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Accessory collar for use with outer tubes of BT890, BT880-M, BT880-L (not included)
Custom-made by Acratech, this quick-release plate attaches directly to your SpiderPro Plate (required) for use with Arca-Swiss tripod heads.
Want to add a bit of decor to your AV set-up or just trying to avoid ugly plastic face-plates on your walls? Either way we have a range of high quality metal blanking plates that you can either use as they are, or add any of the various connections that we stock to turn it in to a functional plate with a touch of class. They all fit directly on to a standard single gang patress (either flush or surface mounted) and come complete with fixing screws.
Quite a nifty little invention. This is a standard 3 pin XLR plug but with a built-in hinge to enable the plug's body and cable to be turned through 180 degrees. Superb for fitting cables into tight or awkward spaces
A quality VHS/SVHS casstte head cleaner designed to effectively remove deposites from sound and picture heads
Fits screens with mounting patterns up to 825mm (32.5”) x 500mm (19.7”) including VESA® fixings up to 800 x 500mm
"when you say "out of SCART" does this mean signals out of the socket on the component or out of the plug on the lead? I want a lead that will take S-video+audio from a cable box into the separate connections on a DVD recorder."
A high quality skylight filter designed to fit in front of the lens onto the screw-thread of your camera. These are supplied in a plastic case for protection.
A high quality cast metal stepping ring finished in graphite or black (depending upon supply availability).
Powered by 4 x AA Rechargeable / Alkaline batteries or DC Input
Wall outlet plate which fits a UK standard single pattress and provides a scart connection. Great for installations where you'd like to keep the main cable runs out of sight.
Step up ring to fix a 33mm filter to a 30.5mm thread.
A high quality circular polarising filter designed to fit in front of the lens onto the screw-thread of your camera. These are supplied in a plastic case for protection.
Adaptor ring to adapt an 'P series' filter holder to a 58mm camera thread.
These leads are designed to route an input signal (from, for example, a camcorder, VCR or satellite installation) to both a VCR and a TV or second VCR. With these cables, you can record the incoming signal, and view it on the TV at the same time, or make two recordings at once.All you have to do to choose the correct cable is to determine whether the equipment you want to connect needs Scart plug or socket connectors.
Supplied with dust cover for protection when not in use.
Gold plated Phono (RCA) socket to socket adaptor for chassis mounting. Makes it easy to construct wall plates as premade cables can be used without and need for soldering. The coupler also features interlocking insulating washers so may be used on metal plates. Requires 9mm diameter hole
"I have a question about "CP-VSRGB COMPOSITE / S-VIDEO TO RGSB / YUV CONVERT" Is the RGB output at video or VGA frequency?"
The SY-298H will allow a HDMI source signal to be up or down scaled according to the screen specifications required. Any HDMI signal inputted can be scaled up or down to 720p or 1080p, plus PC output resolutions of WXGA or WUXGA.
This versatile range of customisable wallplates can be loaded with any combination of modules and connections that you need. The frames are supplied to hold either 1, 2 or 4 modules (dependent upon frame and module size) and blanks are available to complete the job where a wall plate has spare capacity. Simply snap the modules into place for a neat, simple and quick solution. Suitable for domestic, commercial or educational applications. Compatible with standard UK back boxes and other brands of...
The Kramer FC-7501 is a high quality, multi-standard format convertor that converts analog video to SMPTE-259M serial digital video (SDI). Many professional video units on the market today, such as Betacam decks and DVD players have a high quality analog outputs, and the FC-7501 is ideal for preserving the quality, and minimizing the artifacts, when converting to the digital domain. Input looping connectors are provided, and there is a 75 Ohm / Hi-Z switch for input termination. The converted SDI...
The Windjammer is made from materials which are specially designed and manufactured for the purpose, and as a result has virtually no adverse effect on High-Frequency. To be totally effective it is important that the pile of the Windjammer remains in prime condition, so each is supplied with a fold flat hairbrush for ongoing maintenance.
Scart to four phono plug adaptor wired for RGB plus switchable composite in/out. High quality construction with gold plated connectors.
The 622T and 622R are optical transmitter and receivers for dual link DVI signals with resolutions up to 2560x1600 at 60 Hz. The 622T converts a DVI signal into an optical signal and the 622R converts the optical signal back to DVI.
