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  • Sony RAMBO: The Video Game - for PS3
    Sony RAMBO: The Video Game - for PS3

    Dive head-first into the carnage you expect from a game based on the Rambo series with RAMBO: The Video Game. First-person action From stealthy jungle pursuits to high octane shootouts and the infamous mounted machine gun battles, Rambo: The Video Game covers the events of the first three Rambo films in sometimes tense, often explosive gameplay. Including thrilling additions such as destructive terrain, cover-based shooting and rag-doll physics, Rambo: The Video Game delivers the action, excitement...

  • Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (Essentials) - Playstation 3 - PS3 (Racing)
    Need For Speed Hot Pursuit (Essentials) - Playstation 3 - PS3 (Racing)

    Career - For the first time in Need for Speed history, players will experience the gripping and heart-racing action of both cops and racers. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit seamlessly links a tremendously deep and fully-defined single player career with a groundbreaking multiplayer experience across all race modes. In the end, whether playing online with friends, taking on friends challenges or the single player career, players will earn bounty that levels them up and unlocks new cars, weapons and equipment...

  • Pursuit Force for Sony PSP Games
    Pursuit Force for Sony PSP Games

    Playing a young, cocky, street tough cop, the player is tasked with bringing to justice five of the Capital Citys most infamous gangs, including The Killer 66, a deadly gang of far eastern origin - perhaps the greatest threat to the security of the entire state! Assisted by the old-school, short-tempered Chief of the Pursuit Force who likes to play by the book, players find themselves immersed in an adrenaline fuelled, high speed chase across 400km of city streets, freeways and off-road tracks, in...

  • Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice for Sony PSP
    Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice for Sony PSP

    Multiplayer: 4-player Wi-Fi multiplayer. Play Anywhere: Cross-platform game saves - save your game on the PS2 version, transfer it to your PSP and continue the game on the move from where you left off (and vice versa). Massive Boss Battles: Leap aboard massive boss vehicles such as a tank, train and even the wings of an airplane to do battle with ruthless enemy lieutenants. Customise and Share Multiplayer Game Modes on PSP: Adjust options such as game time, amount of cars, jumping, weapons and...

  • The Pursuit Of Happyness
    The Pursuit Of Happyness

    For his son One man will reach for the impossible.Will Smith stars in this moving tale inspired by a true story of Chris Gardner a San Francisco salesman who's struggling to make ends meet. When his girlfriend Linda (Thandie Newton) walks out Chris is left to raise their 5-year old son Christopher (Jaden Smith) on his own. Chris' determination finally pays off when he lands an unpaid internship in a brutally competitive stockbroker-training program where only twenty interns will make the cut...

  • The Pursuit Of Happyness [DVD] [2006] Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
    The Pursuit Of Happyness [DVD] [2006] Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

    Format: Anamorphic, Dubbed, PAL, Anamorphique, Doublé, Import

  • Sony PS3 250GB HDD with Mounting Bracket
    Sony PS3 250GB HDD with Mounting Bracket

    This external hard drive was the worst Christmas present we brought for our autistic 16 year old. It was incompatible with his PS3 but we were never told that there were different types of PS3's. Our son was away for Christmas at his grandparents 200 miles away and we could do nothing to help him or prevent his distress. Will go to a computer specialist next time, never again to Argos for this sort of thing.

  • Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice for Sony PSP Games
    Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice for Sony PSP Games

  • Need for Speed Rivals - Playstation 3
    Need for Speed Rivals - Playstation 3

    * Pursuit and Evasion Tech — Intense racing moments are made even more thrilling with access to technology and upgrades customized to each side of the law. Racers can choose evasion technology from jammers to electromagnetic pulses. Cops are outfitted for aggressive busts with shockwaves, roadblocks, helicopter support and more. No matter the side you choose, use technology to keep you one step ahead of your rivals.

  • Trivial Pursuit Party
    Trivial Pursuit Party

    Get into a challenging battle of wits in a whole new way with this updated version of the classic Trivial Pursuit game! You still have to come up with answers on each space, but now you can win a wedge on any space and 6 wedges still wins the game! Can you keep up with the faster gameplay? You can still aim for the categories you know the best, but you get to choose your own category when you land on a Wedges Wild space. Having trouble with an answer? Ask a Friend, and if theyre right, you both...

