Pure Emu Oil 50ml Joints Muscle Pains
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  • Health Aid Pure Emu Oil 50ml Bottle
    Health Aid Pure Emu Oil 50ml Bottle

    Health Aid Pure Emu Oil has a variety of uses and can be used warm or cold. It soothes eczema, can be used as part of a facial routine, to ease rosacea and can also be used as a joint rub after injury, exercise or strain. Suitable for use by all the family, Health Aid Pure Emu Oil does not block pores or irritate skin.

  • Emu Oil Joint & Muscle Rub
    Emu Oil Joint & Muscle Rub

    Emu Oil Joint and Muscle Rub is a natural oil enriched with Winter Green, Peppermint and Eucalyptus essential oils.

  • HealthAid Pure Emu Oil
    HealthAid Pure Emu Oil

    Pure Emu Oil 50ml comprises of beneficial unsaturated fatty acids. Our Pure Emu Oil 50ml contains Oleic Acid, which is a monounsaturated fatty acid, that works as a skin cell regenerator and preserver providing local anti- inflammatory effects and inducing long lasting pain relief.

  • Glucosamine & Emu Oil Joint Gel
    Glucosamine & Emu Oil Joint Gel

    Our new Glucosamine & Emu Oil Joint Gel is an externally applied balm for easing painful joints and nourishing connective tissue. It contains a combination of Glucosamine and Emu Oil with natural essential oils in an easily absorbed, non-greasy base which can easily be applied direct to the site of joint pain

  • Joint Massage Oil
    Joint Massage Oil

    Product Description Joint Massage Oil, (#5645 - 50ml) is for a soothing oil massage. Joint pain can be debilitating and cause tiredness. Joint Massage combines aromatherapy essential oils to in a perfect blend of pure essential oils in a soothing base of organic sesame, hazelnut and sunflower carrier oils. Eucalyptus oil and essential oil Thyme are traditionally used to support the joints. Use as part of your daily natural body care routine to keep yourself on the go and moving smoothly! Name:...