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As the pan is not coated, it can be heated to very high temperatures. Steaks and fried potatoes are cooked to perfection. You are also helping your health: the smallest traces of vital iron are passed on to the dishesa and they retain their natural taste. Easy-care, after use you need only rub out with oil, salt and kitchen paper. 2 mm thick steel, for all hob types, even induction hobs.
High elasticity. Water Stop is a brushable sealing compound, re-inforced with fibres and can be used in any weather. Now you can use Water Stop to repair leaks as soon as they appear � in any weather from -10�c to 30�C. Even leaks of up to 10 mm width can be repaired. E lasticity of up to 1300% . Water Stop immediately provides a water proof surface and can be walked on after a drying out period. It can be applied to: * Roofing felt * Bitumen * Asphalt * Shingles * Hard PVC * Polyester * Zinc * Aluminium...
The extremely thermo conductive aluminium frying pans have a 4 mm thick induction energy saving base. Fry and cook using hardly any fat. The non-scratch double ceramic coating ensures that nothing sticks. * Low fat, healthy food preparation * Hard and non-scratch Ideal for great steaks, flat chips and pancakes. The glass lid is ideal for stews and casseroles. The handles are made of an ergonomic soft touch material. You will receive: * 1 of each frying pans: 20 / 24 / 28 cm in diameter * 1 of each...
Elegant kettle made of glass and plastic. * Covered heating element * Capacity max 1.7 litres * Water level indicator * Lid with anti-limescale filter * In spout and lug for tea infuser * Ergonomically formed * Cool-touch handle * Automatic shut off when the water begins to boil * Dry boil protection * 2000 watt, 230 v, 50 Hz * Weight 1.6 kg * Size: 22 x 19 x 23 cm * Cable 0.85 m Biscuit Cutter Set Conjure up real eye-catchers � biscuits and desserts, quickly and easily. Just cut out the dough, bake...
Forged DIN 1041 hammer head in high quality special steel. Double, curved hickory handle DIN 5111, with an additional long, hardened protective sleeve for haft. Hammer head and handle are held together as a single unit by means of a ring wedge, retaining plate and woodscrew.
You will now be able to use the fat up to 3 times more than before and save money in the process. Residues left in the fryer can be filtered which prevents brunt particles and flavours. Add the fat as normal, cut the filter to fit the basket and put in the basket. The non-stick coated permanent filter can be used up to 1000 times. * Heat proof up to 260 �C. * 25 x 34 cm Just cut the filter once to fit the basket and off you go!
This insect hotel will give the useful insects in your garden protection and a home. Insects do many important jobs in your garden. They pollinate plants and act as natural pest controllers. Size: approx 40 x 28 x 9 cm
No more gas mishaps! Now you can see at one glance how much gas is left in the bottle. The gas level indicator is placed on the outside of the gas bottle, in the middle. The gas level indicator is magnetic, simple to install and use, has a legible display, the more green dots the fuller the bottle. The indicator does not need any maintenance, power or batteries. Size 6 x 9.5 cm.
Use for textured walls and facades. Pile height: 20 mm Use with roller article no 320770
Sturdy for healthy and comfortable sitting with an optimal massage effect reduces back pain. Elastic and adaptable, also suitable for camping and garden chairs. Does not stick to seat or clothing and remains pleasantly cool even in summer. Colour: anthracite. Size: Back length 51 cm Seating surface 42 cm Material: cover material polyester
The 3 wheel mechanic makes this trolley extra special. You will no be able to go up stairs, curbs and steps easily. There is no longer the need to lift the trolley, just pull it behind you and it will follow. If you need to transport other heavy items, it is ideal for this too. When you have finished with, it can be stored space savingly. * Frame: metal * Bag: polyester * Size (when fully exteneded): 97 x 44 x 35 cm * Volume: 30 litre * Takes loads of up to 25 kg
High dust absorbtion due to fine dust special filter. Created to fit your vacuum cleaner. These bags guarantee your vacuum cleaner will work on full suction power. For Bosch : Ergomaxx / Ergomaxx Professional (BSG 80000-89999), Original size (BBZ 52 AFP, BBZ 52 AFP1, Typ P) For Siemens : Dynapower / Dynapower XXL (VS 08G 0000-9999), Original size (Typ P, VZ 52 AFP, VZ 52 AFP1) Contents: 12 bags and 3 filters
High-performance, easy to use electric scraper. Easily removes residue left behind by removing tiles, carpet and other material: cutting time in half! Comes with 4 different blades for all your scraping needs and a sturdy case for transporting. Technical data: 200 Watt (230 V~50 Hz) motor, electronic stroke control with 6,500 to 9,000 strokes/min. Includes: no tools are required for scraper mouting, including 4 scrapers (extra thin, flexible blade 60 mm wide x 117mm/straight, solid blade 50 x 11...
