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When Ellie, Summer and Jasmine learn that the dragons at Dream Dale have stopped making their magic dream dust, they know nasty Queen Malice must be to blame. Can the girls help the dragons to get to the bottom of the problem, and collect the dream dust they need to break the curse on King Merry?
New! Make genius builds that defy impersonation. Tips, blueprints and know-how from master build team FyreUK. What’s Minecraft all about? Making incredible builds, of course. So make yours like you really mean them. The experts are here to help you in this cool construction handbook, stuffed with great ways to build houses, bridges, ships, floating islands, rollercoasters and more. Awe-inspiring ideas, clear instructions, top quality builds: set free the master builder inside you. Creative genius...
The essential spy toolkit, packed with cool gadgets. Every spy’s gotta have it! This top-secret briefcase is our ultimate bestseller. Loads of great gadgets: everything you need to go undercover and make sure suspects can’t shake you off their tail. There are binoculars to give you sight as sharp as a hawk’s. Rear-view glasses that disguise you AND let you see what’s going on behind you. A secret missions file full of top tips. Plus the amazing Spy Ear device, where you pretend to be casually listening...
New product Super-simple support for any child starting to learn Spanish. This full-colour picture dictionary shows over a thousand words in English and Spanish, clearly grouped by theme, with a picture for every word. Bright and memorable colour artwork shows the meaning of each word and grabs children’s attention, making the book great fun to use. Vocabulary is grouped by topics that are relevant both to the curriculum and to real life, such as people and homes, food, clothing and transport. Additional...
Lottie is loving life at her uncle’s magic pet shop. Her magic powers are growing stronger every day! But when her friend Ruby gets into trouble, Lottie will need every ounce of magic that she’s got – as well as some help from her furry friends. Another magical adventure from the pet shop where everything glitters with enchantment!
New product The clearest and most accessible thesaurus around, from the authority on the English language. This latest edition of the classic thesaurus is easier to use than ever. It’s packed with hands-on support for young writers, including a unique toolkit on writing skills, tips on how to write well, and panels highlighting common pitfalls and giving useful suggestions for replacing overused words.
Just when Tom thought he had finally won victory, danger returns to Avantia again. Evil wizard Malvel has stolen Avantia’s magical golden armour and scattered the pieces throughout the country. To find them, Tom must go adventuring again, bravely seeking every missing piece. But does he have what it takes to outwit Malvel for a second time – and to defeat the six monstrous Beasts that he must fight? most of you liked this
Give your pupils the power of language with this great all-new dictionary for 2011. It combines over 4000 entries with vibrant colour images to keep young word-explorers in the picture!
New product Book packs Get ready for the new-style SATs. The only authentic practice papers currently available, from the UK’s no. 1 bestselling name in exam practice. Know how to excel in the new-format 2014 Levels 3-5 Maths Test. Created by Scholastic, whose quality products have been trusted by teachers for more than 25 years, these targeted practice papers ensure that children can achieve to the best of their ability, building their confidence and familiarity with the test structure. 100% in...
Short, snappy writing to make your pulse hammer. Race through a book. 1-2-3: Go!
A boy with a deformed face trying to fit in: one of last year’s greatest hits. Wondrous. Auggie does ordinary things like eating ice cream and playing on his Xbox. He feels ordinary – inside. But ordinary kids don’t make other kids run away screaming in playgrounds. Or get stared at wherever they go. Born with a terrible facial deformity, Auggie has been taught at home all his life. Now he’s going to school for the very first time. He’ll have to expose his face to the world. Will anyone see past...
Award winning author Book packs If James Bond could woof, he’d be Lara, the MI5’s first spy dog! Lara isn’t any old dog. She can waterski. She’s a PlayStation champ. And she’s got a black belt in karate. Woof! Bred and trained by the British Secret Service, Lara – or GM451 as she is known by the government – is a highly-trained special agent with a sharp nose for dangerous missions! What’s more, she’s got heaps of clever gadgets to help her out as well. With a marvellous mutt like Lara hot on their...
