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The flat keyboard design creates a natural typing feel that keeps you comfortable even after long hours. Typing can be tiring. Find out how Logitech helps you get comfortable.
Customize each button to work more efficiently for you - the tilt wheel and thumb buttons can be programmed to switch applications, open browser windows and more.**
Enables instant access to multimedia options, the Internet, e-mail, play/pause, volume and more for meetings and conferences; allows you to re-program** the F-keys to open your favorite applications, folders or webpages.
The compact keyboard that brings fun to the basics.
Bluetooth Speakers Z600 - Blemished box
Covers both the front and back of iPad. Made from durable, water-repellant materials. So thin and light, you’ll hardly notice it’s there. Weighs only 261g (0.58 pounds) and measures just 14mm (0.546 inches) thick. Precision engineered with state-of-the-art materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques.
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