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Repair set for ironing-on. Can be washed up to 60�, can be dry cleaned. Just iron onto existing pocket � cut to size and you are ready! All that you will need is a pair of scissors and an iron. 2 piece repair set. Size: 16.5 x 15 cm Material: 100% cotton, washable up to 60�C
in a handy round box. Wire end ferrules from 0.5-2.5 mm2 with insulation
Gently lit from inside using energy saving solar technology! Solar technology: lights up after dark thanks to the light sensor. Height: approx 25 cm
Mini deep fat fryer and fondue set � you can now deep fry or have a fondue using the same device. * Quick deep fat frying with little fat * Compact and fits in spaces * Thermostat can be adjused to various settings The deep fat fryer can heats up quickly and is ready to use. Ideal for frying delicious snacks like chips, doughnuts, schnitzels, meat balls etc. The thermostat controls the temperature from 140-190�C. The basket takes 350 g, enough for 2-3 portions. The fondue ring and forks makes the...
The scented oil is an effective natural substance derived from rape-seed oil and citronella . It effectively drives away mosquitoes and other insects such as cockroaches, flies and ants . This oil is paraffin free.
Precision design. Finely ground bearing surfaces. Hardened steel Vshaped jaws for vertical and horizontal tensioning. Upper edges for tensioning of flat material Precise guiding Spindle with trapezoidal thread. Finely metered fine adjustment. Painted in hammer tone finish. 10 year guarantee.
Replacement grinding belts: belt size 910 x 100 mm (suitable for both types of combined belt and disc grinders). -> K 80; No. 28 07 01 -> K 100; No. 28 07 19 -> K 120; No. 28 07 27 -> K 150; No. 28 07 35 3.75 -> K 180; No. 28 07 43 -> K 240; No. 28 07 50
Cleaning without chemicals – you can clean your furniture, windows, computer, tiles, laminate and parquet flooring using only clear water. The set consists of: * 1 mop 40 x 14cm * 1 duster 57cm * 1 foldable duster 56 x 9.5cm * 1 small duster 29.5cm * 1 glove 20 x 17cm * 1 glove 26 x 19cm * 1 telescopic handle, extendible from 55 to 127cm The mop has a swivel head of 360�.
The young fox tube shaped trap is ideal for catching young foxes. The time to catch them is in April and May. Put the trap at the entrance of the fox’s burrow. The more traps you have per burrow increases the likelihood of catching a fox. It is possible to catch more than one young fox at a time. Size: 20 x 20 x 100 cm 3 kg
Bright white toilet bowls without using any chemicals. The pumice stone with its handy wooden handle easily removes excess urine and limestone layers in your toilet. * Natural and environmentally-friendly. * With extra-long handle. The stone is slanted on one side in order to make cleaning under the rim of the toilet easier.
for attaching to all current drills with a spindle collar of 43mm. diam. Using this sharpener, you can grind spiral drill bits from 3.5 up to 10mm perfectly with the correct angle being automatically maintained. No more blunt drills (Not for quick-action chucks). Drill not supplied. No. 17 08 52. 10 years Westfalia warranty.
Perfect storage security like the professionals. This 2 piece belt made of soft but durable polyester with an integrated ratchet tensioner and hook on the ends, is ideal when working in the transport or storage industry. Vehicles and freight will be safely protected and secure from damage. Even heavy and valuable loads can be secured without problems. Admissible Traction Force 4000daN. Admissible Pulling Force 2000daN.
This new Black & Decker 450 ampere Jump Starter will reliably start your car, tractor, boot, camper van and all other vehicles with 12V batteries and all this without the help of another vehicle. The BDJS450 is not only a helper for starting engines but also offers the maximum of safety thanks to the special on/off switch, voltage reversal alarm and is safe guarded against sparks. With the 450 ampere instant energy this appliance ideal in emergencies. The battery is safe guarded against leakages...
Special cleaning solution for all garden furniture, removes stubborn dirt, dust, bird mess, green deposits, greasy food remains and other dirt from garden tables, chairs and benches. It can also be used on other plastic objects both indoors and out. This cleaner is highly concentrated and is extremely powerful in dissolving oils, soot, grease and resin. Simply spray on, leave to work for a short time and finish off with a sponge or cloth. Contents: 500 ml.
This shepherd garden gnome is approx 32 cm tall. This garden gnome is just waiting to move into your garden. He’s waiting to romp around the garden, play hide and seek or amuse the children. The gnomes are made of prime, impact-proof and frost-proof plastic . The bright colours are solvent-free and do not contain any poisonous substances .
