savings while having the peace of mind that all the equipment for sale has been checked thoroughly and comes with a 3 month RTB warranty. As with our new equipment, please ask if you would like to come to our showroom for a demonstration or to check it yourself...

  • Publication Details: Lighting Techniques for Video Production: The Art of Casting Shadows
    Publication Details: Lighting Techniques for Video Production: The Art of Casting Shadows

    A mix of theory and practical applications, Lighting Techniques for Video Production covers the physical properties of light and the selection of proper instruments and placements. Numerous illustrations, examples, tips and checklists reinforce the professional techniques described. This book shows how to establish moods and create composition with shadows, and how to use today's equipment to achieve effective lighting for your programs.


    ‘We didn’t find what we want to accomplish our goal properly. We don’t give up and for now, have a look at this rebuild interview which was a part of our “Project production file”.

  • MAGIX Video Pro X5
    MAGIX Video Pro X5

    ABOUT PRODUCT MAGIX Video Pro X5 is the perfect software solution for intuitive and powerful video production. This multi-award-winning video editing suite, which is geared towards the unique requirements of professional users, offers an unrivaled range of powerful post-production tools. Improved performance, detailed editing options and years of experience in the field of advanced software development guarantee professional results in perfect sound and vision and an efficient workflow...

  • B & R Video Productions Volume 100 - Cambrian Coast Route Part 1: Paddington to Shrewsbury
    B & R Video Productions Volume 100 - Cambrian Coast Route Part 1: Paddington to Shrewsbury

  • Video Production Pattern Hard Case for iPhone 4/4s
    Video Production Pattern Hard Case for iPhone 4/4s

    Compatibility:iPhone 4/4S; Features:Back Cover; Material:Plastic; Style:Other,Name Brand Style,Special Design,Cartoon,Mixed Color,Graphic,Novelty; Color:Assorted Colors; Dimensions (cm):; Weight (kg):0.013; Note:An alternative color will be sent out at random if product color shown in pictures becomes out of stock

  • Warshawski Morrie: Shaking the Money Tree: The Art of Getting Grants and Donations for Film and Video
    Warshawski Morrie: Shaking the Money Tree: The Art of Getting Grants and Donations for Film and Video

    Morrie Warshawski, who lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is an arts consultant, facilitator, and writer who has spent over 25 years working with organizations and individuals throughout the United States.

  • Video Production Handbook
    Video Production Handbook

    This unique introduction to the techniques of video production emphasizes audience analysis, perception, and basic writing principles. Covering both studio and field production techniques, the text provides comprehensive information on the production industry.

  • MOTU V4HD Video Interface
    MOTU V4HD Video Interface

    The MOTU V4HD Video Interface features one plug-and-play FireWire connection that turns your Mac or PC desktop or laptop computer into a powerful HD/SD video production workstation, with all the I/O you could ever desire. The MOTU v4HD allows you to connect all your gear, from SD camcorders and monitors to todays latest professional HD cameras, video decks, LCD reference monitors and plasmas simultaneously, with no cable swapping or faff. Simply choose your input source, then log and capture HD...

  • OnQ Production Ltd
    OnQ Production Ltd

    Conference / event staging, audio visual support, event management, lighting, sound, presentations, video production, delegate management, venue search, cdrom/dvd authoring, stage/set design and build, internet connection for exhibitions, roadshows, european and uk events

  • Production Used Clapper Board
    Production Used Clapper Board

    A clapper-board from the set of the 2003 production of Benedict Arnold: A Question of Honour, the story of the notorious General who betrayed his country during the American Revolution. The monochromatic piece of equipment is one of the most well known and recognised elements of the film industry, and is used at the start of every single take to ensure sound and video can be synchronised whilst noting the scene, slate and other vital details. This particular board details the movie title, Director...