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This Doc Johnson Summer Pansy Vibe is sure to make you smile. It is waterproof, flexible and covered in pleasureable flower shaped nubs. It has a multispeed non slip dial control at base and is also phthalate free!
The Rocks Off Groovy Chick is a comfortable, body aware clitoral and G-Spot massager for the girl who wants it all. Featuring the powerful vibrations of the Ammunition for Love bullet, this waterproof Groovy Chick will nestle you perfectly, bring you to pleasure time and time again. Controlled by a one-touch, easy to use button at the base of the removable bullet, this versatile massager is one toy you won't want to be without. Battery Included
Materials Size - Metric plastic 175mm x 25mm Power Manufacturer AA size batteries x 2
Wonderful for solitary explorations or to show off in front of a partner - these clamps are fully adjustable so you can wear them as a painless decoration, adorning your breasts and drawing attention to your nipples - or tighten them up for a sensation that will make you gasp! Perfect for light bondage if you're in to that sort of thing, these clamps are also gentle enough to be worn for light stimulation.
Lucid Dreams by Hollywood Sex specialists Doc Johnson is a luxury range of vibes created to provoke a series of different sensations. Each dream is a hundred percent waterproof and precision engineered to be very, very quiet. No 60 is designed from soft jelly rubber to probe and tease your g-spot; it also provides amazing clitoral stimulation if you rest the tip of the probe gently on your clitoris. Unlike other G-spot vibes, the No 60 has its' vibrating bullet positioned near the top of the vibe...
Long Boy is a 10 inch realistic dildo with balls that feels as good as it looks. For those that like their toys a little bigger, this dildo is sure to satisfy. Made from 100% Phthalate and latex free American -made rubber that is hypo-allergenic and environmentally safe too. Available in three colours.
Nipples are often overlooked as an erogenous zone, but properly stimulated they can drive you wild with lust! These cute nipple clamps feature an adjustable screw, so you can have them painfully tight or gently stimulating, and they have multi speed vibrators controlled via the wired remote.. perfect if you want to involve your partner!
For the man who has tried everything, we have a little treat in store for you! TENGA is a range of amazingly low-priced designer masturbators, concentrating on engineering and style over the cheap effects that some other manufacturers use. All TENGA toys are made of 100% medical grade silicone, which makes them hypoallergenic and long lasting, and the internal structure has been carefully honed to offer a range of amazing sensations you'll never have experienced before! At this price you could collect...
The CB-6000s chastity device has been designed with the smaller man in mind. This device allows you to control your orgasm or alternatively hand the key over to someone else to control it for you! For distance play why not try some numbered tags? (available separately) Perfect for the internationally popular fetish that is Chastity, this device will appeal to all with that internal desire to have their pleasure controlled.
Smiley face condoms are really great fun. Enjoy the dots and well lubricated johnnys and keep safe at the same time.
Shower hand cuffs give you the ultimate freedom to play! Or not as the case may be! ha! Stick to your shower wall to feel trust up and actually safe! Get into wet sexy play like never before!
The Doc Johnson Classic Butt Plug is the original and the best! These butt plugs are made from soft non-toxic rubber and available in three different sizes. Fantastic value!
The Fleshlight Pink Stealth Original is one of the best toys a boy can have. The Stealth is amazing inside and gives a really life like feel due to the material it's made of. Designed to mimic penetrative sex and easily heated by running under a hot tap, add some lube and this baby will really feel like the real deal. Get yours today and join the male masturbator revolution!
The Tenga Wave is more than a rip curl! Seriously fun, crack yours open today and give your manhood the treat it deserves!
This titillating two way treat is sure to set all eyes on you! Black Level PVC Pinstripe Skirt and Blouse set is a must for PVC lovers. Two way zipper at the back, laced bodice, pinstripes and cut out collar make this a set to really turn heads in.
Black Level PVC Soft Boots are perfect for those of you with a PVC partiality. Tie up tops and lateral zips mean these are easy to get into whilst being soft and comfortable to wear.
