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50 piece. SDS plus Hammer Drill Bit Assortment in sheet steel case for professionals. This comprehensive and well-assorted SDS plus hammer drill bit selection ranges from 5 to 12 mm. The hammer drill bits are made from specially hardened steel with highperformance blades crafted from hard metal and embedded in the bit head. Hence, these can be used even for reinforced concrete. The SDS plus hammer drill bits are stored in a sturdy, sheet-steel case, ready for use at all times.
The easy way to decorate your tree. * 12 cordless LED candles in classic design * Extra-long lighting time (150 hours per battery) * Wind sensitive artificial flame * Light looks like real candlelight * No flame, no danger of fire * Lights up for 2 hours, flickers or constant light * Comes with remote control and complete set of batteries * Easy to install and easy to extend the set Place the LED candles where you want them on the tree. The electric candles are attached using the clips and can be...
* Gives off lovely colour changes * For your garden or balcony * Each butterfly comes with 1 high quality solar panel * Each battery is powered by a powerful 600 mAh rechargeable battery * Height approx 63 cm
8 mm , 5-10 kg , 80 mm , 400 mm
Turbo edge with smooth steel blade and cooling holes for use with natural and synthetic stones, bricks, ceramics, concrete and hard types of stones such as paving stones. Segmented edge for application in hard materials, with concrete, reinforced concrete, medium hard brickwork and general building materials. With closed edge/full edge for fine clean cutting of tiles, ceramics, thin granite, stone and marble tiles. 10/115 mm diam.
A drill and impact hammer for everyone. Use for drilling, impact drilling or chiseling. The powerful 850 Watt motor ensures that you will be able to work quickly. An investment that will pay for any handyman. Technical details: * Mains voltage: 230 V ~ 50 Hz * Output: 850 Watt * Idling speed: 800 revs/min-1 * Blow count: 3900 blows/min-1 * Blow strength: 3 joules * Maximum drilling capacity: metal – 13 mm, concrete – 26 mm, wood – 40 mm You will receive: * 1 x drilling and chiseling hammer * 1 x...
Classic design, easy to use and it makes excellent coffee. It makes up to 12-15 cups or 1.5 litre. There is space to warm 2 cups on the top of the machine. The coffee machine has a permanent filter, non drip function and a water level gauge. It comes with a glass coffee jug and overheating protection. There is a stainless steel stripe to make it look even more impressive. Technical details: * 1000 watt * Size: 17 x 17 x 33 cm
These drill bits have innovative HM tips and can be used for nearly all purposes. You can use them for wood, plastic, sheet metal (up to 4 mm), aluminium (up to 6 mm), stone, glass or tiles. The titan coated drill increases the standing times and rounds the high quality drill bits off. Contents: 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 mm in a practical wooden box.
Clean mitring for base strips, corner strips as well as internal building work can only be achieved through time-consuming fitting. This mitre angle gauge solves this problem. Suitable for internal and external mitring.
With shoulder straps. Comfortable long fitting style. Material: 100% cotton. Washable at 60�C.
The well assorted and extensive 170 spiral drill bit assortment from 1 to 10 mm is made of high quality HSS (high speed steel) and is coated in titanium. All drill bits are easy to find in the sturdy system metal case , where they are safe but close at hand . The extreme hardness of the titanium nitride layer gives the titanium drill bit its unsurpassed wear resistance . The titanium drill bit has up to 6 times longer life than normal HSS drill bits . Contents: * 10 x 1 mm * 10 x 1.5 mm * 10 x 2...
For assembly and repair work in vehicle repair shops, positioning of work pieces on lathes, repair jobs, housing assembly, sheet metal work etc. With white nylon insert/hard hickory shaft.Head diam Total Head Length Entire Length Weight30mm 110mm 330mm 430g40mm 115mm 360mm 750g50mm 120mm 370mm 1000g
Contents: * Belt bag * Jaw Prop Fish scaler * Worm pin * Bait pin * Fishing scales max 22 kg with 1m tape measure * Dehooker large and small * Fish killer * Rod holder * Special taper-nosed fishermans pliers * Line clipper Ideal for the proper handling of your catch.
With these ratchet sockets, with left/right rotation, you can reach the tightest of places. The small height of the sockets allows you getting into tight spaces. Easy handling and quickly deployable. All parts are made from CV steel. Contents: 1 each of 1/4“, 3/8“ and 1/2“ with square drive.
