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Sample Offers
Warhammer Orcs set of four plastic Orc Warriors with hand weapons and shields. 25mm Square Bases
Dipsy duck bubbles comes on a handy yellow cord so you can carry her with you for bubbles anywhere.
Made in wood and metal this comical jointed snowman dances with his arms and legs when the string is pulled.
Complete your Halloween fancy dress costume with this glow in the dark horror mask.
This temporary tattoo transfer is easy to apply and easy to remove.
Pink Cheerleader fancy dress costume for children aged 4-6 years.
Wooden wind up hopping animal.
A pot containing some fun putty with googly eyes. Putty pot 4cm.
Smiffy's Make-Up Fx Aqua Face and Body Paint White 16Ml Water Based
A set of 5 bath creature water squirters.
A big natural wood train. 61 cm
A bright and colourful version of the classic circus juggling trick most commonly known as Devil Sticks or flower sticks. Control sticks 48cm
A set of 6 fake moustaches with adhesive backing for application. A classic and essential part to any costume range.
A packet of Sparx Popping Candy in a choice of flavour.
Colour in the various sticker shapes with the pens provided and then arrange them on the backround picture.
A set of wooden vegetables that can be cut apart and then stuck back together. 29 x 20 cm
A child's plastic JCB tool set for the budding builder.
A 12ml pot of Druchii Violet paint for your Games Workshop models.
Mini 3D aeroplane puzzle. 4 cm
A Wooden handled spade with colourful plastic ends.
It's available in bright red or blue, and is bound to give your children just as much fun as you had when you were young.
These strung figures can be manipulated by pressing the base which releases the tension on the strings so that the figure bends and collapses. 9 cm. This toy is suitable for children from 3 years of age.
A classic fart whistle. 9 1/2cm
Scratch off all the countries you've visited on this world map. 60 cm x 42 cm
A large kit containing all that's needed to create a variety of characters. 9.5 cm
Once the balloon is inflated and the boat placed in the water the balloon powered boat chugs slowly across the surface.
This wrapping paper is almost too good to cut up. This map of the world also looks great framed on the wall, or as a poster.
2 traditional slide puzzles with the object being to rearrange the tiles in the correct number sequence. 6 cm
The perfect edition to children's pencil cases this winter and a great stocking filler. The pad, pencils, rubber and pencil sharpener all feature wintry scenes.
A stunt yo yo that lights up as it spins. 6 cm
He doesnt dress like a slob. Hell never ask you how muxh you spent on that new pair of shoes. He keeps his opinions to himself. He loves chick flicks. He doesnt fart in bed. He wont get fat.
A selection of different wooden traditional toys to decorate your Christmas tree with including a rocking horse and teddies, all in festive colours.
A pedal car fire engine hand built in steel with removable wooden ladders, a fire hose that unreels and of course, a bell.
A 12ml pot of Blood Red paint for your Games Workshop models.
Old fashioned domino rally set with 200 tiles wooden slabs and blocks for building stairways and bridges. Box 24 cm
What do you think about our Skull and Cross Bones Pirate Flag?
Colourful tin kaleidoscope. 15 cm
This seed growing set is perfect for a first time gardener.
Wooden alphabet and number stamp set in a wooden box. 14 cm
The screw-on attachment fits on to the handlebars, and the horn makes a classic honking sound, certainly loud enough to warn other road-users of your presence!
Lion-hearted Leo Smurf shows off his mane by roaring.
Clockwork tin chicken. 5.5cm.
A boxed set of close up magic tricks. 13 cm
A colourful peppa pig recorder with a box.
Packet of eighteen 10" cracker snaps for use in home made wedding birthday or Christmas crackers. 20 cm.
Complete dolls bedding set for use with our dolls cradle. Dolls bedding set only. Approx 54 x 32cm.
74 piece marble run with colourful chutes, slides and loops for endless combinations and hours of fun.
A large wooden toy cash register packed with features with a digital display beeping scanner and till roll. 22.5 cm x 21 cm x 16.5 cm
What do you think about our A Small Crab Line with a Bait Bag?
Wooden tipper truck filled with wooden blocks made in Europe. 25 cm
Create your very own temporary tattoo by colouring in the pictures, and then wear your own art work!
An invisible ink pen with ultra violet torch . 19 cm
A remote controlled stunt car. 7 cm. Requires 4 x AA batteries.
What do you think about our Clockwork Chattering False Teeth Toy?
Create your own sparkly picture with this sequin craft kit. 15cm. Design may vary
Wild West style plastic see through water pistol. Approx 14cms long.For ages 3 and above
This red and white owl night light would be perfect in a child's room to stop them being scared at night.
