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Description: Matchless card game will reinforce your knowledge of both God’s written Word and his revelation through nature. For ages 6-adult.
Description: Anchored in Love is an inside look into the life of June Carter Cash, through the eyes of her only child with Johnny Cash--John Carter Cash. With skillful prose, he reveals new information about the legendary woman through his tender memories and heartwarming stories.
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Description: Bible Studies for Life: Kindergarten Enhanced CD is filled with unit songs, song lyrics, bonus hour, and Scripture songs that make verses easy and fun for kids to learn. Also includes coloring pages and helpful print items for each session. Pages are also designed for Special Buddies' users.
Description: A key reference work for all who are studying Christian ethics.
Description: Looks at the harmful effect of the phenomenon of transference on churches and lives, and explains how to identify and overcome it.
Description: These ten Bible-studies take you on a journey of discovery through the first eight chapters of Mark, as the disciples learn who Jesus really is. YouÕll learn, beyond doubt, that Jesus is King, but also find answers to many questions: Why does this promised king come in such a secret way? Why is He powerful, yet opposed? and many others...
Description: Pulling from a decade of hits, Smokie Norful delivers a Once In A Lifetime musical journey. These songs not only tell a story, they each have significant meanting to life. Within our personal journeys we each encounter love, hope, fear, sadness, and joy. By taking this musical journey, you experience songs that truly touch the heart, reminding you that God has His hand perfectly positioned and guiding us, giving us the strength to endure. It is a journey, as is life, and for each of...
Do you ever wonder if the best of life is in the past? Are you longing for more passion and purpose in the second half of your life? Take a deep breath and prepare for a great adventure as Dale Hanson Bourke resoundingly affirms that midlife is a time for reflection but also a time for action. In Embracing Your Second Calling, she challenges women to respond to Gods call specifically for this season of life and offers practical ideas for finding new meaning.
Description: The themes of the second book in this series are Missionary tales and remarkable conversions. Joel Beeke and Diana Kleyn have taken a selection of real life incidents and fictional narratives and developed them into a series of devotional books for children aged 7-12. Scriptural references throughout the book use the King James Version of the Bible and the questions are also based on this version.
Description: A splendid collection of daft and entertaining things to do to help a youth event, an evening meeting or a day away start with a swing or even a bang. Includes 15 more serious 'themed evenings' and six quizzes. Sample ideas:
Description: In this companion volume to The Universe Next Door, James W. Sire offers his refined definition of a worldview and addresses key questions about the history of worldview thinking, the existential and intellectual formation of worldviews, the public and private dimensions of worldviews and how worldview thinking can help us navigate an increasingly pluralistic universe.
Description: J.C. Ryle has become one of the most loved of British authors on church matters. He was the first Bishop of Liverpool, managing to establish a thriving diocese in that most sectarian of English cities. Although a convinced Evangelical he was regarded as fairminded with those who disagreed with him. Even Ryle's opponents in church politics wept when he died.His books have remained in print for a hundred years because Ryle was able to touch the person in the street with clear teaching...
Description: Part of the new Essential Series from Thomas Nelson, delivering high value at an affordable price Enjoy a Bible that keeps it simple even when life gets complicated. Thomas Nelson’s UltraSlim Bible is a complete Bible that very thin, making it perfect for busy lifestyles, traveling, or just keeping it simple. No matter how hectic life can be, the clean, easy-to-read UltraSlim Bible will lead you into the Scriptures for meaningful reflection, free of distracting clutter but filled with...
Description: Ronald Barclay, son of the late Professor William Barclay, chooses some of his father's favourite pieces of prose work to illustrate this A to Z of themes.
Description: The Old Testament story of Esther is a profile in courage and contains many modern parallels for today's overloaded and stressed woman. Esther, while a queen, lived as an outsider in a hostile environment. Women will learn strong lessons of faith, God's providence, and hope to equip them to live courageously "for such a time as this." Esther: It's Tough Being a Woman (10 sessions)
Description: The most deadly weapon ever created knows how to find you. Pray the assassins get you first.
