Sbc Arnica Pump Gel 1000ml
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  • SBC Detox Gel (1000ml) (1000ml)
    SBC Detox Gel (1000ml) (1000ml)

    A collection of stimulating and invigorating extracts in a treatment gel that may help leave your skin feeling healthy and vibrant. Used daily the combined effects of extract of the key ingredients will help stimulate skin. Detox gel works well with Arnica gel to ease aches especially after exercise.

  • Picture of SBC Collagen Gel 1000ml
    Picture of SBC Collagen Gel 1000ml

  • SBC Arnica Muscle Soak
    SBC Arnica Muscle Soak

    A complimentary bath soak containing Arnica which helps to alleviate muscle tension and aches. Can help ease swelling, bruising and muscular aches.

  • SBC Lavender Bath Soak
    SBC Lavender Bath Soak

    Add 1-2 pumps to a running bath and then soak, relaxing body and mind, for 20 minutes. Use as often as required, especially during times of stress. For best results use in conjunction with Lavender gel, which should be applied directly to the affected areas or as a general moisturiser.

  • SBC Arnica Gel 1000ml
    SBC Arnica Gel 1000ml

    Key Features:Light textured, easily absorbed, non-sticky, water-based gelApplied immediately after trauma, Arnica gel minimises swelling and bruising, ruducing healing time Suitable for all ages, this homeopathic remedy stimulates the body's own healing proscessesEases muscular aches and pains, without the chil or burn of ice packsAnti-inflammatory, Arnica gel has been known to provide relief for conditions such as rheumatism and arthritis Arnica gel harnesses the healing properties of plants. Arnica...