Control your TV, VCR, satellite receiver or audio installation from a different place in your house even through walls and floors - using your own remote control. The IR receiver / RF transmitter picks up the IR from your remote, converts it to radio and beams it to the RF receiver / IR transmitter. This then converts the radio signal back into IR to control your devices. Really useful and very easy to set up.
The Shotgun Mic Foam is a discreet, slip-on foam windshield, designed to protect the microphone head against light wind and pop noise. Made of durable, high quality open-cell acoustic foam, these windshields offer up to 20 dB wind noise attenuation, whilst keeping high frequency loss to a minimum.
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This gives extra protection for the connector and allows part to be intergrated into XLR patch panels.
Cable - Requires STP (shielded twisted pair) cable. For optimum range and performance, use Kramer's BC-DGKat623 or BC-DGKat7a23 cables. Note that the transmission range depends on the signal resolution, graphics card and display used. The distance using non-Kramer CAT 6 and CAT 7 cables may not reach these ranges. Use only shielded cable where both ends of the shield are soldered to ground.
Fits screens with VESA mounting patterns: 75mm x 75mm and 100mm x 100mm
The ADVC G1 will convert and/or upconvert, at the user's choice, sources from HDMI, DVI, component, composite, S-Video, AES/EBU, and analogue audio to HD/SD-SDI (3G/1.5G support). With its audio inputs, the ADVC G1 can also be used as an audio embedder. It also features a reference in port which can serve as a frame synchronizer for the analogue inputs, eliminating the need to purchase separate expensive equipment.
The Coosis Python series of HDMI cables are ultimate High-Speed with Ethernet cables (Cat 2) for HD signal transmission. Upto 15.8G bandwidth permits a lossless transmission of uncompressed 4K × 2K high definition pictures with maximum 48bit/px colour depth. It also integrates a HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC), which allows for a 100 Mbit/s Ethernet connection between the two HDMI connected devices so they can share an Internet connection. Additional Audio Return Channel enables a TV, via a single HDMI...
Add music to your kitchen, bedroom, study, bathroom etc. This tiny wall mount amplifier fits into a standard UK two gang pattress and provides a powerful 20W RMS per channel. Choose between Bluetooth, FM Radio, rear line input or plug your MP3 player into the front jack socket.
HoodMAG has a slightly tighter fit than the original eyecup. The slip ring mounted within your HoodMAG eyecup will allow diopter adjustment without rotating the eyecup. Diopter adjustment remains the same, just turn the diopter ring left or right to set for your vision.
Add music to your kitchen, bedroom, study, bathroom etc. This tiny wall mount amplifier fits into a standard UK two gang pattress and provides a powerful 20W RMS per channel. Choose between Bluetooth, FM Radio, rear line input or plug your MP3 player into the front jack socket.
* Ideal for use with Sky boxes, DVD and most other set-top boxes
If you're not sure which battery you need please just let us know and we'll find the correct one for you.
The SG-6006 is a black burst, color bar, sync, and audio tone generator for composite video, SDI, and audio applications. The unit outputs composite and SDI video plus AES-75O, AES/EBU, balanced and unbalanced stereo audio signals.
Often, daisy-chaining a number of units together (eg, set-top box, DVD, VCR) can cause the RF picture to become distorted. This is due to each unit amplifying the RF signal as it leaves the box. On average each box adds about 3db. If you find that you are getting an 'over-amplified' picture you could try one of these gadgets to reduce the signal level.
If you're not sure which battery you need please just let us know and we'll find the correct one for you.
The Kramer VP-101 is a high performance VGA to BNC convertor. It is designed to allow a single VGA, SVGA, or XGA source to be connected to a compatible monitor, projector, or other receiving device which requires an RGBS or RGBHV signal on BNCs. Bandwidth exceeding 300MHZ ensures transparent performance, even with the highest resolution VGA modes. Note that the VP-101 does not perform any scan rate or resolution conversion.
This is ideal if you want to mount the IR receiver flush in the front panel of a cabinet (or any flat surface provided you can drill a 16mm diameter hole in it!) and have only the front 30mm diameter disc of the receiver showing. The receiver is secured in place with a nut on the rear of the unit and makes for a very neat and tidy mounting solution.
