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Doc Johnson have been making sex toys for the last Thirty Years and have been responsible for some of the greatest innovations in the market - and this is no exception! The Horny Lover - perfect for girl on girl or girl on boy penetration, is a luscious vibrating dildo which for the first time allows both partners to experience the penetration simaultaneously! Insert on of the probes into your own vagina and use the other to penetrate your partner so you can both enjoy the powerful vibrations! Almost...
Want your own pair of sexy fetish feet to play with, top to toe any time you want..? Then these life like tootsies are for you! Made from pthalate and latex free rubber, these tootsies won't let you down!
Spike Ultimate Anal Lube is such a convenient way to get into a bit of anal play. The specially designed bottle makes sure you get the gear where you need it most!
This rippled anal tool is the perfect alternative to anal beads or great for beginners to work their way up! Combine it with a harness for ultimate thrills!
The Fleshlight Ice Stealth makes every time feel like the first. Amazing tunnel of love inside a torch shaped case which surrounds you and caresses with ever thrust. Enjoy the feelings like the real deal and watch as you go! Get in!
Materials Size - Metric plastic 175mm x 25mm Power Manufacturer AA size batteries x 2
This gorgeous little set is a perfect present for the girl on the go! A powerful, quiet mini vibe from ToyJoy which slips over your finger for discreet control whenever and wherever you want to use it! With two different soft jelly sleeves to choose from you have a smorgasbord of sensations quite literally at your fingertips.
Another wonderful decorative product form Spartacus, this clip is specially designed so that it can be worn as alluring body jewellery - but if you tighten it up just a little more it becomes pretty intense! Perfect for gentle bondage; you'll feel amazingly sexy wearing this beautiful creation - just be careful not to tighten it too much unless you're prepared for an intense experience!
Doc Johnson has teamed up with the girls from Vivid videos to release the sex toys that they designed! Lacies' vibrator is the ultimate in girly kitch, with soft jelly hearts up and down the shaft for extra stimulation. Completely waterproof and multispeed too, this is eight inches of vibrating ecstasy!
Loving Joy just keep adding to their amazing portfolio of products! Slide Lube is paraben free, water based, non-staining lube. Safe to use with condoms.
The Doc Johnson Classic Butt Plug is the original and the best! These butt plugs are made from soft non-toxic rubber and available in three different sizes. Fantastic value!
Have it your way with Gina's flexible vibrator! Cast from soft glitter jelly thermo plastic rubber in a pleasingly knobbled shape with ridges to stimulate vagina or anus, this clever vibrator also features an innovative flexible backbone - allowing you to position it however feels best for you to stimulate that elusive g-spot! Gina loves it, and so will you!
If it's anal that's your thing then slip into the Fleshjack Ice Butt Speed Bump for an exhilarating masturbation experience, the likes of which you cannot imagine till you try! Fleshjacks ARE the male equivalent to a rabbit! Don't be left behind, get yours today!
One of the best masturbators we have laid our hands on! No pun intended. Inviting, from Top Cat™ is made from sumptuous soft silicone rubber, moulded into a shapely woman holding her legs wide apart. Her venerable vagina is begging for you and her ample breasts are pointing skyward. Slip into her tight tunnel and feel the sensation of a series of large beads caressing your shaft. This truly is one of the best masturbators money can buy. Go on, treat yourself. WARNING!! Use of silicone based lubricants...
The xtreme pleasure vibe by Top cat™ is a high quality multi-speed vibrator with multi-function control and clit stimulator mounted on the shaft. The easy to use, integrated control unit is powered by 4 AA batteries and has dozens of different vibration, speed and rotation combinations. You will find all the old favourites and more at the touch of a button, pulse, escalate etc. The ‘bunny girl’ clit stimulator is positioned in just the right place to stimulate your most sensitive spot and the...
