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  • Crazy for Cards by Wild-Colombini video DOWNLOAD
    Crazy for Cards by Wild-Colombini video DOWNLOAD

    This is a new download with exciting and outstanding card magic. It contains: MOUSE TRAP (Aldo Colombini): A funny trick involving the capture of a 'mouse' (Ace of Spades) who leaves a card (cheese) full of holes. UNIVERSALS (Roy Walton): A clever version of the standard plot, where a Joker takes the identity of three freely selected cards. THE SHOOTIST (Radagast): A versatile manipulation where a card is shot from the deck and caught in mid air with the hand. TELL ME WHEN TO STOP (Brian...

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  • Engineer Optical Video
    Engineer Optical Video

    We generally welcome speculative CV’s from all R&D, Design disciplines – for projects in Ireland - where a move now, whether single or as a family person has advantages short to long term. Assistance to move is provided for right candidates. Specifically for this ad, we are seeking R&D engineers with exposure to data capture and algorithms within optical/video technologies to work within a multi-disciplined team. Good degree from high QS ranked university in relevant science (pure/applied) or engineering...

  • Flexible Video Endoscope
    Flexible Video Endoscope

    USB interface for connection to a computer for high quality video and still images. Easy one-handed operation, waterproof camera head and bright LED lights allows visual inspection of hard-to-access places - view, capture and store video and still images. Survey and diagnosis and repair problems in: air ducts, ventilators, machinery, engines, motors, piping/wiring under floorboards and in wall cavities or security inspections such as customs & excise checks. Robust and ergonomically designed Flexible...

  • GV Data Capture POS
    GV Data Capture POS

    Description GV Data Capture POS £199 The GV-Data Capture is an external device for converting Point of Sales (POS) transaction data to GeoVision Digital Video Surveillance Systems. Specification Input RS-232 from PC DB9 Female Parallel Port from PC DB25 Male Output RS-232 to Printer DB9 Male Parallel Port to Printer DB25 Male Parallel Port to PC DB9 Male RS-485+ Connect to GV-NET RS-485+ RS-485- Connect to GV-NET RS-485- Communication RS232 from PC 1,200bps~115,200bps Parallel port...

  • Irlam 24i16 video/sound (1MB) (S/H)
    Irlam 24i16 video/sound (1MB) (S/H)

    24i16 combines an advanced 24 bit video digitiser with a stereo 16 bit sound sampler. As well as beautiful stills, 24i16 captures Replay movies and hi-fi audio samples.

  • Joby Gorillapod Video
    Joby Gorillapod Video

    Remove the shakes from your handheld video recording with the GorillaPod Video. Compact and adaptable, the on-the-go video tripod allows you to follow the action seamlessly with smooth pan and tilt. Capture your next YouTube video, document the game-winning goal or immortalize your favorite band in concert with the GorillaPod Video. Smooth 360° pan and 135° tilt Omni-directional aluminum positioning video head Flexible, wrappable-legs and super strong magnetic feet For mini and pocket camcorders...

  • Kworld DVD Maker Video Editing USB
    Kworld DVD Maker Video Editing USB

    KWorld's DVD Maker is a powerful tool to have under the belt for producing a master piece! This device is an extremely easy-to-use and affordable way to digitise your old home videos onto DVDs. It can capture television broadcasts and VHS/DVD output, and place the footage into your computer. One side of DVD Maker is connected with a USB Cable, and from the other side you connect audio and AV/ S-Video. Composite and S-Video inputs make it possible for you to bring a wide variety of video sources to...

  • Matrox MULTI/IN Multi-Ingest Quad HD-SDI Capture
    Matrox MULTI/IN Multi-Ingest Quad HD-SDI Capture

    Create video streaming productions that are visually striking and grab your audience's attention. The combination of Matrox Multi-Ingest and Telestream Wirecast Pro for Mac lets you switch or mix multiple live video feeds and pre-recorded clips while adding graphics and effects. This solution is ideal for internet broadcasts of sports, religious services, corporate meetings, and other live events.

  • MODO training videos
    MODO training videos

    Learning MODO with the included on-line documentation is really just a starting point. We have brought together a diverse collection of learning materials in video form that MODO users can work with individually or in a classroom setting. These videos are step-by-step screen capture movies of carefully designed projects to help you learn to use MODO for a specific industry or for specific result. Relevant content is included. It’s like having a MODO instructor helping you achieve the results you...

  • MOTU HDX-SDI Analogue Video Interface
    MOTU HDX-SDI Analogue Video Interface

    The MOTU HDX-SDI Analogue Video Interface adds comprehensive, professional video capture and monitoring options to your Mac or Windows computer. With support for uncompressed HD and SD, Apple ProRes,and many other popular workflows this will be the go to interface whatever the application. The MOTU HDX-SDI takes advantage of the blazing speed of PCI Express, turning your Mac or PC desktop or laptop computer into a powerful HD/SD video production workstation featuring all the I/O you need. MOTU...

