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Sample Offers
This White greaspaint is perfect for covering the whole face when creating a face painting effect.
This is a black makeup for your face.
This joke chewing gum goes one better than the classic snap chewing gum, that can be used with caps, so that when your friend takes a chewing gum from the packet, an extra loud BANG is emited.
It looks just like a disposeable camera, but instead of taking a photo, it will squirt water in your friends face.
Lightweight binoculars with a detachable strap perfect for the little explorer to take out and about. 11 cm&#44 4x28mm
This wooden kitchen play set folds down for easy transportation or storage. It has two hobs, a saucepan,frying pan,oven glove, two wooden spoons and a fried egg
You can choose the colour of the pom pom for your fluffy bug. Each one has self adhesive feet, googly eyes and a black toyday ribbon.
A retro box containing a catapult and four foam balls. 13 cm
This Mr Bean scratch map is printed on toughened card and all the countries are coated in grey. You can then scratch off the grey to reveal the country below in colour. There is an additional larger print of Europe so that you can scratch off particular parts of these countries.
A Wooden handled spade with colourful plastic ends.
A squirting calculator practical joke. Fill this joke calculator with water to squirt it at your victim.
This sturdily designed swing with high sides comes with enough rope with metal hoops so you can hang it how ever and where ever you choose.
This light up yo-yo has a ball bearing clutch that allows you to perform stunts and tricks. The yoyo is made from clear plastic so that you can see it light up.
This great parody ice cream picture puzzle is perfect for those with a sweet tooth, and who love puzzles.
Simply add the magic liquid and watch as your magic tree starts flowering with colourful crystals.
The snowman becomes round and jolly, with 'snow' appearing on his body and the end of his broom.
A pairs card game with a vehicle theme. 9 cm
Many forms of juggling are popular, but plate-spinning has been neglected.
A hilarous version of a space hopper.
Once the balloon is inflated and the boat placed in the water the balloon powered boat chugs slowly across the surface.
A colourful peppa pig harmonica with a box.
A classic fart whistle. 9 1/2cm&#44 Colour may vary.
Wind up the metal dial and then when the button is pressed during a hand shake the buzzer unwinds to produce the vibrating sensation and buzzing noise.
A set of 5 bath creature water squirters.
A white dolls bed with pink gingham bedding. 48 cm x 21 cm x 36 cm
Quartzite Rock. Potassium Aluminium Sulphate. Plastic Growing Box. Instruction Sheet.
Watering Can. Tin Bucket. Trowel. Rake.
This red and white owl night light would be perfect in a child's room to stop them being scared at night.
This plush Paddington Bear is wearing his traditional blue duffle coat, red plastic wellies and he is carrying his suitcase.
Challenge your friends and family with this exciting Buzz Wire game in the shape of a lightening bolt.
Finger holes allow the rubbery faces to be manipulated amusingly.
A child friendly pumpkin carving kit.
Place this Grow product in water and watch over a period of 72 hours as it expands 600% from it's original size. This item is a novelty adult item and must not be given to children under the age of 14.
Use the 'pencil' to draw on the slate, and then pull up the plastic sheet to erase and start all over again The magic slate has been around for years and is a classic toy that is used to fill party bags and Christmas stockings.
Inside the ingenious box you will find plant seeds, a compost pellet and a terracotta pot.
Pirate Rattle suitable from birth. 16 cm
Create your very own mechanical moving robot. Contents for making 1 model robot of 24 cm in height. Requires 2 x AA Batteries - Available separately.
A miniature wooden version of solitaire that is perfect for travel.
1 x Wooden Dolls House. 1 x wooden bed with fabric duvet and pillows. Various Chunky Wooden Furniture to Furnish Each Room. 4 x wooden dolls. 10 x Chunky Wooden Screws. Assembly Instructions.
This boys version of the wooden dress up doll set contains magnetic outfits to stick on your boy doll. The wooden box contains 26 magnetic outfit pieces that dress Billy up as a fireman, super hero, Knight, policeman, builder or a pirate.
This boxing set comes with two inflatable helmets and two pairs of inflatable boxing gloves. Colour may vary
Host your own game of Play your cards right. Build a huge card tower of giant playing cards. Excellent magic prop - Every magician should have a pack of giant playing cards.
1 x Wooden Princess Doll. 1 x Wooden Stand. 3 x Magnetic Dresses. 3 x Coloured Pencils. 2 x Glitter Glues. Stick on Gems.
The castle playhouse comes flat packed and the card board pieces easily slot together to form the castle. All you need to do then is add colour to the white card which has a black outlined castle design for children to add there own design to in either felt tips, crayons, paints or whatever they choose. A great creative project for pre-school children.
A mini battery powered train set in a retro box. 70 cm Length
A sixteen page postcard-size booklet containing thirty-two examples from a 1920s American book that illustrates how to produce quite exceptional hand-shadows.
This stomp rocket comes complete with bubble mixture. 24 cm
A large brightly coloured water gun for fun water fights. Water pistol 10 inches long.
