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This scientifically-developed formula supports weight-loss processes naturally by increasing metabolic rate and calorie-burning. Thermogenic Formula utilizes the proven health benefits of Green Tea and other natural components to complement healthy diet and exercise programs for significant and sustainable weight-loss benefits.
A unique petroleum-free lip treatment cream, specifically formulated to nourish, repair and protect your lips.
Boasting a unique twist on the classic shaving stand silhouette, the gold plated T Stand from eShave is the ultimate in sophistication. Featuring two arms that stand at different heights, this stand is designed to hold both an eShave Razor and a Badger Hair Shaving Brush, making you able to display them in a practical yet stylish way. - E.D
Omega 3 Fatty Acids are well recognised by doctors and numerous scientific studies as essential to maintaining optimal health, particularly in critical areas of a mans body like the heart, brain and joints. They help support the health of the cardiovascular system, maintain triglyceride and cholesterol levels and, according to the Food and Drug Administration, may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease in men. In addition, they assist in promoting a healthy brain function, controlling mood levels...
This formula has a completely clean and invisible finish without residues, flakes or stiffness, making the hair look completely natural and full of life. This water-based formula washes off completely with water and will not dry hair. A super-versatile styling product that provides structure, control and strong-hold without stiffness or residues. Ideal for a wide variety of styling options.
This ultralight, oil free body lotion dramatically increases skin's moisture levels and softens with professional grade water-binding ingredients. Absorbs immediately and leaves the skin soft and supple without any sticky or greasy residue. Nurtures and protects from environmental aggressions that can cause the skin to look dull and devitalised.
Give your hair a nourishing, conditioning treatment with Sukin Protein Conditioner. The hair treament combines trengthening rice and wheat proteins and avocado, jojoba, rose hip and vitamin E to create a conditioner that leaves hair manageable and full of bounce.
I have bought many face scrubs over the years and have been generally underwhelmed by most of them. I was very kindly given a few samples of Elemis products in a local store and had to buy this as soon as I had tried it. This contains very fine and coarse granules that do not dissolve or break up or clump together. Because the granules remain intact only a small amount is needed to cleanse the whole face and neck. The granules are coarse but so fine that the effect is luxurious rather than horribly...
This revitalising, fresh mint body scrub gently cleanses, nourishes and smoothes the body by removing dead skin cells. Contains skin-friendly, silicon-rich sea plant particles, detoxifying Devils Apron Seaweed and naturally antiseptic Peppermint Essential Oil.
Moisturise your skin whilst you shave with the Murdock Shave Cream Jar 200ml. Rich and luxurious, it's enriched with evening primrose, borage, sunflower oil, green tea and marshmallow to nourish and soften your skin, whilst the blend of citrus-based oils create a zesty and invigorating fragrance that will uplift your senses. Producing a luscious lather, this hydrating shave cream will allow you to enjoy a close and comfortable shave. - L.M.
Designed to be taken as a part of an active, healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. Each multivitamin blends a combination of minerals, vitamins and trace elements, as well as a concentrated mix of fruit and vegetable extracts, only found in this supplement.
Wella Color Fresh Dark Intense Violet Brown 3.66, which lasts up to 10 shampoos, helps you achieve gentle colour effects, refresh your permanent colour and level out uneven tones. With no ammonia or peroxide Color Fresh is gentle on your hair; it washes out evenly and completely and may be used directly after perming.
1 x Clay 100ml: Great for creating choppy, dishevelled and matte styles, this long-lasting clay gives your hair texture and definition, whilst being pliable and flexible. Washing out easily, the clay will create surfer hair in an instant.
Live your life the way you want without worrying about your skin. With a mixture of glycolic acid and botanical extracts, Billy Jealousy About Face Anti-Aging Serum will have your face glowing and looking more youthful, fast. Fine lines, wrinkles, and discolorations will be less noticeable.