  • Photo & Videos on TV
    Photo & Videos on TV

    The BEST solution to view your photos & videos on TV! This all new software, bring you the BEST solution to take advantages of your photos & videos, to bring it on your HDTV screen. Fell free to easily create HD spectacular movies, using you own photoshows and videos, without having any HD-DVD nor Blu-Ray disc burner, thanks to the DivX Ultra encoding process. The "All-in-one" Photo-Video solution All the features which make "Photos on TV" and "Videos on TV" program, commercial hit ! The ...

  • The Wedding Video
    The Wedding Video

    British romantic comedy starring Rufus Hound and Robert Webb. Raif (Hound), an endearingly shambolic buffoon with a questionable sense of humour, is asked to be best man at the wedding of his brother, Tim (Robert Webb), to the socially aspirant Saskia (Lucy Punch). His gift to the happy couple, he decides, will be a video of their wedding - but little does he realise he will capture such monstrosities of consumerism and social snobbery as are effected by the coiffured, manicured Cheshire set to which...

  • Wireless Video Door Phone
    Wireless Video Door Phone

    * Clear, Colour Image of Visitor * Two-way Microphone/Speaker * Easy Installation. Enables users to see and talk to people outside their front door before deciding whether or not to open the door. The 61mm (2.4") colour screen displays a clear picture of the visitor in the day or at night using night vision. The doorbell is water resistant to protect it from rain and is fitted using the included fixing bracket. The doorbell also captures an image of the last 20 people to press the bell. Indoor screen...

  • Sony DPR120 - 5 x DVD+R - 4.7 GB 16x - DVD video box - storage media
    Sony DPR120 - 5 x DVD+R - 4.7 GB 16x - DVD video box - storage media

    Now you can create, edit and archive home movies and digital photos while storing and accessing data from one disc. DVD+R discs capture all digital data brilliantly and are large enough to hold oversized digital movie files.


    VHS PAL Video 'U2 RATTLE AND HUM' A concert movie on an unprecedented scale, Rattle & Hum captures U2 on and off stage doing their triumphant 'Joshua Tree' tour. From the giant technicolour stadium celebrations to the black & white intensity of the indoor shows, this is U2 at their best. Song listing includes: Helter Skelter, Van Diemen's Land, Where the streets have no name, and many more....contains 9 songs not included on the 'U2 RATTLE & HUM Album. Release 1988 - Cert 15

  • USB2HDCAP video capture board USB2HDCAP video capture board

    The USB2HDCAP USB 2.0 HD Video Capture Device lets you record high-definition (1080p) video and stereo audio from an HDMI, S-Video or Component source to your computer, through an available USB 2.0 port - the perfect solution for recording video game play, or home videos for editing and compiling. This versatile USB capture device supports both NTSC and PAL systems, and includes an easy-to-use video capture software suite which lets you record video or take still screenshots and save them to your...

  • Video for Education: Volume 1 (Distribution Edition)
    Video for Education: Volume 1 (Distribution Edition)

    VIDEO FOR EDUCATION presents work from the DIVERSE (Disseminating Innovative Video Educational Resources for Students Everywhere) network, based on selected papers from the DIVERSE Conferences 2001-2006. Three themes are covered surrounding work in: Using Video to Promote Reflective Learning, Using Online Conferencing in Education and Disseminating Video Recordings of Lectures within Institutions. Collating and producing this material allows DIVERSE to capture the knowledge of its community from...

  • 3D Video and Its Applications
    3D Video and Its Applications

    This book presents a broad review of state-of-the-art 3D video production technologies and applications. The text opens with a concise introduction to the field, before examining the design and calibration methods for multi-view camera systems, including practical implementation technologies. A range of algorithms are then described for producing 3D video from video data. A selection of 3D video applications are also demonstrated. Features: describes real-time synchronized multi-view video capture...

  • Blackmagic Intensity Pro - Video input
    Blackmagic Intensity Pro - Video input

    Product Description: Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro - HDMI / Analogue Component Video Card (BMD-BINTSPRO) Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro HDMI / Analogue Component / S-Video Input Professional performance for an incredible price. Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro allows you to capture and playback in incredible HDMI quality and component analog video in both SD and HD. A simple PCIe install and away you go!! Intensity Pro features the latest HDMI technology for the highest quality capture and playback...

