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Grout Whitener. Makes your tile grouting look brand new. A handy device with a sponge applicator, suitable for all grouting, coating it with a wipe-proof, water-resistant lacquer. Easy handling thanks to the special cap with applicator. Now with anti-mildew agent. Suffices for countless square metres of grouting. 220 g grout whitener with applicator.
Use for shredding bank statements and envelopes with your address on them. * Uncomplicated and fast with practical hand crank handle * Made of transparent coloured plastic This mini shredder will be just right for your office at home. You do not want your identity stolen so you should shred all documents with your address on them that are not required any longer. No power required, just turn the handle.
Precision design. Finely ground bearing surfaces. Hardened steel Vshaped jaws for vertical and horizontal tensioning. Upper edges for tensioning of flat material Precise guiding Spindle with trapezoidal thread. Finely metered fine adjustment. Painted in hammer tone finish. 10 year guarantee.
This 18 piece precision tool set comes in a folding bag with belt loop. Ideal tools for precision work, DIY and electrical jobs. The high quality handle is comfortable to hold and enables quick screwing. Contents: * 1 handle * 4 different pointed file inserts * 1 round file * 1 flat file * 4 different toothpick inserts * 3 Philips inserts (PH0, PH00, PH1 – slotted 2, 3, 4mm) * 3 double hexagon socket bits T6+T9, T7+T10, T5+T8 * 1 telescope extension with magnetic Tipp Comes in a practical belt...
Prevents common rusting of, and damage to, threads. Temperature-resistant between -190� and +260�. Roll length 12 m, width 12mm. Thickness 0.1 mm. Can also be used for for natural gas.
You need light but there is no socket nearby? This table lantern with its energy saving 1 watt LED will light up your tent and not let you down when you are out in the dark. Very compact, only 8 x 7 x 5 cm when folded together, ideal for taking on holiday. * LED life: up to 50,000 hours * Functions: 75%, 100% light, flashing * Brightness: 80 lumen, lights up to 50 m * Lighting time approx 16.8 hours * Powered by 4 x mignon AA batteries (not supplied)
The screwdrivers have a continuous hexagonal blade and a hexagonal tip which makes them ideal for workshops, semi-professional handymen, and DIYers. Very high torque. Ergonomic 2 component handle. The blade is made of CR V steel. 10 year Westfalia guarantee. Contents: * 3 x flat slotted screwdriver SL (5 x 75 mm / 6 x 100 mm / 8 x 150 mm) * 3 x cross recess screwdriver PH (size 1 x 75 mm / size 2 x 100 mm / size 3 x 150 mm)
Provides rapid pleasant warmth in the cold time of the year, which is particularly good if your vehicle has been left outside or in an unheated garage. Easy 12 V-connection via the cigarette lighter, length of the lead is approx 1.5m. Can even be used on seats with side airbags. The universal plug fits into every cigarette lighter. Padded version made from hardwearing, quilted nylon weave. * Power input: 12V / 45W. * Colour: black * Size: 85 x 42cm. * With E approval.
With steerable rollers and sturdy carry handle, 2 pieces. Pump lever. Final height approx. 380 mm. Comes in a practical plastic storage case.
With steerable rollers and sturdy carry handle, 2 pieces. Pump lever. Final height approx. 380 mm. Comes in a practical plastic storage case.
Pointed chisel, length 280mm
Extension bar needed for mounting the Croc-Lock. The picture shows the Croc-Lock with the extrusions added.
Bird feeding station This beautiful bird feeding station is functional, sturdy and decorative. The hungry birds in your area will be very happy, especially in the winter. * Removable roof for easy filling * 4 perches * Metal handle for hanging on branches etc. Weight: approx 350 g Colour: anthracite Material: metal Size: W x H x L: approx 145 x 245 x 145 mm Winter Bird Food Have a heart for winter birds. This premium bird food is fully packed with vitamins for all wild song birds. The bird food is...
* Lithium-ionic technology * No memory effect * No self discharging * Powerful * Improved motor performance * Rotation direction and charge level indicator through LED * Forward and reverse rotation * Power light to illuminate the working area * Excellent ergonomics � small handy design * Soft grip � simple handling due to ergonomic shape and with integrated soft grip Technical data: * Maximum screw diameter 5 mm * Idling speed 180 mm-1 * Maximum torque 4 Nm * Battery capacity 1.3 Ahm Weight: 0....