Suitable for even the most sensitive skin, the Sensitive Facial Moisturiser by Sukin is a light and gentle moisturiser, put together to soothe and calm irritated skin. Infused with moisturising shea butter, soothing aloe vera and rose hip, blended with nourishing sesame and jojoba oils, this delicate moisturiser absorbs into the skin straight away, and visibly improves your complexion. Your skin will be left soothed, calmer and looking beautifully radiant. - R.H
At first I was sceptical about using a brush on my face as I'd only heard of skin brushing for cellulite, but seriously, this has made an enormous difference to my skin. Blackheads are gone, and my skin tone is perfectly even. I guess using a good quality facewash with this product is important but I will never go back to using my hands as my skin has never felt so clean. Also I have to note that this brush is not harsh at all, and it certainly won't leave your face dry. I cannot recommend this brush...
Perfect for hard-working hands, Sukin Cleansing Hand Wash combines, aromatic botanicals, softening jojoba and avocado oils with soothing aloe vera and hydrating rose hip oil to clean and refresh hands. The hand wash removes excess oil and dirt, leaving hands feeling smooth and wonderfully cleansed.
A deep cleaning, pre-shave cleanser and scrub in one that promotes an easier, closer shave by smoothing the surface of the skin and clearing congested pores. Menthol and Vitamin C help wake-up and invigorate skin while small scrubbing beads open congested pores and clear away deep-down oil, dirt and dead skin cells. With regular use this scrub helps the razor get closer to the skin for a smoother, easier shave with less chance of razor drag or burn.
Verbena Lime Mini Kit is the ultimate travel companion for the perfect holiday or business trip. It has everything you need for a close and comfortable shave on-the-go, including a water resistant wash bag.
Active fruit enzymes from Papaya and Pineapple gently polish skin, removing the build up of old skin cells and impurities that can dull your complexion. Licorice and Mulberry extracts brighten and refine your skin tone, while pure plant oils Jojoba, Sunflower and Vitamin E help to nourish and soothe, leaving skin perfectly primed for maximum serum and moisturiser absorption.
Help support the bodys defence against free radicals that can damage cells and accelerate the ageing process. Scientifically formulated for men with a proprietary combination of the most advanced and effective antioxidants to strengthen the bodys cellular antioxidant and cellular repair processes
Phone; fax and email are great but we all know one central fact: you got to make face-to-face meetings if you want to close big deals. While you're on the road; leave that hotel stuff they supply you in the dust. Take Billy Jealousy's Wanderlust Travel Kit instead. The airline-approved 5-piece travel kit is ideal for road warriors who want to look and feel their best. All the products are 2oz each and come with a one-quart sized clear zip top plastic bag. Dermatologist tested and pH balanced for...
Men Rock The Post Shave Balm (100ml) helps to soothe and calm your skin after shaving, leaving it hydrated and relaxed. It's the perfect post-shave treat to reduce and relieve redness, irritation and ingrown hairs. - L.M.
Aqua (water), Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Zinc oxide, Glycerin (vegetable), Cetearyl alcohol, Caprylic/capric triglyceride, Cetearyl olivate (and) sorbitan olivate, Rosa Canina (rosehip) seed oil, Helianthus annuus seed oil, Oenothera biennis seed oil, Sesamum indicum seed oil, Sodium hyaluronate, Camellia sinensis leaf extract, Aloe barbadenis leaf extract, Glycyrrhiza glaba root extract, Cucumis sativa fruit extract, Chamomilla recutita flower extract, Calendula officinalis flower extract...
‘Skincare that doesn’t cost the earth™’ - Sukin’s commitment extends far beyond cosmetic. The 100% certified carbon neutral company aims to reduce the impact their business has on our increasingly fragile environment. -SA
The Baxter of California DE Safety Razor will allow you achieve a close and comfortable wet shave, with less risk of cuts and nicks. Chrome-plated, the razor features two shaving edges for precise grooming. Complete with a set of blades, this simplistic yet stunning razor is presented in a black gift box. - L.M.
This product is nothing short of outstanding. My regime has stayed constant but I simply replaced the Ole Henrikson truth serum for this product and within the space of two weeks the difference was very noticeable. I am only 31 so wrinkles are not yet a problem but the clarity of my skin improved dramatically as did the overall quality and appearance of my skin. Very impressed with this and the Jack Black product line as a whole.
The eShave Wall Stand for Razor is a hand-crafted stand that will free up space in your bathroom, as well as storing your razor in a safe and hygienic way. - L.M.