The QU-12S-4K Distribution Amplifier (splitter) accepts one HDMI input and splits this signal to two identical outputs. This device is v1.4 HDMI compliant and supports 3D Video signals, ‘Deep Colour', and 4K resolutions, together with High Definition Audio. Each buffered output can run 1080p/8-bit up to 20 metres and can also be cascaded up to 3 layers.
Distance between dual point fixings: Min: 51mm (2.0”) - Max: 67mm (2.6”)
"This ingenious stereo tuner-amplifier module is the same size as a double mains socket and is designed to fit into a surface or flush-mounted wall box. The KLAB20D includes a FM-only tuner with 10 presets, auxiliary inputs and an efficient 20W per channel Class 'D' amp.
The 640T is a high-performance transmitter for HDMI and IR signals. The 640T converts an HDMI and IR signal to five coax signals and the 640R (also required) converts them back into an HDMI and IR signal.
Rugged Anodised 2U Height/19 inch width unpopulated patch panel with 32 port cut outs and steel cable tie bar, cmanufactured by Switchcraft. The blank panel enables the installer to configure connections and customise the panel to the specific requirements of the install. The unified cutout will allow any of our EH range of connectors to be fitted. This includes XLR, BNC Phono,SVHS,RJ45 etc. To view the complete available range see our Audio & Video Patch Panel Section. Also available in 1U size...
Rycote have been making Windjammer for professional broadcasters and film-makers for over four decades. Our new Micro Windjammer provide easy-to-fit, all-in-one wind protection for your camera’s built-in microphone, giving you great-sounding audio whatever the weather!
Actual current consumption varies between units.Internal over-voltage & over-current protection. Full PSU specification: 12VDC regulated 1Amp PSU with a 2.5mm locking center-pin positive DC power connector. A non-locking 2.5mm DC power connector will also fit.
Don't get us wrong, the Spider Holster Black Widow is designed to be very comfortable when worn on your own belt. But our adjustable belt will make your camera feel like a feather so you can stay comfortably holstered all day long.
Flexible Control Options - Front panel, IR remote, RS-232 (K-Router Windows®-based software is included), Ethernet (Windows®- based Ethernet Configuration Manager & Virtual Serial Port Manager is included).
Each splitter in the Quantum Distribution Amplifier Series is compatible to v1.3 HDMI specifications, supporting 'Deep Colour' together with High Definition Audio. Each buffered output can run 1080p up to 10 metres and can also be cascaded. The QU-18WE has mounting lugs cleverly integrated into the casing for easy horizontal or vertical mounting.
Gold plated with solder contacts to rear, isolation washers and double lock nuts
The 907xl is a high-performance power amplifier for line-level stereo audio signals. It accepts a balanced stereo audio signal on a terminal block connector and an unbalanced stereo signal on RCA connectors. It delivers 40 watts per channel into an 8Ohm load.
The Windshield is a lightweight, durable basket made from flexible grey plastic netting with a screening material attached. The windshield slides on to the Modular Suspension surrounding the whole microphone, connector and suspension. This system creates a still volume of air around the microphone, which provides excellent wind-noise reduction of up to 25dB, including minimal High-Frequency loss.
Poles are internally unobstructed to allow cables to pass through easily
The VS-211H is a high-performance automatic standby switcher for HDMI video signals. The unit automatically switches to the secondary input whenever the primary video signal is interrupted. If the primary signal reappears, the unit automatically switches back to the primary input.
The Keene wideband modulator enables a camcorder, security camera, DVD, VCR or any other device with AV (audio video) output to be connected to the aerial socket of a TV. It can be left permanently connected and used to distribute signals to other TV's via the RF aerial cable. The AV signal can be positioned on any vacant RF channel between 21 and 69. This means, for example, that the signal from a security camera could be introduced into the aerial lead and viewed in the same way, and as easily...
- Just put the cable on the open hose, close the hook and loop fastener and you´re done!
The Rycote Wireless Receiver Camera Bracket MKII is a universal wireless microphone receiver holder used to mount receivers onto a 1/4" mount or flash shoe on any camera. The bracket features a brass thumbwheel which makes secure mounting easier as well as larger overall dimensions to improve compatibility with receivers. As with the Mk I it has 4 soft grip pads and hook-&-loop straps for securing receivers in place. A shoe mount is included.
