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In our all organic factory we are proud never to use refined oils, palm fat, emulsifiers or anything artificial in any product. We are very careful to avoid any risk of cross contamination. We also process nuts sesame, mustard, soya and peanuts.
Ma Baker bars are my favourite flapjacks and third on my list of snack bars in general (and I've tasted a lot!). They're rich, dense and big so they're filling. I love the nut variety in this box and I alternate each time, each one tastes noticeably different which is impressive as most snack bars don't taste that different with just a different topping but these are have their own unique flavour. My favourite is the almond, it has a natural sweetness which compliments the base recipe but each one...
Cooking & Baking Suitable for all types of cooking, baking and high temperature frying. Perfect for all Asian dishes. Salad Dressings & Smoothies Use as an alternative to other oils in salad dressings or as a base for smoothies and desserts. Dairy free spread Coconut oil can be used to replace butter, margarine or other spread. It's got a fantastic flavour and makes a great dairy free spread. Hair & Body Care Can be used externally to nourish skin and hair. Anti-fungal Action Coconut oil contains...
Kyolic Garlic is produced from organically grown cloves that have been cold-aged for 20 months. This process produces a variety of beneficial sulphur-containing compounds including s-allyl cysteine. Kyolic Garlic 100 contains added oat bran and lecithin - an ideal everyday garlic supplement for those looking to maintain good health.
By yesterday I had had two nights of this so was not fit to speak to until my good friend Lily said, Olbas oil.. Yes,of course I knew about Olbas oil but had I thought about it? I dug out my trusty bottle (which expired, I note, in April 2007) and, last night, applied it to nose. Magic! Nose cleared, breathing normal, sleep wafting in I would not say it was the best nights sleep I ever had, I kept losing my Olbas-soaked tissue down the bed but it sure as hell knocked spots off the previous two nights...
James White apple juices are freshly pressed at Whites Fruit Farm in Suffolk. Borrowing filtration techniques from the wine industry, the juice are clear filtered and bottled immediately to capture the full fresh flavour and aroma of the apples.
Per 100g: energy 1658kJ/396kcal, protein 7.7g, fat 1.5g, saturated 0.7g, carbohydrate 85.5g, sugars 0.3g, sodium 200mg
Plamil Foods have been making organic chocolate for over ten years now, but much has changed since those early pioneering days. They have refined and improved the cocoa supply in co-operation with our organic farmers and subtlety improved the methods they use to make their fine chocolate. Plamil Foods now has a wide range of superbly refined chocolates and organic flavours, cocoa percentage content, and Fairtrade cocoa bars for you to choose from.
These banana chips make a great wholesome sweet snack. Lovely and munchy while not being over sugary like some brands can be. I think they would also be great slightly crushed and used in granola / crunchy oat cereal.
To get a mild oil, the husks are partly removed from the seeds before pressing them carefully in small worm presses. Ideal for salads and other raw dishes, it enhances the flavour of warm vegetables, fish and rice when sprinkled over them.
It's not that easy to find wholegrain polenta. This one is fantastic, have it with slow-cooked beef or mushroom stew to warm you up in winter, or let it cool, cut it into squares and pop it on the barbecue in the summer!
Free & Easy are dedicated to creating the very best delicious, healthy and 'free from' foods for everyone to enjoy. Using only a blend of the finest ingredients, Free & Easy products are free from artificial additives and preservatives and totally packed with natural flavour and organic goodness.
If you are having a go at mastering hand made sushi a bamboo rolling mat is a valuable part of your kit. To roll sushi simply place a sheet of Sushi Nori, shiny side down, on the mat. Spread thinly with some wasbi paste (optional) then cover with cooked sushi rice leaving 1cm clear at the top. Make a small groove in the centre of the rice left to right and add your favourite fillings. Begin rolling the mat from the near edge. Roll firmly but not so hard as to make the filling come out the ends.
These are hands-down my favourite crisps ever! I am utterly addicted to these crisps, probably because I still feel good afterwards (unlike other crisps), as they are quite healthy whilst also being so indulgent and yummy! The sweet flavour is so more-ish, and I cannot get enough of them. Well done Tyrell's!
Lexia raisins like all raisins are dried grapes, they are smaller and darker than sultanas but larger and lighter coloured than currants. Originating from south east Australia Lexia raisins have a very unique sweet flavour. Delicious in deserts or on their own as a juicy sweet snack.
