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2 puzzles in 1 box featuring children's favourite The Gruffalo. The box contains a 12 piece and a 24 piece puzzle.
Boundless fun will accompany your toddler with this friendly wooden froggie pull toy. When pulled by its string, it playfully "hops" up and down with wiggling eyes, which adds to the excitement of those early steps. Brightly painted with non-toxic paint.
With a flash of fairy dust and a shimmer of starlight in her wheels, Penelope always gets to the ball on time! And her enchanted royal carriage, tiara and wand will ensure your little princess lives happily ever after her imagination, not to mention Trunki, takes her. The Trunki Penelope Princess Carriage comes in royal purple with flashes of princess pink. Her carriage design and horns glitter in starlight silver and her wheels are sky blue. Wave good bye to tiring travel, tears and tantrums with...
Bristle Blocks are fun, easy to join together and you can use your imagination to create your own design or reproduce the examples on the box. The different sizes and special pieces are designed to stimulate creativity.
No! is the story about a likeable, well-meaning and irrepressible dog. He helps with the laundry and many other jobs, but can't understand why he's called No! Children will love reading this simple, short and punchy story over and over again and enjoy looking at the fun illustrations.
Any fan of Disney's The Little Mermaid will enjoy completing these fabulous shaped puzzles which feature the characters Ariel, King Triton, Flounder and Sebastian. Each puzzle has a different number of pieces to develop your child's puzzling skills. The set contains a 6, 8, 10 and 12 piece puzzle which come in a box with a handy carry handle to store them all in.
A fantastic puzzle from John Crane's Branching Out range. 5 familiar jungle animals adorn the flower shaped puzzle, with each puzzle piece revealing a close up image of the character. The pegs on the pieces make them easy to lift. Great for fine motor and hand eye co-ordination skills.
A fantastic puzzle from John Crane's Branching Out range. 5 friendly characters adorn the flower shaped puzzle, with each puzzle piece revealing a close up image of the animal. The pegs on the pieces make them easy to lift. Great for fine motor and hand eye co-ordination skills.
Visit a farm, a prehistoric landscape, a desert oasis, a jungle, or the deep blue sea, all in this interactive sticker book! The glossy, full-color backgrounds are ready to be filled with over 150 stickers: Stick a dinosaur by the prehistoric pond and a shark in the ocean - or mix them up and make silly scenes! The easy-to-peel vinyl stickers can be lifted off and repositioned again and again, so kids can follow their imaginations fearlessly.
Dress up? Ay, matey! This swashbuckling set includes an embroidered vest, pirate hat, eye patch and soft sword. Comes packed in a clear storage bag with hanger.
Whether you're ready for a night at the theatre or a day at the shops this 2 in 1 design is for you! Changes from a theatre to a shop by raising up the theatre curtain with the rotating clicking dial and reversing the fabric to reveal the market stall roof.
Six fun first jigsaw puzzles of friendly farm animals. Includes: cow, sheep, horse, pig, goat and chicken.
Learn about colours in multiple ways as each 5 piece puzzle shows the colour in written form, as 3 objects which are that colour and as a swatch of the colour. There are 12 colours to learn about.
Wiggly Woo. Wake Up Your Muscles. Elephants Have Wrinkles. Bean Bag Rock. Shake My Sillies. Music Music. Dingle Dangle Scarecrow. If You're Happy and You Know It. Little Rabbit. Mexican Bean Bag. Three Little Speckled Frogs.
The Memo Lotto Game is a fun and educational game where children have to try and match all the correct titles to the wooden game boards. Another game you can play is by trying to collect all the matching pairs of tiles. Includes a bag to keep the game safe when carrying or storing.
Wiggly Woo. Wake Up Your Muscles. Elephants Have Wrinkles. Bean Bag Rock. Shake My Sillies. Music Music. Dingle Dangle Scarecrow. If You're Happy and You Know It. Little Rabbit. Mexican Bean Bag. Three Little Speckled Frogs.