You‘ll no longer be purple in the face, rubbing your hands raw over stubborn lids that wont open. This ingenious, automatic One Touch lid opener only takes seconds to loosen a lid and doesn‘t even have to be held when opening. Simply place the One Touch on the lid and press the start button - the jar will be opened automatically. It then also switches off automatically and can be removed simply and safely. The One Touch is so handy and small that it will fit easily in any drawer.
Lamella grinding disc set for deburring, derusting, grinding welding joints, smoothing surfaces etc. Use on all angled grinders. The sturdy aluminium oxide grain guarantees the best standing times, quick stripping capability and a good surface. Sturdy support material made of a plastic mix. Contents: 2 of each lamella grinding discs: K40, K60, K80, K100, K120.
Hair Dryer Hood and Hair Dryer with ionic technology. Benefits for your hair: more flexibility, resistant against negative environmental effects, easy to comb, more shine . * Powerful 1000 watts * 4 step switch 0-1-2-3-hair dryer hood operation * Separate hair dryer operation * 3 heating levels * Hair dryer hood of high quality synthetic material * Removable, inflatable, washable * Multiple air compartments for steady drying * Adjustable belt for hands-free use * Extra long cable (2.5 m) * Low weight...
Double sided, offering 2 different sounds. With eyelet. High quality material.
Pan set with heat insulated soft touch handles. * Revolutionary ceramic coating * Low fat and healthy, you will hardly need any fat * Great tasting food and healthy thanks to the twice hardened coated, non-scratch, non-stick coating with drip off effect. The aluminium pan with energy saving induction thermoconductive base will give a quick even heat supply. Ideal even when you want to fry at high temperatures but can also be used for casseroles and fry-ups thanks to the extra high sides. This makes...
20-Piece Diamond Coated Sanding and Milling Set. For use on small drills. Overall length 45mm, shaft diam. 2.3mm.
This handy compressed air pen will aid cleaning surfaces when you are sanding, doing general metalwork or woodwork. The pen has a clip which means you can always carry it with you. Length : 109 mm Weight : 21 g Max working pressure : 12 bar
made of galvanised sheet metal. Grating can be folded open, grate level approx. 6 cm, length approx. 75 cm, width approx. 13 cm, with feeding edge, depth approx. 6 cm.
The practical transport bag for the Rechargeable Shears item no. 110676. For safe keeping and transporting!
A good value for money bricklayer�s set made of carbon steel. Each tool has a red handle. Contents: * 1 Tiroler bricklayer�s trowel with S shaped neck * 1 Berner plastering trowel * 1 Hamburger filling trowel * 1 smoothing trowel
This saddle cover will fit every bicycle because the material is elasticated. There is a cord you can pull and a quick release fastener. The storage bag is integrated into the cover which means you can store it easily when you are on the bike, on the bike’s frame or on the saddle. Material: polyester
The perfect clamping device for risk-free sawing work. Safe and easy - avoids the need for a 3rd hand. Fits on any wood or metal sawing horse. Sturdy galvanised design. Does not prevent the sawing horse folding up. (Photo: See clamping device on the sawhorse)
Decorative ironing board cover made from extra-strong cotton fabric. The ironing board cover is suitable for steam ironing and has foam padding to protect your clothes. Aluminium coating underneath helps save electricity. Colour-fast and heat-resistant decoration. You’ll receive an additional ironing cloth FREE for delicate fabrics such as silk, nylon or perlon. The ironing cloth is heat resistant to 200�C. Size: Ironing board cover approx 130 x 51 cm, ironing cloth approx 60 x 40 cm.
This snow shovel on wheels will really help you when you have to clear the snow. All you have to do is just push it away. This will conserve your energy and your health. The snow shovel on wheels is very sturdy and the wheels have been tested to work in winter conditions . The shovel blade is made of aluminium and is 660 x 320 mm. The braces are made of aluminium and the handle is made of steel. The handle has been covered so your hands do not freeze to it. Total length : 1400 mm Size : 660 x 320 mm
This brush will get rid of limescale, mould and dirt without you having to scrub. No chemicals are required and you will easily be able to get rid of even stubborn stains. Use for: * Tiles * Shower walls * Edges * Shower heads * Cracks * Joints This professional set consists of a hand brush and double power brush.
Special cleaning solution for all garden furniture, removes stubborn dirt, dust, bird mess, green deposits, greasy food remains and other dirt from garden tables, chairs and benches. It can also be used on other plastic objects both indoors and out. This cleaner is highly concentrated and is extremely powerful in dissolving oils, soot, grease and resin. Simply spray on, leave to work for a short time and finish off with a sponge or cloth. Contents: 500 ml.