The practical 600 W plunge saw from Batavia will easily cut all wooden floors, tiles, plastics, various metals and other materials. The plunge saw can be used for many jobs, with and without the mitre base. With its unique mitre base and rip fence for continuous length-wise cutting, it is ideal for floorings. The cutting depth is easy to set and you will get an exact depth cut at the depth you have set it to. The plunge saw has a fast unlocking device for the depth setting. It also has an efficient...
1500 Watt high-performance motor. Electronic impact setting from 900-1800 impacts/min. With robust 17mm hex holder. Comes with transport case and accessories. The new Westfalia caulking and demolition hammer with the power of a 1500 Watt motor for the hardest demolition and caulking work. The professional 17 mm hex tool holder ensures wear-free transmission of the impact energy of up to 25 Joules which breaks up everything Powerful machine, ideal for chiselling work, breakthroughs, knocking off plaster...
This electric chain saw is sure to impress you. The powerful 2500 W motor accelerates up to an unbelievable speed of 13.6 m/sec. The Oregon sword with nose sprocket is equipped with an Oregon quality saw chain. It ensures for smooth chain movement thanks to its special anti vibration technology. The plastic sword protector, which is included in the delivery, will protect the sword when in transit and storage. Safety is ensured thanks to the robust claw stop, the safety-chain-brake and the safety...
Even if the screw has been broken off or the head has been damaged, this set will extract them all. The sharp head of the screw extractor “bites” into the screw and just turns it out. This safe and secure method works on all common screws like Phillips, Pozidrive, internal hexagonal, slotted etc. Contents: * 1 x 8 mm milling drill * 3 x screw extractors
The reflector screen is included. Screw closure for the tank. Hand wheel for light adjustment. Technical Data : Capacity approx 150 ml. Burning period approx 40 to 50 hours. Size: � 21.5 cm, height 26 cm. Glass cylinder � 10cm. Wick: for 3��� flat burner (8 mm). Paraffin wick lamp including reflector screen. This 26 cm tall paraffin lamp is an ideal lighting accessory for creating that cosy atmosphere on your balcony, garden or patio. Used as an ornament this highly polished lamp is an eye catcher...
Replacement mop head for article no 818425. Set of 2.
12-pce of K120 sanding paper, with hole
This 5 litre pressure spray has a pressure vessel with large filling funnel, safety valve to protect from excess pressure and shoulder carrying belt. The special sprayers shape enables total emptying. Operating pressure max. 2 bar. Incl. hose pipe and tube, length 30 cm.
Made using a special toughened tooling steel. Contents: Screw extractors with square 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6 mm, HSS drill-bits 2- 3-3, 5-6 - 7-9 .5mm in aworking cassette.
Stainless aluminium double scale from base and integrated tongue in grip - as angle gauge from 0-85�,enables scoring in 5� divisions.Arm length 300mm.
Hygienic cleaning at 100°C. INNOVATION: With fragrance and cleaning fluid dispenser. For sealed flooring, laminate, PVC, tiles, carpets, etc. Now even more freshness and cleaning power thanks to the extra tank for scented oils and cleaning liquids. By pushing the knob you can control the addition of the scent or cleaning liquids as required. For a radiant, fresh hygiene and cleanliness throughout the house. * Cleans * Disinfects * De-greasing * Refreshes * Variable scent or cleaner addition Extremely...