Lots of new colours! This high-gloss, quick-drying synthetic enamel is particularly suitable for tractors. Quality features: • Impact-, shock- and scratch resistant, weatherproof, • Elastic and oil-resistant • Outstanding coverage in about 2 hours • Dust-dry in about 6 hours (non-tacky). 1000 ml tin of any colour, including VAT - (100 ml = 1.30)
Material: stainless steel, 20mm, partially polished
Appropriate solder tips 0.3mm
Adhesive tape:for joining and repairing tarpaulins and plastic sheets. The tape is virtually weatherproof, holds fast in heavy storms, cold, rain, snow and sun. Width 5 cm. With textile threads. 50 m roll.
Reducing ring for 30mm diam bore down to 25mm diam
Prima Flex Ear Tags. 2 piece set, embossed on both sides. Flexible ear tags. Simple and quick identification. Simple to insert. Permanent legibility. Available in 3 sizes. Contents: 25 of each size. Prima Flex Ear Tags finally you can work quickly and without problems. One pair of special pliers will insert all 3 different sizes.
Handy drawer for storing BluCave accessory kits and generic hardware with a portable cabinet or shelf This drawer is ideal for storing bits and pieces. The single drawer clicks into BluCave portable cabinets (item no 827837) or BluCave shelf (item no 827839). The double drawer clicks into BluCave portable cabinets (item no 827837). BluCave accessory kits click neatly into single drawers for compact storage. The drawer comes with identification labels to help organise your portable cabinets or shelf...
Soldering set consists of: * 30W soldering iron * Base with iron holder and cleaning sponge * Moving work piece holder * Drawer for accessories * 2 soldering and 4 branding tips * Cable length: 110cm Technical Date: * 30W/230V~ * 50Hz * Temperature 300C°
2 matching clamps for \"small\" bonnet restraint article no 136911.
This saw will cut plastic, wood, aluminium and metal. The blade is made of hardened metal which means that no sharpening is required. It has an ergonomic 2 component handle, safety catch and a 15 cm long hardened metal blade. Ideal as a constant companion in the home, in your toolbox and as a multifunctional helper for sawing various materials. The safety catch prevents it from opening or closing unexpectedly. Size: approx 320 x 25 mm (when opened out).
Give yourself a self-designed board. 3 wooden boards for pokerwork (beech coarse). Approx 23 x 11 x 1.2 cm
1.2\" Switchover Ratchet -Square drive. Ratchet wheel with 32 teeth, 2-piece handle for greater safety, 275mm long, chromed surface, polished as per DIN 3122, ISO 3315
Pack of 100 cable ties for temperatures from -40� to +110� C (for short periods of time even up to +145� C). Cable ties for professional use � they can be used wherever you want to fasten something, pack something or tie up something. * Colour: black * UV proof * Pulling force: 81 Newton for 2.5 x 160 mm cable ties 182 Newton for 3.6 x 200 mm cable ties 222 Newton for 4.8 x 300 mm cable ties * Contents: 100 cable ties
The �Maxx Cuisine� storage box set Click it will store the aromas for longer and ensure that you are always ready for any left-overs. Each box has its own lid and can be used for nearly every kind of food. The sealant ring ensures that the food stays fresher for longer and that the aromas remain in the boxes. You can use them for your sandwiches or for freezing left-overs and a lot more. The 4 click system ensures that the boxes will not leak. The boxes are dishwasher safe and can be used in the...
Made from top-quality rubber for small clocks and watches. Assortment of 100 seals in various diameters and thicknesses. Seals wear please check them once a year.
Light but sturdy tripod for every use and purpose. The tripod has been made to a high standard and the price is low for the quality you will receive. This tripod is indispensible for clear photos when a long exposure time is required or for telephotos etc. Tripod40 * Professional tripod for heavy cameras giving you a very firm stand * Can be used for cameras and video cameras up to 3.5 kg including carrying handle and hooks for extra weight * 2 spirit levels * Max height: 65 – 161 cm, transport...
Protect your vehicle and rubber parts from the gnawing of martens, leading to defective ignition and brake cables. The module generates intermittent extremely loud ultrasound whistles at 100 dB � 20 %, inaudible to us, to scare off martens. Operating voltage 12 V= / at 23 kHz and with E certification! Module (72 x 50 x 28 mm)
Feather light rain jacket with: * Hidden hood * 2 side pockets wtih zips * 1 internal pocket * Zipped pocket at the back
The farmer�s set of pliers is the ideal universal tool. You can use it for all fence making jobs. You should never be without these pliers when making a fence. It has been created to pull out nails and wire eyelets. It can be used as a wire cutter for cutting wires of up to 5 mm thick and for hitting nails etc.
