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Sample Offers
For knocking in nails. PVC coated handle, length 210mm.
Precision mechanics mini double-wrench set, made of chrome plated steel. The tool for every hobbyist, amateur craftsman and precision mechanic. Consists of widths: 3.0 / 3.2 / 3.5 / 4.0 / 4.5 / 5.0 / 5.5 mm with 15° and 75° angled heads.
Powerful, attractive stainless steel kettle with 1.7 l volume. Fitted with the most modern technology, this classic electric kettle is a head turner. Comes with: Water level display Can be operated with one hand Cool-touch handle Automatic switch off 360� base 2200 watt / nominal power 1850 watt
These drill bits have innovative HM tips and can be used for nearly all purposes. You can use them for wood, plastic, sheet metal (up to 4 mm), aluminium (up to 6 mm), stone, glass or tiles. The titan coated drill increases the standing times and rounds the high quality drill bits off. Contents: 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 mm in a practical wooden box.
Tarpaulin made from double-sided coated fabric. (No PVC). Included in the package are extra-strong metal eyelets for attaching and a heat-sealed reinforcement cord. 1 metal eyelet per metre. Perfect protection for vehicles, garden furniture, luggage, sandpits, etc. Protects against dirt and weather. UV-stabilised. Environmentally friendly material (polyethylene fibre woven fabric).
Easy to install, no plug required. Lighting time when battery is fully charged: up to 8 hours Automatic: on / off dusk sensor Cable length to solar panel: approx 3-4 m Item no 215038 - 24 white LEDs, panel with ground spike, LED distance approx 15 cm Item 816658 - 60 warm white LEDs, panel with ground spike, LED distance approx 10 cm, 2 lighting methods, constant light and flashing Technical details: IP 44 for outside Comes supplied with rechargeable batteries
Chrome vanadium, complies to BS3087-2/3087-3. made by Knipex. 10 years Westfalia warranty.
A good, oval poultry roaster, enamelled inside and out in blue with a lid. Your roasted bird is certain to be a success. The blue enamel is glass-hard, flavour-neutral and actively roasts: quick searing is no problem. Abrasion-resistant and non-scratch, hygienic, nickel-free, therefore also suitable for allergy-sufferers. For all hob types or ovens. Extra enamelled handles, steel rim. Size : L x W x H 42 x 33 x 12 cm (with lid 18 cm), capacity 10.5 litres.
Use these model making cutting tools in many areas: making things, model making, fine mechanics and for watches The set consists of: Sturdy cutting surface Handy cutting pliers Hand file 140 mm long Cutting knife with 5 exchangeable blades
Ideal for removing rust, paint, dirt, mortar residue etc. from metal, wood andcar bodywork. -> Cleans and smoothes the surface. -> Adapts to the shape of the material being worked. -> Replaces wire brushes and manual scrapers.-> No need to prepare the disc. -> Usable on all surfaces and edges. Cleaningdisc comes complete with fixing plates and 8mm tensioning spindle. Discs: diam 100mm, width 12.7mm.
Made from high quality chrome vanadium steel. For optimal use the t-profile blades are made from alloyed chromium nickel molybdenum steel. Last 6 times longer thanks to the titanium nitride coating. Contents: 5 TX-Inserts: 1/4; E4 – E5 – E6 – E7 – E8. 6 TX-Inserts: 3/8; E10 – E12 – E14 – E16 – E18 – E20. 5 T screwdriver inserts (with hole) T10 – T15 – T20 – T25 – T27. 5 screwdriver inserts (with hole): T30 – T40 ...
12-pce of K120 sanding paper, with hole
They last 600% longer than uncoated drill bits. With selfcentring brad point and hexagonal shank. Ground tips and cutting edges. Sizes: 18-19-20-22-24-25-26-28-30-32-34-35-38mm. In a wooden box.
Ideal for restoring threads. What makes it special: the re-threading nut first locates the old thread and does not cut the new one next to it. Contents: M6 x 1, M7 x 1, M8 x 1.25, M10 x 1.5, M12 x 1.75.