You will now always have the right pliers for holes, eyelets and press fastenings. The set consists of: * 1 revolver punch plier with 6 hole punches * 1 eyelet pliers * 1 press fastening pliers * 200 piece eyelet set * 50 piece press fastening set Especially ideal for: * Handicrafts * Making holes * Attaching eyelets and press fasteners The pliers are made of sheet steel, chrome plated.
5 of each blades, length 150 mm for: * Metal * Fine cut for wood * Coarse cut for wood
The most popular sized clamps with rubber inserts to protect cables, hoses, pipes etc. These clamps can be used for jobs on cars, machinery, equipment, sanitation and various DIY jobs. Clearly sorted in plastic container. Contents: * 8 1/4\" * 4 5/16\" * 2 3/8\" * 2 1/2\" * 2 5/8\""
Design your door yourself. 3 wooden door signs for pokerwork (beech coarse). Approx 23 x 9 x 1.2 cm
11-piece screwdriver assortment 6x slot-headed 6.5x38 / 3x75 / 5x75 / 5.5x125 / 6.5x100 / 8x150 mm 5x cross-headed PH2x38 / PH1x75 / PH2X100 / PH2X150 / PH3X150 mm 4-piece precision screwdriver set slot-headed 2.0 x PH00 / SL 3.0 X PH0 / SL 4.0 X PH1 Voltage tester Mini hand-saw 300 mm spirit level Aluminium torch High-quality carpet knife with diecast case. 10 years warranty.
Painted yellow, 500 g head weight, with 38 cm Ash cowfoot shaft. For gathering and moving smaller pieces of wood and cut wood.
Just look into your reversing mirror and through the car parking lens, and you can see what is directly behind your car without turning round. You will get into parking spaces that were always too narrow before. Simply stick this lens to the rear window of your vehicle. Bumps when parking will be a thing of the past.
Eyelet can be fitted to board walls and trailer floors to prevent loads fromslipping or falling over using securing straps.
Small holes will not get larger and you will have no runs in your stockings. Very transparent, comfortable to wear and elasticated. Material: 60% polyamide, 40% Lycra�
The perfect clamping device for risk-free sawing work. Safe and easy - avoids the need for a 3rd hand. Fits on any wood or metal sawing horse. Sturdy galvanised design. Does not prevent the sawing horse folding up. (Photo: See clamping device on the sawhorse)
Hexagonal, long design, includes bit holder. Sizes: 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16 mm. Overall length approx 82 mm.
* Long life 10,000 hours * Quick starting up time thanks to Quick Light Technology * Light colour: warm comfort white, 2500 K * Energy Efficiency Class A
Useful adapters available in following versions: Adapter 6.3 mm jack socket stereo to 3.5 mm jack plug stereo. Adapter 3.5 mm jack socket stereo to 6.3 mm jack plug stereo. jack = connector socket (The adapter you receive will look similar to the picture)
Double power! The powerful Bi � Turbo cordless vacuum will remove even deep dirt and animal hair quickly and easily. The rotating brush adjusts to 90�. The hand vacuum will suck up solids and liquids and is therefore indispensable at home and in the car, mobile, quick, easy to use and thorough. Use for upholstery, corners, carpets or surfaces � everything will be cleaned in seconds. Comes supplied with: * Crevice, wet and upholstery nozzle * Turbo brush * LED charging display * Charging station ...
For electric drills and screwdrivers. Mounting magnetically holds all 6.35 mm bits and drills with hexagonal mounting. Spherical holder. Converts your drill into an angle-drill. No more problems reaching inaccessible places. Supplied with three bits.
Spare round staples in pack of 1000
The set consists of: * 1 x tyre pressure tester 10 � 50 psi with key fob * 1 x tyre valve repair tap and die with valve turner 4 mm * 4 x valve inserts * 4 x plastic protective caps * 4 x chromed protective caps
19 piece titanium tap and core hole drill bits set. The titanium nitride coating gives this set a 10-fold longer life than conventional tap. The set consists of : 9 tap drill bits : M3x0.5, M4x0.7, M5x0.8, M5x0.5, M6x1.0, M8x1.25, M10x1.5, M11x1.5, M12x1.75 9 core hole drill bits: 2.5, 3.3, 4.2, 4.5, 5, 6.7, 8.5, 9.5, 10.2 mm The bit set is made of HSS and comes in a high quality metal case.
Replacement mop head for mop article no 817723. 15 cm diameter mop head with Velcro fastening. Washable up to 30�C.