For the changing of timing/drive belts on Audi, Seat, VW and Skoda vehicles with TDI pump nozzle and partially on V6 motors. Set for simple and precise locking of the fuel injection pump, crankshaft and tension pulley.
An amazing decoration for outdoors! The ten coloured mini lanterns will brighten up your garden. During the day the battery is recharged through the solar panel, in the evening the integrated dusk sensor switches the lights on providing a great atmosphere for up to 8 hours. You also have the choice between the 8 different lighting options (constantly on, blinking, changing lights etc). The solar panel can be mounted on either a ground spike or with the included bracket (ie. on a branch) Also ideal...
High quality diamond grinding pencil for working hard metals, glass, ceramics, fire-proof materials etc. The galvanised coated metal pencils can be counted on being hard and resistant to abrasion. The tools cut well because the diamond particles are located evenly over the fixation. 5 piece set with one of each grinding pencil: * Cylinder shaped * Pointed arch shaped * Round * Pointed cone shaped * Cylinder point shaped Supplied in a plastic box.
Cutting-off Discs For iron, steel, castings, etc.Bore 22.2mm
This cutter will core and cut whole apples in one process. You can also use it to make chips or vegetables in chip shapes, 1 cm wide. Stainless steel. Size: 18 x 12 x 5 cm
These inexpensive, powerful NiCd performance batteries are the perfect replacement for worn-out original batteries. Ideal for all batteryoperated tools. Each has a capacity of 1800 mAh (listed brand names are only for type recognition and are the property of the respective brand owners). With 1-h quick charge packs from Japan! Type BMA03; Equivalent To: Makita 9100er Serie; 6705 DWA; 6706 DWA;6411 DWH; Voltage in volts 9,6
Anti slip soap dish with drainer. This way your soap dries quicker and does not leave soapy residues.
* Does not collapse into itself even when empty * Folds together to a height of only 10cm * Has a zipped lid * Two handles for easier carrying The indispensable helper � Thanks to the attached circular support struts this 250 litre jumbo garden bag will not collapse into itself even when empty. This allows you to have both hands free for working! Capacity : 250 litres Diameter : 65 cm Height : 75 cm Colour : green Material : tear-resistant polyester fabric (nylon)
This smithy garden gnome is approx 27 cm tall. These gnomes are like leprechauns. They look as if they are always hard at work, which if you think about it, is the case, they are working hard to decorate your garden . The gnomes are made of prime, impact-proof and frost-proof plastic . The bright colours are solvent-free and do not contain any poisonous substances .
This classic garden gnome on his tractor is approx 32 cm tall. The gnomes are made of prime, impact-proof and frost-proof plastic . The bright colours are solvent-free and do not contain any poisonous substances .
Drafts are unhealthy and make your heating costs rocket so you should fit your doors out with draft stoppers. * Just push draft stopper under the door * Draft stopper stays in place without glue and screws Made of plastic. Size: 90 x 13 x 3.6 cm Foldable: can be folded after use to save space.
Lots of new colours! This high-gloss, quick-drying synthetic enamel is particularly suitable for tractors. Quality features: • Impact-, shock- and scratch resistant, weatherproof, • Elastic and oil-resistant • Outstanding coverage in about 2 hours • Dust-dry in about 6 hours (non-tacky). 1000 ml tin of any colour, including VAT - (100 ml = 1.30)
This hiking garden gnome is 24 cm tall. This little guy doesn’t just look cute, he is minutely made. This garden gnome is just waiting to move into your garden. He’s waiting to romp around the garden, play hide and seek or amuse the children. The gnomes are made of prime, impact-proof and frost-proof plastic . The bright colours are solvent-free and do not contain any poisonous substances .
These shoes are made of soft but sturdy suede leather. Can be worn for hours and your feet will always feel comfortable in them.
3 pairs of Ladies Nitrile Working Gloves. Suitable for dry and wet use. Very good sense of touch. Cord binding. Size 8 for ladies.