Create precise and accurate threads using this 21-piece tap set. The complete tap set consists of M3-M4-M5-M6-M8-M10 and M12. There is a 3-piece tap set for each size (pre-, mid and finishing cutters). Comes complete in a metal case.
Replacement grinding belts: belt size 910 x 100 mm (suitable for both types of combined belt and disc grinders)
Risk of Thrombosis? Take precautions with knee support stockings. What is a knee-support stocking? Due to external pressure, the calf muscles pump is supported and closes the extended venous valves more easily. The incorporated pressure flow in the stocking guides the blood from the foot and calf without encountering any constrictions is coming to. Who are knee support stockings recommended for? For people with varicose veins and venous complaints. For people, whose job involves lengthy standingand...
New, extensive and well-selected range of drill-bits from 1.0 to 10mm with titanium- coated HSS spiral drill bits, Bronze hard metal rock drill bits, and wood spiral drill bits. The various drill bits are presented in a sturdy steel case, well laid out, secure and ready to be selected for use at all times. ● Special highgrade titaniumcoated high speed steel (HSS) spiral drill bits ● Bronze hard metal rock drill bits with specially coated chips removal device ● CV wood spiral drill...
Versatile set for all rust removal, sanding and cleaning jobs. The wire brushes are suitable for medium to hard jobs. Contents: 2 pan brushes � 70mm, plaited and corrugated 2 disc-wire brushes � approx 100mm (collet M14), plaited and corrugated 1 wire hand brush (4 rows) with straight bristles approx. 255mm long, working length approx. 120mm 1 adapter each of: M14/M10 x 1.25 and M14/M10 x 1.5.
This extensive 49-piece screw tool set made from CV steel provides a complete set of equipment at a great price. Different bit designs can be selected as required: Standard 25 mm bits for use with a magnetic bit holder 50 m power bits for direct use in drill chuck of a rechargeable screwdriver or drill double bits each with 2 screw profiles 7 socket spanners (5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 mm) for mechanical use. All bits are stored so they can be found easily in the plastic case. Bits...
Bit set for routers 6 mm shaft diameter. Shaft length: 42 mm Contents : 1 of each groove cutter 6,12 and 16 mm 1 groove cutter with guide roller 12.7 mm 1 quarter moulding cutter 2 8mm, radius 9.5 mm Complete 5 piece set in wooden box.
2-piece expanding mandrel, 2.5 and 3.0mm.
Automatically turns the display when it is used at 90� Measurements can be stored Sturdy exterior Horizontal and vertical spirit level Easy to change between absolute and relative angle Measuring area +- 90� Can be hung up for storage Powerful magnet for measuring on magnetic materials Technical details: Measuring area 0 - +- 90� Resolution: 0.1 Measuring accuracy: 0.2� Batteries: 2 x AAA (supplied)
Replacement chain suitable for PKS
Totally hygenic knife for professional use. Blade made of high quality chrome molybdenum steel which doesn’t react with rust or acid. 18 cm long.
All sockets made from cold-forged high-alloy chromium vanadium steel for the greatest precision and durability. Up to 30% more torque obtained thanks to the newly developed Power Drive profile. The minimum torques demanded by DIN 899 are far exceeded. The rounded drive flanks protect the screw heads. All sockets and accessory parts are double matt nickel-plated and chrome-plated. This guarantees a level of rust protection unobtainable until now. All sockets are knurled, which means that screws or...
Use for tools, accessories, a laptop etc. Use for easy transportation. 1 rucksack 1 main compartment and 1 exterior pocket for tidy storage 2 side nets Many loops for storing tools etc inside rucksack Padded back area Double zip fastening Good to pull Size: 49 x 31 x 19 cm (Comes supplied without tools)
For use with a drill Suitable for all drills with a collar of 43mm (Euronorm) For types of chains of any length Simple operation Complete with grindstone
For rapid separation of socket joint from the articulated linkage. Fork opening: 20 mm. Total length: 190 mm.