For breaking-off scored glass strips. Special tool steel, oil-hardenedand tempered. olished black head with atramentized handles, Jaw width 240 mm. Weight 235 grams.
Sharpening aid Always at the correct sharpening angle Suitable for plane irons, firmer chisels, etc. Adjustable sharpening angle, e.g. for firmer chisels and plane irons. Extends from 6 to 80mm width. Ideal in combination with diamond sharpening disc
Sturdy Stanley knife which also cuts cables and cords. The blade is easy to remove by pressing the button. The handle is ergonomically formed. It is also easy to get at the replacement blades, you will not need to unscrew the casing to get at them. Stanley knife comes supplied with 5 blades.
8 mm , 7-10 kg , 90 mm , 500 mm
For the finest drill work. Length of the drill: 9.5 cm, takes drill bits from0-1.2 mm.
Comfortable tracksuit which is very comfortable to wear and is slightly roughend for comfort on the inside. The jacket has a stand up collar and the bottoms have an elasticated waist and two pockets. Material: 100% polyester
Made of stainless steel.
Professional chisels that meet the highest demands. The steel used for the cutting blades guarantees the famous sharpness of sculpting chisels.These ergonomically designed chisels can be both pushed by hand as well as hammered with a mallet. The dark, varnished hard-wood handles are held by a steel ferrule at the joint with the tang and are thus protected against loosening or splitting. This professional set provides the most modern sculptors chisels. Total length 220mm. Contents: 1 x 7mm wide, ground...
Perfect eyelets with pre-holing there and then. Simple to handle, without hammer or other machines. Custom-fit parallel contact pressure with high force. With large opening for fixing eyelts deep within the material. Tool inserts and eyelets are not included, please order separately.
This saw will cut plastic, wood, aluminium and metal. The blade is made of hardened metal which means that no sharpening is required. It has an ergonomic 2 component handle, safety catch and a 15 cm long hardened metal blade. Ideal as a constant companion in the home, in your toolbox and as a multifunctional helper for sawing various materials. The safety catch prevents it from opening or closing unexpectedly. Size: approx 320 x 25 mm (when opened out).
High dust absorbtion due to fine dust special filter. Created to fit your vacuum cleaner. These bags guarantee your vacuum cleaner will work on full suction power. For: Kobold (VK 130, VK 131) Contents: 4 bags
Be on the safe side with this wall plug. A wall plug for hollow blocks, hollow floors, heavy concrete, gas concrete and even sandwich-type plasterboard. Optimum rotary protection thanks to locking edges on the wall plug body - this being especially important when mounting in lightweight building materials.
Special safety in-cuts fitted on both sides of the profile cylinder guarantee the highest break-in security, by opening with special block tools. Even simple copying of the keys is not possible. With one key you can close all 4 cylinders - no searching for different keys. 4 profile cylinders with 12 keys for the whole family. * 1 cylinder 80 mm * 2 cylinders 60 mm for inside door * 1 cylinder for the garage door 40 mm. Keys without lateral security in-cuts
Would you like spring to come early? What could be better than these flowering flowers? The china range PAPAVERO will impress you not only with its charm but also with high functionality and breaking strength. The coffee set is for 6 people and is dishwasher and microwave safe. Set consists of: * 6 x coffee cups (20 cl) * 6 x saucers (14.5 cm diameter) * 6 x small plates (19 cm diameter)
Mould Stop Can be used inside and out (undiluted). Removes mould in tile crevices on shower curtains, in the kitchen, on the walls etc straight away. * Works straight away and visibly * Just spray on and the grey or black crevices, mouldy walls, problem areas or corners in the house, the kitchen, bathroom are sorted out straight away. * Economical in use * Leaves no health damaging substances behind , can even be used on wallpaper and shower curtains. * Is enough for approx 5-15 m� * Contains chlorine...
Replacement chain suitable for PKS
20-piece rubber abrasive disks. Rubber disk diam approx 18 mm, coarse, medium, fine grain (self-adhesive), shank diam. 2.5 mm.