Description: Refresh yourself in His glory! "The glory of this latter temple shall be greater than the former," says the Lord of hosts. "And in this place I will give peace," says the Lord of hosts (Haggai 2: 9). Fifty years after the last great miracle revival, believers of every Christian denomination are experiencing a restoration. As foretold by the prophets, this rain is resulting in the greatest harvest of souls the world has ever known. What took centuries to understand and accomplish, God...
Description: The ESV Large Print Personal Size Bible features highly readable Bible text in a convenient format. Combining 12-point type with line-matching and quality materials, this edition ensures that God's Word will remain readable regardless of length of use. The Large Print Personal Size Bible is perfect for all who want a highly readable and portable Bible that they can use in any setting. Words of Christ in red; Double-column, paragraph format; Concordance; Lifetime guarantee
The blind boy Mubofu had been secretly bringing children from hostile Chief Chikoti's village to the hopsital for treatment - but now the boy has mysteriously disappeared.
Description: The Zondervan King James Version Bible is now available in a handy, portable edition as a proud new member of the Zondervan Thinline family. Complete with study helps and tools, the King James Version Thinline Bible goes wherever you do. Measuring less than an inch thick, its manageable size makes it easy to carry along in a tote bag, briefcase, or glove compartment. Features include an easily readable setting, a KJV concordance, 8 pages of full-color maps to enhance Bible study, a presentation...
Description: God is always there in the everyday experiences of life – in our work and leisure, in everything and anything that might be chatted about over a pint. Celebrate and respond to that truth through these down-to-earth prayers.
Authors Tim Chester and Steve Timmis apply these principles to church planting, evangelism, apologetics, social involvement, leadership, discipleship, pastoral care, world mission and notions of success. They critique current trends within the church, arguing that emerging church movements are strong on community but weak on truth, while conservative evangelicalism is strong on truth but weak on community. Their call is a call for the best of both.
Description: Offers imaginative ways to help busy people make prayer an integral part of their days. Divided into two parts, this book contains short reflections from real life, designed to lead the reader into a few minutes of quiet meditative prayer. It also offers ways to turn a single minute into a prayerful encounter with God.
Description: Simon Peter, Andrew, James the son of Zebedee, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, James the son of Alphaeus, Jude, Simon, Judas, and Matthias--what happened to the men who answered Jesus’ call to follow him? What impact did they have on the world? Where did they go and what did they do after Jesus’ resurrection and ascension? In these fascinating profiles, Dr. McBirnie offers readers a snapshot of the lives of each apostle. His information was compiled by travelling to places...
Description: A highly inventive, user-friendly Atlas, with lively and entertaining commentary, and peppered with little-known facts. Nick Page applies the features of contemporary mapping styles to journeys and locations: logging Paul's journeys on a Roman Road map complete with distance chart; linking Biblical sites to the panorama of Jerusalem today with 3D relief mapping; and locating the latest archaeological and historical research findings, Google-earth style. This truly innovative Bible Atlas...
Description: The three-book Mission Trip Devotions & Journal series will prepare young adults for a short-term mission trip, challenge them spiritually while on their trip, and help them debrief once they have returned home.
Even in today’s liberated democracies children and young people are smuggled across borders and thrown into a life of captivity and worse. Today’s slave markets are unseen by most of the world but still destroy countless young lives.
Catching Light Looking For God In Movies HB - Anker R
Description: A resource that gives practical ideas for reflection and study based on the central Christian symbol - the cross - an endlessly rich theme against which to explore individual stories and experiences. It comes with a downloadable CD-ROM which includes templates and instruction for making hand held crosses and colour images of crosses worldwide.
Description: Recorded in the city of Coventry UK, this 2CD set features vocal arrangements of 12 best loved Taizé songs together with meditative prayer songs composed by Eric Wyse. These 25 songs, which are often taken directly from scripture, are performed both a cappella, and with contemplative accompaniment including recorders, flute, oboe, cello, piano, percussion and pipe organ. Taizé songs are sung predominantly in English with some verses in French and Latin.
Description: One of the most important texts for understanding the early work of Karl Barth.
You will also benefit from the many resources at Not only is the flexible two-track system even easier to use online, but a workbook answer key is also provided. Many other resources are available, including vocabulary flashcards; video and audio helps; Greek fonts; quizzes for each chapter; fun songs and games; and much, much more.