His and Hers “Minus 20� Slippers;! Practical, warm and as comfortable as a sock! * warm * soft * lightweight Our slippers are made of snugly warm, breathable non-pilling fleece, and offer the best warmth and are lightweight. The soles are made of suede so that your feet are still warm even if you are walking on particularly cold floors such as hallways, cellars or bathrooms. Material: 100% Polyester (Fleece), Suede soles.
With self-adhesive film, 4 x red. 100 x 45 mm.
There is nothing more interesting than to watch a fish take the bait. This combo is not only for carp friends but also for catching those larger fish. The used Drag & and Drop system allows the quick change over.
Protect your armchair with this this armchair protector which even has side pockets for the remote control, your glasses etc. Size: Armchair protector: approx 160 x 50 cm Arms: approx 60 x 40 cm Material: pile 100% pure new wool, primary layer 100% polyester
Sofitte for indicators. Sofitte for Rear Lights and Number Plate Light
The electrostatic effect means that the rubber brush will easily pick up dust, hair and fluff. You can use it for cleaning the floor and even for cleaning the windows. Flexi doesn’t become matted and the bristles don’t get stuck together so it is easy to brush with. * The telescopic handle can be extended from 76 – 130 cm * Use for floor, window and carpets * Easy to rinse out * The telescopic handle can be extended from 76 -130 cm
Hard-metal saw blades diam
Use for shredding bank statements and envelopes with your address on them. * Uncomplicated and fast with practical hand crank handle * Made of transparent coloured plastic This mini shredder will be just right for your office at home. You do not want your identity stolen so you should shred all documents with your address on them that are not required any longer. No power required, just turn the handle.
10-piece Diamond Coated Sanding and Milling Set. For use on small drills. Overall length 45mm, shaft diam. 2.3mm.
Sporty trainer with comfortable insole. Thanks to the material combination the trainer is very light and you will be able to walk in these trainers for hours without getting tired. The EVA midsole has cushioning properties. The profiled rubber sole will not mark.
6-piece Chrome Vanadium Double Cranked Socket Spanner Set 8 19 mm. Made in high-quality vanadium chrome steel with mat chrome finish, polished heads. Containing: 8 x 9, 10 x 11, 12 x 13, 14 x 15, 16 x 17 and 18 x 19. In a sturdy plastic box.
Content: * 2 x 85 mm Diamond saw blade for ceramics, porcelain, brick, slate, etc. * 1 x 85 mm blade for wood and plastics, etc * 2 x 85 mm HM blade for wood, soft metals, plastics, etc * 1 x 50 mm Diamond saw blade for ceramics, porcelain, brick, slate etc Delivered in an aluminium box with window.
Triangular Awning Set/Polyester Fabric.Comes with 3 tension straps, 3 ring eyelet screws, 3 dowels.Dimension: 360x360x360cm. Terracotta
High quality. For outdoors, non-slip and indestructible. Size 40x 60cm.
You often cook too much or you want to take your left-overs into the office the next day. These click-it boxes will keep your food items fresher for longer. The 7 boxes each with its own lid come in different sizes and can be used for nearly all kinds of food. The 4 times click system ensures that the boxes are closed securely. The best thing about the boxes, the sealing ring is made of silicone which keeps the food fresher for longer. Dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. You will receive: * ...
* High performance motor 1200W * Disc diameter 125mm * Slim design Powerful 1200 watt angle grinder with slim design for light to medium grinding and cutting work . With the additional handle also supplied precise and safe operation of the device is ensured. The handle can be mounted in 3 different positions as required. Tools can be quickly changed due to the spindle locking. Technical data: * Voltage: 230V/ ~50Hz * Input: 1200W * Discs: � 125mm * Idling speed: 12.000 min-1 * M14 spindle with lock...
3 replacement disks
Double Mitre Box Saw Blade for plastic.
High dust absorbtion due to fine dust special filter. Created to fit your vacuum cleaner. These bags guarantee your vacuum cleaner will work on full suction power. For: Kobold (VK 118-122) Contents: 15 bags
Extremely high light utilisation and an average life of approx. 2000 hours. With transversal twist for use in halogen ceiling and table lamps, projectors,display cabinets, etc -> Ord.No. 20 80 58; voltage 12V; Output in watts 20W; fitting G4 -> Ord.No. 22 14 32; voltage 12V; Output in watts 50W; fitting GY 6.35 -> Ord.No. 29 16 09; voltage 12V; Output in watts 10W; fitting G4-> Ord.No. 29 16 17; voltage 6V ; Output in watts 20W; fitting G4 -> Ord.No. 29 16 25; voltage 12V; Output in watts 5W; fitting...
