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Shane Morris and Mystified | Epoch
Two talented composers of ambient-atmospheric soundscapes, Shane Morris & Mystified, have joined forces to create Epoch, the first installment of a trilogy about prehistoric time and evolution. Epoch is a conceptual album of deep, resonant, atmospheric drone soundscapes based around life during the Mesozoic era of Earth’s past; a time long before people, when great reptiles walked the planet, prospered, and ultimately ceased to exist. In order to evoke a 200 million year old soundworld, Morris & Mystified draw from a completely organic sonic palette. According to Mystified's Thomas Park, "The release goes back to primitive techniques to capture a contemporary sound. Epoch uses no electronic sources or synthesizers – only acoustic sounds."
Erik Wøllo - Traces • Images Of Light • Solstice (Special...
Special Remastered Editions. Traces, Images Of Light and Solstice CDs are part of exclusive three-disc set limited to 500 copies. Each set is wrapped in a black linen paper band which is signed and numbered by Erik Wøllo. Traces was originally released on Cicada Records 1985. Remastered edition features two previously unreleased tracks, The Boat 1 and The Boat 2. Images Of Light was originally released on Origo Sound Records 1990. Remastered edition features four previously unreleased tracks, Dream Convert, Pastorale, Echo Of Spring and Star Scenery, recorded 1988-89. Solstice was originally released on Origo Sound Records 1992. Remastered edition features two previously unreleased tracks, Delta and Solstice 3.
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