Description: Despite his other achievements, Owen is best famed for his writings. These cover the range of doctrinal, ecclesiastical and practical subjects. They are characterized by profundity, thoroughness and, consequently, authority. Andrew Thomson said that Owen 'makes you feel when he has reached the end of his subject, that he has also exhausted it.' Although many of his works were called forth by the particular needs of his own day they all have a uniform quality of timelessness. Owen's works...
Description: Salvation and grace are instrumental to Christian life and thought. Do believers really understand what has been done for them in Christ? A debt that they could not pay has been paid in full. In the personable style of this great preacher/teacher, this study focuses on truths about grace.
Description: Virtually all attention these days is focused on the coming Antichrist (the beast), but he is only half the story. Many are amazed to discover in Revelation 17 that there is also another mysterious character at the heart of prophecy, a woman who rides the beast. Who is this woman? Tradition says she is connected with the church of Rome. But isn't such a view outdated? After all, today's Vatican is eager to join hands with Protestants worldwide. "The Catholic Church has changed," is what...
Description: A fun, easy-to-use book that teaches kids about God's character, His promises to His children and His plan that unfolds throughout the Bible.
Description: An inspirational gift book for toddlers and early readers to bring the story of the very first Christmas to life. Richly illustrated throughout in lifelike detail, the final turn of the page reveals an amazing 3D pop up of the Nativity scene, complete with Baby Jesus in the manger, visited by shepherds and wise men. The storybook you'll want to leave open throughout the Christmas season!
Description: The Bible says that true, sustainable happiness comes from giving rather than receiving. Written to encourage readers in the true pursuit of happiness, this book includes entries such as: be an original; leave your cares in God's hands; share what you have with others; dream big!; be on the lookout for everyday miracles; and more.
Description: This study guide should help different groups tackle the different issues raised in Presence and Prophecy . It lays out ways of engaging with the ideas in the book, linking the themes and joining in discussion about how the Churches in mission can really make a difference in people's lives.
Description: Deals with issues studied in courses at level two and three. This text is designed to aid undergraduate learning. It presents pedagogical features as questions for reflection, boxed text explaining key terms, further reading, and questions. It explores Judaism, Christianity and Islam, using examples of how syncretism works.
Description: Continuing from the previous study 'Infant communion: The New Testament to the Reformation' (JLS 56) that began with the practice of infant communion and ended with its abandonment, this title begins with that abandonment and concludes with the beginnings of a revival.
Description: College student Maddie Chase and her journalist aunt Sid trade the gray Washington winter for a holiday break in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, but jealousy clouds her sun-drenched days when her friend Ryan encounters beautiful Shelby Wagner--his old crush with a secret new problem.
An acknowledged New Testament authority, James D. G. Dunn here makes an important contribution to contemporary thought. He looks at the origins of Christianity in the light of modern scholarship, demonstrating why Christians should 'welcome the critically inquiring and investigative skills of scholars.'
Bibleman Genesis Vol 4 Shattering The Pr - Aames Willie Wells Marion
Description: A passionate call for this generation to make their lives count for eternity.
Description: The Life Application Study Bible is today's #1-selling study Bible, containing notes that not only explain difficult passages and give information on Bible life and times, but go a step further to show you how to "take it personally," speaking to every situation and circumstance of your life! It's the one Bible resource that incorporates today's top scholarship in answering your real-life questions and includes nearly 10,000 Life Application notes and features designed to help readers...
Description: Gordon MacDonald explores questions men ask about measuring up to what they ultimately want to become in their quiet times. In "When Men Think Private Thoughts," MacDonald offers insights and encouragement as he discusses topics that often define a man's life such as identity, masculinity, relationships, and spirituality.
Description: Only He Can Bring What They Needed to Survive. In 2250, water is scarce, and those who control it control everything. And they'll do anything to maintain their power---deceiving, dividing families, banning love ... even killing those who oppose them. But above all, they seek to control knowledge and communication---ensuring the truth that will bring their downfall will never be known. But one person verges on discovering it all. Sixteen-year-old Paki becomes the Deliverer, the only one...
Availability: 75 to 100 available - usually despatched in 2-3 days.