Designed specifically for men, the Clinique Face Wash is suitable for all skin types and works to gently but deeply cleanse the skin. Designed to hydrate whilst removing excess oils and dirt, this face wash is also great for adding a soft texture to beards. A must have addition to your cosmetic regime. K.D.
Formulated with Redken's exclusive Interbond Conditioning System, Body Full Shampoo delivers strength and shine. It's weightless technology infuses your hair with 24 hours of high-impact bounce. You'll look like you've just stepped off the runway!
This 3 piece set contains Jack's full size daily shaving and skin care essentials in one complete set. Use the facial cleanser to remove impurities and prepare your skin for shaving. Follow with the beard lube, which softens the hairs and allows for a comfortable shave. Finish with the face moisturiser to condition your skin.
The ultimate shave set, the Gentlemen's Tonic Shave Gift Set contains a trio of products which work together to give you the closest, most comfortable shave. Also containing a Super Badger Brush, this set soothes the skin in preparation for shaving, and the shave cream ensures the razor glides across the skin whilst the after shave balm closes pores and heals nicks. K.D.
A soothing, alcohol free after shave treatment for instantly soothing and alleviating redness and irritation caused by shaving. Natural ingredients, known for their soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, calm skin and provide immediate, lasting relief from razor burn. This lightweight and non-oily gel also works as a moisturiser to prevent dryness and flaky skin leaving the skin feeling soothed, cooled and refreshed.
The Color Ignite Multi Conditioner from Sebastian Professional is a colour protection conditioner from their FOUNDATION range that works to nurture and enhance multi-tonal and lightened hair. Perfect for sealing in colour and adding shine, the micro-bubble formula will whip your hair into shape with its gently foaming texture and leave you with soft, manageable locks with up to 25% more vibrancy. - K.N.
Extend the life of your hair colour with this Redken Color Extend Magnetic Conditioner. Providing targeted repair for colour treated hair, this conditioner also helps to detangle your locks giving you a softer, smoother and more conditioned feel all over. - E.D
Please be aware that products such as batteries, perfumes, aftershaves, nail polishes and aerosols can only be shipped to the UK, France and Germany due to Mail restrictions. To avoid delay to the processing of your overseas order, please do not add any such products to your basket for dispatch to other countries as we will be unable to fulfil your order.
This Bulldog Natural Skincare Sensitive Shave Cream is enriched with essential oils, aloe vera and shea butter, the combination of which helps to nourish and hydrate your skin, preventing skin irritation, and soothe and calm your skin post-shave. Suitable for even the most sensitive of skin, this shave cream is an absolute must have addition to your shaving routine.
Enriched with a blend of smoothing and moisturising ingredients, including macadamia nut oil, soyabean oil and glycerin, it helps to keep your skin soft and supple. Meanwhile, organic edelweiss and plantago leaf extracts clear and balance your skin, as well as providing antioxidant protection. - L.M.
True Volume Thickening Shampoo uses natural derived ingredients to help hair appear thicker and fuller, keeping scalp healthy and flake-free. White Lupine stimulates the scalp and hair follicles to maintain healthy hair growth and minimise hair loss. With unique Nano Technology, this fresh feeling shampoo delivers Creatine and Wheat Protein into each hair shaft increasing the thickness of each strand for a volumised, full appearance.
This Gentlemen's Tonic Pre Shave Oil helps to prevent and protect the skin from damage, razor burn or general irritation by providing a moisturising barrier that acts between the skin and razor blade. The oil helps to amply lubricate and moisturise the skin, making each shave incredibly smooth and comfortable.
Moisturising body milk with an exceptional powdery texture. Rich in trace elements that awaken the epidermis with an energy boost to skin cells. The combination of provitamin B5, Shea butter and Jojoba oil enhances the suppleness of the skin, while also providing long-lasting hydration. Active Aloe, extremely rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and antioxidant enzymes, supports the immune system of the skin.
These Men's Rush Cord Trousers from Farah 1920 are perfect to add some classic style to your outfit. Corduroy all over these create the ideal base that you can style to your taste, featuring a rolled hem, sturdy waistband with belt loop complete with a zip fly and button fasten for the secure fit you desire. - GG.
