Solar Powered Bird Bath Fountain
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  • Solar Powered Ravenna Birdbath Fountain
    Solar Powered Ravenna Birdbath Fountain

    Stylish, ceramic birdbath with blue glazed finish. It creates a relaxing atmosphere of tranquillity in gardens, patios and balconies. It recycles water from a hidden reservoir within the bowl. Solar Powered Fountain Features: Operates in direct sunlight only Product size: H 62 x D 40 cm (24½ x 15¾ ins)

  • Copper Solar Birdbath Fountain
    Copper Solar Birdbath Fountain

    enjoy the serene sound of trickling water in your garden with our beautifully sculptured birdbath fountain. solar-powered it requires no plumbing or wiring costs absolutely nothing to run and will look stunning placed on your lawn patio terrace or decking. it starts working as soon as direct sunlight hits its patented underwater solar panel (as with all solar products the stronger the sun light the better it works – so put in a good sunny position and not in a shaded position). made from copper coated...

  • Umbrella Solar Birdbath Fountain
    Umbrella Solar Birdbath Fountain

    our stunning birdbath fountain features a delightful display of 2 young children and a dog sitting under an umbrella – protecting them from the never ending rain produced by the fountain! solar powered our fountain with its calming sound of running water is sure to create a serene atmosphere wherever it’s placed (garden patio deck balcony) whilst creating a haven for birds to bathe and drink. powered by two integral solar panels our birdbath fountain requires no wiring plumbing or installation and...

  • Solar Powered Bird Bath & Fountain
    Solar Powered Bird Bath & Fountain

    This attractive single-tier birdbath with both a spouting and cascading fountain and multi-purpose recesses is a lovely addition to your garden and patio. The resin stone finish birdbath creates a relaxing atmosphere in your garden, patio or balcony.

  • Treetrunk Solar Birdbath Fountain
    Treetrunk Solar Birdbath Fountain

    * Very realistic Tree Trunk style finish. * Operates in direct sunlight. * Patented underwater integral solar panel & pump system. * Solar powered water pump with filter.

  • Sunjet 150 Solar Powered Fountain
    Sunjet 150 Solar Powered Fountain

    I brought this little solar powered fountain just to see if it was possible for it to work. I was not dissapointed, when the sun is really bright the little fountain jumps into action giving my little bird bath a delightful spray, when the sun dissapears so does the little jet of water, however the bird bath is staying a lot cleaning so even if it does only work in very brigt sun (which we havent had much) it was well worth getting I am thinking of getting a large one now I know it works.