US army style trousers are: * Easy care * Very comfortable * Indestructable * With many functional pockets – room for everything Adjustable waistband – for extra special wearing comfort Material: 50% cotton, 50% polyamide
Lots of new colours! This high-gloss, quick-drying synthetic enamel is particularly suitable for tractors. Quality features: • Impact-, shock- and scratch resistant, weatherproof, • Elastic and oil-resistant • Outstanding coverage in about 2 hours • Dust-dry in about 6 hours (non-tacky). 1000 ml tin of any colour, including VAT - (100 ml = 1.30)
In a practical plastic case containing: SDS drills 5x110, 6x110, 8x160, 10x160, 12x160, 14x200, 16x210, 18x300 and 20x450; SDS pointed tool 250 mm, flat chisel 22x250 mm and gouge 22x250 mm.
Full steel drill chuck for impact drills with 1/2\" internal thread. Thehighest quality finish and precision guarantee accurate concentric running. No more annoyance through lost drill chuck keys. Clamping range: 1-13 mm,2 year guarantee.
3-piece Extractor Set. Dye-cast, comprising: 2-arm Extractor: span width 180 mm, span depth 75 mm, 3-arm Extractor: span width 200 mm, span depth 100 mm, 3-arm Extractor: span width 230 mm, span depth 150 mm.
Use as a mobile belt sander (for working on all surfaces) or as a stationary belt sander (for small items, hobbies, model making etc). Technical details: * Voltage: 230V ~50 Hz * Input power: 600 W * Belt speed: 170 � 250 m/min * Belt length: 75 x 457 mm * Grinding area: 75 x 150 mm * Cable length: 2 m * Weight: 2.5 kg Contents: * 2 in 1 belt sander * Adapter for suction dust extraction * Dust collection box * 2 mounting brackets
Eyelet can be fitted to board walls and trailer floors to prevent loads fromslipping or falling over using securing straps.
9-Piece Spline Socket Screw Set with T-handle. With stand, matt chromedchrome-vanadium blades with black tips. The Allen key is additionally locatedsideways on to the Thandle, due to the large leverage effect, enables the loosening of very tightly fitting screws. Easy-grip, ball-type handle. contents: T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30, T40, T45 and T50. br> 10 years Westfalia warranty.
Square drive rapid and precise work can be achieved thanks to the small stroke (72 teeth), particularly when working on inaccessible screws. Smallest stroke 5�. 1/2\" Drive.
Replacement roller for flat surfaces for article no 320770.
Extra long sockets, Total length approx. 75mm 1/2\" drive. In high quality chrome vanadium steel. Contents: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 19, 21, 22, 24, 27, 30 and 32mm. Supplied in sturdy plastic case.
6 Piece Drill bits for Glass with 1/4" hexagonal collet, 3-4-5-6-8-10mm. Short, made of solid HSS steel, drill bit with a 1/4 “ hexagonal quick-change adapter. Very short, best suited for use in combination with an angled gearbox or applications in very tight places. Very stable, as milled from one piece. Not suitable for Hammer drill. Content: 1 each of drill bit 3-4-5-6-8-10mm. In practical Aluminium box.
Fully galvanised body. Hardened shackle. Steel plates with 8 rivets. Shackle with selfactivating locking. Supplied with 2 keys. Width mm 30, Height mm 50, Shackle mm 5.
Made from beechwood. 10 elements in total, element thickness 3mm, width 16mm, elements have riveted joints and brass plated steel springs
Set of 12, 4mm thick, approx. 230mm long. Ideal for securing tarpaulins, tent rooves and side walls, etc.
Filter set for upright vacuum cleaner art no 106948.
Made using a special toughened tooling steel. Contents: Screw extractors with square 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6 mm, HSS drill-bits 2- 3-3, 5-6 - 7-9 .5mm in aworking cassette.
With internal steel rattle balls and halographic effect. * 1. sinking depth: 3.04 m weight: 17 g actual body length without nose section: 105 mm * 2. sinking depth: 3.65 m weight: 23 g actual body length without nose section: 130 mm * 3. sinking depth: 4.57 m weight: 31 g actual body length without nose section: 150 mm
The screwdriver tips are charged with thousands of tiny diamond particles. These positively bite into the screw and thus noticeably prevent the ejection forces otherwise produced. The torque applied is transmitted without loss to the screws. The risk of scratching you valuable workpieces is significantly reduced. The blades, made from the best chromium vanadium steel, are double nickel-plated and black chrome-plated, guaranteeing the greatest protection from rust and a long service life. The ball...
Classic T-shirt in really soft fabric at saver prices. Flat seams and elasticated collar. * Pure cotton * Tested quality * Comfortable fit * V and round neck - not selectable Material: 100% cotton
This drinking trough is ideal for hens, ducks and geese. No dirty water any longer, ideal dust protection. 12 litres.