This halter is made of polyamide (nylon): * Halter length can be adjusted to size * Nose width can be adjusted, comes with carabiner hook at rear * Rust-free fittings Comes in following sizes 1 to 3: * Size 1 for poneys * Size 2 for thoroughbreds * Size 3 for crossbreeds
This comfortable pair of shoes is extra light and belongs to the top class of shoes. The warm faux fur lining and the thermal sole will keep your feet warm. The soft walk technology makes the shoe light and you won�t tire when walking. The practical Velcro� fastening enables you to put the shoe on and take it off easily. The wide width gives your foot and toes lots of room which means even wider feet can slip into these shoes. * Extra light * Extra flexible * Dirt repellent coating * Comfortable...
Using this bandage will give your ankle the support it requires and prevents pain. This bandage will prevent you injuring your ankle. The ankle bandage guarantees that it will fit your ankle perfectly which will give you the support you require. Size: * M = 21 – 26 cm * L = 26 – 31 cm * XL = 31 – 37 cm
Material: Stainless steel, 18mm, semi matt
6 x extra long (cutting length 125mm), 6 x for flush sawing, 6x for curved cuts. For jig saws from Bosch, AEG, Metabo, etc.
e.g. for zinc roof gutters, ready to use liquid flux for zinc and zinc-coated steel sheet. 25ml plastic bottle with brush.
Suitable for all current electric and manual tackers.
Twin Water Tap Outlets. Do you need another water tap outlet in your garden? The twin water tap outlet doubles the possibilities for connecting garden hoses, lawn sprinklers etc, continuous flow regulation, fits all 3/4” water taps, frost-proof.
Joint-wave Westfalia in top quality, with chain, triangle-profile , (like Bondioli). The shaft has no free wheel and can be extended by 30%. The category of each shaft says how much hp you can propel. The bigger the category or size is, means that the cross and bearing kit, fork and pipe are larger. For example: Shaft category 4: * 35 hp at 540 revs / min * 55 hp at 1000 revs / min
Replacement Brushes for No. 375352 . Set of 2. Color white
Sporty body warmer with water repellent structure and meshed lining, fine structured surface, light meshed lining inside. River Creek label. * 2 outer pockets, 3 interior pockets * Standing up collar * Zip fastening Material : outer material 100% (nylon) polyamide, lining 100% polyester
These solar spotlights can be used with or without the motion detector. You can use them in the summer for example with the light on constantly and in winter with a motion detector. The three spotlights each have one very bright LED and are ideal for illminating bushes, trees, garden features, steps, danger zones etc. Technical details: * Light flux: max 13.5 lm / spotlight * Light colour: 6000 K (cold white) * Solar module: 1 Wp * Lighting time by movement: approx 30 secs * Lighting time when batteries...
For resetting brake pistons. With spindle that rotates to left and right. With adapter, suitable for almost all current makes: * Alfa Romeo * Audi * Austin * BMW * Citr�en * Ford * GM * Honda * Jaguar * Mercedes Benz * Mitsubishi * Nissan * Opel * Rover * Saab * Toyota * VW Supplied in sturdy plastic case.
Replacement chain suitable for PKS
For zinc roof gutters S-Pb60 Sn40, each rod 250 g.
High performance profile safety closing cylinder set. Special safety in-cuts fitted on both sides of the profile cylinder guarantee the highest break-in security, by opening with special block tools. Even simple copying of the keys is not possible. With one key you can lock all 4 cylinders - no searching for different keys. 4 profile cylinders with 12 keys for the whole family * 1 cylinder 40 / 40 mm * 2 cylinders 30 / 30 mm for inside door * 1 cylinder for the garage gate 30 / 10 mm. 4 piece lock...
Natural stone grill plate for fat reduced grilling! This elegant multi raclette RC58 offers a combination grill plate: the high quality natural stone is ideal for grilling things like seafood, poultry or steak. An adjustable temperature control is ideal for getting perfect results. The set includes 8 little individual non-stick coated raclette pans and a dishwasher proof grill plate which is easy to clean. Size: (H x W x D) 11 x 39 x 23 cm. 230 V � 50 Hz, 1200 Watt.
