Ultra Violet Urine Finder Torch Use With Urine Off
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  • Urine Finder UV Light
    Urine Finder UV Light

    Finds Urine You Can't See Powerful LED Ultraviolet Technology For use indoors

  • Urine Off Finder Torch & Cat Stain & Odour Spray | Free UK Delivery
    Urine Off Finder Torch & Cat Stain & Odour Spray | Free UK Delivery

    This is a great product for helping track down the source of urine in your house. Eliminate guesswork in finding urine stains which can be time consuming and frustrating. Eliminate all urine odours at their source. Size: 6.5 - 17cm. Requires 4 x AA Batteries (not included). Simply switch on in a darkened room and scan around with the light to find areas that glow. These are the areas that need to be cleaned.

  • Urine-off Urine Finder LED
    Urine-off Urine Finder LED

    The crystalline structure of dried urine causes it to emit a dull yellow colour under ultraviolet light, making it easy to spot with the Urine Finder. Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included).

  • Urine-Off - Dog & Puppy Urine Cleaning Spray - + Urine Finder Torch
    Urine-Off - Dog & Puppy Urine Cleaning Spray - + Urine Finder Torch

    Urine Off breaks down dried uric acid crystals - the primary trigger mechanism for repeated markings by dogs.  Ideal for puppies and dogs that are hard to housetrain, contributing the strongest defense for stopping repeated inappropriate urination.   Also ideal for older dogs with urinary/incontinence problems.  500ml Spray Plus Urine Finder Torch. Torch Helps Find The Problem And Spray Tackles High Protein Cat Diets That Create Pungent Urine Works On Smelly Tom Cat Urine Higher Viscosity Formula...

  • Urine-off and Black light finder kit
    Urine-off and Black light finder kit

    Urine-OFF uses the power of Mother Nature to eliminate the strongest odours, and the toughest stains. Through advanced technologies, Urine-FREE was able to specifically identify the bacteria and enzymes that will combat the severe odours and stubborn stains associated with urine, vomit, blood and faeces. The specialized enzymes in Urine-Off attack the odour at its source. While Urine is composed of several different components such as urea and uric acid, salt crystal matrices within uric acid are...