Te Bheag Whisky
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  • Te Bheag Whisky
    Te Bheag Whisky

    The Té Bheag connoisseur's blend is a fresh, rich whisky. It has a high malt content (40%) which contributes to the smoothness of the blend.

  • Te Bheag - Unchilfiltered 70cl Bottle
    Te Bheag - Unchilfiltered 70cl Bottle

    A connoiseurs unchilfiltered Blend. With more than double the malt content of most standard blends, this Gold Medal award winning whisky contains quality Islay, Island, Highland and Speyside malts aged from 8 - 11 years. Slightly creamy with a touch of liquorice on the palate and a delicate light peaty note. Pronounced 'chey vek', Te Bheag means 'the little lady' and is the name of the boat in the company's logo. The name also means a 'wee dram' in colloquial Gaelic. Smooth and slightly peated...