The unit may be operated either from the front panel buttons or the IR Remote Control. LEDs on the front panel indicate which of the two inputs is selected and if HDCP (Content Protection) is present. It accommodates cables with either standard or locking type connectors. Provisions are made for securing locking type HDMI connectors to the case. The unit requires external 5VDC and an AC Adapter is provided. It has a locking DC connector for added security.
""NEUTRIK GOLD PLATED PHONO PLUG WITH GREEN BAND" Hello there, is this type of connector needs soldering to attach the cable ends, or is a different type. Thanks"
Plastic replacement lens caps for your camcorder/camera. Made from a heavy duty black textured plastic with fixing snap-clips.
STANDARDS: Fully supports the provisions of the IEEE 1394b standard and the IEEE 1394-1995 Standard for High Performance Serial Bus and the P1394a Supplement; Fully interoperable with FireWire and i.LINK implementation of IEEE Std 1394; Fully compliant with OpenHCI requirements;
High quality moisture resistant speakers suitable for PA installations in swimming pools, bathrooms, shower rooms, saunas and tanning rooms etc. Priced and sold in pairs.
The Kramer VS-41AV is a high quality mechanical 4x1 switcher for composite video and audio stereo signals. It is designed for applications requiring an unpowered desktop unit for routing video and audio stereo signals. Audio is always switched together with the corresponding video signal, and unselected video inputs terminate into resistor. High quality switching components provide excellent isolation between inputs.
Step down ring to fix a 37mm filter to a 46mm thread.
DoorGuard 450 Extra Doorbell with 120 degrees viewing angle camera (You can connect up to 3 other doorbells with cameras to the basic set)
This filter is purely designed to reduce the amount of light entering the lens, without affecting the colour tones, ie a neutral colour shift. Particularly useful in strong light and high contrast situations for example, snow or Mediterranean beach scenes where the camcorder's auto exposure can be operating out of its normal range. It can also be used to force a slower shutter speed for creative effects.
This Bluetooth speaker allows you to play music from a sound source that is equipped with Bluetooth technology without having to connect the source using cables. This could involve a PC or a laptop that has a Bluetooth USB dongle, a mobile telephone that supports Bluetooth, an Android telephone, or tablet and iPad or iPhone.
- 7 integrated holding clips each at the in-/outlet quickly fix the cables which have been passed through
Rycote® have manufactured a popular Lavalier Windjammer® for many years, and are continuing to do so, but in recognition of the fact that most broadcasters today prefer their microphones to remain as unobtrusive as possible, a re-engineered version of that Windjammer has now been added to Rycote’s product line which is more discreet on camera.
Rycote's Mini Windjammer range has expanded tremendously in recent years with the introduction of compact slip-on fur windjammers for the growing numbers of portable handheld digital recorders, as used by journalists, podcasters and broadcasters everywhere. These devices are now available in such a range of shapes, sizes and types (mono and stereo), that slightly different custom Windjammer designs are needed for each one; over a dozen types are currently available. If you want to make professional...
A high quality clear centre-spot designed to fit in front of the lens onto the screw-thread of your camera.
C2-2155A Down convertor is based on TV One's exclusive CORIO®2 technology and provides high quality conversion from DVI and analog PC or HD sources to standard video formats. The input can be any analog computer resolution up to 2048x2048 and 1080p or any DVI resolution up to 1920x1200 and 1080p. A wide variety of computer signal formats are available to support PC, Mac and Workstation formats. Our exclusive AutoSet feature takes the hassle out of setup by automatically sizing and positioning the...
High quality 15 pin HD male (SVGA) to 5 x BNC plugs for RGB plus Hsync and Vsync.
The Spider Plate is made of cast Aluminum alloy and screws to the bottom of your camera and will allow you to:
UK 3-pin mains socket to European (round pin) mains plug
*** Factory refurbished stock. These units were returned to the factory for firmware updates and have been fully tested and are 100% okay. Because they have been packed and unpacked a few times the finish has some marks and the boxes are a little tattly in places. The price is set to reflect this fact but they do come with all accessories and are still covered by the full waranty. If you would like any more information on these please let us know.
A wall outlet plate which fits a UK standard single pattress. In white plastic finish with a single phono socket connection. Great for installations where you'd like to keep the main cable runs out of sight. This "C" series plate has a rear socket to accept a conventional phono plug.