Safe protection against a silent death. Ideal for apartments, private houses, mobile homes and caravans. Size: 105 x 27 mm. Easily and rapidly installed, extremely loud alarm which gives a warning tone even when battery is low. Early warning of smouldering fire e.g. due to a cigarette butt, electrical short circuit etc. We recommend you install an alarm in every bedroom. Incl. 35ml Smoke Detector Test Spray.
With the GORODAL-2000 automatic water stopper, you can save up to 85% water and energy! The GORODAL-2000 water stopper turns the tap on and off automatically. As soon as you touch the built in sensor, the water starts to run and if you take your hands or the object away, the water stops. The water stopper is ideal when washing your hands, cleaning your teeth, shaving, doing the washing up etc. The water only runs when you really need it. In this way you can reduce your water and energy consumption...
This wellington boot series will amaze you with its qualities: * High flexibility even at low temperatures * Steel cap * Corrosion free steel midsole * Non-static * Oil, acid, petrol and fat resistant sole
Handy snow shovel with aluminium handle, T shaped grip and soft grip. The shovel is approx 24 cm wide and is durable. There are stabilising ribs to make working with it easier. Length: 86 cm Use for dealing with light snow.
The cordless branch cutter APS 2010 is light and powerful. When working without cables, you can reach places that normal shears cannot get to or where working with a high branch cutter is too dangerous. The multi device has a circular saw which is attached to the front of the device. The shape of the circular saw and its positioning enables the user to exert controlled pressure on the branch. The low vibration saw blade ensures that working is not a chore. The saw blade has a diameter of 55 mm and...
At last you can easily sharpen all the blunt items in your home so they‘re like new. Whether small or large knives, smooth or serrated blades, nail scissors or kitchen scissors, even cleavers, screwdrivers yes, even watchmakers‘ screwdrivers they will be sharpened quickly, precisely and without burrs. This is guaranteed by the special guides that hold the object being sharpened in the correct position. Comprehensive instructions are included and will help you keep your valuable knives...
Very short heating up period! Technical Data: * 6W / 4,5V * Powered by 3 mignon batteries (not included) * Includes cap, 2 tips ( 1 x fine point, 1 x craft tip), tip changer
Perfect moisture transport for a dry skin in sport, leisure and work. The fibre lies very smoothly on the skin, without any seams bothering you. Experience the feeling of Trevira underwear close to your skin and enjoy the dry, comfortable feeling even when physically exerting yourself. Let you body breath with Trevira. * Elastic material * easy-care * stays in shape * soft to touch * flat seams * breathable and perfect for allergic persons Material 100% Polyester. Pull into shape when still wet
Joint-wave Westfalia in top quality, with chain, triangle-profile , (like Bondioli). The shaft has no free wheel and can be extended by 30%. The category of each shaft says how much hp you can propel. The bigger the category or size is, means that the cross and bearing kit, fork and pipe are larger. For example: Shaft category 4: * 35 hp at 540 revs / min * 55 hp at 1000 revs / min
Especially made for waterproof watches. Opener has 4 different inserts, suitable for all watches where the base must be screwed on. Maximum opening 33 mm.
This toaster is an eye-catcher and is functional at the same time: * 2 slices of toast with bread centraliser * 6 browning stages * Bread centraliser * Stop button * Defrost function * One-side bagel toast function * Separate roll attachment * Removable crumb tray 27.5 x 19 x 19.5 cm, 850 Watt
This apple peeler will easily peel any apple. The rust-free blade removes the skin cleanly and thinly. The peeler has suction feet so it can stand firm on the work surface.