More fun and better erections with quality latex condoms and added erection ring. Apply the condom as usual and put on the stretchy erection ring over the root of your penis to achieve a better and longer lasting erection. The ring is enhanced with small beads, which gently rub the clitoris during intercourse, providing extra stimulation for your partner. The ring can be washed after use, stored in a dry place away from the light and re-used again and again, with either Secura, or any other condoms...
Materials Size - Metric plastic 175mm x 25mm Power Manufacturer AA size batteries x 2
Toy Joy have often surprised us with their innovative new toys and the Lady Lambada is no exception - here is a vibrator which will set your toes a dancing like no other! What really sets the Lady Lambada apart is her actual plastic vertebra running down the centre, allowing you to position her in any way you like - thie plastic also delivers her powerful vibrations right through to the tip! Perfect for gspot exploration! The Lady Lambada is also completely waterproof, ideal for solo fun in the shower...
Amazing! See how big your butt can get! Pop it in and pump it up! The Colt Expandable Butt Plug will leave you completely satisfied and totally full up! See how much you can take!
The Romping Rabbit can't wait to be taken into bed with you and show you what he can do! Simply use the ergonomic slide controls to put him through his paces, controlling the rotating shaft, sumptuous squirmy pearls, and powerful clitoral stimulator - the Romping Rabbit lives to please!
Get this beautiful Icicles Rose Bump & Swirl Duo glass dildo for pleasurable sensations as you feel it glide in and out! Decorated with raised pink areas and finished with a bulbous tip, this is a glass dildo you will reach for time and again.
This gorgeous smooth dong is firm yet flexible and perfect for those that like it big! It is also latex free, hypo allergenic, free from phthalates and environmentally friendly! It has a flared base too so it can be used with a harness.
This leather Lust Enchantress set is sure to leave your lover completely under your spell! Strappy with stud edge detail and connecting O rings to the halter neck make this outfit revealing, showing your partner your best assets and framing your delicious curves in the most erotic way.
This great quality 8 inch cock from Doc Johnson feels just great - lovingly sculpted from firm, hard PVC, it features a cheeky pink head and realistic, hand coloured veins. At eight inches of fully insertable shaft, this is enough to satisfy anyone! Part of the state-of-the-art Vac-u-lock system, this dong can by used with a selection of top quality harnesses, the EZ rider ball, or even attached to a similar dong to creat a custom double-ender for you and your girlfriend to enjoy! Simply type "vac...
The Jumbo certainly lives up to its name - it's an absolutely MASSIVE realistic vibrator which will leave you feeling completely filled! For those of us who love the sensations that only the really big can bring, the Jumbo is THREE INCHES in diameter (measure it out!) and a WHOLE FOOT LONG. Use with plenty of lube for mind blowing sensations, but gentlemen - better ask before you buy for a partner or you might get a slap! Features a classic multi-speed "twist and Go" controller on the base.
What a great idea! If you've ever wondered about the sensations of double penetration but you've not felt comfortable allowing a third party into your sex life, how about pimping up your boyfriends penis so that he can satisfy you both ways all by himself! The Stimulator features a sturdy silicone cock ring (this also has benefits in increasing the strength of his erection) on which is mounted on one size a cold steel bullet which vibrates tantalisingly against the clitoris and penis with every stroke...
Another great product from Doc Johnson of Hollywood, this no-nonsense jelly protects and lubricates with the best, and can be used safely for any sex games, although it is particularly designed for anal play. Non-sticky and non-perfumed and so highly unlikely to cause irritation, this petroleum jelly based lube contains an agents which slightly desensitised the area it is applied to � ideal for helping you relax and enjoy! Comes in a generous 2oz tub for many, many applications.