If James Bond could woof, he’d be Lara, the MI5’s first spy dog! Gasp as she sniffs out crooks and baddies in four fun-filled adventures.
The gross garbage gang are ready for some sickening sticker fun – and they’d love you to join them! Do you have the stomach to stick it out?
Or: footie vs bullies. Guess who wins?
One boy. Six evil Beasts. Three countries to defend. As Avantia, Kayonia and Gorgonia all come under attack, how can Tom protect so many places? Tom is used to deadly challenges, but now he is tested to the limit as he tries to fight a war on three frontiers. To make matters worse, the wicked sorceress Kensa and Sanpao the Pirate King are also loose in Avantia. With the help of his loyal friends and trusted allies, can Tom prevail against the rising darkness? most of you liked this
Which does not belong? focuses on the concept of sorting. Colourful and lively themed photographs both engage children and provide the context for extension activities provided in the teacher notes at the end of the book.
Engage imaginations and explore a favourite topic with this fact book from the ‘Life Cycles’ strand of the Investigate series, which supports the transition to confident solo reading.
A digital version of ‘Shockwave: Kids have rights too’ to share on the white board. The whole book on screen with ‘turning’ pages. Perfect for shared reading and digital literacy. Embedded videos and animation. Information in the book enhanced with pop up images and text. Hover over text to get the glossary definition. Links to websites for further information.
Sphere focuses on visualising and identifying a sphere shape. Colourful and lively themed photographs both engage children and provide the context for extension activities provided in the teacher notes at the end of the book.
Read & Respond provides you with everything you need to share The Butterfly Lion with your class.
Everyone thinks Dom is bad news. His only friend is Leon. When they find an injured seagull, Leon learns the truth about what Dom is really like… Give seriously struggling readers a fresh start with this moving and inspiring novel from the Barrington Stoke Solo series, which has illustrations on every page, carefully levelled text and a clear font with wide spacing. A ground-breaking new approach for struggling teen and pre-teen readers who have tried and failed with other series.
Manga-styled graphic and illustrated novels with exciting sci-fi plots to engage even the most reluctant readers…Exploring other worlds is exciting, but you can end up in some tight spaces – as Molly and James are about to find out.
You’ve probably heard of Isaac Newton. He is dead famous for: discovering gravity, being a right clever dick – and getting hit on the head with an apple! But did you know that our Isaac came bottom of the class at school, poked sticks in his eye and nearly blinded himself, and nearly got himself executed? Yes – even though he’s dead, Isaac’s still full of surprises!
Loads of fun to share together. The two-piece heart keyring is a must for besties. A total essential for any girl who’s got great mates, this funky little file is the perfect celebration of your friendship. Send cute notes to one another, share out colourful stickers, or use pretty invitation cards to ask your mates to join your Best Friends Club. There are even two oh-so-pretty heart charm keyrings for you and your BFF. Wear them apart to show that you belong together!(Not suitable for children...
This pack contains one copy of each book from the Handwriting series strand, spanning Reception to Year 6 (three books in total). Each book also includes an interactive CD-ROM.
This misery-guts loves to moan, and we love to listen. (It’s not just us. So does Harry Hill.) You might think Norm doesn’t have much to complain about. He’s got a massive book series. Comedian Harry Hill is his no. 1 fan. He’s even won awards, for crying out loud. But even we can sympathise a bit when Norm wakes up in 18th century France. Or is he just asleep in history class? Forced to play football. Punished for sleeping. More misery with the British Wimpy Kid.
Sound and Light is a Year 4 module focusing on; the sun and how we utilise its energy; light and how our eyes see; white light, energy and the colour spectrum; sound, it’s causes, and how it travels; and light and sound pollution. The Activities CD-ROM has interactive versions of the Cards with expanded electronic presentations and activities for interactive whiteboards and computers.
Book packs This complete unit from Year 1 of the Scholastic Primary Science series includes six copies of the five lesson cards for the unit (30 cards in total), plus an Activities CD-ROM and a Planning and Assessment CD-ROM. The unit forms the Year 1 segment of the Technology and Structures series strand.