These oils, stabilised against aging and with corrosion protection, are guaranteed for safe use in clock mechanisms. They replace the previous classic clock oils 1-5. Type 1-3 for metal and jewel holes in pocket- and wrist-watches, small clocks and alarm clocks. Also ideal for journal bearings, cylindrical gear teeth, cornet screws and main springs. Viscosity 100mm2/s (20�C). Use from -10�C to + 80�C.
Lots of new colours! This high-gloss, quick-drying synthetic enamel is particularly suitable for tractors. Quality features: • Impact-, shock- and scratch resistant, weatherproof, • Elastic and oil-resistant • Outstanding coverage in about 2 hours • Dust-dry in about 6 hours (non-tacky). 1000 ml tin of any colour, including VAT - (100 ml = 1.30)
Arm length: 430 mm, tube �: 16 mm. Hole spacing 60.2 mm.
Sporty and breathable muscle shirts in a comfortable fit are the ideal companion on warm days. The picture printed on the front is just right for free time activities. Material: 100% cotton
The right tension cables for all jobs with this 18 piece set. Includes 4 of each size elastic ropes, measuring 25, 40, 45 and 60cm and a further two each measuring 75cm. All elastic ropes can be stretched to twice their length.
Functional high shafted Wellington boots in a classic rounded shape and a new look. Non-slip soles thanks to the all-weather treads. The shaft is height adjustable and is approx 30 cm long. Above the heel is the practical boot removal aid .
Spiral combination lock with 4 letter dials so you can set your personal code. There are up to 10,000 possibilities. The cable lock has a transparent black cover (12 x 1800 mm).
Rectangular floodlight incl. 1 halogen lamp H3 (12V/55 Watt), 83 x 83mm diffuser lens. Version without handle.
These oils, stabilised against aging and with corrosion protection, are guaranteed for safe use in clock mechanisms. Type 3-5 for metallic tribological pairings in precision mechanisms such as main springs,journal bearings diam. > 1mm to 5mm in alarm clocks, wall clocks, pendulum clocks and time switches. Viscosity 140mm2/s (20�C). Use from -10�C to + 80�C. Supplied in little 3.5 ml glass bottles, with oil pike and cleaning blocks.
This jacket will increase your safety, even in winter. Do not freeze if you have a flat tyre. You will be more visible in the case of accidents or other situations which require you to be extra-visible for other road users (loading, working on busy roads). Reflective stripes on the arms and upper body make this jacket safe. The outer lining and padded inner lining are made of 100 % polyester. No unpleasant scratching on your neck as the collar is lined with soft fleece. Concealed zip with hook &...
These sweatshirt jackets made of 100% cotton are the light alternative to pullovers. Soft Breathable Light Sporty These sweatshirt jackets look great with jeans and other leisure trousers. There is a breast pocket and elasticated cuffs and waistband. Material: 100% cotton
Replacement grass-cutter blade
Spare sharpening stone 140mm for item 965194
This classic mountaineering garden gnome is approx 27 cm tall. The gnomes are made of prime, impact-proof and frost-proof plastic . The bright colours are solvent-free and do not contain any poisonous substances .
Contents: 5-6-7-8-9-10-11-13mm.
Perspex, complete with teat, special control device for the flow quantity, wide bottle opening for easy filling, large measuring scale.
Easy, quick and precise sharpening for example drills, knives, scissors, chisels, axes, scythes, lawn mowers and a lot more. Powerful motor with 3 grinding / sharpening attachments Grinding machine attachment Drill sharpener attachment (for drills with a diameter from 3-10 mm) Knife sharpening attachment Technical details: Connecting port: 230 V ~ 50 Hz Motor output: 110 W Cable length: 2 m Drill sharpener: sharpens drills with a diameter from 3 – 10 mm Rotational speed: 1500 revs/min Grinding discs...
