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1T-VS-626 HDMI Scaler can accept audio embedded in the incoming HDMI signal or from the separate Toslink or analog Stereo inputs. The HDMI output can be the same resolution or scaled to a different resolution. Output audio is simultaneously present embedded in the HDMI signal and separately as Toslink and analog Stereo. This provides maximum flexibility for systems integration. The unit is ideal for situations where the HDMI source resolution and/or frame rate is incompatible with the display device...
If you want to keep all your hi-fi equipment or anything that uses a remote control, hidden from view, in a cupboard, under the stairs, even in the loft, this is what you need, it is so easy to install, and it just works. You can also purchase extra parts to add to the system to extend it all around the house if you wish. It's nice to be able to control all your equipment without ever seeing it. This has been an excellent purchase.
A low cost Digital Converter to change NTSC, SECAM or PAL to PAL 50. Ideal for converting home movies of any format onto DVD or Videotape.
Please Note: Although this unit will work with normal VCR's, DVD's etc when connected to a large sized television (E.G. 28 inches or more), motion pictures will look very 'jerky'. This is due this unit only having a single field conversion, therefore we do not recommend this unit for home use if you have a larger sized TV.
A Wall outlet plate which fits a UK standard single pattress and provides an s-video connection. Great for installations where you'd like to keep the main cable runs out of sight. This "QC" series plate has handy screw terminals making installation much easier than with conventional solder type connections. The terminal blocks are rising clamp style 6A rated and will accept cables up to 1mm sq.
This modular matrix is pre-configured with 16 HDBaseT Lite outputs designed to be used with PU-514L-RX or PU-514L-WPRX Receivers. The PU-16HBTL is supplied with dual removable internal PSU's which allow for easy inspection and maintenance with zero down time. Also included is a DVI output for a local monitor allowing installers to easily monitor, test, and configure the Inputs and Outputs on installation. This solution will enable installers to confidently integrate a sixteen zone multi-room AV system...
A high quality circular polarising filter designed to fit in front of the lens onto the screw-thread of your camera. These are supplied in a plastic case for protection.
Having tried another make which failed to work at all, this piece of kit really does. Easy to set up, even for a layperson like myself and the wand picks up the infra red signal from my av equipment anywhere in the viscinity of the signal, no need to hunt for the exact spot. Just Brilliant!
If you're not sure which battery you need please just let us know and we'll find the correct one for you.
* Control IR equipment via local network or anywhere in the world via internet. * Can be combined with IR distribution system for large installations. * One-to-one or many-to-one control. * Built in Dynamic DNS support. * DHCP plug and play for LAN. * Can be used as a receiver for the.
To adapt and connect an analogue 15 pin HDD interface to an analogue wired DVI connection (aka DVI-I). Useful if your display has both 15pin and DVI-I as it effectively gives you a second means of signal input without external switching or unplugging. Available as a cable or as an in-line adaptor;
SyncBlaster Cables give you the power to easily connect RGB scart equipment directly to Plasma, LCD screens and projectors. Most screens struggle to work from the paltry 0.3v sync provided from an RGB scart. Enter the SyncBlaster. This fiendishly clever cable incorporates a fully functional sync separator and amplifier, providing the TTL level sync required for correct operation. Avoiding the need for yet another black box Keene have managed to cram all of the essential electronics inside the actual...
* Control IR equipment via local network or anywhere in the world via internet. * Can be combined with IR distribution system for large installations. * One-to-one or many-to-one control. * Built in Dynamic DNS support. * DHCP plug and play for LAN. * Can be used as a receiver for the.
Oversized eyecup, designed specifically for use with glasses. Comfortably seals out ambient light
Scart to five RCA phono wired for component video (RGsB) plus stereo audio (Signal IN TO scart).
Application: RGBs TTL sync output (syncblaster black box or RGB2C output)
Using Stickies to affix the microphone, a soft fabric disc is then added on top to minimise the sounds of clothing rustle and low wind noise.
It's really simple! The set consists of a transmitter and a receiver. Connect the transmitter to your A/V equipment (e.g. Satellite or DVD). Then connect the receiver to your second TV. Via the infrared extender, you can also continue to operate A/V equipment that is set up in a different room (or in a closed cupboard) with your own remote control.
High quality metal scart and phono plugs with gold plated connectors
Application: RGBs TTL sync output (syncblaster black box or RGB2C output)
High quality 15 pin HD male (SVGA) to 5 x BNC plugs for RGB plus Hsync and Vsync.