This is a well made prostate and perinium stimulator by the famous brand Rocks Off. The bulbous beads are perfect for anal play and the vibrating bullet is the Ammunition for love which is famous for its power. The cheeky boy is a hands free prostate stimulator that is completely waterproof. Battery Included
Materials Size - Metric plastic 175mm x 25mm Power Manufacturer AA size batteries x 2
A foot and a half of sheer bliss! Made of Topcos soft, jewel like jel-lee rubber, this dildo is firm enough to satisfy the most demanding couple, but can be bent back on itself for private amusement if you like being filled both ways! With a protion of free lubricant to get you started, this is one of our most popular double enders and you'll soon see why!
The Monkey Spanker made huge waves in the sex toys industry when it first became available last year - the innovative design is like nothing we've ever seen before! Now you can enjoy the amazing sensations of the Spanker in a sleek black - discreet enough to leave lying around in your bedroom, the Monkey Spanker has a soft silicone seal which fits over your penis - add a drop of lube and turn on the vibrating bullet for the best hand-job in town! With a sucking, stimulating sensation much like a...
Materials Size - Metric plastic 175mm x 25mm Power Manufacturer AA size batteries x 2
Deluxe Bondage Mitts that keep their hands off and other things out of reach! For extreme bondage try these lace up Bondage Mitts, with securely fixed D ring topping each one to provide suspension possibilities too Combine with Shibari, other bondage and sensory deprivation (masks, hoods, blindfolds) to create an intense Fetish roleplay environment and give them the kinky session of their lives!
Indulge in this breathable bit gag from Fetish Fantasy to make yur kinky fantasies come to life! Fits securely in your partner's mouth and fastens with a buckled strap behind the head. Safe plastic 'bit' part of the gag with comfortable,safe and hygienic breathing holes. Comes with a FREE blindfold too!
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This gorgeous little plug is made out of the softest pink jelly, and has voluptuous ridges along the...
Doc Johnson have been making sex toys for the last Thirty Years and have been responsible for some of the greatest innovations in the market - and this is no exception! The Horny Lover - perfect for girl on girl or girl on boy penetration, is a luscious vibrating dildo which for the first time allows both partners to experience the penetration simaultaneously! Insert on of the probes into your own vagina and use the other to penetrate your partner so you can both enjoy the powerful vibrations! Almost...
A fabulous, easy fit, flouncy Hen Party tutu to add flirty fun to every Hen Party. Adjustable waist to fit most.
A beautifully put together package - the Sutra 7 Silicone Swirl is the type of gift every girl wants. Amazing, stimulating settings, with a curved shape for added ease and G spot exploration make this toy a must have for the discerning lady.
The Fetish Fantasy Bondage Belt System is one exciting kit to experiment with! The kit comes with a bondage waist belt, adjustable under mattress restraint strap, ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, 4 tethers and a FREE satin love mask. Made from woven nylon and heavy duty metal clips, this kit fits up to a king size bed and the belt will adjust to 40"! Strong, durable and really, the sky's the limit position wise! See what you can come up with! Your partner won't be able to escape so, get stuck in!
Put yourself in a compromising position with this gorgeous high quality Hog-tie set. Secure and bulky enough to satisfy the most serious bondage afficionado, it's also simple to use; the nylon webbing can be adjusted to accomodate all sizes and levels of flexibility and the strong metal clips can be quickly released. You'll never feel so vulnerable to your lovers' whim as hogtied on the floor in front of them!
Our Loving Joy range of Soft Bondage restraints hold you snug and secure with no nasty chafing - perfect for those exploring kink for the first time. These wrist to thigh restraints look and feel amazing - they'll help you instantly get into a submissive mood! These comfortable restraints are designed to hold you gently in classical positions - the soft nylon webbing is strong but incredibly comfortable and the cuffs are lined for added comfort and opened with velcro for a quick release.
If you're raring to try out anal sex, but are understandably a little nervous about whether or not it will hurt, then this cherry flavoured numbing gel is for you! Apply a pea-sized amount to the area a few minutes before you start, use plenty of lube, and you'll have one of the most pleasant experiences ever! Bear in mind that you will still need to be gentle and use lots of lube if you're a beginner!