This complete unit from Year 3 of the Scholastic Primary Science series includes six copies of the five lesson cards for the unit (30 cards in total), plus an Activities CD-ROM and a Planning and Assessment CD-ROM. The unit forms the Year 3 segment of the Technology and Structures series strand.
A complete resource to teach children key comprehension skills.
Dawn is new to the Babysitters Club, keen to make friends and prove herself. But when she has to mind the terrible Barrett kids, will she be up to this impossible task?
The first and only complete printed programme of study for the new curriculum: the solution you’ve been waiting for. Subject coordinators – we’ll help you deliver the 2014 curriculum with all the groundwork done for you. No more time-wasting confusion about how the new curriculum actually works. This quick, clear guide lays down the new structure and helps you plan your way through it. The new blueprint for what every child will be required to learn in school from September 2014 A quick, simple guide...
Celebrate the seasons through art and find new inspiration when looking at festivals.
Like a good Quest? Not afraid of a watery end? Need more collector cards? Read this.
Peppa is here to give you reading practice so that you can enjoy her books all on your own.
This new edition provides Renewed Framework writing activities for every genre. Now with interactive resources on CD-ROM!
Lighten Your Load is a Year 4 module focusing on: what forces are and how simple machines use forces; pulleys and how they move loads; gears and the machines that utilise them; how machines improve our lives and how people design them; sources of energy used by machines, and how energy affects the environment. The Planning and Assessment CD-ROM contains interactive assessments for pupils on particular scientific concepts. This CD-ROM also contains a full electronic teacher’s resource book with extensive...
The naughty goblins are planning to use Isla’s magic star to reach the finals of the Tippington Variety Show! Rachel and Kirsty must go to Jack Frost’s scary Ice Castle and find the star, so that the goblins can’t cheat anymore… most of you loved this
This pack contains six copies of each of the five individual lesson cards for the unit (30 cards in total).
When Holly, a gorgeous Border collie puppy, runs away from home, she turns up at Animal Magic on Christmas Eve. Eva instantly falls in love with the half-starved and shivering little creature. Tracking down Holly’s owners turns out to be easy, and the rescue centre arranges to return her on Christmas Day. But Eva is determined to find out why Holly ran away in the first place…
The million-selling 100 Lessons series returns with its first ever pupil workbooks. Targeted learning practice exactly matched to the new curriculum, with over 100 ready-to-go activities.
Read & Respond provides you with everything you need to share Revolting Rhymes with your class.
Variety of Life is a Year 6 module focusing on: biodiversity and biological classification systems; classification of plants and animals; the importance of biodiversity, and what happens when biodiversity is lost; relationships between species and how these relationships can help or harm biodiversity; and how people can harm biodiversity, and what we can do to save plants and animals. The Activities CD-ROM has interactive versions of the Cards with expanded electronic presentations and activities...
A cute and portable pocket notebook for all your secrets and memos, with line-ruled blank pages and a chirpy cover design. Featuring a bright cover to lift your spirits, and plenty of space to dream and think, it’s the perfect place to plan each day!
High-interest non-fiction titles that will add depth to your project work and ensure engaging cross-curricular creative topic-led lessons Discussion starters to get the whole class talking. Develop children’s comprehension skills and vocabulary with the glossary and index provided. Superb photography to engage your pupils. Detailed teacher and pupil support including synopsis of the reader, vocabulary development and objectives and guided reading notes. The fact file card provides questions for children...
This pack contains six copies of each of the five individual lesson cards for the unit (30 cards in total).
Book packs Four reassuring real-life stories exploring new situations, told in photographic illustrations and a first-person voice. Created with the support of literacy consultant Shirley Bickler, co-author of Book Bands for Guided Reading, these attractive non-fiction books correspond to Blue Band 4 of the Book Bands for Guided Reading, using lively narratives and short sentences that combine new and familiar words.
This pack contains all six units for the entire Matter and Energy strand spanning Years 1 to 6.
The Red House Book Award winner. As super as picture books come.
