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Sample Offers
This practical joke kit includes everything you need to set up your own crime scene with police tape and chalk.
A pirates fancy dress hat. 30 cm
A set of various different bits of track to add to your wooden train set. Compatible with other leading brands.
A big wheel fairground tin toy with clockwork action. 13.2 x 7.3 x 16.2 cm. Clockwork.
Wooden wind up hopping animal.
A mysterious looking paper bag that says it contains rattle snake eggs.
A wooden puzzle that can be twisted and turned into different positions. 23 cm
Made in wood and metal this comical jointed snowman dances with his arms and legs when the string is pulled.
A traditional Newton's cradle executive toy. 11 cm.
A set of 6 fake moustaches with adhesive backing for application. A classic and essential part to any costume range.
Aniseed flavoured fart sweets which do exactly what it says on the packet!
74 piece marble run with colourful chutes, slides and loops for endless combinations and hours of fun.
An adorable little wooden animal character which when pulled back will wizz away on its wheels. 7 cm x 5 cm
A classic fart whistle. 9 1/2cm
Huge polystyrene glider. 45 cm
Push a button on the top of this 6 inch classic train &hear train, track, &signal sounds.
Plastic robot hand grabber stick. 55 cm
A great idea for children's birthdays, learning to count or to decorate a child's bedroom or nursery.
A great idea for children's birthdays, learning to count or to decorate a child's bedroom or nursery.
A great idea for children's birthdays, learning to count or to decorate a child's bedroom or nursery.
A must have for any stocking. This modelling clay will keep children entertained for hours, while they make various different animals, fruit, or virtually anything. The only limit to using this modelling clay is your imagination.
A wooden multi-storey car park with a moving lift and filling station.
Corporal Cluck is a camouflage print duck with his own dog tag.Corporal Cluck is a camouflage print duck with his own dog tag. An army rubber duck to serve in the bath time forces! 9 cm
Just pull the car backwards and watch it speed off along the floor.
These letter stamps can be used to make an impression of a capital letter by pushing it into one of the coloured ink pads and then pressing it on to the paper or card of your choice.
This Mr Jeremy fisher note book features some beautiful illustrations from the Beatrix Potter stories. It contains pages of plain cream paper for you to jot downs notes.
A 12ml pot of Bestial Brown paint for your Games Workshop models.
The perfect edition to children's pencil cases this winter and a great stocking filler. The pad, pencils, rubber and pencil sharpener all feature wintry scenes.
A 12ml pot of Adeptus Battlegrey paint for your Games Workshop models.
Wooden push along chick named tweedy that flaps his wings as you push him along.
These shiny stick on gems come in 8 different colours and shapes. The raised effect makes them look like jewels and they would make anything you stuck them to prettier. Great for crafts.
He doesnt dress like a slob. Hell never ask you how muxh you spent on that new pair of shoes. He keeps his opinions to himself. He loves chick flicks. He doesnt fart in bed. He wont get fat.
This sturdy full size football is tough enough to be kicked about by adults as well as children.
The three shape sorting towers each require a different skill to stack the shapes on. This wooden toy for pre-schoolers adds a whole new dimension to a shape stacking toy with the need to twist and turn the wooden shapes to be able to stack them on to the towers.
A Wooden handled spade with colourful plastic ends.
A great idea for children's birthdays, learning to count or to decorate a child's bedroom or nursery.
This colourful set of lower case magnetic letters are education fridge magnets.
Get ready for some exciting and playful adventures with the cuddly Bevin Bunny.
A colourful peppa pig recorder with a box.
A figure of eight of wooden train track with train and scenery. 104 cm x 46 cm
An military play set containing a play mat and lots of accessories.
A full set of higher case letters and numbers 0-9 along with a question mark, exclamation mark, @, full stop and comer. This wooden box set also includes a red and a green ink pad. Each stamp produces a 5 mm impression.
Clockwork tin chicken. 5.5cm.
A balsa wood glider aeroplane which flies through the air when thrown. Wingspan approx 30.5 cm.
A skull and cross bones flag.
Finger holes allow the rubbery faces to be manipulated amusingly.
The Rock n Hopper or pogo ball became a craze in the 80's and anyone from that era will remember bouncing around on one.
Wooden tipper truck filled with wooden blocks made in Europe. 25 cm
Lightweight binoculars with a detachable strap perfect for the little explorer to take out and about. 11 cm
Tilt the pen and watch the Pac-Man chase the red and blue ghost, just like in the famous video game!
This Traditional Donkey game comes complete with 18 pairs of farmyard picture cards so that you can also play the memory game of pairs with them. Suitable for ages 4 years and up. 9 cm.
This cushion has a pink ribbon so that it can be hung in a child's room. There is a little pocket made out of a pretty pink floral material to store the tooth so it doesn't get lost before the tooth fairy collects it. Above the tooth pocket is the message 'For the tooth fairy' embroidered on to the cushion.
The colourful little bath ducks are nice by themselves. 5 1/2cm. Not suitable for children under 3.
Model and create any design of your choice from pots to flowers, the difficulty level is up to you.