Feel the orgasms flow... with the Samsara Silicone G-Spot Vibrator from Vibe Therapy. This gorgeous, luxury vibe has 7 powerful yet discreet functions and is entirely waterproof for even greater versatility. Made from 100% medical grade silicone, the vibrator feels sumptuously soft to use and warms to the skin.
Materials Size - Metric plastic 175mm x 25mm Power Manufacturer AA size batteries x 2
The side mounted stainless steel blades shave as close as a wet blade in one easy stroke, thus avoiding rashes and irritation. The slim design means the shaver can get into all those awkward spots and makes the shaver easy to control allowing you to create any design you wish. Highly recommended! Materials Size - Metric plastic/stainless steel 160mm x 20mm Power Manufacturer AA size batteries x Private
Take this gorgeously soft, curvy vibe to bed with you for sweet dreams every time! The stunning good looks conceal a powerful vibe with four mindblowing functions - seven inches of rippled heaven just waiting for you to take it home with you! It's also completely waterproof so you can use it anywhere you like!
This innovative device stimulates you in every possible way, for juddering orgasms every time. The Anal Invader is a latex butt plug with a difference! For a start, it comes with a stretchy cock harness, attached under the perineum and worn around the penis and balls to aid and sustain erection - used together the two can drive you to the brink time after time without letting up as the butt plug stimulates the prostate - and every time you move the butt plug, it tugs on the cock harness to stimulate...
For the ultimate in hypoallergenic, sumptious lube, go for Geisha Premium Water Based. This lube really does the trick and stays as wet as you need it to, for as long as you want!
You may never want to leave the house again! Perfect for gentlemen who like to lay back and take it easy, whether you've got problems preventing you from masturbating effectively, or you just like to be lazy, the Robo Suck is one of the next generation of masturbators and it does absolutely everything for you! With adjustable speed and stroke angle, you'll be able to set it up just right, slip it on, and enjoy all the amazing sensations of a blowjob without moving a muscle. We recommend using a condom...
A single Penis Gag crafted from body safe rubber and fastens with comfortable, quality leather and a buckle fastening behind the head. The dildo is fully removable for easy cleaning and hygiene. Ideal for a range of Domination, fetish, kinky and erotic humiliation scenes.
If you've ever watched porn films and wondered what it would feel like to have a ridiculously massive member to satisfy your partner with, here is your chance to find out! Slip your penis inside the soft, stretchy extension - the constriction feels amazing and will help to keep your erection - and then watch as your partner moans and twists with every thrust! The Extension will add an extra inch to the length of your penis, and considerable girht - the soft cyberskin rubber feels almost like the...
Wow! The Tenga Spider is sensational! Gorgeous design inside to give you a seriously good hand job like no other! Tangled ridges that are shaped like a web inside will feel amazing on your shaft and the complete sealed end of the tenga really makes it feel like you're hitting her big time... enjoy!
Turbo Tongue is in a league of its' own and does exactly what it says on the box, it licks its way to your orgasm. You'll never have felt anything like this before! Lube it up and let yourself be tantalised by waves of pleasure!
10 beads of wonder! Insert into the anus and withdraw either slowly or quickly for an explosive orgasm. Materials Size - Metric Latex rubber 310mm x 25mm - 8mm Power Manufacturer None Required California Exotics
Materials Size - Metric plastic 175mm x 25mm Power Manufacturer AA size batteries x 2
Materials Size - Metric plastic 175mm x 25mm Power Manufacturer AA size batteries x 2
Just when you wondered how much hotter they could latex, they Sharon Sloane came out with the Open Crutch Pantie. These babies are open all the way.. you will be able to dive into either of your zones with ease..
