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  • Lifestyles Customer reviews for Wooden Doorstop "Beech"
    Lifestyles Customer reviews for Wooden Doorstop "Beech"

    Our new Traditional Wooden Doorstop is a high quality, impressionable gift that can be positioned throughout your home. Each traditional wooden door stop is proudly hand finished in the uk, using long established wood working techniques, and using only beech wood obtained from sustainable sources. Eco friendly, natural and sturdy - making each door stop a great addition to any style of room. Create a safe, child friendly environment by securing doors open without slamming shut.

  • Be the first to review “Silky Hand Cream
    Be the first to review “Silky Hand Cream

    Product Description Fragrance Free Silky Hand Cream. A luxurious delightfully un-scented hand cream, absorbed easily, leaving your hands feeling supple and pampered. The honey and beeswax ensure that even the weariest hands are revitalised by this cream! We’ve been making this for a year now and our friends swear by this cream including those who’ve been woodworking or gardening or even just ‘lunching’ – our male friends love it too! Ingredients; aqua, theobroma cacao (cocoa butter), emulsifying...