A bit expensive but delicious, a bit like Special K, and it's gluten free and quite high in fibre, and nicely filling. I will definitely be buying this again and again! I would give this 5 stars if it didn't have the skimmed milk powder/white sugar in it, as I prefer as unrefined as possible, though the amounts seem to be quite low.
Gives perfect results every time. I have actually used it for many other things besides bread (scones, pastry shells, cakes, biscuits, etc.) and was worried it would turn out a bit tough, but it was perfect every time. One of the best flours I have used.
From these early pioneering days has grown a company, still headed by Rivka and her husband Aaron, which manages to combine the most up date production and manufacturing techniques with formulating skills and a knowledge of plants that are in some cases, thousands of years old. A true blend of the best of the old, with the best of the new.
Typical values per 100g: Energy 1370kJ; 327kcal, Protein 0.4g, Carbohydrate 80g (of which sugars 78g), Fat 0.5g (of which saturates <0.1g), Fibre <0.1g, Sodium 0.01g.
These are some of tastiest mini chocolate cookies/biscuits I've had. They're just like milk chocolate biscuits but lighter because the base is thinner so they make a healthier alternative especially for younger people. It's a small box and expensive but that kind of works in its favour since that way you eat them more slowly and can't binge on them. They are cute and fun because of their design.
Ocean Spray Cranberries are of the finest quality North American cranberries, nurtured and harvested by Ocean Spray's grower owners who have been carefully selecting our cranberries since 1930.
Energy 203kJ/49kcal, Fat 3.3g or which saturated 30g, Carbohydrate 4.6g of which sugars 3.2g, Fibre 0.1g, Protein 0.1g, Salt 0.04g
Egg, vegetable oils and fats, sugar, rice flour, chocolate chunks (6.5%) (cocoa butter), fat reduced cocoa powder (6.5%), humectant: vegetable glycerol, whole milk powder, glucose syrup, raising agents: sodium pyrophosphate & sodium bicarbonate, preservative: potassium sorbate, acidity regulator: citric acid, stabiliser: xanthan gum, emulsifier: mono - and diglycerides of fatty acids, natural flavouring.
Biona organic fruit and vegetable juices are simply pressed so more of the fresh flavour and health-boosting nutrients reach your glass. The fruit and vegetables that go in to Biona juices are carefully selected from organic farms and pressed fresh after harvest to capture maximum natural goodness. The entire range of Biona juices are pure juices, not made from concentrate and with no added sugar.
Try tossing cooked pasta with Organico marinaded sundried tomatoes and a little of their oil along with Parmesan shavings. Then top with extra herbs if you like.
When making whole loaves of bread I occasionally involve raisins in the mixture with pale flour to produce a deliciously sweet loaf (like a giant, soft scone), and really enjoy making chutney sandwiches from it.
Much like the iconic 'Little Black Dress' these shapely delights are brilliant no matter where you are and are an essential to every girls' wardrobe, ooh, I mean everyone's kitchen cupboard Whether you're snaffling a few by yourself, on the go or at home; packing them into your kids' lunches; or serving them with canapes or fancy cheeses to your friends and family, these wheat free crackers are bound to impress! As healthy as they are tasty, they are made entirely with oats grown on Scottish farms...
This has a very light taste a bit like skimmed cows milk, I wouldn't call it creamy, it has a delicate sweetness which is more pronounced in the vanilla variety . My favourite is the hazelnut variety, it is really lovely, a richer creamier sweet nutty milk which is the best milk substitute I have yet found, with none of the 'chalkiness' of soya milk. This is good on cereal or in smoothies (try it with banana and mango, yum!) or on its own as a refreshing drink, but not so good in a cup of tea. If...
I am writing to let you know that I have been enjoying Alara Luxury Gluten-free Muesli for quite a few years now, since I was diagnosed being coeliac. I used to buy it from Tesco's near where I lived but they stopped selling it. It is Cheaper from GoodnessDirect so I surpose Tesco's did me a favour taking it off their shelves. I was really glad to find GoodnessDirect sold it because it is a good product. It is full of nuts, raisins, Millet Flakes, Chopped Dates, Rice Flower and other good things...