30W soldering iron with stand and pointed tip. 230V with a cable length of 1.80 m.
For even spreading of grass seeds, grit or salt . The amount spread can be adjusted. 45 cm spreading width. Extra big wheels (20 cm in diameter)
Very short heating up period! Technical Data: * 6W / 4,5V * Powered by 3 mignon batteries (not included) * Includes cap, 2 tips ( 1 x fine point, 1 x craft tip), tip changer
The Comfort Classic! These move with you, thanks to the elastic fabric made from 80% cotton,16% polyester and 4% elastane. Super, perfect fit. Blue denim, super stone-washed, fully washable.
Soft to skin pure cotton vests in a saver pack of 5. Wear at work, when doing sports or in your freetime. Material: 100% cotton
The saw consists of a handle with sawblades and a 5 piece sawblade set . The sawblade set consists of 3 wood sawblades and 2 plastic sawblades . Total length approx 250 mm
This elasticated cutting mat has a centimetre scale around the outside and angles marked on it to make your measuring easier. The surface heals itself after you have cut on it, where it has been cut disappears and you can use it again and again. You can use the mat on both sides and it will protect your work surface .
Powerful cleaning, no stains remain. This silicone brush will get rid of everything in your toilet and it stays clean itself at the same time. The brush gets under the rim properly so your toilet will be completely clean afterwards. Comes with brush stand made of plastic. 48 cm high.
* Spotlight with 3 very bright LEDs * 3 neutral white LEDs * High quality solar panel * Pivotable * Replaceable rechargeable battery * Spotlight with pivotable arm * Off / on switch * For use outside Technical details: * Height including ground spike: approx 360 mm * Length of ground spike: approx 180 mm * Spotlight diameter: approx 65 mm * Solar panel: approx 53 x 52 mm * 1 replaceable rechargeable battery 1.2 V � 600mAh, AAA, NiMh
The garden gap brush is a real innovation, because it removes almost everything from gaps, grooves and crevices that does not belong there, without much effort or bending over on your part. All types of weed, e.g. dandelions; trapped or stuck dirt, heavy moss growth, even stubborn limescale. The garden gap brush is immediately ready for use, for you need no other tools. It fits on almost any commercially available broom-handle using a standard thread just screw on. Simply brush out any gaps...its...
This insect house has a sheet metal roof. Ideal for bees and for insects to spend the winter in. Size: (W x D x H) 12 x 12 x 21 cm
Heavy duty thick pile, non-slip PVC backing with inlaid polypropylene fibres guarantee long working life and good dirt absorption. Also ideal for business use in reception and entrance areas. Quality product.
High quality enamelled baking tray. No more cakes which stick to the tray. * Cutproof and heat proof up to 400�C. * Extra deep tray � 4 cm. * Size approx 42 x 29 x 4 cm. German Quality Product.
Sharpening aid Always at the correct sharpening angle Suitable for plane irons, firmer chisels, etc. Adjustable sharpening angle, e.g. for firmer chisels and plane irons. Extends from 6 to 80mm width. Ideal in combination with diamond sharpening disc
* With earthed plug and earthed coupling with cap * Splashproof * Can be used: In dry and damp rooms, as well as outdoors. * Rubber cable H05RR-F3G1,5 mm² * Colour: Black
These trousers are much lighter than jeans but they are as uncomplicated and nearly crease-proof. * 3 times more breathable than denim * Comfortable and nearly crease-proof * Back and side pockets Material: 98 % cotton, 2% Lycra�
This plug will nicely cover the hole in your sink. Just place it in the hole and your sink will instantly look much better. Plug length 1 1/4; with extra large cover approx 62 mm in diameter. Height adjustable from approx 70 mm to max approx 90 mm. Chromed. Fits nearly most common sink models.
9 �snowballs� each sized approx 9 cm with a slowly pulsating light. This energy saving solar chain is powered by 3 powerful 1.2 V 600 mAh NiMh rechargeable batteries. The light switches on automatically when dusk falls. * Ideal for outside IP44 * Distance between snowballs approx 70 cm * Total length approx 730 cm
Can even be used for cleaning high quality in-ear headphones. * Small brush for gently removing deposits * Cerumen stick: removes deposits in hard-to-reach areas * Cleaning brush: clears the acoustic tubes of dirt * Lever: aids the opening of battery compartment * Magnet: aids the removal of batteries
-> Complete system with few parts -> secure seating of the hose on 1/2\" nozzles without hose clips -> very light and easy to handle. Hose coupling 1/2\" with water stop.
