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  • Vintage Motorcycle Wall Sticker Decal
    Vintage Motorcycle Wall Sticker Decal

    Made in Britain A unique and detailed design. This vintage motorcycle wall sticker decal will create a huge statement on your wall and wow your visitors. This stylised vintage motorcycle wall sticker is HUGE! We like our wallstickers to make a statement on your walls and this old chopper certainly will. Our motorbike wall sticker decoration is really cool way to add a feature to your home, workshop or office or maybe...

  • European Ruined Workshop 1:76
    European Ruined Workshop 1:76

    Skill: 1 Flying Hours: 1 Number of Parts: 1 Workshops are commonly found across much of Europe and many were used as hide-outs even when ruined. This is an example often found in Northern France. Humbrol Enamel paints for the kit’s primary decal scheme. Please note - Humbrol products can only be shipped to UK More Schemes 26 Khaki 14ml £1.70 27 Sea Grey 14ml £1.70 70 Brick Red 14ml £1.70 73 Wine 14ml £1.70 78 Cockpit Green 14ml £1.70 79 Blue Grey 14ml £1.70 81 Pale Yellow 14ml ...

  • This box contains 40 multi-part Macedonian Phalangites, shield decals
    This box contains 40 multi-part Macedonian Phalangites, shield decals

    The Classical period saw the height of Sparta's power as well as its eventual downfall at the hands of the Thebans. This box allows you to build 40 Spartan Hoplites, wearing their distinctive Pilos helmets, long hair and characteristic beards. Also included is a sheet of waterside transfers with a selection of uniform lambda for the Hoplites' shields, and two sprues of arrows to further decorate your shields and bases.