Some products are not labelled as suitable for certain diets even though they are and so will not show up on your selection. eg Apples are not labelled as gluten free or vegan even though they are. Please take this into account when shopping.
Wonderful product! The ONLY product that will keep my daughters skin smooth and moist:) We have tried Aveeno, Burt's Bees, and several other natural brands. Her skin would keep a small layer of bumps. After using this product in the bath and the lotion, she has finally found some relief.
Aqua, Ammonium laureth sulfate*, Maris sal, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice**, Polysorbate 20*, Melaleuca alternifolia leaf oil*, Cananga odorata flower oil*, Pogostemon cablin oil*, Cocamidopropyl betaine*, Potassium sorbate, Sodium benzoate, Citric acid*, CI 75810*, Limoneneº, Linaloolº,
Break 150 g extra dark chocolate into squares, place in a food processor, blitz until granular. Place 150 ml double cream, 25 g unsalted butter and 1 tbsp brandy (optional) in a pan and boil. Turn on processor and add hot cream mix to blitzed chocolate through feeder tube in a steady steam until smooth. Transfer mixture to a bowl, cover with clingfilm and chill for several hours. Spoon into walnut-sized pieces and roll in your hands to form balls. Do not over-handle as the heat will melt the truffles...
Milk chocolate 54.2g: sugar 25.5%, cocoa butter 10.8%, whole milk powder, cocoa mass 6.8%, whey powder (from milk), emulsifier: soya lecithin, Raisins 45%: raisins 44.8g, vegetable oil, glazing agents: acacia gum, shellac. I'm kind of experimenting with it. I threw it in my slow cooker along with some soup mix, some seasoning and some meat. I wanted to create a stew/casserole effect, without using any potatoes. When it was ready to eat, I could identify the soup mix, but I couldn't see any quinoa anywhere. HOWEVER, I did notice that my casserole/stew effort had a very lovely thickness to it, and so I shall assume that was the quinoa. The whole thing tasted lovely, so it gets a thumbs up from me.
Every packet mix I've used previously calls for milk (or a plant alternative), this one merely for butter and egg (or substitutes) - I had to keep checking the box as I was so unconvinced. I went ahead and followed the instructions, using a sunflower spread and commercial egg replacer, and ended up with a gloopy mess that I had to spread in the tin with my fingers. The end result was a brownie of two halves - a chewy underside and a biscuity top that broke away. The flavour was good, to be fair...
The Brita Classic filter cartridge reduces limescale and substances such as chlorine, which affect the taste and odour of tap water. Furthermore it reduces aluminium and certain heavy metals (like copper and lead). Certain pesticides (such as Diuron) and organic impurities are also reduced. The result is cleaner, clearer, great tasting water for hot and cold drinks and delicious food. You also have less scale build-up in your domestic appliances.
The natural hydration and nutritional properties of Vita Coco Coconut water has already won the brand a loyal following amongst many, including celebrities and athletes. Vita Coco is based on one single ingredient: natural coconut water. The coconut water used in Vita Coco comes from young green coconuts (not brown ones) and is loaded with naturally occurring electrolytes, with each 330ml serving providing 15 times more potassium than your average drink. As a great tasting, fat free and low...
Cook 200 g penne pasta until al dente, adding 200 g frozen peas for the last few minutes of cooking. Drain and run under cold water to cool quickly. Stir through a drained 200 g tin of tuna flakes and 200 g soft white cheese until evenly distributed. Season to taste and add some chopped herbs as an optional extra. Serve cool. Ideal packed into airtight tubs as lunch boxes.
Always test first on an inconspicuous area. Turn the spray nozzle to the mist or jet position. Spray directly onto the surface, leave for up to 60 seconds for enhanced anti-bacterial action, wipe off with a clean cloth and allow to dry. After use, turn the nozzle to the off position. Heavy soiling may require a repeat application. There may be a slight sediment in the container due to the natural materials used, shake to remove.
Yes, you can eat this right away or add some topping, or use other fruits to make a tasty treat/salad or add some liquor to spice it up in to a mouthwatering smoothie/ fruit punch or bake/fry with some seasonings and make a firecracker of a cake/tart.
