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  • Website Design and Development
    Website Design and Development

    A helpful book-and-video package for building and maintaining a successful Web siteHow do you know that you've done everything possible to create a unique, enriching, and successful Web site, particularly when you're hiring others to do it? With Website Design and Development, you'll feel confident that you’ve exhausted every facet of building a Web site. The clever question-and-answer format walks you through easily overlooked details, acting as a virtual consultant. You’ll get clear, easy-to-follow...

  • 10-12 Page Website Design Package
    10-12 Page Website Design Package

    Another of our very popular website design packages, the 10-12 page package is still very affordable but includes up to 12 pages to showcase your products or services to the world. The package includes everything you need to get your business on the web. Web hosting, a domain name of your choice and email facility are all included.

  • Balanced Website Design
    Balanced Website Design

    Real Website Design is a new methodology that fuses traditional strengths of structured, stepped, and iterative approaches to design and implementation, sharply focused throughout a project on defining and achieving the desired purpose, usability and aesthetic characteristics - which are essential requirements of any website. This book offers practical discussion of new perspectives on usability and aesthetics, and a down-to-earth, structured approach to designing a website or teaching website design...

  • Blog | Website Design Hampshire
    Blog | Website Design Hampshire

    Should I go local? – It’s not completely necessary to use a local design company, however, it can be useful to meet your website designer at some point as it helps to spark the right relationship. Having said this, meetings and reviews can all be done via Skype – Adira have clients as far-a-field as Dubai, the Yemen, Africa and Switzerland. Read the rest of this entry »

  • EasierThan Website Design
    EasierThan Website Design

    Based in Thornton Cleveleys on the Fylde Coast, we are well placed to serve Blackpool, Preston, Lancaster and surrounding areas.

  • Fixed Price Website Design by
    Fixed Price Website Design by

    A standard online enquiry form can be included on the contact details page if required. Basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is included in all of the above options. Design of a graphical masthead with your company name or logo (if you have one) is included. The online enquiry form can include up to ten submission fields. In other words you can ask your enquirers for their name, address, telephone number, email address, comments or whatever. Submission of the completed website to Google, Yahoo...

  • General Pricing - website design dundee
    General Pricing - website design dundee

    If you're shopping around at the moment the chances are you have a rough idea what other people will charge you, and its probablly quite a bit, isn't it? This is usually as they have a number of overheads and costs to cover (staff, office, etc). Because im a freelance designer I dont have to worry about any these things - which is why you will find my websites are much more affordable.

  • Grimsby Website Design Packages
    Grimsby Website Design Packages

    Search Engines: We write pages in a way that gives them a better chance of being listed and ranked by major search engines such as Google. Any sites we build, we'll submit to major search engines for FREE!. We Separate Content from Style: We take the basic message and text of a page and structure it as if it was to be read by a machine (from top to bottom) THEN we add the styling. This has many advantages, including easier to update, better for processing, faster to load in browsers, can be re-styled...

  • high conversion website design
    high conversion website design

    Creating high conversion websites involves more than just offering products for sale; visitors need to be guided though a buying journey that gives them the information that they want at the point at which they want it. Checkout processes need to be intelligent with cross-selling and up-selling opportunities carefully targeted.

  • Inexpensive Website Design
    Inexpensive Website Design

    The Green Meadow VCard Theme is a perfect entry level website for less than £100.

  • Magento Ecommerce Website Design
    Magento Ecommerce Website Design

    Magento; Sell Online, User-Friendly, Easily Add Products Free To Operate, Easy To Update, Simple to Expand In this time of ever increasing shop rentals and business overheads, more people just like you, are turning to online stores to sell and promote themselves, their products and services. A great looking, functional storefront and virtual 'shop window' is imperative to put over your business immediately and one that can be updated with new products, special offers, featured items etc, comes with...

  • Mobile Website Design Brighton
    Mobile Website Design Brighton

    To attract a growing and targeted clientele (Mobile users). Increase visibility to those who are near your business. Make more accessible the information such as your telephone number, location and opening hours. Have a button click-to-call - One click for your customers to call you. Provide a simplified and faster navigation for your website.

  • Professional Website Design
    Professional Website Design

    Make certain you use your business plan properly; it should make you think as much as your business is clearly going to. Find out what your potential purchasers want before deciding what you're going to try to supply to them. Cash flow is crucial in a business; far more important than profit and loss. You should constantly attempt to cut expenses and only paying out for what you really need; and drop your non-essential costs until you can afford to pay for them. In your business plan always play...

  • Webpage Advertising and Website Designs
    Webpage Advertising and Website Designs

    Take advantage of the internet and the global marketplace and increase your sales revenue by selling your products or services online through your own website at a very competitive monthly rate with Homing Pigeons. No big financial outlay for a website design or worries with how to manage, change or set your site up. We will design, service and manage all of this for you.

  • Website Design & Development
    Website Design & Development

    We can create a strong, modern, logo and brand that compliments your business and that will give you a professional corporate identity that can be also carried into your print and multimedia advertising.

  • Website design (for less than you think)
    Website design (for less than you think)

    NOT A TEMPLATE! Professional website design, with bespoke administration site making it easy for your website live and breathe. Yes, it can be used everyday as an online educational resource. Yes, it can be integrated into your existing learning platform. Yes, it can look professional. Yes, it can be updated everyday with just a few clicks of a mouse, and YES, it is much cheaper than you think.