Passante unique condoms have been specially formulated to offer top quality protection for those who are allergic to the latex in common condoms. In a robustly packaged set of three, these special sheaths are completely odourless and will not cause irritation in either party. They offer greater sensitivity than the standard condom, and they're a generous 60mm wide. They are also safe to use with silicone or oil lubricants, unlike most latex condoms!
The classic butt plug! Another fine offering from the Doc Johnson Pretty and Pink range is this anal plug. Superior soft jelly rubber which means this plug is super soft to the touch yet firm enough to allow you to play hard without losing the fleshy feel of the real thing. Materials Size - Metric Thermo plastic rubber 120mm x 35mm Power Manufacturer None Required Doc Johnson
This toy is the Don of anal pleasure.. Made from silagel, latex free and antibacterial, the Ass Master is one amazing toy that will last a lifetime.. 4.5 inces at its widest... Can you take it?
This titillating two way treat is sure to set all eyes on you! Black Level PVC Pinstripe Skirt and Blouse set is a must for PVC lovers. Two way zipper at the back, laced bodice, pinstripes and cut out collar make this a set to really turn heads in.
One of our favourite products this year, Loving Joy offers a range of great value soft restraints for the beginner wanting to explore bondage in comfort. For those who are turned off by leather, chain and studs, these restraints are guaranteed to give you all the great feelings of restraint and light power play without compromising on comfort or sensuality. Made of neoprene, they won�t chafe or restrict circulation, and they are designed to look as sexy as they feel! This gentle wrist to waist...
Do you share a house or a bedroom with children, inlaws, or lightly-sleeping housemates? Ever got frustrated and wished that your vibrator wasn't so noisy and embarassing? We proudly present the answer - the Totally Silent Vibe! In a neat classic style with twist-and-go multi-speed vibrator, this vibe has been designed without all the rattling and humming that often accompanies a bit nocturnal fun - simply shut the door, lay back and enjoy the elegantly sculpted shaft in peace! Absolute bliss!
6.5 inches of black, hard, cock. The realistic dildo will give your partner pleanty to scream about.. Hold on, you're going for a ride...
So pretty and so, so hot! Make your finger into a vibrator and put that pulse exactly where you want it! Great for vibe virgins or a dinky present for your lady!
Hand made by Leather UK, this top quality leather sheath can be laces up around the shaft of the penis, whilst the adjustable strap buckles beneath your testicles, creating a very restrained feeling - perfect for domination and submission - it looks good too!
This titillating two way treat is sure to set all eyes on you! Black Level PVC Pinstripe Skirt and Blouse set is a must for PVC lovers. Two way zipper at the back, laced bodice, pinstripes and cut out collar make this a set to really turn heads in.
This is another outstanding product from Tantus. The soft silicone ball fits inside your mouth rather than forcing your mouth open wide, making it a lot more efficient at muffling sound and also a lot more comfortable for the wearer, as they can bite down on the ergonomically shaped pad. A leather strap across the front covers the mouth and helps prevent dribbing! Unlike some other products, the silicone "ball" is odourless and tasteless, and separates from the straps for easy cleaning. The soft...
The Jackmatic pump, by American manufacturer Nasstoys, is genuinely one of the best pumps we have seen for the price. With an eight inch long barrel and a special rubber seal at the base it's designed to be used one-handed; simply slip a bit of lube on, place over your penis, and squeeze the hand bulb to create a vacuum in the chamber. This will bring blood rushing to your penis, supercharging your erection to sizes and sensations you won't have felt before! When you've finished using the pump (we...
All of the Pure range of toys are specifically designed for greater indulgence, with smooth clean lines and pretty, ergonomic controllers. The Butterfly is made from pure Silicone, which is hypoallergenic and warms quickly to the touch, making it perfect for indulging your sensitive areas. The butterfly snuggles gently into your clitoris and vibrates subtly, lapping you to ecstasy! Select speeds from the easy to use hand controller, or pass it to your partner and let them surprise you!