The polystyrene plane is easy to assemble although younger children will need some supervision. 39cm. wingspan.
A wooden Fairy themed door plaque to personalise with a child's name. 21 cm
From our retro range of toys and games, the touring England board game comes packed in a sturdy vintage style box to keep the contents in.
Wooden stacking blocks numbered from one to ten in both words and numerals. 23 cm. Suitable for ages 12 months and up.
Playing Board. Question Cards. Playing Pieces. Die. Instructions.
Yo-Extreme is the butterfly shape - a metal body with tactile protective-rubbery coating. 6 cm.
A EVA soft foam pirate's Cutlass. 46 cm
He can go all night Flaunt him around your ex, make him wonder how he measures up You don't need a boyfriend or husband.
A pocket sized version of our Wooly Willie. The different pictures all come with iron filling hair which you can move around and position using the magnetic pen.
A set of two sturdy plastic feet to turn any child into a little monster! The green plastic feet act as stilts and come complete with handle cord. 12cm. Suitable for youngsters of walking age&#44 up to 50 kg.
These child's garden tools are perfect for small helping hands in the garden, or to take out on the beach.
The chunky porcelain mug is ready to be decorated with a personalised design or message. Ages 8 and up
1 x Front Train Engine. 5 x Wooden Train Carriages. 4 x Wooden Animals. 8 x Wooden Passengers. Colourful Wooden Luggage.
Wooden wind up hopping animal.
Go out and capture real life bugs and insects to study in this bug - viewing box with 2 levels of magnification.
A lovely wooden box containing two wooden bears to sew clothes on to. 14 cm x 22 cm
A pack of 20 dinosaur wall stickers to decorate a child's bedroom walls. Pack size - 33 cm x 35.8 cm
A full set of higher case letters and numbers 0-9 along with a question mark, exclamation mark, @, full stop and comer. This wooden box set also includes a red and a green ink pad. Each stamp produces a 5 mm impression.
Compact Carry Case. Rulebook. Scorecards. 2 Pencils. 2 Pigs.
Pass the Pigs is a game that involves throwing two little pigs down like dice and scoring points based on how they land.
A marbled colour plastic watering can. Childrens watering can 15cm
Wild West style plastic see through water pistol. Approx 14cms long. For ages 3 and above
This magic penguin will make a lovely Stocking filling this Christmas and to get other ideas take a look at our selection of party bag and stocking fillers.
A wooden hobby horse with a pink floral fabric head. 97 cm
A selection of carpenters tools for children made from wood and all stored in a handy wooden tool box. This wooden tool set comes with a hammer, screwdriver, spanner as well as nuts and bolts that can be screwed onto the side of the tool box.
A vintage look Birthday card with envelope. 12 cm x 12 cm
2 Saucepans with lids. Frying Pan. Bowl. Oven Glove. 2 Ladles. Fish Slice. Spaghetti Server. Slotted Spoon. Whisk.
Uno is a classic card game that is easy to learn and great fun for all the family.
Mould and paint your own dinosaur magnets and badges. Suitable for ages 5 & up
Glow in the Dark Fangs.
Classic joke sweets which turn your unsuspecting victims mouth bright blue. 3 sweets per pack.
Unusual and well-made these appealing little fluffy bunnies hop enthusiastically powered by a long-running clockwork motor. 7cm
A dense foam ball is a perfect size for younger ones to practise their ball skills.
Children love to copy their parents and will love having a go for themselves at sweeping up with this child sized broom, dustpan and brush.
A heads and tails game with lovely tradtional images of various characters to match up and re-arrange with hilarious consequences.
Wooden push along chick named tweedy that flaps his wings as you push him along. 18 cm. This toy is suitable for babies from 12 months.
A red eye mask with a black spider design.
Beech wood doll's cradle. Cot 60 x 30 cm (bedding not included)Suitable for children aged 2 years and up.
Toddlers will love creating there own sandwiches from the choice felt breads, meats, vegetables and condiments. A huge selection of play food.
The basketball net from the bathtime basketball attaches quite firmly and because it is sewn up at the bottom you can store all your bath toys in it.
A temporary glittery monster tattoo. 5 cm
Battery Operated Cat in a bag. Requires 1x AA battery. Suitable for ages 4 and over.
Two ink stamps in the shape of a Heart and a Butterfly.
A wooden Yo-Yo brightly painted with an animal design. Diameter 5cm.
A colourful plastic boat for the bath suitable for babies.
At the top of the mobile is a wooden Noah's ark with a rainbow coming out of either side. Hanging from this are lots of friendly wooden animals painted in bright colours.
A small soft football. 7 cm
A balsa wood glider aeroplane which flies through the air when thrown. Wingspan approx 30.5 cm.
Open the egg up and the inside is filled with slime. Squelch through the slime and you will find an Alien.
A canvas shopping bag with a dinosaur design ready to be coloured in with the fabric crayons provided.
A vintage look Birthday card with envelope.
This rabbit bucket with carry handle is light enough for little hands to collect their chocolate eggs on an Easter egg hunt.
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