Taylormade Z Spin Wedge
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  • TaylorMade Z Spin Wedge
    TaylorMade Z Spin Wedge

    Product Description Handicap Guide High Mid Low The versatile TaylorMade Z Spin Wedge brilliantly performs no matter the lie. Whether your golf ball is in the fairway, rough or bunker, this wedge allows you to attack the flag with increased confidence, great spin and superior control. TaylorMade Z Spin Wedge Design Featuring the latest cast grooves that are used in the R11 and RBZ irons, this brilliant wedge is constructed from 304 stainless steel and finished in satin to reduce...

  • TaylorMade RAC Mirror Wedges 2011
    TaylorMade RAC Mirror Wedges 2011

    The TaylorMade RAC Mirror Wedge features conforming 2011 grooves. TaylorMade's tour used 100% Y-cutter grooves use a special milled manufacturing process that offers a clean, sharp and consistent groove edge that can grip the cover off the ball more effectively to consistently deliver up to 300 additional RPM! Watch that ball spin back to the flag time and time again... The TaylorMade tour developed tour preferred Sole Configurations give a tour-configured sole that is ground low on the trailing...

  • TaylorMade Tour Preferred Wedge
    TaylorMade Tour Preferred Wedge

    Description New for 2014, the TaylorMade Tour Preferred Wedge features an optimized microtexture face which promotes added spin for increased control. This timeless Shaped club has been designed for players who prefers a clean, classically designed wedge with a very traditional shape, a clean design with slight progressive camber (more in the higher lofts) and generous heel relief. The heel relief allows for the versatility of a C-grind on open-faced shots but retains the main sole surface for better...

  • TaylorMade ATV Wedge
    TaylorMade ATV Wedge

    *New ATV (All-Terrain Versatility) Sole lets you play all critical shots with one wedge: chip, pitch, flop, explosion from sand, out of the rough, off a tight lie. *Bounce angle changes depending on how the head and face are positioned. *New all-milled groove design and micro-texture across the face generates more spin within USGA rules. *New Lamkin wedge grip extends farther down the shaft for improved traction when choking down. *New Tour-Inspired shapes with a beautiful non-plated Tour Satin...

  • TaylorMade Rac Black TP Wedge for sale
    TaylorMade Rac Black TP Wedge for sale

    1. The Taylormade rac Black TP wedge is engineered to deliver the kind of spin, playability and feel you need to attack the flag with confidence. Tour-proven Y-Cutter grooves promote quick-stopping bite and increase spin for maximum control and stopping power.

  • Taylormade 2014 Speedblade Wedges
    Taylormade 2014 Speedblade Wedges

    {Summary} The classic tour-shaping and blade construction of Speed Blade Attack Wedge (50°), Sand Wedge (55°) and Lob Wedge (60°) will suit the eye of any player. Distinguished from the rest of the set by their dark gray finish, each wedge is optimized for feel and performance. The sand and the lob wedge feature Taylor Made?s All Terrain Versatility (ATV) to promote great feel, spin and control from a wide variety of greenside lies. Each is equipped with a heavier steel shaft for improved performance...

  • Taylor Made Z TP Smoke
    Taylor Made Z TP Smoke

    The TaylorMade Z TP Wedge. The Z TP Smoke finish wedge features milled Z grooves with aggressive edges and increased volume, leading to higher spin for more stopping power. The smoked PVD finish also reduces glare and promotes improved focus. Called the TP Z Wedge, it's Z groove is so-named because TaylorMade's R&D team uses the letters of the alphabet to name the grooves it develops. TP, the company explains, stands for Tour Preferred®, and delineates those TaylorMade clubs that have been designed...

  • TaylorMade ATV Wedge | Tour Preferred
    TaylorMade ATV Wedge | Tour Preferred

    All-Terrain Versatility (ATV) is designed for six critical scoring shots: tight lies, rough, bunkers, flops and chips. Engineered to offer the proper bounce for the specific type of shot being played. New groove design with micro-texture that generates high spin within USGA rules. Lamkin wedge grip extends farther for improved traction when choking down. KBS Tour steel shaft delivers greater feel, control and accuracy. ATV - All Terrain Versatility Bounce Design for all types of terrain around...

  • TaylorMade Z TP Wedge 58 deg
    TaylorMade Z TP Wedge 58 deg

    Product Description Product TaylorMade Z TP Wedge 58 deg Pre-owned Hand Right Shaft TP Shaft Material Steel Flex Regular Grip(s) TaylorMade Loft (degrees) 58 Headcover No Head Condition 6 Fair Shaft Condition 7 Good Grip Condition 7 Good Guarantee Full 1 year guarantee on all our second hand golf goods. All our second hand TaylorMade golf clubs have been professionally checked and cleaned by our expert used golf equipment technicians, and have passed our strict...