Who left these shapes all over the floor? Time to vacuum them up! Six painted wooden pieces (pretzel, peanut, bandage, coin, cereal Os, and a lost diamond ring) are a much cuter version of the everyday messes that parents know all too well. Pass this clever "vacuum" overtop, and they are swept into a compartment inside. Ready to play again? Open up the back panel, pull out the pieces, and make another fun-filled "mess"!
The Something Special Giant Slides and Ladders is a super-sized game that features your favourite characters from the show. The super-sized playing mat is brightly coloured and comes with over-sized playing counters and foam dice so get rolling and be the first to reach the top of the board, but watch out for the slides! Based on the classic game of snakes and ladders.
With a machine-washable chef jacket and hat, your little chef will be master of the pretend kitchen! This set comes complete with a set of measuring spoons, two wooden utensils, an oven mitt and a name tag for personalising. Comes packed in a clear storage bag with hanger.
Piece together the 12, 16, 20 and 24 piece puzzle contained in the box and challenge your child's puzzling skills. Each puzzle features the fun illustrations from the successful children's book Dinosaur Roar.
This easy to assemble table is ideal for sand and water play. The side trays are removeable and everything packs into the table for easy storage. The table also features a handle so you can take this anywhere. Includes 4 interchangeable accessories, a fork and spoon.
Play snap or pairs with this fun first card game which includes 48 sturdy cards with a farm animal theme.
This stunning mermaid costume features a shimmering dress with a tail that flares into a fishtail! Glittering fabrics, silvery accents, and a royal seashell tiara make this kids' dress-up set truly special. Crafted with care and durable construction to stand up to years of pretend play! Comes packed in a clear storage bag with hanger.
45 x 58 cm. Durable fabric/mesh construction. Light spring steel mechanism. Adult assembly only. Warning: Keep away from fire.
Improve your catching and throwing skills with these 2 lightweight plastic and velcro discs (20cm dia) and nylon ball (6.5 cm dia).
Take it in turns to turn over the pieces in the centre of the table and place them on the correct space on your board to be the first to complete your number sequence. For a simpler game match the coloured segments to the coloured feet of the caterpillar until they become more confident in number sequencing.
Skipping is a great way to get active and helps with spatial awareness, plus your little one will enjoy skipping with this rope with it's soldier painted wooden handles.
The care of all the toy "pets" in the house will be in capable hands when your little animal doctor is suited up in a machine-washable blue jacket, mask and surgical cap. The set includes a stethoscope with sound effects, syringe, thermometer, mask, cap, bandage, reusable veterinarian name tag and a little plush puppy patient to "doctor" and love. Stethoscope requires AAA batteries which are not included. Comes in a clear storage bag with hanger.
These chunky wooden vegetables are ideal for pretend play. Children can slice the vegetables with the wooden knife included which are painted inside to represent the cut vegetables. The pieces fix together with Velcro so that the pieces can be reattached and cut again and again and all the vegetables come on a wooden tray. A great way to introduce your toddler to healthy eating.
Peppa Pig 24 piece advent calendar puzzle is perfect for counting down the days before Christmas. The puzzle pieces are extra-large and feature a festive Peppa Pig scene on the front - when you open a window you can discover a new image beneath.
A sturdy tool bench is great for role play and developing fine motor skills. It comes complete with 43 accessories and tools including a saw, hammer, screwdriver and a spanner. The floor standing design allows for group and all round play.
How to play - Place the food cards face down for players to take in in turns to select a card and see if it matches any of the food pictures on their board. If it does they can keep the card, if not they must return it unless it's junk food which they must then feed to the gorilla to make him burp! and when he does all players must place their hand over their mouth and say, "Excuse me!" The first player to fill their board with healthy food is the winner.
De-luxe hoops available in red, blue, green and yellow.
Your little princess will be the belle of the ball in this satiny gown. A silvery crown and wand complete the royal ensemble. Comes in a clear storage bag with hanger.
34 Tracks including: Small People, Say Hello, Looby Loo, Can you play at peekaboo, With My Little Hands, Moses Supposes, Pogo Stick, How Many Angels?, Granny's Slip, I Had A Little Engine, Shake The Blanket, Sunday Monday, Aeroplane, Bicycle, Leg Over Leg, Side by Side, Swing Song, Swimming in the Water, Incy Wincy Spider, See Saw, Ride A Cock Horse, Eye Winker, Soualle, Lavenders Blue, Face Trace, The Wheels on the Bus, Hickory Dickory Dock, This Little Piggy, Humpty Dumpty, Teddy bear Teddybear...