Featuring a built-in rechargeable battery, Battery convertors are amazingly versatile and let you work on location without external power! Now you can get the highest quality 3 Gb/s SDI conversion everywhere you go. Battery convertors are available in either HDMI to SDI or SDI to HDMI models, and support a huge range of video formats up to 1080p60 HD. Each convertor automatically switches between SD, HD and 3 Gb/s SDI standards and supports embedded SDI and HDMI audio. Battery convertors also feature...
Fits screens with mounting patterns up to 825mm (32.5”) x 500mm (19.7”) including VESA® fixings up to 800 x 500mm
OUTPUTS: 2 identical equalized and reclocked SMPTE-259M, 292M, 344M, 424M outputs 75Ohm on BNC connectors; 1 genlock 75Ohm/Hi-Z on looping BNC connectors, bi-level, tri-level inputs.
The Coosis Python series of HDMI cables are ultimate High-Speed with Ethernet cables (Cat 2) for HD signal transmission. Upto 15.8G bandwidth permits a lossless transmission of uncompressed 4K × 2K high definition pictures with maximum 48bit/px colour depth. It also integrates a HDMI Ethernet Channel (HEC), which allows for a 100 Mbit/s Ethernet connection between the two HDMI connected devices so they can share an Internet connection. Additional Audio Return Channel enables a TV, via a single HDMI...
We offer a wide range of IR emitter wands, along with cables and adaptors to allow you to extend the range of the system. Please follow the link below to see the various options:
Automatic input signal type detection is provided and up to 8 channels of Audio De-Embedding is possible. SDI Audio channels are automatically detected and are output over HDMI as either LPCM 2.0 or LPCM 7.1. If there are less than 8 active channels of audio, the 1T-FC-677 will automatically select the first 2 channels and output them over the analog stereo and HDMI outputs as LPCM 2.0. If there are 8 active channels, the first 2 channels will be output over the analog stereo outputs and the HDMI...
Professional "through panel adaptor" for convenient connection of phono plug cables through panel, wall plate or patch panel.
Professional "through panel adaptor" for convenient connection of phono plug cables through panel, wall plate or patch panel.
The Keene K-LAB-20 is a unique product ideal for use in multi-room audio installations. It is a high quality stereo audio amplifier that's built into a standard sized UK double pattress. It provides 20W (RMS per channel) of amplification eliminating the need to make space for a conventional amplifier. It draws its own power from an externally located mains adaptor and control is by infra red remote.
Keene replied: It will work provided the following applies. 1/ The component output is progressive e:g 480p , 720 p etc. 2/ The projectors input can be set to the same component resolution
The TR-1YC is a high performance isolation transformer for s-Video (Y/C) signals. It provides complete isolation between devices thus eliminating hum, ground loops and DC offsets which can degrade the video quality.
High quality BNC plug, gold contact with solder connections and colour coded flexible boot
Love your ProSpeed belt? Now you can comfortably attach a SpiderPro Holster to your ProSpeed belt with our add-on kit. Our standard kit includes a SpiderPro Pad, and all the hardware necessary to achieve this setup.
The SFX40 blocking filter prevents Marmitek X-10 commands from leaving the house or other signals from entering the house via the lighting circuit. The blocking filter is modular and is installed in the distribution box.
1T-VS-434 PC/HD Cross convertoris a Cross Format Scaler for PC and HD formats and resolutions. The input resolution is automatically detected and can either be RGBHV or YPbPr format. Output Resolutions up to 1920x1200 and 1080p are accommodated. In addition to converting between PC and HD, the unit can take a 480i Component Video signal (from a DVD Player for example) and convert it to PC or HD resolutions. The output resolution and refresh rate is selected via push buttons on an On Screen Display...
A high quality circular polarising filter designed to fit in front of the lens onto the screw-thread of your camera. These are supplied in a plastic case for protection.
Microphone lead, low noise cable, XLR 3 pin female to 1/4 mono jack plug.
If you are using a digital camera the results can vary quite a lot. Some digital cameras have a built in IR filter which, depending on how effective it is, will negate much of the effect of the filter. Sometimes setting the camera to black and white mode can disable this filter so it is worth experimenting. You can do a quick check by asking someone to point a remote control towards you and hold one of the buttons down whilst you take a long-ish exposure shot. If the resulting image shows bright...