Easy removal of stubborn ice layers on your windscreen thanks to the rotating 3 blade system. The blades are made of a special plastic. It is always ready to be used as it has a 12 volt connection. Cable length: 4 m Comes supplied with 3 replacement blades and a storage bag.
NEW! Functional denim clothing with dirt / water repellant is the ideal clothing for mowing the lawn, taking the dog for a walk and many other outdoor activities. Ideal for working outside � you will enjoy the breathability and mobility of normal denim clothing but you are also protected against the wet and dirt. When walking the dog, you will still keep dry in tall grass and in a shower. You can even use these jeans for washing the car. Material: 100% cotton Trimming: 100% polyamide (Taslan)
10 pieces replacement abrasive discs coarse finish, grain size 100
Lots of new colours! This high-gloss, quick-drying synthetic enamel is particularly suitable for tractors. Quality features: • Impact-, shock- and scratch resistant, weatherproof, • Elastic and oil-resistant • Outstanding coverage in about 2 hours • Dust-dry in about 6 hours (non-tacky). 1000 ml tin of any colour, including VAT - (100 ml = 1.30)
The winter protective mat coconut is made of ruffled coconut fibres which have been pressed together and shaped using natural latex as a binder. The mat is 100% biologically degradable and is between 0.5 � 0.7 cm thick. It is also ideal for covering potted plants and trees. It will protect them against the cold, snow and wind. Size: 50 x 150 cm
Light but sturdy tripod for every use and purpose. The tripod has been made to a high standard and the price is low for the quality you will receive. This tripod is indispensible for clear photos when a long exposure time is required or for telephotos etc. Tripod40 * Professional tripod for heavy cameras giving you a very firm stand * Can be used for cameras and video cameras up to 3.5 kg including carrying handle and hooks for extra weight * 2 spirit levels * Max height: 65 – 161 cm, transport...
This penguin looks just like a real one. It and its baby sit on ice which will even look good in winter. It looks good during the day and at night. There is an on/off switch to activate the 3 yellow LED lights . * Battery powered: 3 button batteries (supplied) * Size: diameter 20 cm, approx 28 cm high * Material: polyresin
High dust absorbtion due to fine dust special filter. Created to fit your vacuum cleaner. These bags guarantee your vacuum cleaner will work on full suction power. For Golden Magic, HR (6300-6320, 6340-6800, 8700-8999 – Vision, 8700-8999 – Vision Excel), Marathon, Original-Gr. (HR 6938, HR 6939, HR 6983, Oslo), Silence, T (300-800), TC (400-999), TC Exclusive, TCX (400-999 –Classique), Turbo-max, V (371-396 – Vitall), Vision Excel. Contents: 12 bags and 3 filters
10-piece Diamond Coated Sanding and Milling Set. For use on small drills. Overall length 45mm, shaft diam. 2.3mm.
As soon as the food has the right temperature the lid colour changes from blue to transparent. Now you can see your food clearly. You will receive one of each dishes in the following sizes: * 1.6 l * 1.2 l * 0.8 l * 0.6 l * 0.5 l Each dish is dishwasher proof.
Enables rapid determination of the individual sizes of spiral drill-bits from1.0 up to 13.0mm (going up in 1/2mm sizes) without a sliding calliper and micrometer. Enormous timesaving. Very easy-to-read size details (etched in black). Unbreakable, even after very long use-made from high-quality stainless steel.Stainless Steel RUST-PROOF1-1mm increasing at 0.5mm intervals, in metal case.
The most popular saw.Precision saw with teeth on one side and with a blade length of 265 mm, blade width 60 mm, total length 615 mm, no back. Mixed teeth for diagonal, longitudinal and cross-grain cuts.
The knob handle will enable you to easily do all sawing jobs, even above your head. Technical details: * Power consumption: 730 Watt * Idling stroke count: 600 � 2900 min-1 * Pendulum stroke speeds: 3 speeds * Cutting depth: in wood � 120 mm, soft steel � 10 mm, aluminium � 12 mm * Socket type: all * Weight: 2.7 kg
Mounting shaft for bimetal keyhole saws 32 - 102 mm.
