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Sample Offers
Who needs a foam finger when you can have a giant penis on your hand? This smiling willy hand puppet is sure to make you look like an utter idiot while simultaneously asking onlookers to buy you a drink. Does it get any more hen party than this?
Nothing says 'hen party' like a big, delicious penis cake! With two specially shaped aluminium cake tins you can make the bride blush, giggle and go back for more! Hilariously good fun!
This shot glass has a pink pecker in the bottom! Fill it up with your favourite shot (we recommend a Slippery Dick!) and gulp it all down. Comes with a pink pearl necklace so you won't have to worry about losing it once you're trollied.
This brilliant water pistol has a realistic shaft and textured testicles. Fill it up using the valve at the back then pull the trigger to squirt water at anyone and everyone. Fun, silly and sure to make people laugh! Approximately 10.25 inches in length.
A set of 4 easy-to-use cookie cutters featuring a couple of gingerbread lovers in sexy positions from the Kama Sutra. Cut out, cook and then decorate with an icing pen.
These willy moulds are ideal for making cupcakes, chocolates, vodka jellies and more. Simply pour your mixture into the moulds and cook, set or refrigerate and remove the tin once they're done. The result? 12 perfectly formed edible penises.
Create 11 perfectly shaped silly willies for your hen party cocktails. Fill the flexible silicone mould with water, fruit juice or vodka jelly to enhance hen night drinks. Accessorise with other silly willies to create a hen party theme.
Well, there wouldn't be any point having inflatable small boobs, would there? If you can't get hold of some real ones, here's the next best thing - a bouncy pair of baps that can turn any guy or gal into an object of lust.
Badoing-doinggg-doinggg! Pop these fancy Bride To Be fluffy boppers on the hen's head and she'll sparkle and shine under the tinselled and diamond-studded warning signs. They're not real diamonds. Sob. But it's not real fur, either. Yay!
Attention, there's a learner comin' through! Let everyone know it's your hen night with this super-cute L-plate whistle. Detailed with glitter and neon pink feathers, it's perfect for alerting party-goers and your fellow hens. Wit woo, hottie alert!
Let everyone know the Mother of the Bride is out on the town and looking for Hen Night fun with these fluffy boppers. Warning sign badges announce your presence at the Hen Do - look out boys, there's trouble about!
Four sexy satin sashes with printed text that reads 'On A Mission'. A fantastic way to bring your Hen Party together during daytime activities, or an ideal accessory if your Hen Night has a military theme.
This classy white and pink Bride To Be rosette badge features the classic L plate and Bride to Be text you need to let fellow revellers know that this is your hen night and you are the best in show! Simple and classic.
Perfect for wearing as sexy fancy dress this Halloween. A great way to add pizzazz to any costume or create a fabulously sexy devil outfit for your hen night, this trio of sequinned accessories gives you devilish charm in an instant.
These cute fluffy bunny ears are the perfect accessory to a fancy dress costume or hen do bunny girl outfit. With diamante detailing for extra sparkle and an alice band to ensure they stay in place on your girls night out.
A baby pink and fuchsia rosette with rubber Chief Bridesmaid emblem to help her stand out at the Hen Party. Printed with cool cocktail glass design, your bridesmaid will feel pretty and proud with this fun Hen Night badge.
A big heart-shape with the words 'Bride to Be' standing out in bold pink adorns this cute mini top hat. Made especially for the most important member person at the hen party, the hairpiece is a hen do must-have.
Add a kitsch twist to your bride-to-be ensemble and wear one of these jaunty mini top hats on your hen night. Made from a soft foam and mounted on a headband for easy wear, it even has a little net veil at the back.
Is your Hen Party beyond salvation? Show the world how far you've fallen with this fluffy black halo and become a Dark Angel of the Hen Night!.
Black and pink deely boppers decorated with pink marabou feathers and 2 spring-mounted glittery stars reading 'Hen Party'. Create a fun theme for your hen night with other matching accessories to complement these fun boppers.
If you're worried that you'll leave your Hen Night accessories strewn across the bars and clubs of your favourite city, pin this Hen Party badge on and you'll always have a handy set of dares with you. The naughtiest of Hen Night badges!
Super-luxury Hen Night Bride to Be Sash that will help the special girl stand out in a crowd. 'Hen Night' is written in shiny diamante studs at the top and bottom of the main pink 'Bride to Be' legend. Just add a bride-to-be!
The bride-to-be will be all sweetness and light beneath this flashing hen party tiara and veil. The tiara has red flashing lights - so everyone knows who to buy drinks for! So demure, so beguiling... yet so up for a laugh on her last night of freedom!