Now you can handle any job your client presents to you, from TV to feature films. UltraStudio operates with both compressed and uncompressed video, so it can handle anything and you're not locked into a single codec quality. When working with uncompressed video, all captured images are a perfect pixel-for-pixel clone of the source, without any generational loss or damaging compression, so you have the confidence you’re working at the absolute highest quality possible. Get the sharpest green screens...
If you're not sure which battery you need please just let us know and we'll find the correct one for you.
A high quality toslink plug to 3.5mm optical plug cable
A really easy way to send high quality component video and stereo audio from one room to another. The electronics are actually built into the wall outlet plate - simply fit the plates in position in each room and run 2 lengths of CAT5 cable between the plates (RJ45 sockets). The transmitter end requires 12v power (two pin Euro PSU included) and the receiver end is phantom powered. The receiver end also has a socket for an IR receiver (supplied) and the transmitter a socket for an IR transmitter ...
* Type: Desktop charger. * Battery type: AA / AAA / C / D / 9V. * Input voltage: 220-240V AC 50 Hz. * Output voltage: 4x 1.4V + 2x 9.6V. * Number of charging batteries: 1,2,3,4. * Charging time: > 10 hours. * Charging current: 200 mA. * Safety timer: yes. * Colour: black.
The Keene wideband modulator enables a camcorder, security camera, DVD, VCR or any other device with AV (audio video) output to be connected to the aerial socket of a TV. It can be left permanently connected and used to distribute signals to other TV's via the RF aerial cable. The AV signal can be positioned on any vacant RF channel between 21 and 69. This means, for example, that the signal from a security camera could be introduced into the aerial lead and viewed in the same way, and as easily...
A high quality cast metal stepping ring finished in graphite or black (depending upon supply availability).
The TP-124-od is a twisted pair receiver for computer graphics video, unbalanced stereo audio and RS-232 data signals. The TP-123-od converts computer graphics, audio, and RS-232 inputs to a twisted pair signal, and the TP-124-od converts the twisted pair signal back into computer graphics, audio and RS-232 data signals.
The InVision® 7 HG MkIII microphone suspension, part of the InVision® range is a discreet, vibration-resistant mic shockmount with its distinctive Rycote Lyre® technology. It features a non-slip microphone clamp, an easy-turn star knob and an integral clamp for the microphone lead to reduce cable-borne noise. The result is a highly efficient shockmount that significantly reduces unwanted vibrations reaching the mic capsule through either the connected cable or the handle.
The LM Series Rackmount LCD Monitor LM-1920R is a high performance Color LCD Monitor for the professional market. 19" diagonally and housed in a unique rack mount housing that tilts up or down to optimize the viewing angle. This is particularly beneficial when circumstances necessitate that the monitor be mounted above or below normal eye level. Also included is an integrated swivel stand on the rear of both units to allow table top use if desired. The LM1920R features high brightness, Active Matrix...
The Thomson Grass Valley ADVC-HD50 convertor lets you instantly convert uncompressed HD video and audio from HDMI devices to the HDV format, output via IEEE 1394 FireWire, for use in your nonlinear editor of choice. Carrying on the design philosophy already present with standard definition (SD) ADVC products, the ADVC-HD50 convertor sports a sleek, portable design with an emphasis on simplicity and compatibility; the convertor does not require any drivers or software to set up, and is compatible...
The Kramer VS-4x4FW is a high quality mechanical 4x4 switcher for Firewire (IEEE 1394) signals, using six-pin Firewire connectors. It is designed for applications requiring a compact desktop unit for routing Firewire signals (Digital Video, Data, etc.) between any one of four sources to any one of four acceptors. Note that the VS-4x4FW can only provide one signal path at any given time (one active crosspoint).
Connect up to four YUV & HD inputs to one display. Input up to four YCbCr or YPbPr sources plus stereo or digital audio (coaxial) and select any one input via remote control, RS232 or manual push button to view.
" I have a 46mm lens and a camera with a 43mm internal thread for a filter is this the correct ring to fix the two together."
A high quality cast metal stepping ring finished in graphite or black (depending upon supply availability).
A high quality cast metal stepping ring finished in graphite or black (depending upon supply availability).
High quality optical Toslink to Toslink optical lead
This Revolutionary new Colorright Flash Diffuser is much smaller than most other diffusers, yet it produces a bigger, softer light. The "super diffusion" that makes the FlashRight possible is done taking advantage of the newest technologies of light separation and control. FlashRight is the only Flash Diffuser that allows you to directionally control the light from your flash up to a full 360 degrees regardless of whether the camera is in horizontal (landscape) or vertical (portrait) orientation...