  • Sony Battlefield 3 (PS3)
    Sony Battlefield 3 (PS3)

    In Battlefield 3 players step into the role of the elite U.S. Marines. They will experience heart-pounding single player missions and competitive multiplayer action ranging across diverse locations from around the globe. Powered by the innovative technology of Frostbite 2 Battlefield 3 takes First Person Shooters to a whole new level. Battlefield 3 leaps ahead of the competition with the power of Frostbite? 2 the next instalment of DICEs cutting-edge game engine. This state-of-the-art technology...

  • Sony Need for Speed The Run (PS3)
    Sony Need for Speed The Run (PS3)

    From the Golden Gate to the Empire State ? Compete in The Run an illicit race across the most iconic and treacherous roads from San Francisco to New York. You are Jacks Competitive Edge ? Jack is in a race for his life but hes got something the competition doesn?t: You. Keep Jack one step ahead of the dangers from his dark past both inside and outside the car. Beat Your Friends ? Connect to Autolog. Compare your times against those that matter most. Compete to be the best. Autolog now tracks your...

  • Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice for Platinum PSP
    Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice for Platinum PSP

    This calls the Chief of Police to convene Pursuit Force back at the precinct. The Chiefs informants have indicated that several other major gangs are now converging on Capital City and no-one knows why now... but something just isn't right!

  • Trivial Pursuit (PS3)
    Trivial Pursuit (PS3)

    Platforms: PlayStation 3, ESRB Rating: Everyone

  • Sony Pyramid Charger (PS3)
    Sony Pyramid Charger (PS3)

    The innovative new Pyramid Charger from Venom provides both a practical solution to charging and storing your PS3 controllers as well as offering a stylish addition to your PS3 system set up. The Pyramid Charger allows you to charge two controllers simultaneously or just one whilst you continue to play with the other. The unique design simply connects to your console via the included USB Cable and then you simply clip in your controller when you need some extra charge. included USB Cable and then...

  • Star Wars II: The Force Unleashed
    Star Wars II: The Force Unleashed

    In the sequel, Starkiller returns with over-the-top Force powers and embarks on a journey to discover his own identity and to reunite with his one true love, Juno Eclipse. In Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, Starkiller is once again the pawn of Darth Vader - but instead of training his protégée as a ruthless assassin, the dark lord is attempting to clone his former apprentice in an attempt to create the Ultimate Sith warrior. The chase is on - Starkiller is in pursuit of Juno and...

  • Def Jam Rapstar (Sony PS3) Image 1
    Def Jam Rapstar (Sony PS3) Image 1

    The ultimate emcee experience for video game consoles, Def Jam Rapstar is the only music game that focuses exclusively on Hip Hop. With more than 40 of the greatest Hip Hop songs available at release, Def Jam Rapstar allows you to be the star: by rhyming, using your console camera, and uploading your video to the fully integrated Def Jam Rapstar community at Def Jam Rapstar also offers you the ability to freestyle over tracks by some of the hottest hip hop producers and upload...

  • Trivial Pursuit (RISC OS 3.1 only)
    Trivial Pursuit (RISC OS 3.1 only)

  • Sony PS3 12GB Console
    Sony PS3 12GB Console

    You'll take your gaming fun to the next level with this amazing PS3 console from Sony that also boasts a wireless controller for even more freedom when playing your favourite games.Sony PS3 Console Features: Playstation 3 12GB Console & Playstation 3 dual shock wireless controller Age 3+

  • Sony PS3 HDD Mounting Bracket
    Sony PS3 HDD Mounting Bracket

    Unit for the PS3 to attach additional external memory. Upgrade your PS3 console! Internal drive not included. For ages 7 years and over. EAN: 9263432.

  • Devil May Cry 4 (Sony PS3)
    Devil May Cry 4 (Sony PS3)

    With the advanced graphical capabilities of the next-gen systems, high definition visuals and intricate detail come to life as players explore new and exotic locales. Dynamic action and undeniable style combine with explosive fighting options and a gripping story to produce the incomparable experience that only a Devil May Cry game can deliver.