Let the world know the Hen Party is coming with these quality Bride To Be fluffy boppers. Fur-lined warning triangles wobble on two antennas attached to a strong fur-topped headband. Watch out, boys the Hen Do is in action!
Suitably subtle (!) Hen Night fluffy boppers with Mother of the Groom signs. Get these cheeky boppers for your mother-in-law when she comes on your Hen Night and you'll be in her good books forever!
Not strictly standard Met issue, this hat is in perfect pink - ideal for Hen Nights! Police badge and chequered band are standard issue, though. Really.
Flash a full 14 inches on your Hen Night with this super-glittery, bejewelled silver wand with pink fur and encrusted gem detailing. And the pièce de résistance is the flashing pink Bride To Be logo on the star. Magnificent!
Add some burlesque glamour to your hen party with this cute top hat fascinator. Sliding effortlessly onto your hair to accessorise most hair styles, the fascinator is decorated with feathers for a finishing touch of glamour.
A super corkscrew design balloon weight. These spirals of curled plastic are fitted with a loop for tying down your bundles of balloons.
Flashing, fluffy and fantastic fun! These flashing Hen Party Willy Boppers will add a touch of naughty fun to any Hen Do. Which Bride to Be doesn't want a pair of twinkling willies dancing on her head on her Hen Night?
This mini top hat fascinator adds a burlesque twist to your hen night look. Mounted on 2 clips, this glittery mini hat grips onto your hair, ensuring it will stay put for the whole night, no matter how messy your hen party gets. Decorated with feathers.
Shine, sparkle and make sure everyone knows who the bride to be is with this eye-catching hen party tiara. Adorned with bright pink badge with the words 'BRIDE TO BE' and bedecked in jewels with a white veil and feather trim.
Let the world know the Hen Party is coming with these quality Bride To Be fluffy boppers. Fur-lined warning triangles wobble on two antennas attached to a strong fur-topped headband. Watch out, boys the Hen Do is in action!
A classy hot pink, squishy mini top hat set at a jaunty angle on a quality Alice band. 'Hen Party' ribbon circles above the brim and can even be removed so you can use this hat for other fancy dress parties after the Hen Night. Spiffing!
Pink fur! Silver tinsel! Flashing lights! It's quite possible our favouritest Hen Night L plate ever! We're going to get married again just to have another Hen Party so we can wear this incredible Hen Do accessory! Get the divorce lawyer on speed-dial!
Add some pazazz to your pre-marital hen night drinks with this curly bride to be drinking straw. In neon pink with a rubber L-plate reading 'Bride to Be', you'll ensure your drink doesn't wander off during the hen party revels.
It's impossible to resist giving this rainbow-coloured willy a lick! Share with your friends or enjoy it alone! Lolly is 9 inches long (including stick).
Get the party off to a blazing start with this outrageously sexy game! Give the firemen the equipment they need to put out your fire - and keep the uniformed hunks for yourself if you win! No fire too hot, no hose too long...
Warning, learner coming through! Don't settle for an L plate nicked from the British School of Motoring, our Hen L plate is the perfect Hen Do accessory. With six flashing lights to make sure everyone knows the Hen Party has arrived!
Flirt and flutter your eyelashes, along with these sparkling fairy wings. Accessorise hen party fancy dress costumes or wear on a girl's night out to captivate admirers with a flutter of the eye-catching wings.
A luxurious pink satin Hen Night sash emblazoned in black with Chief Bridesmaid. The perfect Hen Party accessory, this sash is made from smooth material that feels simply fabulous! Show off that you're the right hand gal at the Hen Do!
Finished in black satin and overlayed with hot pink, holographic text, this sash goes with any outfit and is the perfect way to draw attention to you, the all-important bridesmaid!
Step off the pavement, move away from the bar, the Mother of the Bride is here. What better way to announce your Hen Party arrival than with this pink satin-style sash? With 5 flashing lights, it's the Mother of all Hen Night accessories.
Accessorise the all-important bride to be with this classic sash made from silky smooth satin. Slip it over her head and make sure she stands out from her fellow revellers, letting everyone know that it's time to let loose and party hard!
Turn the dance floor into a bubble blast with this heart shaped Hen Party bottle of bubbles. Glammed to the max with some white fur, silver tinsel and pink ribbon for tying it around the neck.
You don't need to read body language or study sexual signals to know when your partner is in the mood with this clever bell! One ring for 'I'm ready', two rings for 'be quick' and three rings for 'GET HERE NOW'!
A black, matt background with star motif hosts a beautifully colourful Hen Night logo with a lipstick print for good measure. Great for tying to the bride when you're hitting the town or using in a table decoration.