60 cm working width. 32 hardened steel prongs, powder-coated.
With a massive 500 Watt, this small, easy to handle and almost vibration-free Westfalia electronic plunge cut circular saw will cut everything in situ. Thanks to the high rotational speed of 7000 rpm, the cut in the material is perfect and free of nicks and burrs � a more or less �surgical� quality. An ideal tool for any home improvement enthusiast or craftsman. Applications: laying or repairing parquet, laminates, tiles, linoleum or any other flexible floor coverings, as well as plastics, wall tiles...
Extendible to 230mm, right, without mirror.
This sealer will seal plastic bags in seconds. You can use it for crisp packets, bags of lettuce, bags of sweets, freezer bags, everything inside will stay fresh and crispy. Just pull the device over the opening and the contents are sealed air-tightly. The magnetic base can be attached to the fridge or microwave .
Replacement chain suitable for PKS
Optimum moisture transfer keeps skin dry for sport, leisure and at work. The fibres provide particularly pleasant skin contact. Experience the feeling of Trevira Underwear and enjoy the dry, comfortable feeling even during strenuous exercise. Let your body breathe with Trevira.
Made from seamless drawn square pipe, hot-dip galvanised, very sturdy, folds to a compact 100 x 70 x 7 cm. The saw horse has a sawing helper that grips the wood firmly, so no second person is needed during sawing. Weight 9.1 kg.
Prima Flex Ear Tags.Tried and tested to be of best quality. 2 piece set, embossed on both sides. Flexible ear tags. Simple and quick identification. Simple to insert. Permanent legibility. Available in 3 sizes. Contents: 25 of each size. Prima Flex Ear Tags finally you can work quickly and without problems. One pair of special pliers will insert all 3 different sizes. Size 1: 4.5 x 4.5cm for cattle
Lots of new colours! This high-gloss, quick-drying synthetic enamel is particularly suitable for tractors. Quality features: • Impact-, shock- and scratch resistant, weatherproof, • Elastic and oil-resistant • Outstanding coverage in about 2 hours • Dust-dry in about 6 hours (non-tacky). 1000 ml tin of any colour, including VAT - (100 ml = 1.30)
Doctors on call have for years demanded illuminated house numbers. In emergencies, minutes can be vital. Meet their demand and make their work easier with the new, solar-powered house number. It has a new type of solar technology that provides sufficient charging power for the batteries even on cloudy days or on house walls that do not receive direct sunlight. The white LED switches on and off automatically. When the batteries are fully charged, your house number can be lit for up to 100 hours. No...
Head 1: 1 1/2� round brush attachment for cleaning pipes from sinks and showers etc Head 2: 3� round brush attachment for cleaning pipes like radiator pipes, spent air pipes etc Head 3: Hooked attachment for pulling up cables or for removing small items out of pipes. Very flexible fibre glass wire with handle. Safety catch so no attachment gets lost in the pipe. Total length: 3 m.
Head 1: 1 1/2” round brush attachment for cleaning pipes from sinks and showers etc Head 2: 3” round brush attachment for cleaning pipes like radiator pipes, spent air pipes etc Head 3: Hooked attachment for pulling up cables or for removing small items out of pipes. Very flexible fibre glass wire with handle. Safety catch so no attachment gets lost in the pipe. Total length: 3 m.
Vehicle light bulbs in Philips quality – the same quality as the original equipment manufacturer. Here you can find bulbs for indicator, brake and parking lights, as well as for interior and number-plate illumination. Supplied in pairs.
High quality HSS centre drill bit set according to DIN 333 – Form A, right hand cut 60�. Contents: (drill � x shaft �) 3 of 1 x 3.15mm, 3 of 1.5 x 4mm, 3 of 2 x 5mm, 3 of 2.5 x 6.3mm, 2 of 3.15 x 8mm, 1 of 4 x 10mm. Comes in a bag.