If its a man who never argues with you and knows his place you want - look no further than the Natur...
Box of 100 black medical grade gloves perfect for a range of kinky fetish and Doctor/nurse roleplay ...
This sensual, super-stretchy masturbator is made from California Exotics two-toned Senso Material. Moulded in the shape of a pink pussy with a pair of hands holding the lips wide open. Features a heavily noduled passage to replicate the feel of the real thing, and comes with free lubricant. Materials Size - Metric senso rubber 150mm x 70mm Power Manufacturer None Required California Exotics
This titillating two way treat is sure to set all eyes on you! Black Level PVC Pinstripe Skirt and Blouse set is a must for PVC lovers. Two way zipper at the back, laced bodice, pinstripes and cut out collar make this a set to really turn heads in.
Materials Size - Metric plastic 175mm x 25mm Power Manufacturer AA size batteries x 2
Get ready for some horse play on your hen night with this pink and spangly cow girl hat!
Materials Size - Metric plastic 175mm x 25mm Power Manufacturer AA size batteries x 2
WOW! The amazing Neon Love Touch Egg with 9 phenomenal settings will drive you crazy! Gorgeous material and waterproof too!
Are you a gadget addict? Then The Cone vibrator is definitely the toy for you! By now we've all seen so many different styles of vibrator that we could be forgiven for becoming a little jaded - but when we saw the award-winning Cone vibrator, we all jumped for joy! This wonderful product has a great new approach to hands-free stimulation - just place it on the bed or floor (or against the wall if you're feeling adventurous!) and let it caress and wriggle you to orgasm! Made of soft, flexible silicone...
Ben wa balls, also known as Geisha balls, were discovered in Burma in the sixteenth century, where courtesans had been using them for hundreds of years to tone their pelvic floor muscles and provide amazing, tingling internal stimulation. Perfect to get yourself turned on for a big night out, for solo explorations, or simply to tone yourself up a little from the inside, these balls from California Exotics come in a string of not two, but four, for extra sensation! Tip: Try pulling them out of you...
Let yourself be tickeld Pink with these gorgeous personal lubricants. Pink Water is a designer lubricant which is water-based, glycerin free, and will not stain fabrics. It's fortified with Aloe Vera and is hypoallergenic - especially designed for womens' sensitive bits! Choose from a cute pump action bottle or a slinky little sachet to slip in your bag!
Black and pink combine perfectly with this beautiful transparent lacy mesh Exposed Merry Widow set! Floral patterned mesh bodice with criss cross detailing draws attention to your finest assets while matching pink bow trim to the shoulder straps and accompanying g-string complete the highlights. Perfect for the ultimate seduction.
Ultimate Bikini Playwear is a 2-piece bra and panty combo with strappy open bra and crotchless pants made from shiny, stretchy durable vinyl. Guaranteed to make you look hot and sexy! Materials Size - Metric vinyl one size fits most Power Manufacturer vinyl
For extra special sex, choose the Elite - ultra-fine, lubricated condoms that slip on so easily you won't feel like you're wearing one at all! Designed for heightened sensitivity, these condoms are made from top quality natural rubber latex, with a teat end and easy-on shape.
Another great product from our Hollywood sex specialists Doc Johnson – the mighty Man Handler – fifteen inches of stiff vinyl cock, styled realistically for added sensation, with a non-slip hilt for added control. Definitely not for the lily-livered!
These tasty new lubes just in from ID have a flavour to titillate even the most recalcitrant tastebud. With a gentle water and glycerine-based formula to be kind to your skin and stomach, these condom-safe lubes will add a definite tingle to the proceedings. What more encouragement do you need to lick each other senseless?! In a fun, vibrant design, each of these cute pump-action bottles contains a generous 3.8 oz of one of 9 seductive flavours: Lemon, Berry, Tangerine, Cherry, Kiwi, Watermelon,...