Teach a complete Dinosaurs topic with this inspiring CD-ROM of resources, full of cross-curricular lessons and activities, image banks, slideshows, music and video to take you deep into the theme.
This pack contains six copies of each of the six titles in the ‘Transport’ strand of the Investigate series.
Read & Respond provides you with everything you need to share Stick Man with your class.
You can share these beautiful hardbacks with someone bigger or read them all alone. Familiar words help build your confidence.
Award winning author The wait is over – the paperback is here. Our favourite wimp has a story to tell you. A dark, silly, funny one. The sort you like best. Love is in the air. A Valentine’s Day dance at school has turned the Wimpy Kid’s world upside down. As Greg scrambles to get a date, he’s thrilled to find a partner for the dance. Will he be lucky in love at last? Seriously – do you even need to ask?
Master the real science behind electricity and have a blast at doing it.
Mucky mayhem with the beasties in the bin. Stretch your colouring skills to the most disgusting degree!
Alison is in a mental ward, accused of killing the most popular girl in school. As they were fighting, Tori disintegrated. Into nothing. But that’s impossible. Right?
Sticker play, a football keyring and sporty facts to get you in a World Cup mood.
The amazing true story of a globe-trotting cat who travelled all round the world with his human companion! Peter Gethers hates cats. That is, until he meets Norton: a very cute and very friendly Scottish Fold kitten. Soon Peter and Norton are inseparable companions, travelling together on cars, boats, trains and planes, going all across the world! As they eat at plush restaurants, make new friends and meet famous personalities and movie stars, there’s never a day without a new adventure in Norton...
Get ready for the biggest curriculum change in more than a decade with a whole year of inspirational lessons fully matched to the 2014 Curriculum. Not currently redeemable using Rewards.
Fresh, merry stories full of farmyard fun to share. Clever dual-level text lets you read to your grown-ups while they read back to you.
The classic vocabulary reference that helps older primary pupils release the power of language. One huge book of inspiration: thousands of words, ideas and tips for writing fiction and non-fiction. The perfect way to add magic to written work. Solid, user-friendly and full of creative suggestions, it offers your students all sorts of ways to enhance their writing, plus example phrases, tips on grammar, and a list of clichés to avoid. Handy topic panels bring together themed vocabulary at an instant...
Guided Readers is a classic, supportive guided reading set of 42 books to supplement any reading scheme.
Seriously massive. Super-scary. All the chuckles and chills you’d expect from a horror series that’s sold 350 million copies. Says it all. HorrorLand is an amusement park that always lives up to its name. Dare you visit the terrifying SCREAM park where danger lurks behind every turnstile? Werewolf Village. The Doom Slide. The Coffin Cruise. Just a few of the terrifying attractions that lie in wait for you. It’s deadly good fun – but will you survive the excitement?
Award winning author Yo ho ho! Why should aliens have all the fun? These potty pirates also want your pants. Hang onto your undies yet again. Especially if they’re made of gold! Aliens come all the way from space to get their cheeky mitts on your pants. But now these potty pirates want their share of the pant-tastic plunder. And being pirates, they’d like it made of GOLD! Grab your cutlass and join these salty sea-dogs on a super-silly treasure hunt. Riotous rhymes, angry crocs, gurgling swamps...
Ellie May is an incredibly famous child film star! She gets to sign autographs and go shopping in posh stores, and she even has her very own chaperone to look after her. Hooray! But even a kid in a fantasy world sometimes wants to do something real, and Ellie May has a very serious side. She loves nature. She has a bag decorated with butterflies. And she finds it amazingly amazing that butterflies turn into caterpillars. Yay! Which is why she is helping her new friend Lettice to save a nature reserve...
Up ahead, the shape of Crampton Rock grows clear through the misty glass of a hundred telescopes. The black pirates swarm ever closer for the final battle. What has awoken the skeletons from their unearthly slumber? And how can Stanley Buggles escape from their deadly grip? “A splendid mix of Gothic horror and cartoon-style fun.” Bookbag
We can’t help being fascinated by the Victorians. So much invention, so much turmoil, so much change. Want to see? My Story makes it all feel real.