For residually elastic, permanent, non-shrinking repairs of wooden parts. Formending tears, drill holes, rotten areas; for sealing gaps in windows, doors, veneers, boards, planks, wooden toys, etc. Pale beige in colour after hardening. Thermally stable from -35�C to 120�C. 56 g for each stick.
Your property is well protected with this stainless steel padlock with hardened shackle. Due to its construction it is difficult to crack with a bolt cutter when locked. Incl. 3 keys. Measurements: 70 mm diam., 25 mm thick, shackle diam. 10 mm.
Universal size for cutting-out to fit any size. Warm, soft woven-fur sides. Absorbs the heaviest foot odours thanks to super-active carbon. Thermolatex foam padding for optimal foot conditioning
Dries quickly, whisks moisture away from your body, keeps you dry and cool, even when its hot. Breathable. Coolmax is a special polyester fibre that absorbs moisture from the body and passes it through the clothing to the outside, where it can evaporate.
Max light flux 19.5 lm Colour 6500 K cold white Solar module 0.4 Wp Stainless steel with ground spike Lighting time by motion approx 50 sec PIR motion sensor Comes supplied with rechargeable battery Lights up only when required. Can be used in many different places: in the garden, on the campsite. Just stick in the ground and that�s all. The rechargeable batteries charge during the day. During the night, the light switches on for approx 50 seconds when it recognises motion (changes in warmth). A...
Handy tensioning aids for model-making, hobbies and work in the home. Your \"third hand\" for lots of jobs like fastening, gluing or sticking things down. The tool is tightly clamped using one hand and in so doing, the movable clamp jaws adjust automatically to the work-piece. 10 clamps with spring tensioning. Length approx: 65 mm with jaw-opening of approx 28 mm.
Practical universal drill bit set for all jobs. The drill bits come in a plastic box and are sorted according to size. The large shaft diameter of 2.3 mm means that the spiral bits won’t break when they are inserted. You will receive 5 of each size: 0.5 / 0.6 / 0.8 / 1.0 / 1.2 / 1.3 / 1.5 / 1.6 / 2.0 and 2.3 mm.
For damage-free screw extraction of broken screws or threaded bolts from thread drillings. Adjustable for right-hand or left-hand thread operation. For safe andsure seating just drive into the drill hole. Non-slip twoedged contact. Made from high quality CV steel.Bronzed, Polished cutting surfaces.Sizes for screws from-to
For all angle grinders. Infinitely variable/adjustable width.
Travel trousers with elastic waistband: feather light, breathable, quick drying, elastic comfortable lower waist, elastic band, French side pockets, waist pleats, rear pockets. Material: 65% polyester, 35% cotton.
Technical Specifications: 24 Volt rechargeable battery 1.7 Ah 13 mm Jacobs crown-wheel drill chuck Clockwise/anticlockwise operation Electronic speed control (accelerator switch) 2-speed drive with variable control, 1st gear 0-500 rpm, 2nd gear 0-1,400 rpm 3 stage planetary gearbox 16 settings torque adjustment adjustable impact function Weight approx 2.4 kg. The complete set consists of the following parts: 24 Volt rechargeable battery driven impact drilling screw 2 hour rechargeable battery charger...
High quality storage containers with clip locks. Contents: 1 x 1.0 l 1 x 1.8 l 1 x 3.0 l
This jumper can be worn on cool and windy days. It is comfortable to wear and good to move in. Comfortably warm and soft Good to the skin Easy to care for Breathable Material: 100% polyester (micro fleece)
Lets you accurately cut off pipes, profiles, etc. For angle grinders with disk diameters of 178 and 230 mm. Technical data: bed size 295x295 mm. Chucking device to 120 mm. The stand is supplied with an angle grinder holder. Fits all angle grinders with M10, M12, M14 threaded handles (Makita, Skil, Westfalia, AEG, Bosch, Metabo, Flex, B&D, etc.). (Price excludes grinder). 2 year guarantee.