  • website design - www
    website design - www

    Easy To Customize. Many Payment Gateways (Inc PayPal). Edit From Anywhere. Multi Lingual. Multiple Currency. Built in Shipping. Add Own Products. Add Amazon and Ebay Products. Coupon Codes.

  • Website Design Essex
    Website Design Essex

    Enables non-technical users to update their website quickly and easily. Easily update your website content whenever you like. Manage documents, images and multimedia assets without any technical know-how.Update copy, hyperlinks, change font-sizes and colours.Update your page titles, meta descriptions etc., - great for search engine optimisation.

  • Website design prices
    Website design prices

    The main factor is time. The larger and more complex the site the more time is needed to design, code and test it. If you need help with copywriting or your photos need a lot of enhancing or manipulating this adds to the cost. The bigger the budget, the more refined and polished we can make your website and present you in the best light.

  • Website Design UK | Web Hosting Packages
    Website Design UK | Web Hosting Packages

    FREE Control Panel. CGI Support. PHP Support. Server Side Includes. Password Protection. SMTP Server. IMAP Server. POP3 Server. E-mail Aliases. E-mail Auto-Responders. E-mail Forwarding. FTP Manager. FTP Accounts. File Manager. Detailed Traffic Stats. phpMyAdmin.

  • Website Design: Extreme Website Makeover
    Website Design: Extreme Website Makeover

    These video tutorials equip you with the skills necessary to turn an ordinary website into one that's content-rich using popular web design and development tools: Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash, Contribute, Photoshop, and Illustrator. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to combine these programs interchangeably. John shares his expertise to help you understand how to ensure compatibility across multiple browsers and platforms. Highlights Learn tips on logo enhancements, stock photo materials, as well...

  • Yazs Website Design
    Yazs Website Design

    Web Management Kent - Yazs offer fully customised website design, website management and online marketing in one service. Prices start from £19.99 making Yazs services perfect for small and start-up businesses. Yazs uses their own in house Content Management System that will give your website the functions it needs such as: An online shop, forum, classified adverts, newsletters, user area and more all from £19.99!

  • Create a website with WebEasy 8 web design software
    Create a website with WebEasy 8 web design software

    NEW 400 new professional web design templates. NEW 20 ‘Web Widgets’ to easily embed content from other websites; Flickr, Picasa, Facebook…. FREE 12 month web hosting period. NEW Automatic creation of a mobile version of your website that’s compatible with the iPhone. NEW Advanced ecommerce features to help businesses sell online. NEW One click publish assistant puts your changes online in seconds. NEW Advanced photo editing features, including 30 new photo effects (fading, stencilling, animations...

    Avanquest Software
  • Custom Websites Web Design Process
    Custom Websites Web Design Process

    This is one of the most important steps throughout the whole process and creates a solid foundation on which to proceed. Typically, discussing your detailed requirements is done via a scheduled telephone meeting. There are no restrictions on the number of meetings and emphasis is placed on the quality of the discussions, rather than how long they take. Only once we have a full understanding of your requirements and have discussed various web design techniques for displaying your information, will...

  • Website Templates and Web Design Tools
    Website Templates and Web Design Tools

    Although making a decision on the design of the website and selecting which template, images, banners, style sheets and format to use could make a difference in the long run, however even more important is the development and promotion of the site. After all you want your visitors to have the best possible experience on your site. Have a great design will attract the customer but having an automated -...

  • Creating Website Design For Business Success
    Creating Website Design For Business Success

    Do you want to get riches through online business? Then this book is perfectly right for you! This book is the ultimate tutorial book on website designing that provides you all the important things you need to learn about website designing to help you in marketing your business online effectively and earn cash quickly. This book will also teach you: - How to choose the best website design for your business - Website design terminology - Do’s and don’ts of website creation - How to build your website...

  • 1-3 Page Website Design Package
    1-3 Page Website Design Package

    The very popular 1-3 page website design package is great if you need a web presence on the internet at an affordable price. This package includes everything you need to get your business on the world wide web; web hosting, a domain name of your choice and email facility are all included. We don't believe you will find a better custom built web design package for under £500.

  • Budget Website Design
    Budget Website Design

    A Blog is a structured, shared on-line journal where site owners can post diary entries about their news, experiences and personal opinions. The standard build doesn’t come with a Blog, but we can add a Blog in as an optional extra. You can choose when purchasing the system whether to include a Blog or not.

  • Business Website Design
    Business Website Design

    Make certain you utilize the business plan correctly; it must challenge you like your business is certainly going to. Find out what your probable customers want prior to making a decision about what you're going to sell them. Cash flow is key in a business; decidedly more important than other financials. You should constantly try and cut fixed overheads and concentrate on paying out for what you genuinely need; and drop the unessential expenses until your company is ready. In your business plan...

  • Internet Training Training by Toucher Website Design
    Internet Training Training by Toucher Website Design

    Unlike the major computer training providers we do not list PC training courses. There is a good reason for this - we don't have any! Actually we prefer to provide the informal but specific computer training, PC and Internet training that you request.