Spanx Denim Leggings Cropped Apparel
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  • Spanx - Denim Leggings, Cropped - Apparel
    Spanx - Denim Leggings, Cropped - Apparel

    Women kept asking for help squeezing into their skinny jeans, so we put the skinny in the jeans and launched Shaping Denim Leggings. Now, we’ve answered your call yet again and are excited to introduce the cropped version…jeanious! Wide, shaping waistband tames tummy Real Lean denim offers the perfect combo of structure and stretch…every wear! XYZ! Updated, extra-sturdy side zipper eliminates bulk in front for a smooth look Perk Up! Thoughtful pocket placement for a lifted look in back Flattering...

  • Spanx - Denim Leggings
    Spanx - Denim Leggings

    From the girls who know women’s bodies better than anyone in the biz comes the most ingenious product launch yet—SPANX denim leggings! Offering the perfect combo of structure, stretch and style, these shaping leggings have it all! Slimming denim leggings—your go-to pants! Double-layer stretch waistband with side zipper for best fit, less bulk and a flat, smooth tummy! Real lean denim fabric completely flatters your butt, thighs and legs every wear Hardware & pocket detail—wear to be seen! The magic...