Description: For many people the Old Testament is a closed book, but it was never intended that way. This introductory guide presents an outline of Old Testament history, its literature, an account of major teachings, and a summary of the main elements of Old Testament religion. It is suitable for teenagers aged 13+.
Description: Richard Armstrong and Kirk Morledge present this practical guide for pastoral ministry, offering counsel about a wide range of topics related to a pastor's professional ministry and personal life. Topics include beginning a new ministry, balancing one's personal life and ministry, wrestling with conflict, worrying about church finances, and preaching. This introduction to ministry can function as a textbook as well as an invaluable handbook or desk reference for pastors in the midst...
Description: This new Bible study series from a bestselling author examines key biblical characters and draws on the ancient Christian practice of lectio divina.
Description: Acclaimed poet Helen Steiner Rice's beautiful verse has been treasured for decades. Her work continues to speak to readers as they experience the profound joy in Barbour's newest 160-page Value Book! Readers will be inspired to share Helen Steiner Rice's beloved verse again and again with" A Collection of Joy." Poems like "A Sure Way to a Happy Day" and "It's a Wonderful World" will delight your heart and lift your spirit.
Description: In as little as 5 minutes a day, a busy dad can connect with God and read through the New Testament within a year. This One Year New Testament is a handy trim size that is convenient for busy dads. The New Testament is divided into 365 daily readings with a quick intro and a concluding thought for each daily passage. Application questions focus on the felt needs of busy dads.
Description: Pack of 20 copies of the Gospel of Mark in the popular NIV version. Especially suitable for giving away to people at evangelistic events and for use in Christianity Explored courses.
St. Luke’s Gospel is filled with a concern for people with all different kinds of needs, and much of the material is found only in this Gospel, such as the shepherds’ visit at the birth of Jesus and the parables of the Good Samaritan and the Lost Son.
Penny Roker's warm and gentle book enables readers to make an 'armchair retreat' using nothing more than things around the house to access and apply the spiritual riches of Julian. Not everyone can get away on an organised retreat, but this is a complete resource for making a retreat alone at home. It is equally appropriate for guided group meditation, of course.
Description: God has given us boundaries, but these do more than restrict, they give freedom. They are words of prevention, but also of protection. They are the words that define identity - ours and God's. They affirm our dependence on God and on each other. Each of the twelve studies in this guide looks at one of God's commandments and a Bible passage that will help us better understand how to apply God's law. As we study these laws, we will encounter God himself.
Description: Eustace and Jill help Aslan find the missing Prince Rilian as they search through the dangerous underland of Narnia.
Description: In the summer of 2008, Kenneth Steven moved house and, in doing so, left behind his beloved little patch of garden. This small square of ground behind his home has for years provided a place of solitude, contemplation, observance and simple relaxation – a place for the mind to wander as the seasons pass.
Description: 5th statement of the second phase of the Anglican-Roman Catholic International Commission, this title includes essays and theological commentary by Timothy Bradshaw, Sara Butler, Charles Sherlock, and Jared Wicks. A guide addresses the main themes of the Seattle Statement concerning Christian faith and devotion related to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Description: Preaching the Incarnation, a follow-up to the authors' Preaching the Atonement, offers a theological discussion of ten important Bible passages connected with the doctrine of incarnation, bringing historical and literary questions about the text into dialogue with Christian tradition, drawing out the implications of the passage for preaching. In each chapter a sermon is presented, followed by a commentary that sets the sermon in context and highlights the rhetorical strategy of the preacher...
Description: This work is for people of all ages who are being confirmed or have been confirmed. It gives prayers for each day, Holy Communion, advice for prayer, Bible study and self examination, and information about the church's year.
Description: "My concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God's side" said Abraham Lincoln. Reading his words today, it is clear we still have much to learn concerning what it means to be on God's side. Bestselling author, public theologian, and leading Christian activist Jim Wallis speaks to our current context, revealing the spiritual compass we need to effect lasting change in our society.
Description: The Holy Bible is one of, if not the, most significant book ever written, believed by millions to be the divine Word of God, and responsible for so much of the shape of the modern moral, political and religious landscape of the modern world. It claims to speak directly and personally to all of us today. Yet recent statistics suggest less than 10% of Christians have read the entire Bible all the way through. DLT Books of the Bible are designed to reignite a passion for reading the Bible...