Perfect for your pocket or makeup case, this beautifully designed little vibrator looks like an innocent little toy - until you feel it in action! Billed as "The most sensuous mini vibe the world has ever seen!", this little vibe is four inches of pulsating pleasure. Powered by a single AA battery, you'll always have access to this little chap when you need him!
The Bride to Be is sure to stand out from the crowd with these pink and fluffy head boppers.
Not just for swingers! If you've ever fancied starring in your own flying sex show then you definitely need the Fantasy Sex Swing. Easy to install and capable of supporting 350lb, you can adjust this amazingly adaptable toy to support dozens of different positions. You don't have to be super-flexible to enjoy the swing - in fact, it makes standing up sex feasible for those of us who find it difficult normally and allows you to explore your partners' body from hitherto unimagined angles! With soft...
Pink Ribbed Finger Probe to tease you just where you like it! Slip your finger into the loop then push the button at the base to control just how and where you get your stimulation. With a rippled shaft this toy is excellent for all your erogenous zones but especially for clitoral play. Waterproof too for even greater versatility.
The Tenga Soft Rolling Head is designed to give you the feeling that you are getting the best head ever! The two opposing realistic internal feelings of the nodules, bumps and ridges give intense pleasure and custom-fit stimulation! Change the intensity with the peel off air seal. Feel amazing suction and superb pressure!
For the submissive with style, Spartacus has produced a great range of hand-tooled luxury soft leather accessories suitable for the novice or the experienced kink! This ball gag looks amazing on - the ball is small enough to fit comfortably into any moth and the strap is adjustable for an individual fit. Ball gags have never looked so good!
Pleasure pearls are used during foreplay or masturbation and can greatly enhance orgasms. The small but heavily weighted balls are inserted and will move freely inside the vagina. Using your muscles you can manipulate the balls while stimulating the clitoris at the same time. Finished in a lacquered peal finish and supplied in a pretty clam style storage case. Materials Size - Metric plastic 20mm x 20mm Power Manufacturer California exotics
Fun is the order of the day with the Black Jack sex doll. Comes with detachable 11" vibrating, multi-speed dong, real hair, 2 holes to penetrate and life size once inflated.
If you're a sensitive kind of guy and you like to be able to enjoy all the stimulations of penetration without your condom getting in the way, then these super-fine pasante sheaths are for you. At 180mm long and 53mm wide, they're generous and super-thin, covered with a non-spermicidal lube for your added comfort.
The Fleshjack Ice Closet Original is amazing boys! Fleshlights are the No.1 Best selling male toy in the world and this is why! Amazing lifelike material, soft and warms to the touch, perfect shaped canals for ultimate real feel, easily cleaned, long lasting, discreet, need I go on? For those of you who are not sure which opening you fancy looking up at you, the Closet is the one for you. A simple slit in the top allows you to submerge yourself inside and let the imagination run riot. Join the male...
Make your fetish fun that bit more flexible with these chain extenders made by House Of Eros. They can help you adjust positions, heights or attatch your partner in a different way. You can buy them in either 25cm or 50cm lengths. They attach using simple karabiners clips at each end giving you ultimate conrtol. Please note that the House of Eros range is made to order, therefore please allow up to 28 days for delivery.
How many of us have secretly always wanted to experience anal penetration from our girlfriends but shied away from the huge dongs we see on harnesses for sale everywhere? "But surely that would hurt..?" we ask ourselves! This beautifully designed little harness from Mantric is thoughtfully manufactured to allay your fears! The soft, silicone probe is not much larger than a finger - use plenty of lube and you'll get all the prostate-tingling sensations with none of the effort! The little velvet and...
Make sure you kit out your BDSM session room or dungeon properly, with this heavy duty suspension bar from House of Eros! This bar is capable of lifting weights up to 15 stone (95Kg) and has three welded rod anchor points made from 40x20mm steel and is fitted with plastic end caps. Fix to a suitable mounting point and enjoy hoisting up your controlled submissive before indulging in Dominant dungeon delights! 45cm, 60cm or 90cm bars available
Jessica's Tight Ass Stroker is one hell of a ride! Check out the shape of her, she's got one well put together ass! Clear so you can watch your cock disappear inside and feel the ripples that she's gonna give you!