Ideal for slipping into goody bags or completing a place setting at a special hen party table, these hen party poppers are a brilliant and cheap way to get into the party spirit.
Remember magnetic fishing? Well now you can play your own raunchy version with this silly willy hen party dare game. Cast the rod, hook a willy and perform the dare written on the underside!
As the Hen Party organiser it's up to you to choose which girl gets which of these 6 Hen Night badges! Choose between: Foxy, Sexy, Cute, Naughty, Flirty and Dizzy!
Pink and black deely boppers for the bride to be. Brightening your hen night couldn't be easier with these glittery boppers, decorated with pink marabou trim. Mix and match with other pink and black hen party accessories for a themed look.
12 devilish scratch card dares that challenge you to make a fool of yourself in front your friends - and whoever happens to be in the bar! Every card is different so you know you're always going to be in for a fresh challenge.
Miss Universe isn't the only one that gets to wear a sash. On your Hen Night, you're miss of your universe, so wear your Bride to Be sash with pride! Resplendent with 6 flashing lights to make you stand out from the other Hen Night sashes in your party.
A satin-feel sash with matte black text. Bright and bold, this sash reads 'Bride to Be' and is the perfect way to stand out among the other Hen Night sashes and let everyone know that you're the blushing bride! Just add a Bride to Be!
Ten tempting margarita glasses made of durable plastic to prevent breakages and spillages! Great for cocktail parties and hen nights. 10 per pack.
Look fabulous and dance to your heart's content with this bright pink 'Hen Party' mini top hat. Perfect for accessorising your outfit, it fastens with sliding clips and stays secure all night long - no matter how much you wiggle!
Miss Universe isn't the only one that gets to wear a sash. On your Hen Night, you're miss of your universe, so wear your Bride to Be sash with pride! Resplendent with 6 flashing lights to make you stand out from the other Hen Night sashes in your party.
Complete the hen's angelic outfit with a silver halo decorated with shimmering tinsel. Make sure it doesn't slip!
Be pretty in pink and in this tell-all Bride To Be Hen Party sash! In silky touch satin with bold, black writing, there's no chance of your fellow revellers missing the message that it's your Hen Night message in this number!
Add sparkle and glamour to the hen party with this pink satin sash. Featuring 'Bride to Be' written in shimmering silver letters so all eyes are on the special member of the hen do, guaranteeing she looks and feels extra fabulous!
Soft, fluffy and the perfect length to drape over your shoulders, this gorgeous feather boa is a classic Hen Night accessory. Great value, so it doesn't matter if you lose it or give it away to a charming hunk on the Hen Do.
The fluffiest, pinkest feather boa ever - it's Pink with a capital P! This gorgeous bright pink boa scarf has flecks of tinsel for added sparkle. Fun to wear for daytime activities and fantastic for your hen night photos.
Fill this ice cube tray with water and once its set, you have 4 frozen willies to chill your cocktail with! Great for Hen Nights and birthday parties!
Complete your hen night party look with this springy pink headband. Fluffy pink hearts bouncy above your head to let everyone know you're a certified member of the hen party. Slip over any hairstyle and party the night away with the non-slip band.
Recreate scenes from the Pillow Book with these two flavoured pens that let you sign your name across your lover's heart (and anywhere else that tickles their fancy). Romantic, sensual, erotic and fun!
Command attention wherever you go with this hen night whistle. Mounted on a pink satin ribbon for wearing around your neck and decorated with a glittery heart and marabou feathers. This hen party whistle is loud, proud and oodles of fun.
Turn sipping cocktails into a game with this 8 pack of naughty willy straws. Hand them out to your hen and whoever picks the short straw has to perform a dare or silly task. Who knows what kind of mischief you'll get up to!
Fun inflatable Hen Party hat with all the embarrassing extras including 5 silly signs, veil, L-plate, condom, 'Hens On Tour' balloon, 'Access All Areas' lubricant (!) and 5 metres of ribbon.
Introducing a hen party game that combines 2 of the most popular drinking games - beer pong and truth or dare. With 6 ways to play, this hen night drinking game offers fun and versatility and comes with 32 dare cards and 6 ping pong balls.
Drape this smooth satin sash over every member of the hen party for a coordinated style statement. The silky black sash features shimmering pink letters spelling out 'Hen Party' to let everyone know you're a part of the bride to be's group.
Set yourself apart from the hens with this garland made from faux flowers and lametta. Featuring a heart pendant with pretty stars and bright, glistening words - it's the perfect accessory for the bride to be on her big girls night out!