Really fun Bubble Gum condoms taste and smell GORGEOUS! Foil packaging makes them feel really look like bubble gum too! Enjoy!
This fantastic stimulator is a must for any couple! Worn around the base of the penis the Touchmagic Pussy Arouser has a knobbly clitoris stimulator that vibrates when light pressure is applied, and also includes a non-penetrating anal tickler for further stimulation. Totally cordless, and easy to wear. What a great little toy! Great Value!!! Materials Size - Metric Non toxic vinyl rubber 130mm x 30mm Power Manufacturer N size batteries x 1 Private Toys
Twist and turn, feel the whisper of silk ropes confining your wrists and ankles - Japanese silk is the ultimate bondage accessory! Kinky couples have been revelling in the tactile pleasures of this soft, sensual but unyielding rope for thousands of years, and we think it's time you got in on the fun too! This great value set contains a pretty black blindfold and two restraints, one each for wrists and ankles - let your imagination run riot!
Deluxe Bondage Mitts that keep their hands off and other things out of reach! For extreme bondage try these lace up Bondage Mitts, with securely fixed D ring topping each one to provide suspension possibilities too Combine with Shibari, other bondage and sensory deprivation (masks, hoods, blindfolds) to create an intense Fetish roleplay environment and give them the kinky session of their lives!
I Rub My Penguin is a super cute vibrating massager. Press his tummy and feel the powerful vibrations he brings. Make your way through the 3 vibration speeds and relieve your frustrations. Waterproof too so you can take your toy to the bath with you!
Try this wavy blue spiral glass dildo from Icicles for more chills and thrills than you dare to dream! Erotically inspired art, this beautiful glass piece will satisfy first aesthetically then intimately with each use, as it pleasures your private areas and gives you sensations before unheard of. Perfect for temperature play too as it can be both cooled down and warmed up for even more versatility and pleasure possibilities. Since this specially toughened, borosilicate glass is nonporous, cleanup...
If you're looking to furnish your boudoir with the ultimate accessories, or you're trying to find a gift for your partner, look no further! This cute pink kit form sex specialists Nasstoys has everything you need for a blissful night in with your beloved! The five inch waterproof, multispeed classic vibe is versatile enough to take anywhere with you, and combined with the the cute vibrating bullet on nipples or clitoris is enough to make you wriggle with joy! For couples sex, you have a choice of...
Why should you get a Fleshlight Pink Stealth Vortex? Because they are AMAZING - THAT'S WHY!! The new range of Fleshlights will have you gasping for breath as you feel the incredible sensations designed for the ultimate masturbation experience... GET IN!!!
Brutal Pink from Toyjoy is the range for the assertive girl who knows exactly what she wants! This sturdy, flattering harness is adjustable up to a size eighteen with the extra straps included and features a split crotch so you can pleasure yourself while you're seeing to your partner! If you've ever wondered what it would be like to make your partner writhe in ecstasy as you penetrate them over and over again with your sturdy cock, you're about to find out! The generous, ballsy dong vibrates strongly...
The Tenga Stepper is an amazing feeling that no man should miss out on. The Stepper is lined with tight ridges to make it feel like you are pushing your way home over and ever again with every stroke! Use with a condom for maximum use!
Anal play is one of those things best prepared for and the Vulcanite Anal Douche takes the pain out of that for you. An easy to use, squeezy bulb and detachable head make this easy to clean and very easy to use. Simply compress the bulb in the liquid of your choice, insert into the area and empty until no longer required. This can also be used to placing a generous amount of lube into this area... *we think its best!*
This silicone rubber ring will take you to the heights of Xstacy! Action 1 - Slip the middle ring over the base of your penis and the lower ring over your scrotum, for a snug experience preventing blood from leaving the penis and keeping your erection stronger for longer. The large spiky pouch should be sitting on top of your penis. Action 2 - Insert the wireless vibrating microbullet into the spiky pouch. Enjoy feeling the vibrations shudder through the base of your penis. Action 3 - Make love to...
