Tweezerman Eyelash Curler
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  • Tweezerman Deluxe Eyelash Curler
    Tweezerman Deluxe Eyelash Curler

    60 Advantage card points. Tweezerman's Deluxe Eyelash Curler creates an intense curl for the the most beautiful lashes imaginable. FREE Delivery on orders over 45 GBP.

  • Tweezerman ProCurl Eyelash Curler
    Tweezerman ProCurl Eyelash Curler

    Designed with unique control, this next-generation, professional-quality eyelash curler is crafted to exceed the standards and performance of any other curler on the market today. Reworked angles create excellent, pinch-proof access to each lash like never before — allowing for effortless use and maximum curl. The narrowed top bar is designed to fit most eye shapes and reach every last lash. Stylish and distinctive, it comes in rose gold with black pad.

  • Tweezerman Super Curl Eyelash Curler
    Tweezerman Super Curl Eyelash Curler

    Get Gorgeous right now....Tweezerman Super Curl Eyelash Curlers are divine and really give you those big doe eyed lashes you've been dreaming of!Designed for: Lashes Directions of Use: - Insert your lashes through the opening in the Tweezerman Super Curl Eyelash Curler and center them.  - Next rest the upper bar of the curler on your eyelid to prevent pinching.  - Squeeze the curler, gently but firmly.  - Hold for about 8 seconds.  - Repeat until desired curl is achieved.

  • Tweezerman ProCurl Lash Curler - Rose Gold
    Tweezerman ProCurl Lash Curler - Rose Gold

    Tweezerman Pro Eyelash Curler has a gentle heat pad that helps create amazing, super curls. Ideal for creating dramatic lashes with added extension. Designed for: Curling Lashes Directions of Use:- Follow product instructions