Quality red devil horns with fur trim, the ideal accomplice to a night of naughty deeds. Pop these horns on and all the guys will want to make a pact with you.
The fun starts as soon as you hang the included hunk up. Each player is blindfolded, spun around and then laughed at as they try to pin the inflatable cucumber on the hunk - the one who gets closest to THE spot (no, not his nose) wins!
Challenge your hens to some outrageous hen night fun with this pack of 25 willy-shaped dare checklists. Give everyone a Dicky Sticky and see how many of the 16 suggestions they can do. An ace hen do accessory for naughty fun - who will be the champion?
Need to hide your identity? Slip on this Hen Party mask on and you too can be the Dame Edna of the night! With cute pink feathers, shiny fake diamonds, Hen Party text and 3 flashing lights, you're sure to draw a lot of attention and admiring glances!
A fantastic way to top off a policewoman look, or a perfect accessory to a naughty Hen Night. Police hat measures 11.5 inches long by 4 inches high.
A star amongst Hen Night badges, this fluffy 'Bride To Be' badge comes complete with text and 3 flashing lights! Covered in fluffy marabou trim and silver tinsel strips, this Hen Party badge will get you noticed!
A hilarious hen party game that will break the ice and reveal everyone's drunken secrets! Take turns to flip the heads or tails token and prepare for a truth or dare if the wrong answer is given.
Pin the tail on the geek with this cheeky hen night game. Stick a Dick includes a poster of a nude geek with a target over his manhood. Set the challenge of placing the included willy stickers on the target and prepare for hilarious picture opportunities!
Hen party alert! Make your intentions plain with a large flashing Hen Party warning badge. Six flashing lights ensure you won't be missed.
The perfect Hen Night accessory to finish the special girl's special outfit! A quality Bride To Be garter with three flashing lights... no wonder the guys are going to spend all night eyeing up your legs (makes a change from looking down your top)!
A big, beautiful star brooch with 'Girls Night Out' text and 3 flashing lights! Covered in white marabou trim and silver tinsel strips, this badge will get you noticed! Get one for all the girls!
Get the party started with a fluffy pink headband! Letting everyone in the club know you're a certified member of the Hen Party, this bouncy pink Alice band sits comfortably on your head for the entire night.
This gorgeous silver Hen Party tiara and veil is lined with pink and silver marabou trim and features a bright pink 'Bride To Be' logo. Oh, and did we mention the attached mesh Hen Night veil covered in pretty pink stars? It's simply fabulous!
Get on a retro kick with these gorgeous 11 inch dotty balloons. A mixture of pink and black balloons with white spots give a classic twist to party decorations!
Multiple hen night games in a single package, the Truth or Dare Balloon Pop Game contains 20 pink 'Girl's Night Out' balloons and 40 dares which can be used in a variety of ways to add some fun and cheekiness to your hen party.
In case of an emergency, break out this mini vibrator and let its powerful vibrations give you orgasmic relief. A great novelty gift, containing a seriously effective vibrator. If in doubt, seek urgent sexual attention.
These three high quality party poppers are will ensure that your Hen Night goes off with a bang! This pack of 3 pink and black party poppers are filled with foil streamers and confetti. Twist the base for sparkly, explosive fun!
Huff and puff and blow your L-Plate balloon up to its maximum 18-inch square size! Please note that this balloon is not supplied with Helium.
With the signature warning triangle reading 'HEN PARTY' in black and pin and a little cartoon Hen brandishing a cocktail, this clear shot glass is just asking to be filled. Threaded onto a 32" metallic, plastic ball chain, this shot glass stands no chance of going missing on a night out and is suitable for most shots. Please note that this should NOT be used for flaming/on fire shots.
They're pink, they're paper and they're plates! Great for parties, bridal showers and Hen Nights but the best bit is - you don't have to wash them up once you're done eating! 8 in a pack.
Make sure the guest of honour stands out with this special hen party accessory. This glossy black sash features a 'Bride To Be' slogan to draw attention to the special lady on her hen night. Drape over her shoulder before head off on your girls night out.
Want a boob job without the surgery? Say hello to the brilliant new alternative to breast-boosting chicken fillets! Just inflate, place inside your bra and enjoy enviable cleavage.
A Hen Party essential, these tall, plastic tumblers come packed, stacked and ready to be filled! Made of very sturdy plastic, they can be used multiple times before requiring disposal and are fully recyclable! And - THEY'RE PINK!
A pack of 6 sparkling pink tiaras to offer an instant hen night theme. Each mini tiara is mounted on a plastic hair comb for easy wear and reads 'Hen Party'. Team with other pink hen night accessories to get your night off to a good start.
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