Using the Nicer Dicer Plus you will be able to prepare all the salads and chips easily. It doesn�t take up much space in your cupboard either. Cubes, strips, slices, julienne strips or quarters � this device does them all! * Quick working * Special blades * Child�s play to use * Blades can be exchanged quickly * Easy to clean The storage container can be used to store the food when not being needed at the time. All the blades are made of hardened, rust-free stainless steel. Colour: kiwi Size: 26...
Elegant kettle made of glass and plastic. * Covered heating element * Capacity max 1.7 litres * Water level indicator * Lid with anti-limescale filter * In spout and lug for tea infuser * Ergonomically formed * Cool-Touch handle * Automatic shut off when the water begins to boil * Dry boil protection * 2000 watt, 230 v, 50 Hz * Weight 1.6 kg Size: 22 x 19 x 23 cm. Cable 0.85 m.
The multifunctional multi-purpose lamp with 37 LEDs can be used as a torch, working light, camping light or as an emergency light. With the hook can be turned in complete circle (360�) and the magnet, you can hang the lamp wherever you need it. * Pivotable hook * Magnet on the rear * 2 functions: 30 LEDs or 7 LEDs * Batteries: 3 x AAA batteries (not supplied) * Size: 20.5 x 5 x 4.2 cm (L x D x H) * Weight: 130 g * Material: ABS + rubber Order batteries at the same time: 244087 Plus Alkaline Batteries...
Prima Flex Ear Tags.Tried and tested to be of best quality. 2 piece set, embossed on both sides. Flexible ear tags. Simple and quick identification. Simple to insert. Permanent legibility. Available in 3 sizes. Contents: 25 of each size. Prima Flex Ear Tags finally you can work quickly and without problems. One pair of special pliers will insert all 3 different sizes. Size 0: 4.5 x 2cm for sheep and calves
A blunt hedge clipper blade prevents you from cutting a hedge quickly and cleanly. A blunt blade causes a rough, jagged cut which stunts the growth of the hedge. And whats more, it is impossible to work in a speedy and relaxed manner with a blunt hedge clipper, because the blunt, worn clipper blades snag on the new growth and simply grind to a halt. With the Westfalia hedge clipper sharpening machine you can put this problem in the past. No more trying to cut hedges with blunt clippers. If the trimmer...
Clearly arranged in a plastic case. Contents: 30 pieces 1.5mm, 40 pieces 5mm, 50 pieces 10mm, 20 pieces 16mm, 20 pieces 22mm, 30 pieces 3.0mm, 50 pieces 6mm, 40 pieces 13mm, 20 pieces 19mm.
The handy screwdriver / drill bits are becoming more and more capable and universally usable for simple drilling jobs. Contents: 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.2, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 4.8, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5 mm in a case.
19-piece HSS-COBALT Spiral Dill-Bit Set in Steel Cassette. This drill-bit set from 1.0 to 10 mm (going up in 0.5mm stages) is made from cobalt alloyed high performance/high speed steel (HSS). The drill-bits are outstanding for their extreme temperature resistance.
For the finest cuts, made from stainless steel. Scissor length: 120mm, blade length: 10mm.
replacement soldering tips, pencil tip 0.8mm
The super foldable saw is indispensable when working in the garden. The saw has special teeth with reverse cutting teeth which means makes it easier to cut with no jolts and a small amount of pressure. Accurate clean cuts with no frayed edges, the back of the saw is narrower than the cutting teeth which means that the cut is wider than the saw blade. Saw blade is locked firmly in place. After use, the saw blade can be stored in the handle. The handle is made of a non-slip, similar to hard rubber...
Spiral cable locks for the whole family. All 4 locks have a similar cylinder lock and can therefore be opened with a similar key. Exchanged or lost keys amongst members of the family can therefore be eliminated. 1 m long, diam 8 mm. The complete set consists of 4 locks and 8 keys , colour black.
For quick and easy sowing of individual seeds. 3 in 1 prepares the seed channel, spreads the seeds, covers the channel all in one process. Can be adjusted for different sizes of seed so that the seed spacing is also just right. Sowing individual seeds means there\'s no need to thin out the young plants later. The integral channel maker can be adjusted to the optimum depth. No need to bend down, because the sowing machine has a long handle. Comes complete with handle and detailed instructions and...