An explosive close-up peek at violent nature. See what really happens when a volcano blows its stack!
Shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal 2014 One city: two communities divided by a wall and armed soldiers. What is on the other side? Berlin, Belfast, Israel: a book to make you fear and think.
Headbands, ribbons, beads and sequins plus easy-to-follow instructions for creating a variety of fashionable hairstyles. Take the latest trends and add your own style!
The million-selling 100 Lessons series returns with its first ever pupil workbooks. Targeted learning practice exactly matched to the new curriculum, with over 100 ready-to-go activities.
New product Need even more indestructible Evil Minion chaos? Then you need this picture book. Yup: those cute and funny little monsters have escaped the movie and made their very own picture book full of laughs and chaos. What are they up to? Wreaking havoc, of course. Find out what happens when some lovable Minions turn into EVIL minions and attack the dawn. Thrilling easy-read fun based on the awesome new film: a must for all you little monsters, whether you have one eye or two.
Buckets and spades of fun: a classic beach day out. All the charm of Brambly Hedge.
READ & RESPOND JACK AND THE BEANSTALK provides teachers with a wealth of resources to teach Jack and the Beanstalk by Richard Walker.
In 2006, featured an extraordinare film clip that showed the emotional reunion between two young men and their pet lion, Christian, in Kenya. Before long it had been watched by millions of people all over the world. This true story, told by Christian’s former owners, Ace and John, follows Christian’s journey from his time as a lion cub living in the King’s Road in London to his subsequent return to his natural home in Kenya.
New product Insane sticker madness; freaktacular activities. Your monster classmates are having it large. As you know, the out-there Monster High students don’t do things by halves. When they do a sticker book, they make a BIG thing of it. With over sixty pages of spooky things to do. And more stickers than Draculaura pops iron pills. (Well, nearly.) Design new outfits for the ghouls, customise your stuff with stickers, bend your mind with puzzles and creep yourself out with howlingly cool activities...
Book packs What a joy. Vivid new pictures refresh the original Ladybird fairy tales that small people like you have enjoyed for over forty years. A wholesome family staple, like Hovis bread and OXO. And just as tasty and cosy to share around your family table. Magical, timeless stories. Rich, bright colour pictures. Sturdy hardback covers that last for ages. Plus easy sentences to read alone or share with your whole family. Classic books that never go out of style.
Help children become storytellers themselves with traditional stories to read, tell and write.
Love pets or dream of owning some? Now you can scratch your own rainbow-coloured zoo. All your favourite pets to bring alive. Ready, steady… scratch! Follow the simple steps to create your own bright, beautiful portraits: puppies, kittens, rabbits, horses, tropical fish or really WILD critters. Stick your finished creations on the walls to make an instant zoo.(Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Small parts.)
Magical lands of fairies, pixies, birthdays and pop-cakes. Sounds good? They really exist at the top of the Magical Faraway Tree. Classic Enid Blyton fantasy: a real childhood must. A magic carpet ride of a book where all your dreams are made real. Imagine moving house and finding an Enchanted Wood on your new doorstep. Even better, within this wood is the Faraway Tree. It takes you to a different magical land every time you climb it. Will it be the Land of Spells, the Land of Treats, or the Land...
Award winning product Stanley Yelnats’s family is dogged by bad luck; the fault of a gypsy curse put on his no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing great-great-grandfather. And the curse strikes again when Stanley is found guilty of a crime he didn’t commit, and sent to a boot camp in the desert. The evil warden of the camp (who wears poisoned red nail polish – eek!) claims that digging a hole each day will turn a bad boy into a good boy. So every day, under the blazing sun, Stanley must dig a hole. Is...
So cool. So in demand. Hands up if you want one! This head-turning tool is THE way to make your point. Eye-popping patterns and a dramatic coloured topper: no one can ignore what you say. Answer questions with it, point things out, or ask for stuff you want. You can play games with it. You can poke pesky siblings with it. If you’re really revolting, you can even pick your nose with it. The ultimate prop for show-and-tells in class – and all kinds of cheeky fun!(Not suitable for children under 3 years...
