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Sample Offers
Galeria Flow Formula acrylic colours have been developed for artists who require good quality acrylic colour at an economical price. They have strong and vibrant colours and are available in tubes, bottles and now convenient sets for easy...
A full sized block pattern by Professor Martin Shoben which have been tried and tested as a great teaching aid in the art of pattern cutting when designing your own fashion. The pattern includes a size chart and critical points for pricking
0.7mm lead and a cushion point to reduce lead breakage. Includes eraser.
Washable glitter colour which will add sparkle to any artwork. All colours are intermixable and can be used straight from the bottle with the handy flip-top cap. Particularly effective when laid over opaque acrylics...
An everyday HB pencil, ideal for school pencil cases. Supplied in a pack of 12.
Soapstone is one of the softest stones available and a great medium for the sculpting novice as it’s incredibly easy to carve. This allows both children and adults to have a go at carving. Colour the designs with ink or carve a design to use
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An acrylic based, pigmented, water resistant ink in a range of 12 colours, which have a four star permanence rating. Such a high degree of lightfastness over such a range of fully intermixable colours makes them ideal for use by artists in the production of pictures for permanent display. Colours can be substantially diluted to achieve the most subtle of tones, very similar in character to watercolour. Such washes will dry to a water resistant film and successive layers of colour can be laid over...
Print designs straight from the computer onto this highly transparent inkjet film. The image can then be burnished onto most flat, firm surfaces, becoming virtually invisible. Ideal for product design, packaging, multi layered visuals and professional prototypes. 297 x 210mm sheets.
Slotted eyes aid threading, otherwise as sharps. Two each of 4's, 6's, and 8's.
Light-weight plastic tray with 9 wells. Whole palette measures 280mm square.
White firing base mixed with a Molochite addition giving medium-smooth textures with the resilience to throw large as well as small items. Good in oxidation, reduction or for salt glazing. Firing range 1180ºC-1280ºC. 12.5kg bag.
A pack of our standard Mod Roc containing over 1.64m2 (square metres) coverage. 150mm x 2.75 metres per roll.
Effectively abrades and degreases the mesh in one procedure. Vigorously brush onto both sides of the mesh using our Screen Cleaning Brush (below). 1 litre.
This excellent range of low cost colouring pencils is great for illustrative work, featuring strong consistent colour and a smooth laydown on most surfaces, especially good quality cartridge. Outstanding pencil for your money.
A set containing 14 different plastic masks, all featuring character and animal faces. Supplied plain to be decorated.
A very useful jotter block of paper sitting in a clear plastic holder just waiting to be personalised. Either add photographs of loved ones, witty messages or reminders, or small pieces of artwork. Transform this memo block into a special gift. There are 4 areas for inserts measuring 45 x 50mm. The paper measures 95 x 95mm.
Fully explore Encaustic Art in one kit! Full step by step instructions with a 24 page booklet, 16 coloured wax blocks, 32 x A6 Encaustic card, 32 x A5 Encaustic card, 8 x A4 Encaustic card, 1 x Scribing tool. Iron not included.
Artist's canvas is the foundation of your creativity which is only tamed by its boundaries, that's why we stock our stretched, ready primed canvases in a range of sizes and shapes to suit every purpose. Our range includes round canvas, oval canvas, professional gallery style canvas and our very popular essentials value canvases.
No need to be without an assortment of paper and card with this bumper selection. Pack contains: 200 sheets of 120gsm bright card 225 x 312mm, 200 sheets of 120gsm pastel card 225 x 312mm, 100 sheets of 80gsm assorted activity paper, 20 sheets of 280 micron vivid assorted card, 6 sheets of 350 micron foil card and 4 sheets of 750 micron thick black card
A lightweight stone-like material in powder form that is mixed with water and cast into shapes planned for sculpture. When kept moist, it can be sculptured and carved with ease over long periods. When aged, Crea-Stone is stone-hard with a rough, granite-like texture, lighter than stone, permanent and weather-proof. Simple implements, modelling or carving tools may be used to shape Crea-Stone when dry. Can be decorated using any good quality acrylics. Available in natural colour only.
570 x 735mm, 70gsm x 25 sheets. Suitable for a variety of art and craft projects or even a rustic style wrapping.
A fine quality cover paper with a matt surface, recommended for block printing, painting and crayon work. 640 x 450mm, 200gsm.
This tool is perfect for use with most types of papers, thin boards and metal sheets. It produces an attractive crimped effect that is great for all kinds of art and craft projects. 165mm wide.