Rhodiola Rosea - also known as 'Arctic Root' or 'Golden Root' is traditionally used to provide support to overall body function particularly in times of stress. As such it is traditionally applied to relieve a variety of symptoms from depression and low energy levels to immune support and sexual health.
Popped Corn, Rapeseed Oil, Sour Cream & Jalapeno Chilli Seasoning (buttermilk powder, salt, natural flavourings, sour cream powder, sugar, yeast extract, jalapeno chilli powder (jalapeno, herb), onion powder, maltodextrin, red peppers, sunflower oil, spice extract), Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin).
Nuturya range of organic and natural products are disigned to be incorporated into the recipes that you already know and love. They'll invigorate and revitalize your daily diet, and give you the healthy boost that only nature can provide.
This is gorgeous, don't hesitate at the price, it's lovely to use with it's toffee colour, and adds a lovely, subtley mellow flavour to anything you make with it (and when it's in my cupboard I put it into anything I make!) Fab for bread, and try making biscuits with spelt flour and malt extract, gorgeous
Ecover Non-Bio Laundry Liquid Zero Bag in a Box 5ltr
Crumbly, creamy and with a unique Clearspring taste twist, Clearspring Organic Oatcakes are simply delicious. Made to an original wheat-free, dairy-free, vegan and no-added-sugar recipe using only the finest organic ingredients, they are lovingly baked to perfection in small batches by fourth generation craft bakers in the Scottish highlands.
Started using prewetts ground flaxseed about 3 months ago, to add goodness to my diet and to help with colesterol. My hairdresser commented on the improvement in the condition of my hair and asked if I had changed my hair products. I had to say that it must be down to adding the flaxseed to my diet, my skin is also in good condition too. My hairdresser was so impressed that she going to start using it too!!
Energy 399kcal/1693kj, fat 0.5g of which saturated 0.5g, carbohydrates 98g, of which sugars 97g, protein 0.5g, salt 0.05g.
Meridian are the sole reason why I've got into nut butters. I love that their products have no added ingredients meaning that what you get is only goodness. This almond butter is great if you're not a huge peanut butter fan as the taste is slightly milder but it is still full of flavour. I was so happy to see that they have begun producing 1kg tubs of it as it works out to be much better value for money. Will repurchase again and again!
Aqua, melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree oil), rosemary officinalis (rosemary extract), PEG-15 cocopolyamine, PEG-40 castor oil, soluvit richter (aqua, alcohol, PEG-35 castor oil, polysorbate 20, horse chestnut extract, retinyl palmitate, toco-pherol, PABA, inositol, calcium pantothenate, linoleic acid, biotin), cetrimonium chloride, lauryl glucoside, citric acid
I love the rich, slightly sweet taste of this, it really hits the spot after a hard, hot day - keep it on ice and serve with finger food, it's great as a starter drink at dinner. I find the slight sweetness of this is better for people who don't usually like elderflower.
Ordered Violife Vegan Cheese for the first time and I was pleasantly surprised. It actually tastes just like a mild cheese. Amazing. I love it and can recommend it to anyone hanging out for a simple cheese and tomato sandwich......Or anyone wanting to top a (vegan) burger with a slice of perfectly delicious cheese substitute.
Cooking & Baking Suitable for all types of cooking, baking and high temperature frying. Perfect for all Asian dishes. Salad Dressings & Smoothies Use as an alternative to other oils in salad dressings or as a base for smoothies and desserts. Dairy free spread Coconut oil can be used to replace butter, margarine or other spread. It's got a fantastic flavour and makes a great dairy free spread. Hair & Body Care Can be used externally to nourish skin and hair. Anti-fungal Action Coconut oil contains...
The Willow aquifer, the source of the legendary Holy Well of Cartmel, provides fresh, great-tasting water - renowned locally as far back as the 12th Century. Filtered through what was once a white willow forest, and limestone, willow has a unique mineral composition including Calcium and Salicin.
Energy 1230kJ/294kcal, Fat 0g of which saturate 0g, Carbohydrate 78.2g of which sugars 73g, Fibre 0g, Protein 0g, Salt 0g
These were fun (for adults) to use, crackly sound a few times and did find some stuff had cleared but maybe thsi was melted candle wax? Makes you lie down and relax for a while. Need 2 people as someone can watch you are holding it vertically and when it is nearly finished.