Formulated to hydrate the skin with an added subtle cooling effect that calms and refreshes the skin. This lightweight lotion is rapidly absorbed to intensely moisturise and combats dryness and roughness without stickiness or greasiness. Soy Protein works to nourish and firm the skin giving it a healthy, smooth appearance.
Delicately cleanses and thoroughly removes all make-up. Combines natural spring water, Camellia oil and Chamomile, ingredients chosen for their non-sensitising and soothing properties with pure plant oils to thoroughly cleanse without drying and protect the weakened skin barrier of sensitive skin.
Pump up the volume whilst conditioning and nourishing your hair with Redken Body Full Light Conditioner. It boasts an amplifying Nonstop Volume Complex to inflate, strengthen and support each strand for up to 37% more volume. It also helps to de-tangle your hair so combing is a breeze.
Have been using this cover sick no for a couple of years after trying various other brands including Menaji, Biotherm Homme and YSL and was pleasantly surprised! I was not expecting much as I had not heard of Murad nor used any of their products until this point. Really high quality, stick retains it shape and structure (even with age) and the product goes on easily in a creamy smooth coverage which is fairly easy to blend. (I would recommend going a shade lighter if you doubt what will suit your...
This Zirh Shave Gel Sensitive Skin comes complete with anti-ageing properties to help combat the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles, helping to keep your skin looking youthful and smooth, and free of imperfections. Nourish and enrich your sensitive skin with every shave, and enjoy a pain and irritation free session with the help of this soothing sensitive skin shaving gel.
Formulated with Redken's Silk-Luxe Complex, All Soft Shampoo contains a unique combination of ingredients. Gold camelina adds luminosity and lustre, avocado oil restores moisture and provides replenishment, olive oil intensely conditions your hair and silk amino acids counterbalance any loss of protein.
This is a wonderful product from Bulldog. It's probably the finest moisturiser on the market for the price. I have combination skin, which means an oily T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin) and dry cheeks/neck. I opt with the Bulldog range because their products are great for my skin. This moisturiser is great once you get going. For the first five days I had a blackhead breakout on my nose, but this was just a reaction to a new product. The blackheads seem to be clearing now with continual use, so...
This is the first step in preparing for the perfect eShave shave. Pre-Shave Oil protects the skin, coats the hair and allows the razor to glide easily. The lightweight fragrance free formula is loaded with vitamins and proteins to soothe dryness and relieve irritation while super-moisturising mix of natural oils coats the skin and creates a layer of protection while it softens each hair to allow the razor to glide easily over the skin. The well balanced blend will never feel sticky and will not clog...
Murad Eye Lift Perfector is a 2-in-1 skincare solution that combines a tinted formula with ingredients that visibly lift, hydrate and de-puff the eye area while minimising dark circles and evening out the skin tone. This natural tint concealer increases skin firmness by 50% in 15 minutes and hides flaws to restore a healthy look!
Containing extracts of Elderberry and Comfrey to purify, Certified Organic Rosehip Oil to moisturise and Aloe Vera to refresh, this gel cleanses and helps balance your skin without drying.
This Redken Real Control Intense Renewal Super Moisturising Mask is a rich and creamy deep conditioner that will intensely nourish your hair and transform it's texture. It instantly de-tangles hair to make it more resistant to breakages with improved internal strength. The moisturising formula will leave hair soft, shiny and super manageable.
Sebastian Professional Color Ignite Mono Conditioner nourishes and de-tangles single tone hair, thanks to the unique micro-bubble formula. A wonderful multi-tasker, it provides an even surface shine and helps your hair to look 25% more vibrant. You'll be able to achieve salon-quality locks in the comfort of your own home.
Purchased Shave Cream - Extract of Lime for hubby for Xmas and he is still using it today at the end of May, he shaves about 3-4 times a week and it smells yummy,he said its the best shave cream he has used (and he has tried some really good branded ones), just ordered the sandalwood shave cream as the lime one is running out, great product. Highly recommend.
With a waterproof polyester outer, the Tent iPad Case features a simple, stylish yet durable design. The waxed cotton fold over front is fastened by a pop button closure, whilst the back features a logo badge for instant brand recognition. Perfect for keeping your iPad safe. K.D.