Media to shred: Paper, CDs and credit cards Cut type: Strip-cut Feed capacity: Up to 6 sheets of 70 g/m� paper at a time One CD or one credit card Strip size: Paper 7 mm, CDs approx. 40 mm Waste bin volume: 11 l Feed width for paper: 220 mm Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz Security level: 1, complying with DIN 32757 Speed: N.A. m/min. Noise level: 73 db Quality steel cutting mechanism Low power consumption Colour: Black Dimensions (W/D/H): 280 x 146 x 312 mm Weight: 1,75 kg Automatic shutdown in the case...
This Paladin Pro series of nets was designed for the dedicated angler. Frame, folding construction and pole have a non reflecting coating. It only requires a one-hand-operation and is of robust design. The size of 50x50x50cm will safely catch even heavy fish.
The integrated double spiral creates extra turbulance in this powerful whisk. It creates large air mass in seconds and ingredients are mixed in no time. It can even whisk cream in 2 � 3 minutes which means you can leave your electric mixer in the cupboard. Stainless steel, dishwasher safe Length: approx 32 cm long
This kitchen cloth is much better than other cleaning cloths and should be your first choice when you want to have the optimum hygienic result. It has a unique open structure which guarantees effective dirt and liquid absorption or removal. Each cloth can be rinsed out which reduces the risk of bacteria growing because it stays cleaner for longer. The cloths can be used with cleaning liquids or disinfectants. The multi-purpose cloth smells pleasantly and can be reused many times. Tear-proof, easy...
The innovative ergonomic curved handles will able you to work without tiring. The pliers are just right for grasping, aligning components and bending wire eyelets and loops. The two component handle means that you can work easily and without the handles slipping. The pliers have a spring which alleviates working. Contents: 1 combination pliers 1 Round-nose pliers 1 bent needle nose pliers 1 diagonal cutting pliers 1 end cutting pliers
Jumper in rustic cable knit design. The jumper has a V-neck and can be worn with shirts or T-shirts. Material: 100% polyacrylic
Super brush for an excellent car wash – 20 cm wide brush head with super soft bristles made of 50% natural hair and 50% veron. Brush body is made of blue impact-proof polycarbonate Telescopic handle 40-80 cm made of anodised aluminium Light and sturdy Hollow handle for using shampoo sticks The super telescopic car washing brush has a patented nozzle for spraying and sprinkling (fits to Gardena, Uniflex etc).
Just put the ball in the dryer and it will release its smell to your washing. The surface of the ball makes your washing softer and more pliable. You will save using expensive conditioner in the washing machine. The aroma will be released for up to 180 tumble dryer uses. The softening effect however will remain even when the aroma has been used up. Size of the dryer ball: 10.5 x 8.5 cm
Inflates and deflates items which have a large air volume (like lilos, air beds, swim aids etc) quickly and easily. The pump has 3 of the most common vent adapters which can be attached by pushing on. Extra long 2.4 m 12 V car connecting lead. Off / on switch. Powerful Quick inflation 3 vent adapters 12 V car cable � 2.4 m long Size : 10.2 x 10.7 x 12.3 cm Weight : 290 g
The complete system with a 5 piece watering set with all the most important connectors. They will all fit on a �� nozzle without hose pipe clips, the connectors go on easily and are easy to use. Fits to all of the most common connections. Made of sturdy plastic. The set consists of: Watering nozzle which can go from jet spray to normal spray Tap connector �� Tap connector �� Hose pipe socket �� Hose pipe socket �� with water stop
Say goodbye to broken shafts. Easy to use due to anti-slip grip surface. Weight 2,700 g. Shaft length 85cm. With fibreglass shaft prevents vibration which makes working with the hammer easy.
For multi-purpose use, efficient and hygienic. Simply open it by pressing withyour finger and the water flows away.
Ideal for drill, orbital sander or even as a simple toolbox. High-quality plastic. Size: 370 x 285 x 130 mm Tools and contents not supplied.
