Ravensburger Scotland Yard
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  • Ravensburger Scotland Yard Relaunch Board Game
    Ravensburger Scotland Yard Relaunch Board Game

    Contents:1 game board 6 playing pieces 29 start tickets 130 tickets for different means of transportation 1 travel log for Mr. X 1 visor for Mr. X 2 inserts 2 rings for bobbies. 2 - 6 Players Age 8+, Manufacturer: Ravensburger

  • Jigsaw Puzzles: Scotland Yard
    Jigsaw Puzzles: Scotland Yard

  • Scotland Yard
    Scotland Yard

    Scotland Yard is searching for Mister X. Will his pursuers catch him in the London fog? How will Mister X try to escape? Will the detectives find him in time? If they work together, they have a chance. Mister X will try to escape by bus, underground and taxi. One player is mister X, the others are the detectives. Mister X moves secretly, but leaves a clue on each turn. With clever teamwork, the detectives can surround and trap Mister X in time. But if Mister X can slip away, he escapes and wins the...