A giant 24 piece floor puzzle featuring one of the charcaters from the popular children's book Dinosaur Roar. The puzzle has extra large pieces that are suitable for small hands and it's presented in a handy carry box.
Help Maisy race along to meet her friends in this colour matching and counting game. Use the spinner or the die to advance. Spin the spinner and get Red, move to the next Red square. Roll the die and get a three, move to the next square with three things on it. But don't get caught behind the gate!
Follow a frog through it's lifecycle with this 3 layered puzzle from it's beginnings as frogs spawn, to developing into a tadpole and eventually a frog. The layers of this puzzle provide your child with more of a challenge in order to complete it.
The Peppa Pig Noisy Friends Game is a fun and exciting sound and reaction game for fans of Peppa Pig to enjoy playing. Each player wears a character head band and then in turn, will turn over a card. If the picture on the card matches either the character or the colour of their head band they make the sound of their character to win the card. The winner is the player with the most cards.
3 Craft ponies. 1 pony jump. Wool, ribbons, beads and stickers. Box playscene with 2 sided display panel. 5 colouring sheets. 1 dowel. Instructions.
Designed to fuel imaginative play, this charming airport-themed set contains a mini world of travel! Children will love to explore the moving parts and interchangeable pieces, including three wooden vehicles, four pieces of luggage and five wooden people. Included is a play guide which offers specially created activities for building key skills, sparking creative narratives and inspiring young imaginations to reach great "altitudes"!
This figure of eight train set from John Crane's Branching Out range is an ideal starter set with interlocking track, train, carriages, buildings, bridges and people. Great for hand-eye co-ordination skills and imaginative play. Compatible with other popular train sets.
Your child will love pieceing together this 50 piece puzzle which features Anna, Elsa and the other chcarcters from the popular Disney movie Frozen.
Turn the gears slowly and watch each interlocking segment move the next, or see how fast your child can make the caterpillar "crawl" on the wooden base. This rainbow-colored gear toy is hands-on fun at any speed! With their bulky, notched shape, the colorful gears are easy for children to fit onto the color-coordinated pegs . . . then rotate, remove and rearrange. Toddlers will be fascinated by the colors and movement of this charming toy.
Work zone ahead! Your little construction worker will be ready for the job with this bright orange, machine-washable, vest high-lighted with reflective material and a tool belt, a yellow hard hat, "safety" goggles, a hammer, a saw, and a name tag for personalizing. Comes in a clear storage bag with hanger.
Four solid coloured wooden balls which fit into the holes with corresponding coloured characters on the table. The balls can be mixed and matched as the holes are all the same size. Hit the ball with the hammer and it will drop through and roll down the slide, ready to be put back in place.
Where does cheese come from? Build up the 3 layers of this puzzle to find out. The first layer features the cheese, followed by the milk which is made from and finally the cow who produces the milk. The layers of this puzzle provide your child with more of a challenge to complete it.
Discover how a chick is borm with this 3 layered puzzle which starts with the mother hen incubating her egg, followed by her egg on the next layer and finally the chick hatching. The layers of this puzzle provide your child with more of a challenge.
Develop hand-eye coordintaion skills with this fun wooden croquet set. Can be played indoors or outside.
The Something Special Slide & Find Game is a fun, memory based game. Players have to try and discover matching tokens on the board by rolling the dice and sliding the tiles on the board. When you find two matching tokens, you can keep them. The player to collect the most matching tokens is the winner.
A two-tiered cake stand with an attractive floral decoration and carry handle, ideal for encouraging role-play. The set includes four interchangeable cakes and three biscuits.
Encourage numeracy, literacy, colour, shape and animal reognition with these animal themed wooden cubes which nest inside one another making them easy to store.
Count down to Christmas with this magnetic festive wooden tree by each day choose which bauble to place on the tree, and when Christmas day arrives there is also a star to place on the top. All the decorations store neatly away in the attached box at the base of the tree. A beautiful keep sake to use year after year.