Clamps rigidly to a table allowing freedom of both hands. Made from fine quality seasoned timber. 250mm diameter.
The Quiltcut 2 is an accurate way to measure and cut fabric for quilt making. Requires no expensive dies and provides you with the versility to measure and cut all the sizes and shapes of strips and pieces for making your quilts.
Here at Homecrafts, we know how important getting the right paints can be and we know that by providing a wide selection, we can hopefully cater for all. As well as a range of acrylic, oil, watercolour and gouache paints to offer, we also focus on new and exciting specialist paints in order to broaden your creative mind.
Artist's canvas is the foundation of your creativity which is only tamed by its boundaries, that's why we stock our stretched, ready primed canvases in a range of sizes and shapes to suit every purpose. Our range includes round canvas, oval canvas, professional gallery style canvas and our very popular essentials value canvases.
4 lightweight birch wood coasters complete with their own stand, just waiting to be decorated with vibrant patterns and funky designs! Whether you choose to paint, enamel, use a pyrography iron or a special transfer on them, your customised coasters will be truly unique and one of a kind. They will add individuality and style to any coffee table, and make a perfect little gift for someone special. (Pack of 4 coasters).
Strong and durable, these black wax crayons are ideal for brass rubbing, drawing and colouring.
Durable and reinforced sealable bag. Water resistant material with a zip to keep all materials together and free from dust and water. 360mm wide x 240mm high. Supplied empty.
This is a very fine hooked tool used for Tambour embroidery, which the art of stitching on fabric tightly stretched in a frame, creating chainstitch. Though this tool is traditionally used for embroidery with beads it can be used for stitch
Good 100% polyester sewing thread at an economical price. Not suitable for computerised embroidery machines.
A top quality professional T-Square for extensive use in schools and studios. 600mm long. A2 size.
The loop turner is a thin metal rod with a ring on one end and a hook and latch on the other. It's useful for creating really skinny spaghetti straps, fabric tubes or anything where you need to turn a cylinder right side out. It can also be
An economically priced marbling trough manufactured in rigid plastic. 580 x 580mm. Please note: colours may vary.
This clear silicone paste is perfect for adhering mosaics, glass nuggets and stones to all kinds of surfaces including wood, metal and ceramics. Provides a 3D relief which can be used to great creative effect.
Top quality with inset zip fastening. Plain silk habotai cover. 400 x 400mm.
Designed to introduce young and old to the fun of needlepoint, this Starter Kit is easy to do and ideal for children aged 7 to 70 plus! The design is worked in tent stitch. Kit contents: Colour printed canvas, full instructions, needle and wool. Canvas size: 25cm x 20cm approx. Design size: 12.5cm x 17.5cm approx. The power of the panda will please anyone!
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An inexpensive cartridge paper from a sustainable source that is great for general drawing and painting work with pastels, pencils and paints! A1 (594 x 841mm). 130gsm. 125 sheets.
Fabric is easily as versatile as paper these days with the array of fabric paints and dyes currently on the market. This section includes our range of fabric paints, dyes and guttas in order for you to add your own touch onto a blank fabric.
A kit that offers an excellent introduction to this absorbing pastime. Contents: nib holder, nibs, reservoir, inks (blue, black, red and yellow), artists' brush, mixing palette, calligraphy pad, greeting cards, envelopes, gift tags, bookmark
A mid-range airbrush that is ideal for those who are progressing from beginners status to an intermediate or advanced level. The kit comes complete with single action external mix airbrush, 6ft vinyl airhose, propellant assembly, 2 x 2oz jar
Speed up the Latex dipping process with this Coagulant. Dip your shape into Latex, quickly followed by the Coagulant. Repeat process between 5-8 times and leave to dry thoroughly. The Coagulant can be used over and over again. An essential product for projects with time constraints.
410mm. Complete with bolt ring. Silver plated brass necklace.
This knife features a four-jaw chuck with surgically sharp and inter-changeable blades. It is ideal for fine angles and long cuts, carving, hollowing, etching, scoring, shaping and trimming. Spare blades are available.
Contains everything needed to experience fashion marbling onto fabric. Includes 3 x 15ml colour 1 x 50g ground, 3 x pipettes, marbling tray, fabric & full instructions.
Dot and cross marking paper used as the master template. Follow spot-cross -spot-cross for the grain line or spots-crosses for the 45° bias angle. Allows you to position patterns and blocks accurately. Distance from dot to cross is 2cm. 91cm x 150m roll.