For skin that is soft and supple, this Elemis Sp@ Home Skin Nourishing Body Scrub contains some of the finest ingredients which help to banish dead skin cells and leave skin feeling velvety smooth. - E.D
I have used Protect with the Zirh 'core regimen' both now for dry skin (Wash/Correct/Defend) and for normal/oily skin (Clean/Correct/Protect.) As for Protect, I have to say it simply does not moisturise enough. The ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, are designed to work with moisture in your skin and in the air by bonding it to the skin. What this means for people with oily skin is that it will seem really heavy ('oil slick' as one reviewer commented), whereas for people with dry/very dry skin...
I have dry and soft lips in the sense that it can be dry intermittently, but most times the under layer is soft, while the top layer peels off. Its bad in the sense that it feels soft, but then you look in the mirror and you see remnants of peeling lip skin, annoying. This product tingles, to let you know its still there. Pleasant, soft and lasts 3 to 4 hours before I need to reapply - on good days 6-7hrs and great days not till at night when I shower. My friend in the US called to recommend it...
Soothes, stimulates and restores balance to the skin, leaving a refreshing and cooling sensation. Aqua Cacteen hydrates, softens and conditions. Green Tea, an anti-inflammatory, soothes and reduces puffiness. Caffeine firms and stimulates circulation.
Get the ultimate set for a professional standard shave with this FX99 black shave set from Razor MD. Containing a sleek, black handle razor, matching badger hair shave brush, chrome stand with a chrome bowl for a mess free experience.
Keep on top of your care routine on the go with the Razor MD GQ19 Groom Kit (7 Piece). Presented in a faux leather case, the set contains everything you need to maintain your grooming regime on the go, including scissors and clippers.
Redken Smooth Lock Stay Sleek leave-in cream for dry and unruly hair seals in smoothness for up to three shampoos. The Thermo Active Polymer works to retain internal moisture and strengthen hair, whilst fragrant almond oil conditions and coats the hairs surface to leave you with a silky finish and added shine.
Versatile, sturdy and waterproof, the Tent Barrel Bag is a must have. The polyester and waxed cotton outer gives a timeless look, whilst the canvas lined inner boasts a zip pocket for extra storage. With an adjustable, removable shoulder strap and solid brass hardware, the bag has a secure zip closure and an outer pop button pocket. K.D.
This soothing clear gel provides ultimate razor glide for a clean, close shave. Pumpkin seed extract and Tea Tree oil work to soothe skin and defend against flare-ups. Use for neck clean-ups or on face, sideburns, or head. Precision Shave Gel is an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin.
Please be aware that products such as batteries, perfumes, aftershaves, nail polishes and aerosols can only be shipped to the UK, France and Germany due to Mail restrictions. To avoid delay to the processing of your overseas order, please do not add any such products to your basket for dispatch to other countries as we will be unable to fulfil your order.
Remove impurities effectively with Redken For Men Go Clean Shampoo. It works to remove oil and product build-up, whilst stengthening your hair. Go Clean Shampoo contains protein which penetrates deep into the core of your hair to build strength and structure from within. Ideal for daily use on normal hair, the menthol scent will awaken your senses.
The perfect face mask to deliver both instant and long term results, the This Works No Wrinkles Time Dose Mask (75ml) is great for hydrating your skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Time sensitive with a wonderfully exfoliating formula, this mask can be used in three different ways; a 10 or 20 minute treatment or as an overnight facial. - E.D
The man razor burn rescue from Murad contain Glycolic Acid that clears irritating dead skin and debris from clogged hair follicles and Tea Tree Oil removes bacteria to combat blemishes and promote healthy-looking skin. A unique complex of Neem, Vitamin E and Panthenol provides a soothing, moisture-rich antioxidant infusion.
Nourish your skin with this Iris, Lily of the Valley and Cotton body lotion from Korres. Using dried and aged Iris of Tuscany for a sweet and distinct fragrance release.
For me, this roll-on is the best widely available at the moment on the market. I travel abroad on business often with hand baggage only and so aerosol deodorants are not an option for me to take. I have tried many different roll-ons, all of which were either not long-lasting enough and/or were just too 'sticky' and left marks on clothes. This delivers excellently on both those issues. As such, I think that it is worth the extra money compared to other roll-ons. A super product.