A pack of four high quality alkaline AAA batteries, 1.5V, blister packed
The Keene IR Translator is designed to allow you to connect the IR wand output from any device directly into the IR receiver input of any 12v Powered IR distribution system (non Keene). This is particularly useful with video over distance systems as the single IR wand output is usually insufficient for effective control of multiple sources.
An easy way to connect your HDMI devices to a screen with the full sized display port.
DIMENSIONS: 6.9cm x 2.9cm x 11.4cm (2.71" x 1.14" x 4.49") US; 15.2cm x 2.3cm x 8.6cm (5.98" x 0.9" x 3.39") and 15.2cm x 2.3cm x 8cm (5.98" x 0.9" x 3.15") EU W, D, H.
A pop filter should be fitted in the majority of applications to prevent any hard plosive sounds overloading the microphone capsule.
Additionally, you can now also benefit from a further 12dB of wind noise attenuation with Rycote's Lavalier Windjammer (Furry). Specifically designed for windier conditions, the Lavalier Windjammer fits on top of the Lavalier Foam and comes in a range of black, grey, and white as standard. Other colours are also available on request to allow you to select the right match for your chosen piece of clothing.
The NT55 utilises the 1/2" gold sputtered true condenser transducer used in the internationally renowned RoDE NT5. The NT55 is a low-noise, balanced output microphone, exhibiting a wide dynamic range and full frequency response.
The Display List Editor is used to create and edit display lists. You can add, delete, and duplicate images here. An image can be added here by double clicking it in the Media Catalogue or dragging it from the Media Catalogue and dropping it into the Display List. You can also change the order of the images in this window using "drag and drop". This will change the order that the pages will be displayed. You can also randomly select the next page to display for those "last minute" changes.
A high quality skylight filter designed to fit in front of the lens onto the screw-thread of your camera. These are supplied in a plastic case for protection.
Also suitable for other surfaces such as TFT screens, notebooks, PDAs, scanners, copiers
All metal construction with twist-on type connection
The Cat5Blaster is a modular system that enables high quality video and audio to be distributed over long distances using inexpensive network cable (CAT5 unshielded twisted pair). It has three independent video channels and so may be configured for component video, s-video plus composite video, 3 X composite video or RGsB*. It can also be configured for analogue stereo or digital audio as required and there is provision for IR feedback from each receiver to enable control of the source equipment...
This filter is purely designed to reduce the amount of light entering the lens, without affecting the colour tones, ie a neutral colour shift. Particularly useful in strong light and high contrast situations for example, snow or Mediterranean beach scenes where the camcorder's auto exposure can be operating out of its normal range. It can also be used to force a slower shutter speed for creative effects.
High quality 3 pin XLR line plug with black plastic boot and strain relief
Suitable for all Bluetooth-enabled audio sources, such as iPad/iPhone, Blackberry, Android smartphones, tablets and laptops.
A screw-in Lamp Module. You can put this Lamp Module directly into the lamp socket. Can also be used with low-energy lamps. It is not possible to dim with this Lamp Module.
This versatile range of customisable wallplates can be loaded with any combination of modules and connections that you need. The frames are supplied to hold either 1, 2 or 4 modules (dependent upon frame and module size) and blanks are available to complete the job where a wall plate has spare capacity. Simply snap the modules into place for a neat, simple and quick solution. Suitable for domestic, commercial or educational applications. Compatible with standard UK back boxes and other brands of...
Rugged Anodised 1U Height/19 inch width unpopulated patch panel with 16 port cut outs and steel cable tie bar, manufactured by Switchcraft. The blank panel enables the installer to configure connections and customise the panel to the specific requirements of the install. The unified cutout will allow any of our EH range of connectors to be fitted. This includes XLR, BNC Phono,SVHS,RJ45 etc. To view the complete available range see our Audio & Video Patch Panel Section. Also available in 2 U...
Adaptor ring to adapt an 'A series' filter holder to a 58mm camera thread.
Does exactly what it says and very well - perhaps only niggle is that the remote control can be confusing if you've forgotten what the buttons do! Would also be nice if two or more of these could be programmed to operate from their own handsets (and therefore independently of each other).
If you're not sure which battery you need please just let us know and we'll find the correct one for you.