Head 1: 1 1/2” round brush attachment for cleaning pipes from sinks and showers etc Head 2: 3” round brush attachment for cleaning pipes like radiator pipes, spent air pipes etc Head 3: Hooked attachment for pulling up cables or for removing small items out of pipes. Very flexible fibre glass wire with handle. Safety catch so no attachment gets lost in the pipe. Total length: 3 m.
Cooking on induction hobs is getting more and more popular, you cook faster, safer, save energy and reduce your electricity bill. The priniciple is easy: only when the saucepan or frying pan is on the hob, it starts to warm up. The heat is directly transfered to the saucepan which makes it much more effective and up to 50% quicker. Induction hob: * Easy to use * Large digital display * 10 power settings or temperature settings from 60-240� C * Timer function up to 180 minutes * Automatic saucepan...
Indispensible all-round talent. You will be able wash the foodstuffs quickly and easily. There is a sturdy fine wire around the sieve, it stands firm and will be able to do all the jobs you require. * Berries can be washed without being squashed * You can sieve flour * They can even be used as vegetable steamers by hanging them in the saucepan You will always have the right size to hand with this set. Set consists of sieves in the following diameter sizes: 16 / 19 / 22 cm Sieves are made of stainless...
stainless steel, diam. 30cm
Portable and refillable. Perfect for precision welding, shrinking, and for D.I.Y. work. Ideal for domestic use. Operates with normal lighter fuel. Lock iced up? Pre-heat the key - problem solved. Can also be used separately as lighter. The appliance in its pocket format has a Piezo ignition head and adjustable flame height. The additional safety switch prevents any inadvertent ignition. Size : 110 x 60 x 23 mm
Wooden spacers for laying parquet, laminate and other wooden flooring. Made from beech wood. 25 of each size: 55 x 33 x 15 x 10 mm and 57 x 33 x 10 x 5 mm
Keeps objects tidily and safely in place. * Very sturdy with lots of storage space * With small side pockets and 2 compartments for drink bottles
Features: * Trillex lining * Padded rim * Non-metallic puncture resistant midsole * Leather toecap * Sole: rubber, oil and petrol resistant, anti static, heat and shock resistant Width: 11 Colour: black Material: leather uppers
This 5 litre pressure spray has a pressure vessel with large filling funnel, safety valve to protect from excess pressure and shoulder carrying belt. The special sprayers shape enables total emptying. Operating pressure max. 2 bar. Incl. hose pipe and tube, length 30 cm.
High dust absorbtion due to fine dust special filter. Created to fit your vacuum cleaner. These bags guarantee your vacuum cleaner will work on full suction power. For Bosch : Ergomaxx / Ergomaxx Professional (BSG 80000-89999), Original size (BBZ 52 AFP, BBZ 52 AFP1, Typ P) For Siemens : Dynapower / Dynapower XXL (VS 08G 0000-9999), Original size (Typ P, VZ 52 AFP, VZ 52 AFP1) Contents: 12 bags and 3 filters
Thanks to powerful LED technology, you can now have different colours one after the other with a continuous colour change. Each colour shines for approx. 3 seconds before softly changing to the next. Extremely long life, low heat build-up. Technical specifications: * Operates on 230 V * Size (diam x H) 60 x115 mm * Socket E27 * Life approx 50,000 hours * Only for indoor use
Extremely high cutting speed. Accurate cutting and clean edges. Good cooling and dust extraction. Very long service life. This super-thin cut-off wheel is just 2.2mm thick and is ideal for cutting stoneware, clay tiles, concrete, old concrete, slate, granite, marble, etc. The finely toothed, closed edge (segment height 12mm) allows accurate and clean cuts. The corrugated carrier with heat compensating holes provides optimum cooling and dust extraction. The reinforced carrier body means the disk runs...
For cleaning of: * Tools * Objects * Carpets * Flooring “S; shaped. Wooden brush with natural bristles. Made from Birch wood. Length 20cm
Hard metal - for hard construction use Low-noise thanks to laser technologyConstruction Circular Saw BladesFor table circular saws For hard construction use Construction circular saw blades For problematic materials in construction, special woods with inclusions, nails, staples, boarding material, concrete remains, foam mortar, Heraklith Used in extreme cases Low noise, so particularly environmentally friendly.