Optimum protection when transporting your bicycle in the car, bus or caravan. When you carry the bicycle on the bicycle rack, the chain and gears are protected from rain, insects and other dirt. Fits all normal combinations of chains, derailleurs and cartridges.
Easy-care Cotton Trousers with crease-free treatment! Cotton trousers, with pleats, 2 side pockets with coin compartment and 2 buttoned rear pockets. The fabric has been treated to be crease-free, so you still look well-groomed even after long car journeys. Ironing is also much easier. 100 % cotton, olive.
The batteries have a good price-performance ratio. You have full power 15 minutes after removing the safety foil.
Thanks to the special structure of this tree, you will hardly be able to see the difference to a real tree. The 20 LED lights which come with the tree complete the Christmassy effect. You don�t need to connect the tree to a power supply because it comes with its own removable power supply and separate battery box for three AA mignon batteries. You can then place the tree wherever you like to. If you want to use rechargeable batteries, you can recharge them using the power supply. Ideal as a present...
Blocked gutters thanks to leaves, twigs and other foreign bodies such as tennis balls is now a thing of the past. Just put the siphon in the drainpipe, no tools are needed. It doesn’t matter how many leaves are around the siphon, heavy rain will always manage to get underneath the siphon and flow down the drainpipe. The chamber system creates a siphon effect which sucks rainwater even out of very dirty gutters. Up to 150 l water per minute can flow away. Contents: 2 siphons
The premium seatbelt padding ensures that car journeys will be even more comfortable and the seatbelt won�t cut into your shoulder any longer. It only takes seconds to attach the seatbelt padding.
For application/thread M5, M6, M7, M8, M9, M10, M11, M12 High-quality chromium-nickel-Nirosta steel provides good internal threads that are resistant to the effects of temperature and corrosion Used for: Thread armouring of materials with low shear strength, e.g. aluminium and magnesium alloys, in machine construction, in automotive and electrical engineering. The damaged threads are drilled out using the twist drills provided. The accommodating thread is cut in the drilled hole using the special...
These extremely comfortable leisure trousers are exactly right for wearing at home or when travelling. With no tight fitting narrow hems on the legs - instead with a permanent elastic waist and internal drawstring and 2 hip pockets. Material: 70% cotton, 30% Polyester
This starter set will enable you to easily enter the world of airbrushing. You can use it for ink , water colours , oil paints , thinned acrylic paints etc. Ideal for spraying pictures or for writing. The possibilities are endless. Completes complete with air hose, connector nipple and connector. Technical details: Maximal working pressure: 3.4 bar Air consumption: 4 l/m Colour regulation: single action Container volume: 22 ml Air hose: 1.8 m Weight: 80 g
Made from breathable cotton mix in 4 attractive colour mixtures. No fly. Material 95% cotton, 5% elastic.
The massage shower head with colour change will make every shower an enjoyable experience. Just turn on your shower and the water will be coloured according to the temperature of the water, blue, green or red. You are also able to choose between 3 different water jets. You will not need any batteries. The shower head fits on all common threads. Temperature controlled colour change: blue = 0 – 32°C green = 33 – 41°C red = 42 – 45°C 3 different water jets can be selected.
Angle broom with adjustable angle adaptor and sturdy 7-piece steel handle . You can now clean everything on, under and around the roof. No more blocked gutters. Clean everything from the ground - easily. Extra-strong bristles and an adjustable hinge let you clean and sweep gutters and rafters, even those with tight corners. Now you can clean mesh, gutter protectors, beams, canopies and much more, easily and safely. The steel handle extends up to 3.8m. Comes with sturdy multi-angle adaptor.
15m drying length – extendable The Maxi telescopic dryer optimally uses the space above the bath. Positioned or even spread out flat to gentle drying of sensitive, such as sweaters and silk blouses. sturdy, stable design permanently rustproof aluminum-plastic foldable to save space - 53 -90 cm x 66 x11 cm
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