Tangle Teezer's uniquely designed teeth flex and flick as they glide through the hair, eliminating tangles and knots on contact, minimising breaking, splitting and damage caused by mistreatment. It's perfect for all hair types and is recommended for fragile or colour-treated hair, hair extensions, weaves and children's fine tangle-prone hair.
Deeply hydrating, nourishing and protecting, this Moisturising Discovery Collection by Gatineau is perfect for environmentally damaged skin in need of some TLC. Designed to significantly boost moisture levels whilst restoring radiance, this collection boast six try-me sizes of innovative products that will leave you with a hydrated and supple complexion. K.D.
Achieve the ultimate results for more youthful looking eyes with this revolutionary Anti-Ageing eye cream. In just 28 days the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the delicate eye area was found to be visibly smoothed by up to 60%*, with 67%* of volunteers experiencing a significant restructuring effect.
This is simply the best moisturising lotion I have aver used. I have older skin (I'm 62) and I have been hating the creping which has appeared on my arms & legs. Within a couple of days I noticed a remarkable improvement using this cream. It also smells great; I wish there was a fragrance available, and I wish they had similar ingredients in a face cream.
With a polyester and waxed cotton outer, the Tent Large Satchel has a waterproof and durable design. The canvas lined inner boasts a separate zip pocket, whilst a pop button pocket adorns the outer front. The bag features a fold over front fastened by leather straps and solid brass pin buckles. Also featuring an adjustable shoulder strap, this bag is a must have. K.D.
The non-greasy formula of Sebastian Professional Stylixir glides into hair, sculpting head-hugging fluid waves and sleek movement into any style it wishes. It also works to ensure your hair stays soft, moist and malleable throughout the day, with natural movement and hold.
This CC Eye Fix from Nip and Fab is an innovative product, making waves at the forefront of make up and skincare. This fantastic complexion corrector eye fix is designed to help with colour control, as well as moisturise and hydrate your skin with a brightening finish. Give your skin a natural looking radiance with this ingenious lightweight complexion corrector cream.
Please be aware that products such as batteries, perfumes, aftershaves, nail polishes and aerosols can only be shipped to the UK, France and Germany due to Mail restrictions. To avoid delay to the processing of your overseas order, please do not add any such products to your basket for dispatch to other countries as we will be unable to fulfil your order.
Keep yourself looking fresh with these men's boxer and sock gift set from Boxfresh, a perfect base for any stylish outfit. Ensure your comfortable all day long.
To complete the set, this Razorpit also comes with the Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor, which guarantees a comfortable, tug-free shave with an effortless glide. Boasting an enhanced Lubrastrip, making for a smooth stroke, the ergonomically designed blade has been expertly enhanced to help you deal with those tricky, hard to reach areas. - E.D
This unique formulation combines Caramel from non-GMO Cane Sugar for an instant glow with a natural ECOCERT self-tanning ingredient to develop a safe, natural-looking tan. Light-reflecting mineral Mica leaves a subtle shimmer, while Aloe Vera soothes and hydrates and antioxidant-rich Vitamin E helps to fight free radical damage.
Clinique Post-Shave Soother is the ultimate soothing after-shave lotion for all skin types, formulated with Aloe Vera, to instantly cool and calm razor burn and redness associated with shaving. The lightweight lotion comforts the skin while encouraging the healing of minor cuts and nicks.
First of... it's smells FANTASTIC! Herbal smell, but still very masculine. Smell is not aggressive, but still strong enough. Very good for morning face washing, to wake you up. It's like scaled down aromatherapy. It's in gel form, which I don't like, because it quickly falls down from my hands or face when I want to make it lather. It should be more runny. It's very mild and I think it is perfect product if you have dry face skin. I have combination skin and it's too mild. Overall if I sum it up...
Achieve the ultimate beard with the Billy Jealousy Beard Envy Kit. Containing a trio of specialised beard grooming products which work together to give a perfected finish, this set is a must have ! K.D.