Functional underwear is not just for athletes these days, it is for any activities you do outside. They keep you warm and dry . The functional fibres carry the moisture away from your skin so that you will not become hypothermic and you will stay warm and dry, even when you do sporting activities or heavy work. Long johns thermal underwear: * Fine honeycomb structure * Extra flat seams * Optimum warmth regulation * Keeps you warm and dry * Breathable * Optimum moisture regulation * Best skin-friendliness...
S2 Steel bits set with anti slip bit. No more slipping or damaged screws. Easier usage due to less force being needed. Containing: single slot 4.5mm, Phillips cross slots each 4 sizes, Pozidrive 4 sizes. Anti-slip bits built to DIN 3126 standards
You will be amazed! Compactly stacked in the largest box. * 100% air, water and aroma leak proof * Lid with 4-way snap lock * Removable silicone seal 7 practical storage containers with lids: * 1 x square - 4.1lt � 29 x 20 x 9.5 cm * 2 x square � 1.1lt � 17.5 x 13 x 7.5 cm * 2 x square � 500ml � 13 x 9.5 x 6 cm * 1 x square � 200ml � 10 x 7 x 5.1 cm * 1 x round � 100ml � diam. 8 cm, 4.5 cm The containers are suitable for storing food and are microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.
12-pce of K120 sanding paper, with hole
* Very sturdy * Light and convenient Ideal for working in the garden, working on a building site, for getting rid of snow, when on the road and a lot more. The shovel is a compact size and can be used for nearly everything. * Ergonomic plastic handle * Aluminium spade blade: 240 x 300 mm * Total length: 760 mm
Thanks to their special bristels, you will only need one set to be able to paint what ever you want to,. You can use them for paint, varnish, glazes, wood protective solutions etc. You will receive 10 flat paint brushes 2 of each in the following widths: 13, 25, 38, 50 and 63.
Sweat no longer in heavy denim jeans. This pair of jeans is much airier and cooler than your normal pair of jeans. The perfect pair of summer jeans ensures that you keep cool regardless of the temperatures. The body moisture is carried away from the body by the Coolmax fibres. This is a special polyester fibre that absorbs moisture from the body and passes it through the clothing to the outside, where it can evaporate. Each pair of jeans has 2 side and 2 back pockets. * Jeans will keep you cool,...
This shovel is ideal for your house, farm, garden, garden centre and for clearing paths. Use in the summer in the garden and in the winter for clearing paths.
The blue and green pliers are for opening fuel pipes with plug couplings. The red pliers with two noses 6.5 x 6 mm for Opel / Vauxhall. Suitable for: * Chrysler * Chevrolet * Citroen * Fiat * Ford * Opel * Peugeot * Pontiac * Renault * VW
No other item of underwear is so comfortable to wear as the Retro- Shorts. The elastic material adapts itself perfectly to the shape of the body. No troublesome side seams. Material: 95% cotton, 5% elastane
for boring of 32 mm holes for, e.g. water tap connections in stainless steel sink units and for mounting aerials on cars.
It doesn�t matter if you use it for a saucepan, frying pan, baking tray, casserole dish or even a grill, it will get everything cleaner quicker and you won�t need to use so much washing up liquid. You will receive: * 1 scourer with handle for sponges size: 24 x 6.5 cm * 4 scouring sponges made of galvanised and copperised fine wire � size approx 8.5 cm in diameter Order replacement scouring sponges directly: item number: 803078.
120 watt super power suction and canister-shaped dust collector with large capacity guarantee the perfect cleaning of your vehicle without having to bother to go all the way to the petrol station. Complete with flexible suction hose (approx 1 m), crevice nozzle and floor nozzle with plug-in brush. The vacuum cleaner also has an adapter which can be used for blowing up air beds etc. Vacuum cleaner is bagless. Technical details: * 120 W / 12 V * Power consumption: 10 A Size: * Height: 400 mm * Motor...
Can be used for many different walls but is ideal for the perforated plate article no 568535. Included are:
Sturdy for healthy and comfortable sitting with an optimal massage effect reduces back pain. Elastic and adaptable, also suitable for camping and garden chairs. Does not stick to seat or clothing and remains pleasantly cool even in summer. Colour: anthracite. Size: Back length 51 cm Seating surface 42 cm Material: cover material polyester
dB reducer knob and display illumination. Voltage range of 13-18 V. The satellite finder is connected between the LNB and the receiver, thereby fast retrieval and alignment of all satellites. * Equipped with audible signal. * Frequency range of 950-2400 MHz. * With 20 cm F-connector cable. * With 18 V and 22 kHz led. Suitable for analogue and digital satellite systems.