Friday is Mandy’s favourite day at school. But during playtime, someone paints patterns all over Class Three’s art paper! Who could the mystery artist be? Mandy thinks she has an idea… An adorable short novel for little animal-lovers, with simplified text to suit developing readers.
Jack and Annie are having their scariest adventure yet: on the Amazon river! They are surrounded by army ants, jaguars and piranhas, vampire bats, snakes and crocodiles! And they’ve got to find another clue to help rescue Morgan, the missing owner of the Magic Tree House. For a while, Jack and Annie are worried that they might be stuck in the rainforest forever! Luckily, the cheeky monkey they meet turns out to be friendlier than he first seems…
Book packs Line up for the World Cup kick-off with epic tales of footie glory. Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard rate them. So will you. These books are written by an pro football insider who lives with the England team when they’re on tour. Expect all the sweat, grit, pain and passion of the beautiful game. Jamie Johnson is a young soccer prodigy who dreams of being a top-league international star. He’s got guts, vision and talent. But is that enough? Can Jamie shoot to the top? “You’ll read this...
One day, the Pony Pals find a pony in a backyard. The cruel owner has abandoned it for slaughter! The horse is untrained and wild. Can the girls find a way to save it, and give it a new home?
Caught in a storm on their sailing boat, Kit and his parents are driven to the shores of a small island. But there is no safety here. The intense, enclosed community is hostile, and Kit soon realises that he and his parents are in terrible danger…
Quick resources for the Jolly Phonics series on a handy CD. Includes action and sound pictures, and upper and lower case letters.
Make almost anything with over 100 paper strips, a twirling wand and googly eyes.
A flip-over fairy fantasia direct from Neverland. A story from Tink’s film, plus a book of amazing activities.
This pack contains one copy of every book in the Scholastic Literacy Skills series, spanning all the primary school years (23 books in total). Each book also includes an interactive CD-ROM.
Master the 2014 National Curriculum quickly and easily with brand new editions of this million-selling series from Scholastic. This pack contains one copy of each resource book and CD-ROM for Year 4.
The brilliant new book from bestselling author Jacqueline Wilson! It’s 1953, and Elizabeth is about to be crowned Queen of England. Elsie Kettle can’t wait to go to London to see the celebrations on Coronation Day. But tragedy strikes when both Elsie and her Nan fall ill with tuberculosis, and Elsie is whisked away to the grim children’s ward of the local hospital. Confined to bed for months on end, Elsie finds it very hard to adapt to the hospital’s strict regime. But as this imaginative and spirited...
Get ready for the biggest curriculum change in more than a decade! To help teachers to deliver the new Curriculum, Scholastic has published the first complete printed version for Key Stages 1 and 2. Full programmes of study for all 11 primary subjects are included along with practical advice on how to implement the curriculum using Scholastic’s time-saving resources – including the 1,000,000 best-selling 100s series.
Daniel Postgate Daniel Postgate, author of The Snagglegrollop, is a freelance author, illustrator and cartoonist with over 20 years’ experience. His other titles include Smelly Bill, Kevin Saves the World and Big Mum Plum. Daniel’s books are very popular and have been recognised for lots of awards. To date he has won both the Nottingham Children’s Book Award and Norfolk County Children’s Book Award, and he has been shortlisted for both the Sheffield and Stockport Children’s Book Awards.
Tinker Bell invites you to discover the mystical secrets of the Never Fairies! A book of fairy delights.
When Rachel and Kirsty arrive at Rainspell Island for a holiday, they have no idea that a magical adventure awaits! The seven Rainbow Fairies have been banished from Fairyland by wicked Jack Frost. If they don’t return soon, Fairyland is doomed to be colourless and grey. The girls have already found one Rainbow Fairy … but now Amber the Orange Fairy is trapped in a seashell! Can they rescue her too?
Get ready for the biggest curriculum change in more than a decade with a whole year of inspirational lessons fully matched to the 2014 Curriculum. Not currently redeemable using Rewards.
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