The RODE Boompole is a precision balanced professional boom pole for location recording, machined from high grade, lightweight aluminium. The Boompole allows you to mount your microphone securely and swivel it in a range of directions that will allow you to easily change positions and follow your sound source.
White 25 x 50mm Snap in Module providing one PABX BT Secondary Outlet
PORTS: 1 Ethernet on an RJ-45 connector, 1 IR on a 3.5mm mini jack, 12 remote selection contact -closure switches on 13 terminal block pins, 1 serial port on a 3-pin terminal block, 1 program port on a mini USB connector.
The Kramer VS-55A is a high performance 5x1 switcher for stereo audio signals. Using RCA connectors, one of up to five sources can be routed to an output. The VS-55A can be used as an independent audio switcher, but is also designed to easily link with other VS-55 series Kramer switchers such as the VS-55V for composite video, or the VS-55YC for s-Video, to form audio-follow-video systems. The VS-55A also provides an EXT connector, which allows multiple units to be combined to form larger switching...
The SMR's frame is constructed from an engineering grade reinforced polymer, typically only seen in high-load applications such as safety equipment, automotive components, and military artillery. Vibration force is evenly distributed around the outer frame via the wide mounting rails, increasing the effectiveness of the Lyre system. Efficient and well-considered cable-management completes the package.
HoodEYE is a rubber camera eyecup which replaces your digital SLR camera's rubber eyepiece surround and provides improved viewfinder clarity by preventing stray light from entering.
Does exactly what it says and very well - perhaps only niggle is that the remote control can be confusing if you've forgotten what the buttons do! Would also be nice if two or more of these could be programmed to operate from their own handsets (and therefore independently of each other).
Composite Video Over Coax (most recent first) 1 - 1 (1) all results
Designed to reduce the effects of RF interference that can sometimes affect long cable runs. Simple, click together design suitable for cables up to 8mm
* 4-section, telescopic monopod for photo and video. * With 3D pan head and camera spirit level. * Quick-release coupling. * Includes case. * Ball-bearing base. * Legs diameter 26.7 mm. * Height min.: 61 cm. * Height max.: 176 cm. * Weight: 665 g. * Colour: champagne.
The USB2.0 A Male to A Female active extension cable is a bus powered extension cable that can be used to increase the length of a device cable without worry of signal loss and potential performance problems. It contains active electronics which boost the USB signal for maximum reliability and performance over extended distances. It’s plug and play so no additional drivers are needed.
High quality 15 pin HD male to 15 pin HD female (SVGA)
Transfers weight to the larger muscles of the forearm eliminating wrist fatigue
Audio-Technica's ATH-M20 dynamic stereo headphones offer exceptional clarity and maximum comfort for hours of listening. The headphones' low-profile, closed-back design provides superior isolation in high-volume listening situations. Features include: 40 mm drivers, each with a neodymium magnet structure; lightweight, adjustable cushioned headband; gold-plated stereo 1/8" (3.5 mm) connector with strain relief and snap-on ¼" (6.3 mm) adapter; ultra-flexible 10" coiled cable with single-side exit.
Our wide band-width wall-plate IR receiver with a frequency range of up to 100KHz is designed to work with the more troublesome IR devices such as old (pre-2005 generally) Pace, Telewest and Virgin cable boxes that use systems such as IRDA. This is identical to our Standard wall-plate IR receiver but not recommended unless you really DO need a wider band of pick-up as it is more suseptable to interference. If you are considering this IR receiver we recommend that you contact us first to discuss...
Step down ring to fix a 52mm filter to a 72mm thread.
DIMENSIONS: 6.9cm x 2.9cm x 11.4cm (2.71" x 1.14" x 4.49") US; 15.2cm x 2.3cm x 8.6cm (5.98" x 0.9" x 3.39") and 15.2cm x 2.3cm x 8cm (5.98" x 0.9" x 3.15") EU W, D, H.
Suitable for screens up to 465mm (18.3") x 400mm (15.7") including VESA® fixings up to 400 x 400mm
***Supplied either with black or white PVC jackets depending upon availablity at time of ordering. If you require a specific colour please let us know at the time of ordering and we will try to get it for you***
Step down ring to fix a 43mm filter to a 49mm thread.
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