The Junior double dong - ideal for the smaller girl - soft, yielding jewel-like jelly rubber and a choice of two slim sizes with a beautifully sculpted realistic head - this is the ideal double ender for explorations with your girlfriend! Will bend right in two for solitary adventures as well!
Ultimate Bikini Playwear is a 2-piece bra and panty combo with strappy open bra and crotchless pants made from shiny, stretchy durable vinyl. Guaranteed to make you look hot and sexy! Materials Size - Metric vinyl one size fits most Power Manufacturer vinyl
The king of all lubricants! Silicone lubes retain their lubricating better and longer than water based lubricants and are highly concentrated so a little goes a very long way. Perfect for massage and as they are not water based will even work under water making them ideal for use in the bath, shower or hot tub etc. ID Millennium is a 100% pure grade silicone lubricant. Remember, do not use a silicone lube with any silicone toys! Materials Size - Metric 240g Power Manufacturer
Spanish Fly has long been a legendary aphrodisiac and for good reason. Just a few drops will make him or her feel very, very horny. Genitals literally tingle with anticipation and the only cure is SEX! NOW AVAILABLE in tablet form too!! Materials Size - Metric 10ml Power Manufacturer
Take your toys to the water with the Bathtime Buddies range from Loving Joy. The Buzzing Butterfly is a gorgeous jelly vibrator with wings that wrap around you and antennas that probe and tease your clitoris. This vibrator is completely waterproof and has a hang tie so you can hang it up to dry when you're finished. Spread your wings and let the Buzzing Butterfly take you where you want to go. Turn the base to experience its multi speeds.
The Plunger Penis Pump does exactly what it says on the box! With an easy-to-use plunger system, you'll be able to get very powerful vacuums with hardly any trouble! Simply put a little lube on your shaft to create a comfortable seal and protect your skin, the place the generous eight inch chamber over your penis and use the plunger to remove the air from the chamber. The vacuum will draw blood into the penis, giving you the biggest erection you've ever seen! You can either train your penis, by leaving...
What would we do without modern technology?! This cute five inch buttplug looks quite innocent at first glance - slim, soft and attractively proportioned, with a wide base, it looks as if it might be fun for a spot of solo use - but actually it comes with a wireless remote, which can be clipped onto the base for safekeeping. This remote can control powerful vibrations up to seven metres away, and through walls and doors! Imagine the fun you could have with your partner...
The Sunny Tickler Waterproof Vibe is designed to look like a flower, for your flower! This discreet little vibe is super powerful and super quiet! Waterproof too and comes with free battery and stand. Made from 100% silicone, this will feel amazing all over your body.
Choose a 2, 4, 6 or 10 oz weight and attach to your choice of nipple clamp, ball stretcher or other device using the easy fit snap clip to the top. Perfect for a variety of kinky and erotic stimulation adventures!
Wow… Are you looking for a new experience in toys? If so, look no further! The Multi Ripple Stimulator is just the ticket to give you the ride of a lifetime! Stimulating every part you could want… who needs a man!?
If it's anal that's your thing then slip into the Fleshjack Ice Butt Speed Bump for an exhilarating masturbation experience, the likes of which you cannot imagine till you try! Fleshjacks ARE the male equivalent to a rabbit! Don't be left behind, get yours today!
Choose a 2, 4, 6 or 10 oz weight and attach to your choice of nipple clamp, ball stretcher or other device using the easy fit snap clip to the top. Perfect for a variety of kinky and erotic stimulation adventures!