Description: Barreling down the tracks to freedom…or disaster? Germany, 1938. A train speeds towards the Netherlands away from the powerful Nazis. On board, half of the TimeFlyz team guards Lise Meitner, a Jewish physicist as she escapes from Germany. But for her to get there safely, Laurel must lead the other TimeFlyz out of Darchon’s trap that will destroy the train. Action and suspense grip as the TimeFlyz take part in a struggle of good against evil.
One of the most striking elements of Keith Duke’s music are his chants – simple melodic fragments that he builds into powerful prayer supports.
Description: An exploration of the prominence and significance of the cross of Jesus in Mark's Gospel.
Description: In this collection of essays, six leading scholars bring contemporary insights from their areas of expertise - Old and New Testament theology, church history, church theology, philosophy, and missions - to the widely debated topic of how biblical faith relates to other religions and how we can explain what we believe to our pluralistic world.
Description: The Bible is the world's best-selling book - it has influenced and inspired millions through the ages. The New International Version is the most popular Bible translation in modern English. It is both readable and accurate, and this edition includes shortcuts to well-known stories and people in the Bible, as well as an introductory reading plan and a selection of passages offering help and guidance.
What is pastoral care? What part does visiting play? What qualities are necessary for the practice of pastoral care? What resources are available to church visitors? How can visitors meet the needs of those visited? These are just some of the questions addressed in this timely, sensitive and instructive book. Practical Caring will be of use to the church for many years to come,
Description: The Answers Book for Kids is a two-volume set, broken down by topic and written for children ages 7–11. The volumes answer 50 questions and are written in a friendly and readable style. Topics include God and the Bible, Creation and the Fall, Dinosaurs and the Flood, and Sin, Salvation, and the Christian Life. The book is also indexed so children can quickly find the answers they are looking for. Sometimes parents aren’t nearby to answer a question. Sometimes a parent is unsure of an...
Description: The essential companion for all Catholics wishing to learn more about the Bible. Introducing the reader to different aspects of the Bible through bite-sized portions, it offers insights into the Old and New Testaments, a range of biblical characters and, of course, the life of Jesus. Timelines and maps put the information into context and diagrams and glossary definitions make this full-colour book easy to use and understand.
Products Related To : What We Believe PB - Arnold Jeffrey
Description: Drawing on true cases of ill and dying children, this book explores explanations for suffering and evil in today's world.
Description: Jesus encourages us to become like children in order to inherit God's Kingdom. Childlike faith is not an option. R. C. Sproul Jr. explores in depth what it means to accept Jesus' invitation to practice a childlike faith. As the father of eight children, R. C. Sproul Jr. watches how his own children approach every day, buoyed by trust, hope, and joy. Through their eyes, the world is fresh and brand-new. Everything is an invitation to express astonishment and wonder at the great gift of...
Description: Everywhere, Tradition is collapsing. Local fundamentalist reactions - hailed by some as evidence that 'God is back' - cannot hope to stem the flood. In our time, Don Cupitt says, religion is no longer about gaining immortality, or the forgiveness of our sins: it is about becoming reconciled to our life's transience, to time and death.
Description: The God who revealed himself to Moses and to Abraham is the same God we relate to today. We have come to know him as God the Father and as Jesus the Saviour and as the Spirit of holiness - but he is also the LORD Almighty and the God who provides. As you study some of the key names of God, be prepared to have your heart and mind stirred as you explore God's nature in greater depth - to have your life and worship changed by these encounters with the living God!
Description: Calming Classics sold so well that we had to release a follow-up album using the same winning formula: the best soothing classical music played by some of the greatest musicians. Whether used for accompanying prayer, worship or for easy listening, this is a CD that will be enjoyed time and time again.
'Delia provides us with the brief daily meditations and reflections which will sharpen our appetite and longing for the events of Christmas, but which also provide a satisfaction all their own. Delia Smith has made it possible for us to experience the real joy of Christmas' (From the Foreword by Mary Craig, writer and broadcaster)
Description: The adultery boom is on! Growing acceptance of this age-old sin is upon us. And if you haven't felt its shock waves yet, hold on - you will. This is America, the exploding society of sophisticated, sexually liberated, swinging adults. But, divorce is not the answer.