This beautiful country style kitchen has taller work surfaces than the rest for years worth of play and features an oven, storage cupboard, Belfast sink, clock, utensils shelf and hob with clicking dials. It also includes 3 kitchen utensils, plastic bowl in sink, salt and pepper and washing up liquid so you have everything you need to start getting busy in the kitchen. Carry slots at each side have been incorporated into the design so that you can easily move it out of the way when not in use.
A giant 24 piece floor puzzle featuring Little Nutbrown Hare from the best selling children's book. The extra large pieces make them easy for little hands to grasp and it comes in a handy carry box.
Build the town scene with this chunky jigsaw playmat which includes a car and character stand up pieces, or why not use your own toys for even more fun! This puzzle also links to the Giant Road Jigsaw and On the Farm Jigsaw for extra imaginative play.
Match up the two pieces to create the animals, or for more fun why not mix it up and create your own creatures. The puzzle pieces are magnetic and come with a bag to keep all the pieces in when not in use.
Imagine a glittery mermaid grotto then bring it to life with this enchanting sticker set! A double-sided, glossy background board offers lots of space to layer and arrange the 65 reusable puffy stickers: A seashell closet has room for 10 glittering outfits; a trio of dress-up mermaids is ready for a makeover in the pretty purple dressing room; and a panoramic sandy seafloor sets the stage for unlimited undersea fun. Just add the shimmering puffy stickers to fill in the backgrounds, dress the mermaids...
A giant 24 piece Floor Puzzle featuring the good natured witch and her cat from the best selling children's book Room on the Broom. This puzzle has extra large pieces suitable for smaller fingers and is presented in a handy carry box.
Let imagination take flight with two sensational sticker scenes! This reusable puffy sticker set includes a sturdy double-sided background panel, plus 75 glitter-filled puffy stickers. Use the stickers to fill a sundrenched meadow or twilight fairy-castle garden, adding butterflies and other fairy friends. Or dress five fairies in an array of mix-and-match tops, skirts, wands, shoes, and crowns to add some stylish fun! Easy to place, layer, and reposition, the reusable stickers make it easy to tell...
Complete the 4 and 8 piece puzzle contained in the box which feature the fun illustartions from the popular children's book Dear Zoo.
A fabric tunic, a "chain mail" hood, and durable foam sword and shield will transform your young adventurer into a valiant knight! With authentic medieval details, these role-play accessories encourage lots of exciting pretend play. Comes packed in a clear storage bag with hanger.
Explore the world of The Petal People in these delightful books whose charcters are centered around the world of plants and flowers. Each book also has activities to complete about the story.
Have fun completing the festive scene of Santa and Rudolph relaxing featured on this 35 piece puzzle.
Have fun completing the festive scene of Santa and his elves in his workshop featured on this 35 piece puzzle.
A fun and exciting game for children from 6 months up to pre-school with diferent ways to play dependent on the child's age. The game offers individual play and a group game with a treasure hunt! It includes 25 brightly coloured object cards, which act as clues to find the electronic Peppa Pig figure who will invite children to find her, and congratulate them when they do!
Your child will find the 10 chunky block in different shapes and colours appealing and they'll be keen to pick them up and find the correct shpaed hole on the box to post them through. A great toy for developing hand-eye co-ordination and basic spatial awareness skills.
It's a puffy sticker collection and dress-up sticker activity book in one! Four glossy background panels and 76 puffy stickers combine for countless creative possibilities . . . and one stylish sticker set. The open-ended design inspires creative expression and is so easy to use: Place the reusable clothing stickers to fill the closet with pants, skirts, dresses, shoes, and accessories. Then layer the dress-up doll figures with reusable puffy stickers to create a dream outfit! Ready to change your...
These castanets are available in various colours and are easy to use. Why not get your little one to tap along to the beat of their favourite Tumble Tots Action Songs using them. Great for fine motor skills.
Get Ready. Get Set, Go. Ring a Ring a Roses. Butterfly. Little Peter Rabbit. Merry-Go-Round. The Hokey Cokey. Up, Down and Turn Aorund. 1-2-3-4-5. Round and Round the Graden. Hi Ho Melody. It's a Small, Small World. Sing a Happy Song. Looby Loo. The Elephant. Jumping Jack. Three Little Men in a Flying Saucer.