  • Jump by Frank Zheng and RSVP video DOWNLOAD
    Jump by Frank Zheng and RSVP video DOWNLOAD

    Welcome to this superb new video from Frank Zheng. We are rsvp are extremely lucky to have been able to capture this magic on video as Frank is from Shanghai, China and managing to get this project shot was probably our hardest ever task! This video features seven routines, including the amazing Balloon Burst effect that everyone is talking about. Imagine borrow any balloon and then burst it without touching it (your hands can be examined before and after the effect). This is bound to be used by...

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  • MOTU V4HD Video Interface
    MOTU V4HD Video Interface

    The MOTU V4HD Video Interface features one plug-and-play FireWire connection that turns your Mac or PC desktop or laptop computer into a powerful HD/SD video production workstation, with all the I/O you could ever desire. The MOTU v4HD allows you to connect all your gear, from SD camcorders and monitors to todays latest professional HD cameras, video decks, LCD reference monitors and plasmas simultaneously, with no cable swapping or faff. Simply choose your input source, then log and capture HD...

  • Nikon D7000 + 18-105mm VR Video Bundle
    Nikon D7000 + 18-105mm VR Video Bundle

    16.2 megapixel DX-format CMOS image sensor delivers superb image quality. 7.5 cm LCD monitor delivers bright, crisp image playback. Never miss a moment thanks to 6 frames per second shooting and advanced 39-point autofocus system. Capture great shots in low light without flash thanks to ISO 6,400 – expandable to ISO 25,600. EXPEED 2 processor for enhanced movie recording, high-sensitivity performance and maximum image quality. Full-HD Movie capture using D-Movie mode. Twin SD memory card slots...

    Park Cameras Ltd
  • OWLE IP4VK HD Video Kit for iPhone 4
    OWLE IP4VK HD Video Kit for iPhone 4

    The OWLE Bubo for iPhone 4 allows you to capture significantly enhanced HD 720p video on the iPhone 4. This great product delivers stunning images with the provided custom wide angle/ macro lens & allowing better colour saturation & contrast and sharpness as well as crystal clear sound with the Vericorder Microphone and hugely reduced 'Hand Jitter' - far beyond what is possible from your iPhone's camera alone.

  • USB video in out -AV dongle
    USB video in out -AV dongle

    now supplied with a copy of the award winning Ulead VideoStudio 9 - an easy to use editing and authoring tool for making great home movies. Capture video and images from any analogue video source, edit your movies and share on tape, DVD and the Web.

  • 2.5" HDD Digital Video Recorder/Player DIVX/AVI/MP4
    2.5" HDD Digital Video Recorder/Player DIVX/AVI/MP4

    (1) DV convert just one touch. (2) Super video record. provides a "high","medium" and "low" compression ratio.The custom can establish various record image parameter to attain the superior result. (3) Support break point that you shut down movie last time. So you can continue the film from shut down position where you are missed. (4) HDD protection: interlingent power management for HDD. (5) It is compliant with USB2.0 and USB1.1.

  • Packages | Capture Video Productions
    Packages | Capture Video Productions

    Finish after the first dance or 8.30pm, whichever comes first. Add Photography to this package for only £499.00. The photographer will attend for the same duration as the videographer, all photos to be supplied on disc

  • SCART to USB 2.0 Video Capture Kit | Cables & Leads
    SCART to USB 2.0 Video Capture Kit | Cables & Leads

    You can connect SCART to USB!. Works with Windows 2000, XP & Vista & Windows 7 users Grab Video from say:. Sky boxes; Digibox, Sky Plus, Sky HD*. Telewest Digiboxes, Virgin Digital TV Boxes. Video Tape Recorders VHS etc... DVD Players and Recorders. Hard Disc TV Recorders. DVD, HD, VCR Combinations players recorders. Or any video source with a composite video or SCART output!.

  • Aerobatic Video
    Aerobatic Video

    Now available to buy – personalised DVD recording of your flight! A fantastic keepsake of your exhilarating aerobatic flight. Our aircraft mounted camera captures the memory of just what it was like to loop the loop. Just £45!

  • Capture The Flag - Gamer, Gaming, Video Games Mug
    Capture The Flag - Gamer, Gaming, Video Games Mug

    This customizable Capture The Flag - Gamer, Gaming, Video Games Mug is designed on the mug and would interest those who like game, games, gamer, gaming, video game, video gamers, and computer stuff.

  • CCTV Geovision 4 Camera 25FPS Surveillance Software and Capture Card - GV6004
    CCTV Geovision 4 Camera 25FPS Surveillance Software and Capture Card - GV6004

    Version 8 Features Highlights:. Support higher screen resolution of 1680x1050. 1600x1200 and 1920x1200 for you to work with bigger LCD monitor for improved clarity. Face detection for object index. Intelligently captures human faces and record them as object index for fast video retrieve. Advanced motion detection allow you to setup multiple detection zones each with its own sensitivity level. Timeline search is an intelligent way of searching video via an easy-to-browse calendar that enables...