Add the contents of one sachet into a bowl with 75ml of cold water, stir well and leave to stand for 5 minutes until the mixture has thickened, stirring occasionally. using floured hands shape the mixture into 6 balls.
Rachel's are passionate about gorgeously pure tastes. This Greek Style bio-live yogurt with zesty lemon has been made simply, with care, using only the finest organic ingredients. Their yogurts contain the cultures Lactobacillus acidophilus & Bifidobacterium
The lady from my local health food shop knows somebody who tried wheatgrass on every possible thing to see how it can be taken and found out that apple juice is the solution (she also said that orange juice is the worse, it really clashes with it). So I have been taking freshly squeezed apple juices (which are naturally dense, not sure it would work with clear water-like apple juices) and incorporate the wheatgrass. It works! I really like it. This particular wheatgrass is mature and it is different...
Once the casserole vegetables have been cooking for 10 minutes, pour the stock and coconut mixture over them and leave to simmer uncovered for 30 minutes, or until all the vegetables are soft, beginning to break up and the sauce has thickened. If you prefer a thicker sauce, turn up the heat and allow it to gently simmer for a further 10 minutes, or until thickened. Taste and add salt and pepper as necessary.
Delicious Meridian Organic Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce can be eaten raw or used in all types of dishes and snacks eg. sandwiches, curries, soups/stews, pasta, rice, pizza, salads, sauces/marinades/condiments. Also, can be used with different herbs, spices and oils that will enhance, enrich and intermingle with the many natural tastes that only a Tomato is able to do and set ones taste buds drooling or on fire.
I know beetroot juice is good for my heart health but have found it difficult to drink as it is. I have found the best way to take my James White Beetroot Juice is to mix it with Apple Juice in a 50/50 mix. I mix it in the mornings and keep a jug chilled in the fridge. The added sweetness of the apple juice and the crisp cold temperature means that I actually enjoy my daily fix of healthy beetroot juice now, it is no longer like having to take medicine and I'm sure that as long as I take the right...
I think this works as effectively as any other washing up liquid which I have tried but without the negative impact on the environment so I am happy with the product.
In the bygone times when colas were first brewed they were thought of as a remedial concoction created by the apothecaries and heralded as an elixir with health enhancing properties. Nowdays we drink cola for it's taste and it's stimulating 'kick'. Fentimians Cola is however a little special in that it includes in it's curious recipe ginger root and other herbal extracts. Curious?
This green and blacks flavour has a great texture. Its a bit like small rice crispies in chocolate mixed with aero chocolate bars! Make sure once opened you eat it within a day or two or wrap up tightly as the crispy bits don't stay crispy.
Clean and score the fish and place in a greased ovenproof dish of suitable size. In a pan stir-fry the onion, garlic, chopped ginger and vegetable oil for two minutes, add the minced chilli and one cup (225ml) of water, salt and sugar and bring to the boil. Pour the contents over the fish, cover with foil and cook in a low oven (150°) for about 10-15 minutes. Transfer the fish to a plate, thicken the sauce with the cornflour, add sesame oil and pour over the fish.
Organic ingredients, certified by the soil association, are grown by organic crop management, benefiting both the local population and environment. The fairtrade mark on this bar ensures that the cocoa and sugar farmers in developing countries receive a fair and stable price.
Great biscuits when you feel hungry, they are delicious and I feel satisfied after just one! They are fairly hard as biscuits go, which I like but may not be suitable for those (like my mother) with dental issues etc.
Water, Vegetable Oil, Lemongrass (6%), Garlic Purée, Fish Sauce (Anchovy Extract, Salt, Sugar), Minced Chilli Paste (5%) (Chilli Peppers, Water, Salt), Onion, sugar, tomato Purée, Modified Maize Starch, Galangal (2%), Kaffir Lime Leaves, chilli Flakes, Salt, Coriander, Thai Basil, cumin, Colour: Paprika Extract; Citric Acid, Cardamom Powder.
Absolutely delicious can be eaten raw or used in all types of dishes and snacks eg. curries, soups/stews, pasta, rice, pizza, salads, sauces/marinades/condiments. Organico Peeled Tomatoes from Tuscany can be used with different herbs, spices and oils that will enhance, enrich and intermingle with the many natural tastes that only a Tomato is able to do and set ones taste buds drooling or on fire.