Femme Fatale 2-piece Garter Bustier and G-String in Leopard print and black lacy trim.
Make a dramatic impact with these contour enhancing briefs. Ultra comfortable too!
The cheaper end of the handcuff market, more for play than for the serious sub/dom enthusiast. Features light duty locks and quick release lever.
Sometimes, you want a condom you can rely on! Durex Top Safe is especially designed to be strong and flexible, and spermicidally lubricated to guard against pregnancy and STDs. Available in packs of 3, 12, or 20!
Red Hot Seductive 2-piece mesh triangle bra with satin bow, and mesh tu tu skirt.
Soraya is the world's most beautiful dual-action vibrator, offering multiple pleasures in a sleek and seductive package. Its smooth exterior features individual motors in each pleasure point, and a flexible stimulator that adapts to fit you. Soraya is designed to awaken your every desire and satisfy you fully inside and out. The gently curving slope fits the shape of a woman perfectly, deeply teasing you inside and out to a state of relaxed attentiveness that will pave your way to spectacular orgasms...
Super sexy, skin tight, mega hot latex! These shorts leave nothing to the imagination and make the wearer a most wanted piece of totty!
The Double Pring Clitoral Stimulator is a must for you if you love clit action! Entirely waterproof, this uniquely shaped toy will deliver amazing sensations to your clit through the jelly style nubs. With 4 modes of vibration controlled through the hand held controller, your clit will be powerfully pleasured each time.
More fun and better erections with quality latex condoms and added erection ring. Apply the condom as usual and put on the stretchy erection ring over the root of your penis to achieve a better and longer lasting erection. The ring is enhanced with small beads, which gently rub the clitoris during intercourse, providing extra stimulation for your partner. The ring can be washed after use, stored in a dry place away from the light and re-used again and again, with either Secura, or any other condoms...
Japanese Silk Rope ankle cuffs are the perfect ankle restraints for those new to bondage. Silky soft but very strong these fully adjustable cuffs provide just enough restraint regardless of your size with no chaffing. Bondage tip booklet included FREE Get the shibari look!
Making G Spot exploration easy! The Perfect G Explorer not only has a soft curved tip it has a shiny rippled shaft for pure penetrative bliss. Powerful multi-speed vibrations are controlled with the twist base knob meaning its really easy to control. Waterproof too for fun in the bath and shower.
Toy Joy has hit the jackpot again with this beautifully crafted dong. Realistically sculpted with a pert head and a nice big set of balls so that you can use it in a ring style harness if necessary, the Ruffboi is made of soft pink jelly rubber for great sensations. At seven inches long it is satisfying, but not frighteningly large, and it comes with a suction cup so that you can use it hands-free!
Perfect for spanking, this small paddle from Leather UK is handmade to the highest quality and should last a lifetime! Bend your partner over your knee and give them a good seeing to!
Made of thermoplastic rubber, these brilliantly firm cock rings from Colt will keep you hard as nails for as long as you want. Use as a combination or individually.
We're proud to present Swiss Navy's new luscious flavoured lubes - in a choice of Strawberry Kiwi, Wild Cherry, Passion Fruit and Pina Colada in generous 4oz bottles, there is something to set everybodies' tastebuds tingling! Swiss Navy is one of the world leading brands of lube - for cleanliness, reliability and an unbeatable slick sensation, these water-based lubes can't be beaten! Hypoallergenic and non-staining, with an ergonomic one-hand operated pump action top these are the lubes to use!
If you love vaginas, then Lela is your girl� We captured Lela's famously puffy pussy at its most excited state. Lela Star, Club Jenna�s contract girl, cannot keep her hands away from that cream puff and neither will you. Warm, wide open and inviting, Lela's pussy is made of Doc Johnson's world famous UR3 - A TPE rubber that has the ultimate feel of a real woman. And with the inclusion of our exclusive Sil-A-Gel, you get the added benefit of an Anti-Bacterial ingredient to make your toy as safe...
