Saint Valentine
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  • Saint Valentine
    Saint Valentine

    It started in ancient Rome when a kind physician named Valentine took an interest in a young blind girl. With his healing skill and his deep faith he restored her sight. What we now call Valentine's Day began when he sent the little girl a secret message, which she received after the Christian martyr was executed. For this tale rich in sentiment, master illustrator Robert Sabuda has created exquisite paper mosaics to suggest early Christian art that resonates with both subtlety and power.

  • Beginners Saint Valentine's Day
    Beginners Saint Valentine's Day

    An original series of useful activity theme files which covers four British festive occasions and four vocabulary-based topics. Each file is presented on 8 fold-out, stiff-card pages and provides teachers with a useful resource full of information and suggestions for developing the chosen theme.

  • Saint Valentine's Day
    Saint Valentine's Day

    A story of love and techno-disaster in New York City...On Valentine's Day, an epic storm hits the Big Apple, and Amy desperately wants to get home to her daughter.When the storm becomes part of an ominous military attack, a beloved stranger on Amy's subway car rises to the terrible challenge with the old school courage of St. Valentine. But how will they survive?Author’s Note: I wrote this story in February 2011. At the time, we in New York were having a lovely winter, with weekly blizzards, massive...

  • Saint Valentine
    Saint Valentine

    Saint Valentine

  • The Story of Valentine's Day on
    The Story of Valentine's Day on

    Explains through simple text and vibrant art the story of the origin and traditions of Valentine's Day and the saint for whom the holiday was named, describing today's celebrations and their link to the distant past.

  • The Saint, the Surfer and the CEO: A Remarkable Story About Living Your Heart's Desires
    The Saint, the Surfer and the CEO: A Remarkable Story About Living Your Heart's Desires

    Written in Robin Sharma's engaging fictional style this book tells the story of Jack Valentine, a man whose path in life is similar to Robin Sharma's own. Feeling very incomplete in life he set out on a search to live a happier healthier and more beautiful life through a series of meetings with three remarkable teachers. Jack discovered a powerful philosophy to reshape his reality and access his destiny. In this revolutionary yet gentle guide to living your life at its most authentic level, you'll...

  • Saints for Kids - PAL dvd
    Saints for Kids - PAL dvd

    Saints included are: Don Bosco, Albert, Aloysius Gonzaga, Ambrose, Andrew, Anne and Joachim, Anthony, Benedict, Catherine, Cecilia, Clare, Elizabeth, Zechariah, Francis, Frances of Rome, Ida, Joseph, Lucy, Luke, Margaret, Mark, Martin, Mary, Matthew, Nicholas, Paul, Peter, Philip Neri, Raphael, Rita, Stephen, Thomas and Valentine.

  • The Saint, the Surfer and the CEO
    The Saint, the Surfer and the CEO

    Tells the story of Jack Valentine, a man whose path in life is similar to author's own. This title helps to learn: how to awaken your true gifts and shine powerfully in the world; how to transform your fears into freedom and your wounds into wisdom; and, lessons to help you master your mind, open your heart, and nurture your spirit.

  • Five Special Saints of the British Isles
    Five Special Saints of the British Isles

    In the UK we have four patron saints whose special days we celebrate and also, St Valentine whose special day we celebrate too. This is a small collection of information and pictures about St George, St Patrick, St Andrew, St David and St Valentine. At the end of the information is a whole set of ideas, most of which can be done with a computer, to develop literacy and ICT skills.

  • Valentine, ou la Nina canadienne
    Valentine, ou la Nina canadienne

    Ce livre comporte une table des matières dynamique, a été relu et corrigé. Extrait: Scène première Mme Derbois, Saint-Léon. (Mme Derbois est assise et brode; Saint-Léon, debout, appuyé sur sa chaise, l’examine.) MME DERBOIS. – Mais vraiment, c’est une folie!... SAINT-LÉON. – Eh bien! guérissez-là, en me nommant votre époux. MME DERBOIS. – Vous êtes fou, décidément! SAINT-LÉON. – J’en conviens... mais... c’est de vous, madame. MME DERBOIS. – Allons! La guérison sera facile. SAINT-LÉON. – Il faudrait...

  • Paper Valentine
    Paper Valentine

    London, 1840. At the height of Victorian hypocrisy, two men meet and fall in love. Their romance is forbidden, punishable even by death, but their passion blossoms thanks to a paper Valentine. Saint Valentine's Day has become a new and very popular day for lovers. Thousands of Londonites are clamouring for the ideal romantic gift. While men buy chocolate and posies, they yearn for something more unusual, more personal. Enterprising brothers Aldon and Samuel Barnaby hit upon the idea of paper Valentines...

  • The Sinful Nuns Of Saint Valentine: Remastered Edition / Blu-ray
    The Sinful Nuns Of Saint Valentine: Remastered Edition / Blu-ray

    Set during the Inquisition, an innocent boy accused of heresy seeks refuge in the convent where her intolerant father has sent his girlfriend. The Abbess, who pretends to assist the young man, turns out to be an insatiable sadist who tortures her and then charges and accuses the innocent girlfriend of murder after the brutal death of her cellmate.

  • Saint Valentine's Day; or, The Fair Maid of Perth
    Saint Valentine's Day; or, The Fair Maid of Perth

    Robert Cadell, 1832. Vol. XLII of the Waverly novels and part of the Chronicles of The Canongate, second series. Condition: fair for its age. Cover extremely worn, spine label largely illegible. Some light foxing and minor tears, otherwise pages clean and binding reasonably tight. B/W engravings on frontispiece and title page.

  • Valentine A Venise
    Valentine A Venise

    -Nous partons une semaine a Venise ! Valentine se repete inlassablement les paroles de sa mere et se met a rever : les gondoles, la place Saint Marc, le pont des soupirs... Et voila toute la famille Lambert debarque a Venise en pleins preparatifs du Carnaval. C'est l'occasion pour Valentine de decouvrir un nouveau pays et de vivre une nouvelle aventure... Qui sont les occupants de la chambre 316 ? Que cachent-ils ? Notre jeune hrone ne va pas tarder le dcouvrir...