I use this for my two year old, who refuses to eat meat. I find it reassuring to give him a supplement that's safe for this age group with iron and B12 in. I just wish it had more detail in dosage as jumping up from 2.5ml to 5ml once a child turns three years old seems a big difference. Apart from that one little issue, my son seems to take it without problem and likes the flavour. I must warn you though, the bottle gets very sticky, whatever you do to avoid it becoming so!
The height of coffee taste. Cafedirect pays the best price to get the pick of the crop. This way farmers benefit from a good income while you get the best quality coffee from the growers.
Typical values per 100g: Energy 1616kJ/385kcal, Fat 15g (of which saturates 3g), Carbohydrate 52g (of which sugars 47g, Fibre 6g, Protein 9g, Salt trace
Since 1910, the Pata Family olive groves in the beautiful Calabria region of Italy have been renowned for producing oil of exceptional quality, aroma and wonderful taste. This olive oil has been especially nurtured and selected for its high polyphenol antioxidants (typically 334mg/kg), promoting a healthy heart.
Water, wheat starch (gluten-free), wholemeal buckwheat flakes (10%), carrot, modified corn and tapioca starch, yeast , syrup (only as yeast activator), rapeseed oil, thickener: locust bean-, guar-, tara gum, pectin and E466, salt (1%), sugar-beet fibre, emulsifiers: lecithin (rapeseed) and E471, (veg), psyllium husks, flavouring (natural)
This product contains ingredients which may cause irritation or allergic reaction on certain individuals and a preliminary sensitive test according to accompanying directions should be made first. This product may not be used for dying the eyebrows or eyelashes as this may cause blindness. Avoid contact with eyes, rinse eyes immediately if product comes in contact with them. Wear suitable gloves. Rinse hair well after application.
Bulking agent: tomato powder, vegetarian capsule: hydroxpropyl methylcellulose; vitamin c (as buffered calcium ascorbate), zeaxanthin complex, lutein complex ( lutein, zeaxanthin, zinc gluconate, flow agent: magnesium sterate, bilberry std ext.(25% UV colorimetric anthocyanidins), I-selenomethionine, anticaking agent: silicon dioxide, natural vitamin E (as d-alpha tocophrrol; anti caking agent: tricalcium phosphate), riboflavin.
Naturally gluten free & wheat free, plain in flavour, creamy in colour and easy to digest, rice flour can be used to make great puddings and biscuits. It can also be used to thicken sauces in sweet and savoury dishes. This 25kg sack size suits serious home cooks, bread makers, small bakeries, catering companies, schools and very busy foodservice kitchens.
This is the best lip balm I've ever used, and I've tried dozens over the years. Most of the other brands taste so unpleasant that I can't believe anybody buys them more than once. Weleda balm has almost no flavour at all and is very gentle. Being in a stick rather than a pot it's substantial enough to provide more lasting protection - an excellent product all round and highly recommended.
These are the nicest available, we use them finely chopped through mashed potatoes, in salads and as a side. They have the perfect pickle flavour and are the only ones we buy. Well done again Goodness Direct for stocking the best.
King Soba organic edamame miso ramen is a mix of buckwheat noodles in a tasty miso soup prepared with green soya beans (known as edamame in Japan) and other vegetables. Simple and quick to prepare - one packet makes a large wholesome bowl of noodles.
I love these. I look for cereal bars which aren't sweetened by sugar, so these ones are ideal (unless you're vegan). There are also cereal bars which are sweetened by fruit juice or rice/wheat syrup.
This is a really good sensibly priced range, I'm always on a budget so it's great to get something natural in my price range. My son loves a bath with lots of bubbles, and this foams like crazy under a fast running tap. He commented 'Wow, there are so many bubble's today!', the first time we used it. I like the citrus scent, a bit different from an adult point of view. We sometimes bath share so I can comment that it cleans skin effectively with out drying it out, and doesnt cause irritation on my...
Maize starch, rice flour, vegetable margarine (non hydrogenated palm and coconut fat, water, emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, salt), modified maize starch, cheese powder 7.3% (cheese powder, emulsifying salt E331, salt); dextrose, emulsifier (pregelatinized rice flour, sunflower lecithin) eggs, flavourings, salt, thickener: guar gum, raising agents: sodium hydrogen carbonate, ammonium hydrogen carbonate, antioxidant: rosemary extract.