Black and grey picture outlines are scraped off with the tool provided to reveal a rainbow coloured background. Assorted designs. 7 cm
Decorate your own wooden magnetic dress up princess.
A tiny clear water pistol great for party bags.
Place this realistic looking fake dog poo onto the floor and watch the horror on your friend or families faces when they find the dogs deed!Warning - This joke dog poo may get your dog into trouble for a crime they didn't commit. Warning - This joke dog poo may get your dog into trouble for a crime they didn't commit.
Use this hair beading kit to thread the colourful beads onto yours or a friends hair.
He is available any time you need to talk He's the only shrink that grows He won't judge you He'll never let you know just how crazy you really are Drug free therapy.
A high quality Happy Birthday Gift Wrap paper with various colourful font design lettering.
A tube of fake blood make-up. 28gm
A 5 piece wooden gator stacking puzzle. Suitable for ages 2 years and up
These wooden dominoes come complete with a retro style box to keep them in.
Wooden bedroom furniture set comprising a double bed wardrobe dressing table chair bedside table and lamp.
Fix the net over any table using the brackets provided for an impromptu game of table tennis.
A ride on car for the under 3's in a fire engine design and with a working bell. Suitable for ages 1-3. 30.25 inches L x 14 inches H
A nicely detailed sturdy plastic pirate ship. 13cmsFor ages 3 and above
A nice quality retro style Dress Up Dolly Birthday Card with envelope. The paper doll on this card can be cut out and dressed up but cutting along the dotted lines.
Children can get creative in the bath tub by drawing on it. These colourful crayons can be used to draw on the bath and then the pictures can be washed away.
3 Magnification Levels. Swivel Mirror. Tweezers. Slide Covers. Collecting Vial Tubes.
Model and create any design of your choice from pots to flowers, the difficulty level is up to you.
This red and white tin drum has a red neck strap and two wooden drum sticks.
Tree Top Adventure is made up of four wooden sides with different activities in each one. 57 cm. Suitable for ages 12 months and up.
Smurfette has got her skates on but dont worry - she's wearing all the protective clothing. Smurfette size in cm (L x W x H):3.1 x 4.5 x 5.6 cm.
This smurf is giving himself as an anniversary gift. Smurf size in cm (L x W x H):3.0 x 5.0 x 6.0cm.
A Princess character glove puppet with a wooden head and fabric body. Height 27cm.
Merry-go-round marble run starter set / expansion pack with brightly coloured pieces.
Plastic binoculars in a choice of three colours.
A tin jack in a box that plays pop goes the weasle.
A pink wicker picnic basket containing a child's tin tea set. Basket - 19cm
A soft animal hand puppet. Suitable for ages 4 & up
With his white hat and white trousers this smurf stands proud but boy oh boy does he look grouchy.
The multi award winning Winkle by Manhattan Toy is flexible baby toy made up of lots of colourful plastic hoops. This winkel baby toy is CE marked and suitable for babies from birth.
A wonderful wheel to be pushed along by the very young causing the rainbow pattern to cycle through a kaleidoscope of colours. 58 cm. This push along toy is suitable for babies from 18 months.
4 x Blood Capsules which release harmless but scary and effective frothing blood.
1 x Wooden Dolls House. 1 x wooden bed with fabric duvet and pillows. Various Chunky Wooden Furniture to Furnish Each Room. 4 x wooden dolls. 10 x Chunky Wooden Screws. Assembly Instructions.
Huge polystyrene glider. 45 cm
What do you think about our Kids Metal Watering Can, Bucket and Garden Tools?
I liked... Beautifully finished wood as always, happy to just look at it! The design of the little cars is actually fiendishly clever to allow for the 'tumbling' action down the ramps. This needs improvement... This is a high-speed action toy so it is not suitable to very young kids below 3 years; it all happens too quickly and they are not easily able to place the small car in the top ramp without things falling. An interesting and simple improvement to the design would be to attach each of the...
The classic jumping spider is back. Spider Body 7 cm.
The fishing game comes complete with three rods so that up to 3 players can go head to head to catch the most fish.
Soft baby experience mat that can also be used as a cot bumper. 60 x 45 cm. Suitable from birth
Glow in the dark horror fangs.
A good sized plastic toy dumper truck. 23 cm x 10 cm x 11 cm
Within 28 days, you'll receive a new paperback book of your chosen classic novel - first edition!Inside each box:- Welcome Letter- Your Gift Explained- Cast List- About the author and the novel- Registration booklet including an activation code should you wish to register online- Personalized Classics Notebook Cast list for Emma: Emma Woodhouse, George Knightley, Jane Fairfax, Frank Churchill.
A Note Pad that is the size of a 7-inch single on vinyl. The cover is printed to look just like a collection of vintage records. A perfect gift for anyone born in the 70's or earlier.
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