The Janome Embellisher Replacement Needle kit includes a 5 needle holder, presser foot and 10 spare replaceable needles.
Fade-resistant 100% fibre construction paper, vat dyed to insure strong, deep hues. A 135gsm sulphite sheet that is designed to stand up to all art and craft demands including scoring, folding and curling without cracking or tearing.
Cut to convenient A4 size sheets of premium pastel sugar paper. Pack contains 10 assorted pastel colours. A4. 120gsm. 250 sheets per pack.
Apply to the collage plate to make it waterproof. 500ml.
Combine with Pearl-Ex powder pigments to create your own liquid metal. Particularly effective on papers and fabrics. Iron to fix. 70ml bottle.
A set that contains four quality graphic pens that are suitable for illustrative work, technical drawing and handwriting. 4 nib widths including 0.1mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm. Black ink.
Since our birth in 1999 we've been the leading online stockists for art supplies in the UK, supplying a huge range of art materials to cater for artists and crafters alike. To this day, our product specialists are still working tirelessly to ensure that we bring you an extensive range of top quality products...
30cm rule moulded in clear, transparent, shatterproof acetate, both bevels graduated cm, 1/2cm and mm.
Ideal for small groups, this pack contains: 15 round weaving cards, 12 x 25g raffia, 25 weaving needles, 4 assorted glitter tubes, 1 booklet and 1 instruction sheet.
Plastic Bobbins for all Janome machines. Also suitable for Bernina 1008S and Husqvarna 116.
Daler Rowney System 3 is manufactured to the highest standards using quality pigments and binders. An ideal introduction to this renowned acrylics paints range. 6 x 22ml tubes.
A range of 6 delightful latex teddy bear moulds in a variety of styles and sizes ranging from approx. 70mm to 140mm. Perfect for classroom projects and gifts. Decorate with acrylic paints.
For the finer details of drawing and painting with encaustic wax this stylus is ideal. It has interchangeable heads which allow pen, brush and mini iron type results. It operates at a low temperature and is easy to hold.
An alternative to Blu-Tack and less than half the price. 750g. To be used for many crafts such as modelling, construction and mounting purposes.
This block creates a shallow domed hat. Slim Oval size 59cm/23[inch].
Our felting kits are available in a wide range of colour options meaning you can purchase the colours that are only relevant to the piece of work that you are creating. These kits contain everything you need to get you going with this craft....
Here you'll you will find all the essential items required for the perfect textiles workroom. Needles and pins are the quintessential workroom staple, and we�ve got plenty for you here at Home Crafts! From Primary Needles to Curved and Ball Point Needles, we have many to suit all kinds of projects...
Four scary masks, supplied plain, ready for decoration. Each mask also comes with black elastic. Ideal for parties and Halloween
These reusable sheets are similar to grease proof paper so ideal for printing patterns and templates, use as a barrier when heat pressing or to stabilize fabric ready for printing or silk painting. Use the sheets for piercing, applique and any other freezer- paper techniques. The paper sheets are a perfect size for both ink jet printers and all-in-ones. The pack of 30 sheets comes with a free downloadable pattern inside. Sizes are 8.5 x 11".
Compact stamping set that comes with 1 acrylic stamp block, 4 ink pads and 22 assorted peel off motifs. Simple to use. Peel off the motif you want to use, place it on the stamp and press down lightly. Cover with ink and press your design on
A strong wire which will withstand temperatures of 1300°C. Ideal for using as additions to fused pieces or for adding loops into glass shapes for hanging. 0.914mm thick. 5 mete reel.
Glitter glue is an excellent medium for all types of craft decoration. It can add another dimension to cards, posters and pictures and is especially suitable for projects with a Christmas theme. Pack contains 6 x 50ml pots including Red, Blue, Green, Gold, Silver and Multicolour.
Candy coloured small round glass beads. Each bead looks like it has been airbrushed to blend the colours together. 1.5mm threading hole. Approximately 145 per 100g bag.
A specialist fine artist’s pen for mapping work. Provides exceptionally fine detail. Supplied with 6 nibs of one type and an ergonomic handle. Please note these nibs are only compatible with this special handle.
An unbelievable selection of pyrography tips which screw into the end of the Multi-Purpose Heat Tool (M263). There are many unusual designs on the heads of the tips which create wonderful markings as well as the more traditional points for finer detail. This selection of 10 branding tips and 9 drawing or shading tips offer unrivalled choice for any pyrography artist and is a must for the studio. Pack of 19.
