Sneeboer 9 23cm Lawn Aerator Shs
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  • Sneeboer Lawn Aerator
    Sneeboer Lawn Aerator

    Combine innovative design with traditional hand forging methods and the result is a tool to be proud of - and one which helps breath new life into heavily compacted and well-used areas of grass. The two hollow tine aeration spikes - each 11cm (4") deep and 1cm (¼") in diameter - remove a core from the lawn, and this material in turn is expelled when you make the next holes with the 107cm (42") long Sneeboer Lawn Aerator. The 23cm wide crossbar gives the perfect foothold to exert downward pressure...

  • 9" (0.23m) Lawn Trimmer
    9" (0.23m) Lawn Trimmer

    This lightweight and easy to use the Grizzly tools ERT 230 is powered by a 250 W motor. With a cutting width of 23cms it is the entry level product from the Grizzly range but still benefits from the amazing 3 Year guarantee.The single line feed is the tap and go system, line diameter is 1.2mm. 6 m of cable with cable strain relief is included. The product is CE and TUV certified. Product Code: SHS18196

  • Shs #07: Canon And Biblical Interpretation (Scripture & Hermeneutics Series)
    Shs #07: Canon And Biblical Interpretation (Scripture & Hermeneutics Series)

    Description Publisher's Description Author Bio Shs #07: Canon And Biblical Interpretation (Scripture & Hermeneutics Series) Drawing on a broad array of contributors, volume seven of the Scripture and Hermeneutics Series assesses the current state of canonical interpretation and uses that as a starting point for exploring ingredients in theological interpretation of the Bible today. Canon and Biblical Interpretation begins with a masterful examination of the canonical approach and the various...

  • Agri-Fab 40" Curved Spike Lawn Aerator (45-0369)
    Agri-Fab 40" Curved Spike Lawn Aerator (45-0369)

    Spikes: Twelve 9" Spike Wheels. Width: 40". Wheels: 7" x 1.5" Semi-pneumatic. Enclosed Weight Tray Holds up to 45kg. 60 Curved Spikes penetrate up to 3" aeration depth. Easy reach single lever transport handle. 1 Year Warranty.