  • Blue Silicone Case for Sony PS3 Move
    Blue Silicone Case for Sony PS3 Move

    Details The durable silicone material case provides protection for your PS3 Move from minor scratches and dents. Features Innovative silicone material of high durability Fits perfectly on your PS3 Move Style and protection made easy Cut outs for keypad and all ports Plug your charger without removing PS3 Move from the case.

  • Sony Dark Souls 2 - For PS3
    Sony Dark Souls 2 - For PS3

    Brave a deadly world full of monsters and constant danger in Namco's Dark Souls II for PS3. Brutal battles Following on from the critically acclaimed original, immerse yourself once more in a dark and dangerous world where your survival is constantly threatened by an array of warped beasts and terrifying environments. Powered by an all new game engine, enjoy enhanced graphics, sound and game effects and a vast new world that will draw you into the game like never before. Tougher tests Staying true...

  • Fifa '08 Platinum (Sony PS3)
    Fifa '08 Platinum (Sony PS3)

    - Clinical Finishing: A true next-generation ball-striking engine calculates shot success by combining an almost infinite number of different contexts, including ball spin, pressure from defenders, player attributes, and even air pressure to recreate the drama and unpredictable nature of shooting.

  • Dynasty Warriors 6 (Sony PS3)
    Dynasty Warriors 6 (Sony PS3)

    Developed from the ground up exclusively for next-generation platforms, the game's proprietary engine delivers the most chaotic and challenging Tactical Action experience to date. Players can use the landscape to elude the thousands of soldiers swarming the battlefield. But as players move and attack, adaptable enemy A.I. devises offensive and defensive combat tactics, and can retaliate with packs of fierce hunting dogs and patrol boats. All of the explosive action comes to life in high definition...

  • Official Blu-ray Remote Control (PS3)Official Sony Blu-ray Remote Control (PS3)
    Official Blu-ray Remote Control (PS3)Official Sony Blu-ray Remote Control (PS3)

    This product is exclusively for use with the PlayStation 3 system. This remote control uses Bluetooth wireless communication to operate playback of Blu-ray Discs (BD) and other types of disc media on the PlayStation 3 system.

  • Trivial Pursuit Disney
    Trivial Pursuit Disney

    Which Disney character would you most trust with a secret What are the superpowers of the INCREDIBLES family Whatever your screen favorites youll find something you love in this version of TRIVIAL PURSUIT. Youll uncover tons of fun facts and enjoy three different ways to earn wedges. Choose from Disney List questions Take 2 Trivia or even My Disney where you find out how well your teammates know you This game even puts DISNEY magic right into your hands with a specially designed Magic Wand that reveals...

  • Gioteck Sony PS3 Real Triggers Solus
    Gioteck Sony PS3 Real Triggers Solus

    pdp_proddesc2colleft Non-slip trigger enhancements for PS3. How many times have your fingers slipped off the L2 and R2, and always at a crucial moment on the game? RealTriggers puts a stop to that happening ever again! Simply put... if you use a Sony PS3 Controller, and you're serious about your gaming, you should be using these.EAN: 812313013406. Additional Information Prices correct as displayed but are subject to change

  • Resonance Of Fate (Sony PS3) Image 1
    Resonance Of Fate (Sony PS3) Image 1

    Developed by Tokyo-based tri-Ace Inc., Resonance Of Fate redefines the RPG genre with a unique storyline, highly stylised graphics, and an emphasis on realistic gunplay and engrossing action. Players will be immersed in a gritty, highly mechanised world unlike any other. With Hollywood-style action sequences, customisable weapons, and memorable characters, Resonance Of Fate takes players far beyond the boundaries of the typical RPG.

  • Buy Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit on PC Games and Downloads | Free UK Delivery
    Buy Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit on PC Games and Downloads | Free UK Delivery

    Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is being developed by Criterion Games, the developers behind the critically-acclaimed Burnout racing series. These renowned innovators are redefining action racing by delivering an experience that connects players through intense competition whether playing online together or taking on friends' challenges.At the heart of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is a suite of connected features called Need for Speed Autolog that enables players to connect, compare and compete with their...