Versatile use. It will stay in place thanks to the Velcro� fastening, it is ideal for storing items in your car boot. * High quality polypropylene with Velcro� fastening and carrying handle * Washable, light fast and true colour Size : approx 45 x 34 x 34 cm, height 24 cm Colour : black
A world first at Westfalia! With this frying pan set, Westfalia offers you the innovation of coating technology. Robust die-cast aluminium pans with patented coating which last 3 times longer than normal coatings. Easy cleaning through drip off effect, scratch-proof, even when metal cutlery is used. Can be used on induction hobs. Frying pan set includes: * Frying pan 20 cm diameter, 4.5 cm high * Frying pan 28 cm diameter, 6 cm high
This telescopic lance fits the 5 l compressed air spraying machine article number 725770.
This house is an eyecatcher in any garden, on any balcony or patio. You will be amazed how quickly the birds like robins, bluetits etc come and fill this house with life. Size: L x W x H: 25 x 22 x 17 cm
Ideal for removing rust, paint, dirt, mortar residue etc. from metal, wood andcar bodywork. -> Cleans and smoothes the surface. -> Adapts to the shape of the material being worked. -> Replaces wire brushes and manual scrapers.-> No need to prepare the disc. -> Usable on all surfaces and edges. Cleaningdisc comes complete with fixing plates and 8mm tensioning spindle. Discs: diam 100mm, width 12.7mm.
CrV steel. For cutting medium-hard to hard wires. 10 years Westfalia warranty.
Spare nails in pack of 1000. Suitable snails for No. 19 53 70
This classic among Noewegian socks has again been improved. The full leg is knitted in an elastic rib to provide unique comfort when worn. Now available in a saver pack of 3. Material: 35% cotton, 30% polyacrylic, 15% wool, 15% polyester, 5% other fibres
Replacement hedge cutter blade
Gone are the times of wobbling on your ladder � this is the solution! The ladder standing aid enlarges the standing area on the ladder giving you more safety on whichever rung of the ladder you wish to stand on to work. Very simple to use, simply hang it onto any rung with a rung width of 32 cm. This standing aid can also be used as additional space for putting down paint pots or brushes while you work. A practical aid which you will not want to do without any more! * Size of standing area: 29 x...
The strong net traps for safely catching rabbits, crows, magpies, jaybirds and pigeons. Includes ground pegs for safe fixation.
In seconds, your electric drill/milling unit becomes a handy router. 3 Steel supports * for precise guidance and depth control * transparent base plate provides view of routing process * dust extractor the tool area stays clean * depth stop precise adjustment and release at the touch of a button * parallel and compass-type guide for grooves, rabbets, profiles and circular shapes
Effortlessly cleans all surfaces deep down. With these cloths, you deep clean all surfaces, plastic, furniture or metal. No smears or scratches. Even adds new sparkle to polished wood or silver. Take the cloth, dip it into clean water for a short while and wipe your windows: dust, nicotine and grease are easily removed and stick to the fibres. After use, they can simply be washed in the washing machine at up to 90�C to keep them constantly clean and hygienic. Size 30 x 35cm.
These handkerchiefs belong in every pocket. Size: 50 x 50 cm. 100% cotton in olive / grey. Pack of 3.
22 Wrought, sides/jaws hardened and ground laterally.High-quality CV steel.1" 11/2" 2". 10 years Westfalia warranty.
You can now have up to 60 hours of light without mains supply using the most modern technology. There are two pivotable spotlights with 8 LEDs in total which can easily be moved into the position required. The built-in motion detector lights up a range of 90� C and approx 5 m. The light can be switched on permanently if required. Easy to mount using the self-adhesive pads. There are also indentations to enable you to mount using screws. The light takes 3 x micro (AAA) batteries (not supplied).
Ice scraper with very sturdy ice breaking teeth and ergonomically shaped handle. Glove is made of �soft-shell� material. * Impregnated outer material, water repellent and breathable * Inside there is a warm soft lining * Extra-long glove with elasticated band and Velcro� fastening to prevent the snow getting where it shouldn�t * Practical pocket for things like a mini torch or door de-icer * The underside of the glove has been reinforced with an abrasion-proof plastic material so you can push the...
The impact drill is one of the many convenient AC Tool Bods (power tool bodies) that clicks into your BluCave AC controller. The impact drill can be used for drilling into wood, metal, plastic, brick and masonry. It comes with a 13 mm keyless chuck. The drill has 600 Watts with reverse switch and variable speeds. It also has an auxiliary handle for extra stability. The impact drill comes with its own unique storage dock for compact and protective housing inside the BluCave portable cabinet. Technical...
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