Pneumatic tyres, and ball coupling. This trailer shunting device will make the shunting of trailers by hand so much easier! No more exhausting pushing and yanking hurting your back. Simply connect the shunting device to the trailer as you would with a car and move the trailer effortlessly.
Tarpaulin made from double-sided coated fabric. (No PVC). Included in the package are extra-strong metal eyelets for attaching and a heat-sealed reinforcement cord. 1 metal eyelet per metre. Perfect protection for vehicles, garden furniture, luggage, sandpits, etc. Protects against dirt and weather. UV-stabilised. Environmentally friendly material (polyethylene fibre woven fabric).
Contents: 1 each, groove-carving chisels: straight cutting edge 8mm wide hollow edge 6mm wide V-shaped edge 6mm wide 1 each, groove-carving knife,short, angled edge double-sided, curved edge narrow sloping edge, incl. 1 sharpening stone 80 X 30mm. Complete in wallet.
Ideal for gripping small pieces e.g. in model-making, fine mechanicalengineering, electronics or watch-making. Steel vice with revolving jaws (360o), smart painted surface, chrome handles. Jaw width: 32 mm, grippingwidth: 35 mm.
15 cm high, 20 pieces. With double hooks: handy retainer for foil, mats, nets and pond nets.
This multi talent is 5 in 1 and can be used for grilling, roasting, baking, steaming, keeping food warm or for serving. Low fat and healthy. Non-scratch ceramic non-stick coating ensures that you can cook using hardly any fat and nothing will stick. Enjoy lovely steaks, sausages, burgers, fish etc. The fat will run off the grooves through the outlet vent into the collection dish underneath. The smooth surface is ideal for fried eggs, pancakes, hash browns, stir frying vegetables etc. If you want...
Contents: 5-6-7-8-9-10-11-13mm.
9 piece accessory set for 300 W multi functional too with quick-action lever system (item no 827862) Contents: * 1 x micro sanding attachment (for corners) * 2 x sandpaper K80 + 120 for micro sanding attachment * 1 x HM sawblade (half round 65 mm diameter) * 1 x HM lapping plate (triangular, side length 80 mm) * 1 x sawblade for wood and plastic (half round) * 1 x rigid scraper * 1 x plunge sawblade (20 mm wide) * 1 x plunge sawblade (10 mm wide)
These tinsnips are sturdy and completely reliable. The screw joint can be adjusted so you can set the tinsnips easily after sharpening. * Use for straight cuts * Left cut * Size 200 mm.
Pancakes always go down well, for breakfast, as a starter or dessert. This special pan enables you to make 4 pancakes, hash browns or fried eggs at once. You can make the pancakes just to your liking, sweet or savoury. There are even recipe ideas included in the instructions. * Non-stick die-cast aluminium pan * Very thermoconductive * Easy to clean * Low fat cooking
Vehicle light bulbs in Philips quality – the same quality as the original equipment manufacturer. Here you can find bulbs for indicator, brake and parking lights, as well as for interior and number-plate illumination. Supplied in pairs.
2 spare protective jaws for No. 82 96 71
The electronic energy saving controller is immediately ready for use and fits on most common radiator valves. Included in the delivery are 4 plastic adapters. Small and compact design with large LC display! With a simple adjustment you can programme your required heat and saving periods (timed adjustment according to the room temperature). Can be installed at any time into existing systems. Technical details : * Adjustable functions are: automatic summer /winter time adjustment, window-open recognition...
Metric and Whitworth (55� and 60�) 0.25-6.0 and 4-62mm in total 52 leaves.
Protects plants from drying out, frost and wind. The sack is water and air permeable and it lets the light through. This means your plants will have everything they need. The string fastening enables you to close the sack as you require. Due to its size , you can cover a few plant pots at the same time. The material is made of PP fleece (100 g/m�) and is UV stable. The sack is 240 cm wide x 200 cm long. Colour: beige. You will receive 1 protective sack .
Brass, non-rusting with screw locking device. Internal measurements when closed: 52 mm. Scissor shaped.
This cosy new wool neck roll will do you good. It gives out warmth which is long lasting. The especially material mixture of 10% new wool and 90% acrylic, it will reflect the body’s own warmth. The polyurethane foam can be used when sitting or lying. Size: 35 x 35 x 10 cm Made in Germany.
Upside-Down Water Dispenser 5 litre.