Silvered plastic beads that are particularly suitable in jewellery making for necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Great value pack to use on other crafts like Xmas decorations etc. Contains the following sizes: 3mm diameter, 5mm diameter and...
This unique system combines a heated pen & special metallic foils allowing you to write freehand, or from tracings onto papers, plastics, wood, plaster & glass etc. The perfect decorative tool for greetings cards, glassware, plaster castings. Includes pen, 12 sheets of foil, tracing sheets & stencils. Battery operated using 2 x AA batteries.
A pack of eco friendly urchins and starfish which are great for all kinds of creative craft projects! Pack of 7. Please note that all shells are from a naturally sustainable source and imported in compliance with local regulations.
A quality pantograph in a grey finish. Supplied with a metal table clamp to keep positions fixed. Will reduce or enlarge original drawings making it essential for scaling technical or freehand drawings.
Drawn on high quality sketching paper using Derwent sketching pencils.
Easy to hold sander for use with metals, woods etc. Available in two sizes: 40mm wide x 120mm long and a slimmer 20mm wide x 130mm long. Replacement sanding sheets are available in packs of three.
Stars are great for any festive theme but can also be adapted and incorporated into any 3D construction.
Once you've completed this project why not upload a photo of your creation to add to our inspiration gallery?
Bank of England style wax used exclusively for sealing letters and adding a personalised mark to italic text. Traditional red. Approx 40g stick.
A polypropylene folder supplied flat, easily made into a tough storage folder. Made up size 315mm wide x 230mm high x 25mm deep.
Create a wonderful set of uniquely marbled glasses. This marbling technique is such a simple way to create your own marbled glasses, bowls or vases or to up-cycle any glassware you might already have lying around at home. Take a look at the simple step by step for a better understanding of how to create this fantastic look.
Nickel plated. 15mm diameter, threadhole 2mm. Pack of 10.
This is ideal for easy dispensing to individuals. Over 3.84m2 coverage as a single layer. 80mm x 3 metres per roll.
A simple introduction to Dip Film. Simple wire shapes are illustrated to help you achieve 3D models and mobiles. 14 pages. 210 x 145mm.
Slows down the drying process for a longer working time. Typical ratios are between 2g and 6g per kilo of total mix. 75ml.
To use, simply rinse your brush in warm water, then swirl it in the cleaner allowing it to lather. Rinse and repeat until clean. For hardened oil brushes leave the cleaner to work in the brush bristles for a short time. 680g.
Here at Homecrafts we know that tastes can be varied and that imagination has no limits, therefore with the aid of our creative buyers we have made sure that our fabrics section is bursting at the seams with a variety of materials and colours to suit even the craziest taste.
Gimp Wire is used not just to protect the threads from the sharp edges of bead-holes, but generally to protect stringing threads from metal loops, jumprings, fraying and to give the finished article a more professional look.
Designed to introduce young and old to the fun of needlepoint, Starter Kits are easily completed and ideal for children aged 7 to 70 plus! Each design is worked in tent stitch and the kit includes sufficient Appleton wool...
Sketching, Drawing and Watercolour pads are as important to an artist as their creativity as these can either be used for practising techniques or planning the path to your finished piece. We offer a wide selection of different sized pads each containing high quality paper including Sketch Pads, Tracing Pads, Oil Colour Pads and Pastel Pads.
High grade oil sticks which allow the artist to draw directly onto canvas or board. The high level of pigmentation provides strength and depth of colour. One of the great things about oil bards is that artwork will become touch dry in two...
This machine is great for creating strips of Fimo for modelling. All metal construction. Suitable for use with most modelling materials.
A inventive modelling tool that works with a variety of modelling material including Formello, Fimo, Das pronto and even pottery clays. It extrudes numerous useful shapes and comes complete with 18 assorted dyes include: circles, meshes, sli
This card kit includes a variety of 5 x heart themed accessories, 5 x blank cards and 5 x envelopes. Perfect for Valentines day!
A range of mediums, varnishes, oils and spirits to create that perfect, finished look to your art. Ancillaries play a just as important role as paint in any piece of work and our collection of ancillary products provide a wide mix of results...
Our deluxe roller features a smooth, robust surface for applying all manner of printing mediums evenly. Built to withstand extensive workshop use. 100mm inking width.
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