Please be aware that products such as batteries, perfumes, aftershaves, nail polishes and aerosols can only be shipped to the UK, France and Germany due to Mail restrictions. To avoid delay to the processing of your overseas order, please do not add any such products to your basket for dispatch to other countries as we will be unable to fulfil your order.
Carry your tablet with style with this Tablet Sleeve from Mi-Pac. Featuring a custom print, eyecatching upper, this tablet sleeve is perfect for your iPad and other tablets. With a secure zip fastening, this sleeve boasts a faux suede upper with the Mi-Pac logo for unmistakable brand identity. K.D.
These make-up removing Milk Proteins Cleansing Wipes from Korres moisturise and cleanse your face clean and radiant. Suitable for your face and eyes, ideal for quick and easy cleansing on the go. Remove make-up and cleanse your skin efficiently with these moisturising water-less wipes, wherever you are.
Sebastian Professional Texturizer is a re-mouldable liquid gel, designed to increase the density of your hair. This wheat and soy protein infused liquid gel tones individual strands of curly and straight hair, flexing textured definition into re-energised body for hair that's full of life.
Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree Shaping Cream is one of the best hair grooming products around. I have been using this for the last 5 years, and it keeps my hair looking great even at the end of the work day. I keep my hair short for easy manageability. The product smells nice (although I couldn't detect the tea tree scent) every time I open it, and shapes my hair to the desired style easily. I find that it works better on dry hair than damp. I also like the fact my hair looks matte and natural hours after...
Korres Black Pine Day Cream firms and lifts your skin to give it a more youthful appearance. Enriched with black pine polyphenols which maintain a healthy skin matrix, the cream supports the skin's natural system to improve elasticity and resistance to wrinkles and sagging. Your complexion will be left looking smooth, soft and supple.
Pro-Intense Lift Effect contains a breakthrough powerful formula that works with the skin's natural function at the ‘dermal-epidermal junction' level. Combining a high-tech bio-complex of Lupin and Papilactyl DTM with active plant stem cells from Edelweiss and Tiger grass that work to deliver long-term, clinically proven results.
Designed to combine comfort with style, the Bjorn Borg Men's Woven Boxers in pink have been crafted in pure cotton and features an elasticated branded waistband for a secure fit complete with a front fly opening to finish the look. - GG.
Please be aware that products such as batteries, perfumes, aftershaves, nail polishes and aerosols can only be shipped to the UK, France and Germany due to Mail restrictions. To avoid delay to the processing of your overseas order, please do not add any such products to your basket for dispatch to other countries as we will be unable to fulfil your order.
Built for hold as strong as steel Sebastian Professional Liquid Steel gives untouchable results. So for styles that won't budge, however hard you party, apply Liquid Steel to your damp or dry hair and create fierce styles to match your mood.
Formulated as a regular-use shampoo, this can be used daily, or as often as needed or desired, for healthy grey hair. American Crew have ensured with this, as with all of their products that a high standard of quality is achieved.
Treat the delicate skin on your hands to the Rockrose & Pine Hand Lotion by Molton Brown. Boasting the sumptuous fragrance of Siberian pine oil along with a herby note of red thyme and delicate rockrose oil, this comforting hand lotion has a pump to allow you to dispense just the right amount of product and works to leave your hands feeling soft, clean and luxuriously scented. - E.D
Please be aware that products such as batteries, perfumes, aftershaves, nail polishes and aerosols can only be shipped to the UK, France and Germany due to Mail restrictions. To avoid delay to the processing of your overseas order, please do not add any such products to your basket for dispatch to other countries as we will be unable to fulfil your order.
Shaving can be seen as a chore, especially if one is unaware of the benefits! Doing the right things thereafter helps produce healthy skin. A good shave is not just about a smooth surface without nicks or irritation but it is the start of healthy skin by providing exfoliation a woman can only dream of. The smooth surface generally only lasts a matter of hours! Deep cleanse after shaving, when the skin is vulnerable and one has freshly exfoliated clean skin. This helps overcome spots & breakouts normally...
Redken for Men Get Groomed allows you to achieve and maintain a smart, natural looking style with light control. Create a smooth, sleek finish with this easy-to-apply cream that fights frizz and lets you stay in control of your hair.
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