Every hen should have a garter on her hen night. This one says 'Bad Girl'
Keep their paws off, guaranteed, with these Kinklab Leather Bondage Mittens! With lace up sides and D rings for suspension possibilities, these Bondage Mittens will add a whole range of potential fetish fun to your playtime activities. In soft sumptuous yet strong leather for that authentic kinky experience.
ToyJoy are well known for taking a good idea and making it even better, and that is exactly what they've done with this gorgeous butterfly pussy pump! Most of the clitoral pumps you can buy look a bit clinical and scary, but not this little chap! Simply nuzzle the soft jelly butterfly into your vagina and use the hand bulb to creat a gentle vacuum, pulling more blood into your clitoris and labia for an amazingly horny sensation. Complete with his own vibrating bullet, this little guy will take you...
Just when you wondered how much hotter they could latex, they Sharon Sloane came out with the Open Crutch Pantie. These babies are open all the way.. you will be able to dive into either of your zones with ease..
Designed for women by women, and manufactured by California Exotics, the Hummer is a great toy, ergonomically designed to tease and tantalise the places that other vibrators can't reach. With a specially designed tip, the hummer nestles into your clitoris to probe and deliver vibrations where you need them most - or turn it around and use to probe your g-spot for intense toe curling orgasms! The special motor gyrates rather than circulates, making it much quieter and giving a more focussed vibration...
Get Tantric pleasure the Vibe Therapy way.. with this gorgeous Tantric Silicone Vibrator! 7 powerful functions combine with the soft allure of 100% medical grade silicone. Waterproof too so why not add to your bathtime fun? Discreet and luxurious.
For those of you who love nothing more than the realistic sensation of warmth in your back passage, this is definitely the toy for you. Described as the "Ultimate Back Door Delight", the toy is easy to use - gently use the pump to fill the hygienically superior anal bulb with warm water, then set the vibrator using the multi speed control unit and when you're ready, use the bulb to squeeze the water out, lasciviously lapping at your insides. Really this has to be experienced to be believed!
This gorgeous little toy is a godsend for couples! The Ring of Venus from ToyJoy is a cute little vibrating cockring which can make a massive difference to your lovemaking! The soft stretchy silicone ring fits around the base of his penis, keeping his erection rock hard and sensitising the tip for extra fun - and the wireless vibrating bullet slips into the top to pleasure her clitoris with every stroke! The perfect gift or stocking filler for your beloved!
Materials Size - Metric plastic 175mm x 25mm Power Manufacturer AA size batteries x 2
Here is yet another wonderfully crafted dildo from The House Of Eros. Hand made and sensually smooth with three delightful ripples to give you ultimate pleasure how ever you choose to use it. All the dildos in this collection have an average size of 30cm in length and 4cm in diameter. They also come with care instructions.
The Pleasure Orb Massager delivers intense yet discreet vibrations wherever you want them! Its unique design and look means you can even leave it out of the toybox and close to hand, with noone guessing its true purpose. This waterproof massager has 4 soft oscillating pleasure nubs to the top, for added stimulation. Simple touch button control to the base.
The enchanting Incantation Vibrator from Vibe Therapy has a deliciously curved shaft and 7 powerful functions to thrill you every time! Made from 100% medical grade silicone and entirely waterproof, this luxurious vibe is one that you definitely need in your collection.
Wow… Are you looking for a new experience in toys? If so, look no further! The Multi Ripple Stimulator is just the ticket to give you the ride of a lifetime! Stimulating every part you could want… who needs a man!?
The Ultra Fit is a great harness for first time users, whether you're into girl-on girl action or if you're in the mind to give your boyfriend a good seeing to! This is one of our best value harnesses - as well as a soft jelly five and a half inch dong, the comfortable body includes a vibrating bullet set in exactly trhe right place to stimulate your clitoris - so every time you thrust you get a thrill! Adjusts with velcro fasteners from waist size 28 inches to 36 inches.