This plush Paddington Bear is wearing his traditional blue duffle coat, red plastic wellies and he is carrying his suitcase.
Cow Ride On is a good and funny mate for your toddler`s adventures. 40 cm x 21 cm x 22 cm. Suitable for ages 12 months and up.
Violet is a traditional handmade rag doll with brown wooly hair and an apron with a heart on it.
Once the balloon is inflated and the boat placed in the water the balloon powered boat chugs slowly across the surface.
A wooden grab rattle with wooden beads from Hape. Suitable for ages 6 months and up.
A compact travel version of a traditional wooden shut the box game. Travel shut the box 13.5 x 9 x 2.5 cm
This blue box contains 1000 stickers with various images of things like cars, pirates and dinosaurs. These stickers would be perfect for reward charts or a stocking filler idea. You could even take the stickers out of the set to split into party bags.
This item consist on a wooden digging machine painted with brightly colour and sold with a small driver. Suitable for ages 18 months and up.
Due to popular demand we bring you classic original stink bombs!Break the glass vial to release an utterly evil stench!3 x Stink bombs per box. Intended for adult use only.
Decorate your own wooden magnetic dress up princess.
Create your own sparkly picture with this sequin craft kit. 15cm. Design may vary
A Peppa Pig Music Set comprising a small plasic whistle penny whistle and a tambourine. Suitable for ages 3 years and up.Colour may vary.
This easy to grip wooden worm can be moved and wriggled around as it has ball joints on each of its body sections.
Fisher Price musical teaching clock. Suitable for ages 12 months and up.
A 12ml pot of Mechrite Red paint for your Games Workshop models.
This is a retro style metal pedal car it is silver with a maroon seat. Pedal Car 55 X 115 cm
Colourful wooden blocks that interlock when stacked in the right order to form a tower.
A hunter character glove puppet with a wooden head and fabric body complete with his very own gun. Height 27cm.
Throw the rope quoits at the wooden target and try and get them to land on the wooden pegs. The winner is the person with the highest score.
A fairytale cube puzzle in a wooden storage box. 17.5 cm x 14 cm x 3.5 cm
This has to be one of my favourite "toys" I own. I've had it for about 10 years now, but dust it off every year or so for a whiz around in the sink. It makes a really satisfying motor like noise and makes a great gift for a grown up!
A large brightly coloured water gun for fun water fights. Water pistol 10 inches long.
A small all wooden rocking horse with a removable child support. Suitable from 12 months.
Challenge your friends and family with this exciting Buzz Wire game in the shape of a lightening bolt. Requires 2 x AA Batteries - Available seperately.
A clear squidgy jelly like ball filled with fake snow floating around inside it. 6cm.
Miniature flower press that will fit into a rucksack or pocket perfect for pressing a flower whilst out and about. Mini Flower Press 5 cm
It shoots forward, does a full back-flip, then spins happily in circles before going forward again to repeat the cycle.
Take it in turns to slot a plastic sword into the barrel being careful not to be the one to make the pirate pop up. 8 cm
The children I showed the bagatelle to were fascinated by it (ages 7-9) - they'd obviously not seen one before. I just had to tell them not to be too violent sending the balls up! I would have liked the traditional spring-loaded pusher, but the children seemed to manage without.
19cm 100%. cotton outer, hollow fiber filling. Suitable for all ages
A silver space cadet duck. 8.5 cm
It's available in bright red or blue, and is bound to give your children just as much fun as you had when you were young.
Roaring Ruzlow by Manhattan Toy is a plush toy with character. He even has his tongue sticking out.
A set of flexible wooden dolls with wooly hair. 10 - 12 cm.
Wooden ironing board and iron set.
A wooden play fire engine complete with two fireman dolls and ladders. 24 cm x 14 cm. This wooden fire engine is suitable for children from 3 years of age.
A simply but effective craft kit with everything you need to make your own tissue flowers. The coloured tissue paper can be folded, cut and shaped in layers to form pretty flowers in a variety of ways.
Wind Up clock that plays the tune 'Grandfathers Clock'. The hands of the clock can be turned to help children learn the time. Each hour displays a different retro pre-schoolers picture and as the song plays the hands go round.
A wonderful wheel to be pushed along by the very young causing the rainbow pattern to cycle through a kaleidoscope of colours. 58 cm. This push along toy is suitable for babies from 18 months.
A giant animal alphabet train floor puzzle from Melissa and Doug. 305 cm x 16.5 cm. Suitable for ages 3 years and up.
A traditional wooden spinning top toy with a whip. 4 cm top. This wooden whip top is suitable for children from 3 years of age.
This colourful little bath duck is nice on its own and are great fun to race against each other. 6 cm. This toy is suitable for babies from 6 months.
A craft kit with everything you need to make your own bouncy balls. Large Ball 5 cm
Pin Art is one of those products that anyone conscious during the 80s and early 90s will be very familiar with. 18 cm
Give someone a fright with this Grim Reaper Rubber Duck. 8cm
Wooden beaded baby swing. Suitable for ages 12 months and up.
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