Treat yourself to something a little special! The new silicone based lubricant from Swede uses an inovative siliscon suspension to provide unprecedented lubrication - pH balanced and free from parabens and glycerol, this lube does not dry out - so you only need a tiny bit - and it can also be used underwater! Colour, scent and flavour free, you'll hardly know you're using lube at all - just a tiny drop will keep you both slippery for hours. Be careful when using with silicone jelly toys - we recommend...
For years, the only glass dongs available were hugely expensive, available only to porn stars and the kinky rich - now, we are able to offer you the same high quality hand sculpted products, each slightly different from its' neighbour, at an affordable price! The Crystal Pacifier is seven inches of sleek pyrex, tilted at the tip to tickle your g-spot or prostate, with an integral hoop to prevent accidents with anal play, or just to hang in your cupboard! Each dong is made of seamless, strong pyrex...
Gorgeous purple PVC sheet that will transform any bed or playtime area into a playing field where you can let your imagination wander... Ideal for many types of sensual, erotic play, food sex, kinky medical scenes, potions and lotions and much more. Slippery shiny fetish? This sheet is perfect for you! Completely washable too.
When silence is bliss. The Ball Gag Training System is a 3 way system that is great for beginners. Start small and work your way up to big. The non toxic plastic balls have holes to make breathing easy and the leather strap is adjustable to fit most sizes.
If it's a gorgeous star shaped rim your after penetrating, look no further. The Fleshlight Pink Butt Super Ribbed is the master of anal masturbators. Looks and feels like the real deal and will have your manhood fooled so you really can let your imagination run away with you. Indulge in that fantasy and never fear that your secret will be revealed! It's far too well hidden in it's torch! Get yours today and join the male sextoy revolution!
These great Dinky Beads are traditional Thai Anal Beads with a modern twist. Made from thermo plastic rubber with a soft jelly like feel and comes complete with a waterproof, one touch-vibrating bullet. Can be used in the shower or bath, great for sensual massage or when used on any erogenous zone. Materials Size - Metric Thermo plastic Rubber 200mm x 25mm (widest) Power Manufacturer L1154 Cell size batteries x 3
If you've heard about the Jessica Rabbit but feel a little daunted then this rabbit is for you! The Jessica Rabbit Slim from Loving Joy is slimmer than the average rabbit meaning you can start off small and work your way up. The rabbit delivers simultaneous vaginal and clitoral sensations and you choose how fast or slow the vibrations go. Penetration is easy with the Jessica Rabbit Slim. The bunny ears will tickle your clitoris while the 4 rows of squirmy balls rotate and massage you from within...
Materials Size - Metric plastic 175mm x 25mm Power Manufacturer AA size batteries x 2
There will be no mistaking the bride to be and her hens in these gorgeous sparkly sashes.
This cute little bunny loves to play with you! At a generous eight inches long and completely waterproof, he has all the features you'd expect on a standard rabbit - clitoral stimulator and vibrating rotating realistic headed shaft for extra stimulation. Multi-speed vibrations are controlled through the easy twist-and-go controls on the base.
IF you're lookinf for a reasonably priced classic bunny with heaps of style, then you've come to the...
Prostate massage has never felt so good. This Classix plastic prostate stimulator is shaped to massage a man's prostate gland while the curved handle gently strokes his perineum. Its handle ensures great control and safe and easy removal. Stimulate your prostate and discover explosive orgasms. Also good for keeping your prostate healthy.
For extra special sex, choose the Elite - ultra-fine, lubricated condoms that slip on so easily you won't feel like you're wearing one at all! Designed for heightened sensitivity, these condoms are made from top quality natural rubber latex, with a teat end and easy-on shape.
Gorgeous, PVC Black Level long gloves will suit any PVC outfit and finish your look perfectly.
The vibro ring is great for couples, but you may just want to play with it alone.. A cleverly designed jelly cock ring fits any size and delivers the vibrations from the multi-speed bullet straight to your shaft - you'll never have felt anything like this before! The ring also features a clitoral stimulator with soft rubber spikes to drive her wild with every thrust.. perfect to spice up your sex life a little!
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