Isn’t it time you enjoyed the feel of Soft Touch rubber? Many say actually better than the real thing! This great realistic dong comes complete with a realistic head and balls and features full multi-speed vibrations. Constructed from California Exotics legendary skin, Soft Touch. Materials Size - Metric soft touch rubber 175mm x 45mm Power Manufacturer AA size batteries x 2 California Exotics
This beautiful, stylised dong from Toy Joy is quite literally HUGE. It's not so much the eight and a half centimetres of sleek, soft pink shaft, but the two inch diameter that will get you! Perfect for those who are hard to please and like their men bigger than life - don't be surprised if your eyes water!
An amazing dildo, shaped to really hit the spot. Made from silicone, dishwasher safe, platinum based, non porous and phthalate free, this dildo is a bargain and a toy that will stand the test of time.
This gorgeous little plug is made out of the softest pink jelly, and has voluptuous ridges along the shaft for maximum stimulatoin.. With an extra-wide base to prevent accidents, you can use it hands free, rocking seated or during intercourse, to maximise sensations. At only five inches long and one inch wide, it is perfect for anal virgins - just slip a drop of lube onto it and slide it effortlessly into your passage for gorgeous sensations.
The Little Lady Finger from Loving Joy is small but oh so powerful! It's velvety smooth shaft has slight ribs and a smooth angled head for sensual stimulation. Petite and discreet pop it in your handbag for instant pleasure. Tickle and tease your erogenous zones or use internally for mind super orgasms. The on/off switch at the base makes control easy.
Materials Size - Metric plastic 175mm x 25mm Power Manufacturer AA size batteries x 2
Handmade by our bondage specialists Leather UK Ltd, these restraints are dainty enough to be used on the most cautious of subjects. Lined with soft, brushed suede, the cuffs are fully adjustable by means of an outside buckle, and feature attractive stud details. The coated chain links them together by means of shiny steel D-rings which offer plenty of scope to be used with ropes and other clip-on restraints. The ideal combination of comfort and kink! (collar not included)
Who said having fun in the shower was difficult? Cos' it's not anymore! The Shower Thrusting Butterfly sticks the wall, tiles, bath, floor, in fact any clean smooth surface to give you unrivaled vaginal thrusting and clit teasing. Amazing and easy to control, get some hot, wet fun ASAP!
This gorgeously shaped Nature Skin Butt Plug is so comfortable and sexy when it's inside you. Nature Skin is a fantastic material - life like, soft but firm and feels amazing on your skin. So real and so so HOT!!
Fine fare for grown up parties, or the perfect stocking filler or stag party gift, these tasty fruity Jelly Boobs are fun to nibble on! Unlike some other adult themed sweets we've seen, these are made by luxury edible toymakers Spencer and Fleetwood Ltd, who produce reliably luscious sweets for any occasion.
The intimate lubricant for intimate moments. Ideal for use with all dolls, enlargers, artificial vaginas or as a general lubricant for more satisfying sex. Materials Size - Metric 50ml Power Manufacturer
If you've ever wanted to have a porn star in your pocket ready to play night and day, then Alexa is the girl for you! Lovingly moulded from her actual pussy and hand coloured for added realism, this soft little pussy fits neatly into your hand and feels just like the real thing! If you need any extra stimulation, the interior passage is noduled and there is a multi-speed vibrating bullet enclosed to make her twist and clench realistically around you!
Add the finishing touch to your look with these classic black sheer nylon stockings, a must for your wardrobe. Try with our Garter and G-string (N2936) for an eyecatching ensemble!
When you slip inside this masturbator you'll experience the amazing sensations of the raised ridges inside. Made from UR3 material it delivers an incredibly lifelike feel. Designed to fit in the palm of your hand.
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