The TP-185 is a twisted pair transmitter for computer graphics, unbalanced stereo audio and RS-232/RS-485 signals. The unit takes up to eight channels of signals and transmits them over eight twisted pair outputs to compatible twisted pair receivers. The TP-185 also works as the ideal companion to an eight output matrix switcher - easily converting the outputs to CAT 5.
Ergonomic controls allow the user to switch seamlessly between video and audio sources and blend high-quality digital content on the fly, even without external genlock, thanks to the built in time base corrector. Furthermore, its intercom and tally system allow for communication between presenters, the director and the production crew, ensuring that shoots run professionally every time.
A high quality cast metal stepping ring finished in graphite or black (depending upon supply availabiilty).
The TLM-170P front panel buttons allow selection of source input as well as PIP, Aspect ratio, Blue only, Pattern (Colour Bars), Menu and audio controls.
(B-Tech recommend that if you use the 200cm pole with this base you should bolt the base to the floor for extra stability)
Enables video resolutions far beyond 1080p, supporting next-generation displays that will rival the Digital Cinema systems used in many commercial movie theatres
Designed for professional recording camcorder and DAT field use, it is an affordable, high-quality stereo microphone with a compact, lightweight design and is perfect for camera-mount use. The microphone features a pair of cardioid elements in an X-Y configuration to provide the spatial impact and realism of a live sound field. It features battery-free operation when used with recording devices that provide plug-in power at the mic input.
Fits screens with VESA mounting patterns: 50mm x 50mm, 75mm x 75mm and 100mm x 100mm
To mount this shelf on a 60mm pole you will need 1 x collar BT7161
USB/Optical Digital Audio Converter (DAC) will convert a digital audio signal to analogue, whilst simultaneously outputting a digital optical signal. It is designed for easy installation of USB or optical sources and can be powered by USB or via the included PSU. The optical output can be linked with an amplifier or any sound system with optical SPDIF input, whilst the analogue stereo output can be connected to a TV or amplifier/speakers, for a simultaneous analogue stereo output.
The AU-D4T is designed to convert analogue stereo audio to digital Coaxial and Optical (Toslink) outputs simultaneously with the addition of an Audio delay.
The 850 is a high performance DisplayPort video test pattern generator. It can generate 32 preset patterns at 16 popular, predefined computer and HD video resolutions and seven user-defined resolutions, including several unique patterns incorporating motion.
The VM-10HDxl is a high-performance distribution amplifier for HD-SDI signals. The unit takes one input, provides reclocking and equalization and distributes the signal to ten identical outputs.
Can be used free standing or bolted to the floor Supplied with optional rubber feet for use when free standing
Keene replied: The KLAB20xxxx products are analogue in design and use the rear metal back box as a heat sink. This is adequate for normal use although you might want to add some small vent holes in your plastic trunking. It can run quite warm. If you have removed the metal back box then you will get over heating. Note if the output stage gets too hot it will automatically shut down the amplifier until a reasonable temperature has return. But too hot is very hot! The KLAB20Dxxx products are class...
This universal shock-mount, complete with Pistol-grip, uses the patented Lyre system to provide complete isolation against handling and cable-borne noises. The Softie Lyre Mount has a soft-feel grip moulded into the clip which securely holds the microphone, preventing any slipping or twisting. The Lyres are extremely robust, and virtually unbreakable, as they do not use elastic or rubber components that are prone to wear and tear.
Softie Windshields come in two varieties of fur length, classic and short hair. The short haired Softie, known as the Camera-Mounted Softie has closely cropped dark grey synthetic fur, offers lower profile and a more compact design without severely altering the efficiency of the Softie. It can also be mounted close to the camera lens without causing unwanted shadows.
Close-up filter kit. This contains a set of three lenses (+1, +2 and +4 diopter). These filters are 'stackable' ie, you can combine a +1 and a +3 to get a +4 so this set gives every option from a +1 to a +7.
The DDC-2512 automatically accepts input voltages between 9 and 30 V DC to provide a regulated 12V DC output. The unit can allow for 4pin XLR type input connections and has a 4pin XLR type DC output connection.
If you're not sure which battery you need please just let us know and we'll find the correct one for you.
The VP-4x8 is a high-performance matrix switcher for computer graphics video signals, with resolutions ranging from VGA through UXGA and higher on 15-pin HD connectors. The unit can route any or all inputs to any or all outputs simultaneously.
The FC-29 learns and stores IR (infrared) commands on a PC via a USB connection. The stored IR commands can be uploaded later to multiple room controllers.
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