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Sample Offers
Norethisterone can be used to push back the start of menstruation by a couple of weeks.
Microgynon combined oral contraceptive pill works in three ways to prevent pregnancy.
Both Flixotide Accuhaler and Flixotide Evohaler are long-term treatments used to control asthma.
ellaOne morning after pill, prevents an unwanted pregnancy up to 5 days after unprotected sex.
Cilest is a combined contraceptive pill that has proved to be effective in preventing pregnancy.
Logynon is a triphasic contraceptive pill, which is almost 100% effective in preventing pregnancy.
Condyline topical solution can help improve the appearance of skin affected by genital warts.
Trinovum is a triphasic combined contraceptive pill that prevents a woman becoming pregnant.
Cerazette is an oral contraceptive known as the Mini Pill or the progestrogen-only pill (POP).
Mercilon is a combined oral contraceptive pill, which works to prevent pregnancy in women.
Dianette is an oral contraceptive known as The Pill that is effective in preventing pregnancy.
Brevinor is a combined oral contraceptive pill that is up to 99% effective at preventing pregnancy.
Lipostat is a branded medication used to treat and lower high cholesterol.
Cienil Modulite is a treatment for asthma that helps to control symptoms and prevent attacks.
Evra is a contraceptive otherwise known as The Patch that is effective in preventing conception.
Femulen is a contraceptive pill also known as the mini pill that protects against pregnancy.
Scopoderm are transdermal patches to help prevent the symptoms of travel sickness.
Binovum is a biphasic combined oral contraceptive, an alternative of what tis known as The Pill.
Avomine is used to help alleviate and prevent travel sickness.
Levonelle One Step otherwise known as emergency contraception helps women to prevent pregnancy.
The Diarrhoea Pack contains a number of treatments to allow you to be prepared when you travel.
The Jet Lag Treatment Pack can help ease the symptoms of jet lag.
Vaniqa is a prescription hair removal treatment for the excessive growth of female facial hair.
The Gonorrhoea Pack contains two treatments to treat and cure even resistant strains of Gonorrhoea.
Marvelon or The Pill is a combined oral contraceptive used for the prevention of pregnancy.
Warticon (Wartec) is a fast acting prescription medication that safely rids genital warts.
Paludrine & Avloclor is a dual treatment to be taken for malaria prophylaxis.
Champix is an effective prescription medication that has clinically proven to help you quit smoking.
Gyno-Daktarin is an anti-fungal treatment designed to cure thrush and provide relief from symptoms.
Kwells helps relieve and prevent the uncomfortable symptoms associated with travel sickness.
Noriday mini pill is a progestogen only pill that prevents a woman becoming pregnant.
Seretide inhaler treatments prevent the inflammation of the lungs to prevent asthma attacks.
Ovranette is a long term low dose oral contraceptive that can provide comprehensive protection against pregnancy. Ovranette is also known as levorgestrel, and is one of the most prescribed oral contraceptives available.
Femodette is a combined oral contraceptive pill providing almost 100% protection against pregnancy.
Femodene is a combined oral contraceptive pill that provides effective cover against pregnancy.
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