Hardly any other material is so strong and sturdy but at the same time soft and comfortable as cord. These 5 pocket trousers have been made to fit you perfectly and for you to be comfortable at the same time. Material: 100% cotton
Working gloves for wet and dry use. Abrasion-resistant, highly tear resistant. 3 pairs Allrounders.
For electric drills and screwdrivers. Mounting magnetically holds all 6.35 mm bits and drills with hexagonal mounting. Spherical holder. Converts your drill into an angle-drill. No more problems reaching inaccessible places. Supplied with three bits.
5-Piece Set of Connecting Pieces for nuts and ratchets, each consisting of a 1-off connection piece made from hardened special chromed steel. 3/8 inside and 1/2" outside. 1/2" inside and 3/4" outside. 3/8" inside and 1/4" outside.1/2" inside and 3/8" outside. 3/4" inside and 1/2" outside. Price for the complete 5-piece set. 10 years warranty.
Crispy baguettes, rolls and biscuits have never been so easy to make. The ceramic coating ensures that the baguettes do not stick and give out the heat, this means that the heat is much more intensive on the food being baked. The shortened baking time saves time and energy costs. * Baguettes are guaranteed to be crispy thanks to the holes in the baking tray * High quality ceramic coating * Saves time and energy costs Material : carbonic steel with ceramic coating Size : approx 38.5 x 24 x 2.6 cm
These shoes have been made of breathable soft shell material and will have a long life for outdoor activities. The shoes are light which doesn�t put pressure on the joints and you can wear them for hours without getting tired. The good tread on the rubber soles ensure that you will have a safe footing even when you are on wet ground. The shoes also have a dirt repellent plastic cap and a water repellent membrane . * Very light * Very breathable * Very comfortable * Water repellent * Can be worn all...
8-Piece Combined Cylindrical-Head, Hexagonal Allen Key Set with T-handle. With stand, matt chromed finish Chrome vanadium blades with black tips. For internal hexagonal screws that are hard to get at. Loosens screws with no problem up to an angle of 30�. The hexagonal Allen key is located sideways on to the T-handle and due to the large leverage effect enables the loosening of very tightly fitting screws. Easy to grasp, ball-type handle. 8-Piece Setcontaining: 2-2,5-3-4-5-6-8-and 10mm. 10 years Westfalia...
When there is snow or ice outside you can quickly and easily pull these silicone non-slip protective socks over your shoes. They will protect your shoes from snow, mud, water and sludge and at the same time prevent you from slipping when you walk. Ideal even on muddy, uneven paths. Colour : black Contents : 2 non-slip socks
Modern visual upgrade for any vehicle! Appealing, in modern high-polish chromium design for individual styling perfection. Very easy to fit to the vehicle, around headlamps, rear lights, windows, wheel arches, rear and front spoiler, bonnet and ventilation duct. Also ideal for the dashboard, in the centre console and particularly around the door trim. Self-adhesive attachment, weather resistant and automatic- car-washproof. Best adhesion guaranteed. Highly flexible plastic, light-proof, will not...
High dust absorbtion due to fine dust special filter. Created to fit your vacuum cleaner. These bags guarantee your vacuum cleaner will work on full suction power. For: Smart (100-199) original size 5 Vampyrino (100-199, 920 Ecotec, Car & Clean, Colore, LX Exclusiv, �ko, Space, E, EC, RX, S, SX). Contents: 4 bags and 1 filter.
This foldable pigeon trap can be used to catch up to 20 birds. This means you can catch up to 50-60 pigeons per day. It is a good idea to put the trap in places where buildings have been damaged by pigeon excrement. The trap has two swing openings and two flaps for easy removal of the birds. Technical details: Size when assembled: Length: approx 97 cm Width: approx 62 cm Height: approx 30 cm (when folded only 6 cm high) Weight: approx 4.5 kg
The drill driver is one of the many convenient DC Tool Bods (cordless power tool bodies) that clicks into your BluCave AC controller. This drill driver is suitable for screw driving and for drilling into wood, metal and plastic. It comes with a 10 mm keyless chuck. The drill driver has 16+1 torque settings for precise drilling and variable speed for maximum control. The drill diver comes with its own unique storage dock for compact and protective housing inside the BluCave portable cabinet. Technical...
Precision design. Finely ground bearing surfaces. Hardened steel Vshaped jaws for vertical and horizontal tensioning. Upper edges for tensioning of flat material Precise guiding Spindle with trapezoidal thread. Finely metered fine adjustment. Painted in hammer tone finish. 10 year guarantee.
This drinking trough is ideal for hens, ducks and geese. No dirty water any longer, ideal dust protection. 12 litres.
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