Brazil nuts(40%), cocoa mass(26.6%), cane sugar,cocoa butter ( 5.7%), thickening agent: gum arabic, honey, emulsifier:soya leicithin, vanilla powder.
I'm really impressed with this organic spelt spaghetti. First the spaghetti doesn't stick to my pot (even cast iron pot)! This is amazing consider with white wheat pasta I have to constantly stir to avoid sticking. Secondly the spaghetti has a fantastic nutty taste and is really filling too. Highly recommend it. Amituofo
I have found this to be the most crumbly of the Biona rye breads, so very difficult to toast and messy for sandwiches. It is also drier than the others, but still moist enough to be pleasant. I'm willing to put up with the crumbliness for the great taste.
Sugar, glucose syrup, citric acid E330, natural flavours, natural colours E160c, E100, E141.
Energy 2552kj/614kcal, Fat 53.4g of which saturates 8.3g, Carbohydrates 11.5g (of which sugars 3.6g) Protein 23.8g, salt 0.5g
The exotic Brazilian rainforest brought to life the Acai berry and it is now vastly recognised as one of the most dominant antioxidants, thus can accelerate the fight against free radical damage to the body. Packed full of antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids, Acai berries are known to help indigestion, improve sleep, boost immune system, along with a plethora of other health benefits. Acai tastes like a vibrant blend of berries and chocolate. Hidden within the acai's royal purple...
Been drinking this tea for a while now, before bedtime and I really like it, the smell reminds me of Christmas! However on opening a new packet was a bit disappointed to find it has a stronger lemon balm flavour which was a bit overpowering to begin with, despite the ingredients list being the same. I'm sure by the end of this box I'll have grown used to it but am a bit miffed that it's not exactly the same as you would expect.
Energy 2431 kJ/ 581 kcal, Protein 26.35g, Carbohydrate 18.92g, Fat 49.3g
Quinoa flour, corn flour, rice flour, corn starch, lentil flour, pea flour, sugar, salt, sun dried tomato and roasted garlic seasoning sugar, garlic powder(including roasted garlic powder), tomato powder (including sun dried tomato powder), salt, rice flour carob flour, natural flavourings, natural colour (paprika), herb (oregano), spice (cayenne).
We operate a strict policy whereby none of our raw materials or finished products are tested on animals. We have a fixed cut-off date of 1988. All raw materials are free from genetically modified ingredients; animal by-products and we are subject to scrutiny and approval by The Vegan Society, Naturewatch Trust, BUAV and The World Wildlife Foundation.
I'd never had wheat grains before but based on the low price decided to chance it, and it was worth doing so. My partner, who isn't a fan of brown rice or indeed of wholefoods in general, really liked these when I cooked them up in a lunch dish for us and said he would happily eat them again, which was a pleasant surprise to me.
Seed & Bean have been 'alive' since June 2005 and have sold over 1,000,000 organic chocolates! And before that their founder worked in the organic industry for 15 years with the organic chocolate and wholefoods. Their chocolatier (a job I would love to have) has over two decades of producing fine chocolate and loves the wonderful nature and results of fine organic cocoa. Working with a small team they have created some fine classic chocolates but then again they also like to be a little daring with...
Water, de-ionised grape juice from concentrate, black cherry fruit preparation (fructose-glucose syrup, fruit 6% (black cherries), water, tapioca starch, citric acid, natural flavouring, elderberry concentrate, stabiliser (xanthan gum)), soya protein (2.6%), stabilisers (modified starch, xanthan gum, locust bean gum, guar gum), dextrose, fructose, natural flavouring, citric acid, colour (anthocyanins).
This curry base will enable you to enjoy the traditional taste of authentic curry, with the convenience of efficient modern-day cooking. Made with fresh onions, ginger and tomatoes, infused with special Punjabi spices. No artificial colours, preservatives, additives, flavourings, sugar or coconut. Contains no nuts.
An acquired taste, a little bitter but packed full of nutrition. Apparantly one of the best plant sources of protein/amino acids outside of algae, omega 3 and other minerals. Not really very easy to work with on its own, most recipes suggest no more than 1/4 of all flour required be hemp flour. I use it in my quiche bases for a nice tang :)
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