Description: In the months between the diagnosis of John Robinson's inoperable cancer and his death, this book was very much to the forefront of his mind - even more than his The Priority of John. Each decade he had made a collection of papers reflecting his thinking over that period, and this was to be the one relating to the 1980s. He drafted a preface, and listed potential contents, but left his literary executor, Eric James, freedom over the final form. The major. first part of the book gives...
Description: Giving glory and praise to God is much more important that an old fight between brothers. After hearing the angels’ good news that Jesus had been born, Jed and Roy McCoy set aside their fight and run to praise the Lord!
Description: This brilliant banner made from sturdy, weather-resistant nylon will brighten up your church with its yellow bird on a pink background, proclaiming "Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound!".
Description: Dr Peter Adam brings to this commentary the mind of a scholar and the pastor. His work is based on careful study of the book of Hebrews, along with interaction with the writings of others.
Description: This book is written for seekers - for people who want to give sensible and honest thought to the whole question of their relationship to God. It is not an examination of all the world's religions which ends by saying, 'Now choose the one you like best'. It is not a scientific text-book, which turns religion into equations and faith into a formula. It is not a vague and airy-fairy collection of various points of view.
Description: Surprisingly, in recent years evangelical exegetical commentaries on Isaiah have been few and far between. Now after over three decades of studying and teaching Isaiah, Alec Motyer presents a wealth of comment and perspective on this book. Although his emphasis is on the grammatical, historical, structural, literary and theological dimensions of the text, Motyer writes with an eye on its meaning for Christians today. Based on the author's knowledge of the Hebrew text, but utilizing the...
This question often leaves young adults feeling fearful and confused as they look towards life careers. Author Bob Bittner says finding work you love is not as intimidating as it seems. "Your Perfect Job helps readers identify their passions, skills, and inclinations in terms of God's calling on their lives. Readers will better understand why it's important to do what they love, how to get started on a career path that is meaningful, how to make mid-course changes, and how to start a new job on the...
Description: The One is a thoroughly modern version that tells the story to every generation: a truly all-age Bible.
Description: In this his final book in the Kingdom trilogy ('Rediscovering the Kingdom' & 'Kingdom Principles'), Myles Munroe shares the key to abundant living, which can be found in establishing priorities in your life and living by them. Top of his list is 'Kingdom First' as set out by Jesus in Matthew 6 vs.33: "Seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness...".
Description: These colourfully illustrated Bible Stories holistically teach YesKids life skills and life values, as well as basic educational skills such as numeracy skills, reading skills, etc. The end result will be kids that say a big Yes! Each story is accompanied by a prayer to help children connect with God; a sing-along song and a Christian value which reinforces the story.
Description: Fusing biblical wisdom and modern-day insights, Sweet explores the essentials of leadership arts, including vision, creativity, and teamwork. This updated and revised edition will enable ministries to navigate today's cultural currents, provide a beacon to their community, and connect with a postmodern world.
"God is an artist! Look at his creation. Look at yourself! This book provides a historical and biblical foundation for creativity in all spheres of life. It has substance and flair. And it is easy to read!" - Gerald Coates, Pioneer team leader, speaker, author, broadcaster, UK
Description: From the author of the popular Million Dollar Mysteries and Smart Chick Mysteries comes a new stand–alone novel full of hidden staircases, buried secrets, and the promise of hope found in knowing God. Miranda Miller wasn’t looking for the news the day the letter came. But, trying to survive in troubled circumstances, she welcomes the chance to change her location for a period of time. The letter informs her that her grandparents’ estate is finally about to become hers. She immediately...
Description: Let the same faith that inspired Grace Livingston Hill brighten each new day as you encounter the encouraging words compiled by America's most beloved inspirational author. This year-long collection of devotional thoughts offers a brief reflection, coupled with a verse from the beloved King James Version of the Bible, for each day of the year.
Description: With collected insights from Sabbath keepers of all ages and backgrounds, Baab offers a practical and hopeful guidebook to help readers slow down and enjoy their relationship with the God of the universe.
Description: Robison created this book for fathers who want to relate to their children better, children whose fathers were never available, mothers who want to encourage their husbands, and sons and daughters who want to say thank you to the man who gave them so much.
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