16 Great Action Songs include: Wheels on the Bus, Music Man, Teddy Bear, Three Little Monkeys, Monkey Climbing, Move the Circle, It's a Small World, Music Music, Elephants have Wrinkles,The Elephant,Bean Bag Rock,Three Little Men, Skipping Game,Looby Loo,Shake My Sillies, She'll be Coming Round the Mountain.
A see-through rubbery ball of fun. Perfect for development of socialisation and gross motor skills as well as sensory enhancement.
Children will love piecing together the 4 puzzles contained in this box and testing their puzzling skills as each puzzle contains a different number of pieces. Each puzzle contains a beautiful illustration from the cartoon for your child to discover and follow the adventures of Little Nutbrown Hare.
Go racing with the speedy vehicles you can create with this set of Interstar Wheels. Make cars, bikes and drivers, the possibilities are endless.
Brightly coloured tactile star shape rings that are perfect for small hands. Easy grasp and connect. An ideal early construction toy.
Complete the 4 different puzzles featuring children's favourite Peppa Pig, brother George and Mummy and Daddy Pig. The box contains a 4, 6, 9 and 16 piece puzzle.
Design lots of different road layouts using the 20 chunky interchangeable puzzle pieces for your toy cars to drive along. Great for fine motor skills. Pieces can be linked to the 'On the Farm Giant Jigsaw Playmat'.
Place the 7 friendly looking wild animals in the correct place on their jungle scene board. The chunky pieces are easy for small hands to lift, plus they're painted on all sides for imaginative play, and can be used as templates to draw around.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 can you catch a fish alive? Spin the octopus spinner to see how many fishes you can catch, but do take care, there's a shark out there.
This real musical instrument has been designed for babies as it features a specially shaped safety beater and the whole xylophone is incased making the note bars inaccessible to tiny fingers.
This set of four shaped puzzles features children's favourite Peppa Pig and her friends. Each puzzle contains a different number of pieces to help your little one develop their puzzling skills. Set includes a 3, 6, 9 and 12 piece puzzle.
Firefighters to the rescue! Young heroes will love helping the firefighters lift the ladder, unroll the hose and save the day. This play set includes a fire truck with roll-up hose and lifting bucket ladder, plus a "burning" house with a second-story standing ledge for exciting rescues. The house slots together easily and then deconstructs for easy storage. The four people are solid wood with colorful painted details.
A baby walker with 24 blocks of varying shapes, sizes and colours for playing and stacking from Pintoy. Walker steadies those first steps and blocks provide help with shape and colour recognition.
Ideal for younger children to help them learn how to catch and throw. Inverted tile design gives an excellent grip making them easy to hold for smaller hands. Made from foam like material they are soft with a high bounce. 10cm diameter. Colours will vary. Supplied deflated. Requires a fine pump adaptor in order to inflate so it is suggested our Ball Inflator is used to do so.  
Use the two magnetic rods to lift out the insects and garden bugs. Each piece reveals a number beneath for added play value and early numeracy skills. Helps develop hand-eye co-ordination.
Ride-on - Toybox that doubles as a ride-on. Spacious Storage - Lots of space to pack favourite toys and games. Compact - Fits neatly in the car footwell for weekends away. Top Quality - Made from lightweight durable plastic. Integrated Wheels - Extra Wide wheel base for better stability. Secure Catches - Keepting tots toys tidy and locked away. Comfortable Saddle - For a more luxurious ride!. Horn Grips - To give little ones extra manoeuvrability when riding. Toy Cart - At the end of play...
Join in with the actions to this popular nursery rhyme featured in this board book. Part of an award-winning series.
Get creative and make things with clay! The book has lots of ideas for things to make and includes step-by-step instructions for 7 different items to make: a duck, octopus, train, caterpillar, snail, dinosaur and flower . Then go and create your own things! Book includes safe, clean reusable clay in 10 different colours. Great for inspiring creativity, encouraging imagination and hand-eye co-ordination skills.
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