Thanks to this multi-purpose grater, the preparation of vegetables and salads has never been easier. The multi-purpose-grater is supplied with 5 exchangeable inserts for slicing, grating and cutting. Handle with soft grip to reduce slipping. Indentations on the underside of the multipurpose-grater guarantee a secure footing on any dish. Includes vegetable retainter and a finger protector. The blades are made of non-rust stainless steel. Dishwasher-safe. Size approx: 32 x 12 cm.
Certain facilities must be visibly protected from unauthorized access; therefore it is advisable to lock them with a security seal. Entry can only be achieved by breaking the seal. Sealing pliers for e.g. meter box seals. Length 170 mm, weight 342g, for seals 8-10 mm made of lead or plastic.
The microscopically small diamond particles have been worked into the discs to give the best results when grinding and polishing natural materials and cast stone and ceramic. * Can be used for wet grinding * Easy to break off edges * High wear resistance Before use, you should do a quick test because the grain reacts differently to different materials. Changing the discs is quick and easy thanks to the Velcro® fastening system. Diamond grinding and polishing discs with different grains, 125 mm. You...
Tested to German DIN testing standards 3124 (Similar to picture) contents: 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 mm.
This easy to care for functional boot is made of waterproof hard-wearing PVC and has a skin friendly material lining. The boots are ideal for working outside, caring for the car or working in the garden. The approx 32 cm high upper (shoe size 8.5) ensures that your legs do not get splashed and prove that the boots are excellent for working outside. The sole is roughened which will give you a firm hold even on the most uneven surfaces. * Waterproof * Can be wiped clean * Hard-wearing * Sturdy
HM replacement saw blade (diameter 165 mm), 48 teeth for plunge saw item no 831550.
Have the really sharp knife you need in your kitchen. You will now always have the knife you need to hand. The marking on the handle shows you which knife is in the knife block. The knives are sturdy, will stay sharp for longer and are easy to care for. The marking on the handle will stop you having to look for each knife. Universal set with finger protection and ergonomic well balanced seamless plastic handle. * Peeling knife – 10 cm blade * General purpose knife – 13 cm blade * Meat knife – 19...
Ideal for the cellar, dark corners, cupboards without lighting, as emergency lighting, in dark entrances etc. The integrated sensors ensure that the light will only switch on when there is movement, this saves the batteries. * 6 extra bright LEDs * Switch on time: approx 25 seconds * Motion detector and night sensor * Sturdy aluminium casing * Energy saving: only 0.7 power consumption * 2 Magnets will fix the rail to all metal surfaces (like door frames for example) * Back is flat so you can fix...
This baking tray has been designed so you can serve the food direct from the baking tray onto the plate without having to touch the food. You can even cut the food directly on the tray without damaging the tray. Everything will turn out well on this tray, it has a non-stick coating and can be heated up to 240� C. Size: 42 x 29 x 2.5 cm
For cleaning convex surfaces, welds, etc. Undulating brushes, diam. 60mm. Shaft 6mm
With 5 outer and 1 inside pocket. The extended back piece protects your kidney area. With a windbreaker collar, covered zip fastening. Uppermaterial: 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton, Lining: 100% Cotton, Padding: 100% Polyester
Comfortable, casual shape with elasticated cuffs, hems and collar. Lovely details such as jacquard stripes on the cuffs and embroidery on the breast mean these sweatshirts are not just for sport. Material: 70% cotton, 30% Polyamid
Each consisting of 2 brass locks 20, 25 and 30mm. (Shackle heights 10 -13 -17 mm). Three keys supplied for each lock. Ideal for bicycles, rucksacks, lockers, ect.
Optically beautiful coconut mat with thick coconut strips surrounded by an iron border made of rubber and non-slip rubber backing. Heavy-duty and coarse ribbing for a good brushing effect. Size 75 x 45 x 2.2cm
Frees the lawn carefully and thoroughly of moss, mowing remains and weeds. Double sided, working width 38 cm with 21 long and 11 short, powder- coated blades.
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