* Will replace all classic shapes 1 to 1 * Up to 90% energy savings EEK=A * Middle life 15,000 hours * No heat development * No mercury contained in bulbs * Completely dimmable * Can be used outside * Tested to German standards * Warm white light 2600 K * Give out nearly the same light as a normal light bulb The Segula LED light bulbs make changing to LED lights easy. There is no other range that provides all light bulb shapes giving out the same light as a normal light bulb would do. The classic...
60 cm working width. 32 hardened steel prongs, powder-coated.
Soft TPE / blue no colour transference. diam 40mm. For tiling and paving, removing dents, building furniture, windows and doors, carpentry.
The angle grinder is one of the many convenient AC Tool Bods (power tool bodies) that clicks into your BluCave AC controller. Suitable for grinding, cutting and sanding. The angle grinder comes with adjustable safety guard. The discs have a diameter of 115 mm. The grinder also has a spindle lock for fast and secure disc change. The angle grinder comes with its own unique storage dock for compact and protective housing inside the BluCave portable cabinet. Technical specifications: * Voltage: 230 V...
This painting gnome is approx 27 cm tall. This little guy doesn’t just look cute, he is minutely made. This garden gnome is just waiting to move into your garden. He’s waiting to romp around the garden, play hide and seek or amuse the children. The gnomes are made of prime, impact-proof and frost-proof plastic . The bright colours are solvent-free and do not contain any poisonous substances .
No need for cable or batteries! This practical hand vacuum device will preserve your foodstuffs in an instant. Nutrients, vitamins and the freshness are kept. Ideal for freezing or for storage in the fridge. You can also use it for dry items like coffee, muesli, crisps etc. These bags make marinading meat even better because the marinade goes into the meat even more when the meat is vacuumed. The bags are made of easy to care for plastic which makes them easy to clean. * The bags are dishwasherproof...
Chrome-vanadium steel, square,hardened in accordance with DIN 7255.Length 200mm, width 6mm
Size 1: 10mm diam., overall length about 75mm, length of spring about 55mm
11mm diam x 200mm, approx. 50 sticks = 1kg transparent hot-melt adhesive for all heat-resistant materials, working temperature 160190°C.
This assortment of fuses comprises of 5 x 20 sized glass-tube fuses. 160 standard fuses in 8 types, 20 of each in the following designs: 500m A/ 1A/ 2A/ 3A/ 4A/ 5A/ 8A/ 10A. Comes supplied in a neat and transparent plastic box, for quick and easy access. Should be in every toolbox
22 Wrought, sides/jaws hardened and ground laterally.High-quality CV steel.1"11/2" 2". 10 years Westfalia warranty.
The hammer to meet the highest demands. Manufactured from the best quality tool steel. With an extremely durable leather grip resistant to wear. The high quality butt plates sit safe from distortion on the all-steel grip and provide a good grip and a breathable surface. The leather absorbs moisture, adapts to individual hand shapes and guarantees an optimum hold. Weight of head
5-Piece Set of Connecting Pieces for nuts and ratchets, each consisting of a 1-off connection piece made from hardened special chromed steel. 3/8 inside and 1/2" outside. 1/2" inside and 3/4" outside. 3/8" inside and 1/4" outside.1/2" inside and 3/8" outside. 3/4" inside and 1/2" outside. Price for the complete 5-piece set. 10 years warranty.
* 230 Volt * Socket: E14 * Energy Efficiency Class A * Light output: 120 lumen * Colour temperature: 3000 Kelvin, warm white * Average life: 15,000 hours Size : Height: 9.8 cm Length: 35 mm Width: 35 mm
Sweat no longer in heavy denim jeans. This pair of jeans is much airier and cooler than your normal pair of jeans. The perfect pair of summer jeans ensures that you keep cool regardless of the temperatures. The body moisture is carried away from the body by the Coolmax fibres. This is a special polyester fibre that absorbs moisture from the body and passes it through the clothing to the outside, where it can evaporate. Each pair of jeans has 2 side and 2 back pockets. * Jeans will keep you cool,...
When you are wrapping something, you often need 3 hands so you can tear off the adhesive tape you require. No need for this any longer! The transparent adhesive spots are ready for use and do not need to be cut to size. You can use the transparent spots for closing envelopes, wrapping presents, attaching posters etc. Being transparent, you will hardly be able to see them. Size: each has 2.5 cm diameter You will receive: 10 sheets each with 21 adhesive spots.
Infrared Massager � Relaxation for the whole body The infrared massager with thermal field and vibration is useful for either a calming or a stimulating massage thanks to the different attachments. 3 Functions: * Massage * Warmth * Massage with warmth The massager has an extra long handle for the hard to reach areas on your back. The angle of the head is adjustable. The massager has a very quiet motor and a hook for easy storage. 230 V with 13 Watt Comes with 4 different massage attachments: * 1...
Modern and sturdy uppers in leather look. Textile lining with a soft and padded midsole. Non-slip and flexible outsole. * Breathable mesh lining * Non-slip soles Colour : camel Material: Outer : synthetic, lining � breathable mesh lining Midsole : breathable mesh lining Outsole : non-slip rubber outsole
Say „NO“ to soot, grease, mould, lime and bacteria!! With this practical and handy hand held steam cleaner you can clean, de-grease and disinfect everything which used to take ages to do before. Whether it is grease in the extractor fan, burnt in food on your cooker, soap residues or mould in your tile grouting, lime stains in vases or aquariums, dirt on windows, doors or shutters, etc, etc, etc……..the steam cleaner will support you every step of the way. Even upholstery can be freshened up with...
Precision carbide metal circular saw blade for electric hand circular saws. Carbide metal teeth, long life, for cutting lengthwise and across, can be used for plastic and chipboard. Precision cutting, a quality product. Much longer life than normal saw blades. Especially good for plastic coated panels and chipboards. Cuts faster and easier, saves your motor. Can be used on natural wood, coated and non-coated panels.
Knurling tool. Replacement wheels (2 each). Each wheel has a diameter of 19 mm with a bored hole 6 mm.
Particularly good cutting performance with low effort due to lever transmission. Induction hardened precision cutting edges. Cutting edge hardness approx. 64 HRc. Cut values: soft wire up to 6 mm diam, hard wire up to 4 mm diam., piano wire up to 3.6 mm diam. Length 200mm, weight 350 g
Warning Light (red) with bulb 12V. Recess opening diam 17.5mm
They fit like custom made even on demanding feet! Really soft Nubuck leather and lots of room inside ensure perfect wearing comfort. The sandal is also lined with leather, keeping your feet comfortably cool.
High dust absorbtion due to fine dust special filter. Created to fit your vacuum cleaner. These bags guarantee your vacuum cleaner will work on full suction power. For: BS (47/.-52/., 54/., 55/., 57/., 58/.,70/., 80/.-88/., 97/., 98/.) Compact (1200, 1300, 1400, 1600, 2200 Duo) Cyclopower (2200 Duo, 2400 Duo) Domatic (Harlekin, Pianissimo, Valente) Exclusiv, Futura, Handy (Valente), �ko-Lux Original size (9, 9a, 9b, 14) Storm, Topo, Twister, Varia (Pianissimo, ProEdition, R-Control SES, Valente)...
Special heavy-duty, rigid cast design complete with silicone sponge soldering tip. stripper. Suitable for all of the soldering irons that we supply. In the holding coil there is a removable insert, which provides a secure base even for the smallest soldering irons.
Tall design, long steel blade, ground sharp, 7.5cm tall, 16cm working width.
The hoof shoe for sheep is made of real leather. Sturdy design, tried and tested. * Diameter of shoe: 9.5 cm * Use for foot lengths up to 8 cm * Legwarmer: 13.5 cm high
High dust absorbtion due to fine dust special filter. Created to fit your vacuum cleaner. These bags guarantee your vacuum cleaner will work on full suction power. For Bosch : Ergomaxx / Ergomaxx Professional (BSG 80000-89999), Original size (BBZ 52 AFP, BBZ 52 AFP1, Typ P) For Siemens : Dynapower / Dynapower XXL (VS 08G 0000-9999), Original size (Typ P, VZ 52 AFP, VZ 52 AFP1) Contents: 12 bags and 3 filters
High quality felt polishing disc for finishing off upper material and for high polishing of metal surfaces, stainless steel, aluminium, plastics, etc. For removing small scratches also. For use with polishing paste. Disc diameter 125mm, collet hole 22.23 mm.
This is an ideal lock for letterboxes, key safes, office cabinets or lockers. You don’t need a key for this lock. You can choose the 3 digits yourself. * Shaft length 20 mm * Cylinder diameter 19 mm
Reduces drying time and makes your laundry softer. Regular use of these blue drier balls makes your laundry softer in a natural, mechanical way and prevents the formation of fluff. In addition, the balls store warmth, which reduces drying time by up to 25%. That saves both time and energy. PVC,approx. 6.5 cm.
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