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The curved diamond surfaces go deep into the blade core and thus cut through the material more quickly and simply. For concrete, reinforced concrete, clinker and general-tohard construction materials. Inner bore 22, 23mm.
Pointed chisel, length 280mm
Bird feeding station This beautiful bird feeding station is functional, sturdy and decorative. The hungry birds in your area will be very happy, especially in the winter. * Removable roof for easy filling * 4 perches * Metal handle for hanging on branches etc. Weight: approx 350 g Colour: anthracite Material: metal Size: W x H x L: approx 145 x 245 x 145 mm Winter Bird Food Have a heart for winter birds. This premium bird food is fully packed with vitamins for all wild song birds. The bird food is...
Pure enjoyment - genuine Italian espresso, cappuccino and tasty coffee are all possible with this machine. Two different brewing systems: one for filtered coffee: with swivel filter, drip-stop, heat plate and glass jug for 1.2 litres or 8-10 cups. Separate switch and control light. 700 Watts. Espresso is prepared using the pressure brewing system, which pushes hot water through the ground coffee under great pressure. This gives typical espresso flavour and digestibility. Stainless steel permanent...
Extra-strong, tear-resistant, perforated, easy to separate. Volume approx. 120 litres. Pack contains 10 bags.
Length approx 115 cm, width approx 32 mm. Belts can be adjusted and should fit any waistline. Material: 100% polyamide
At last, get in and out easily. It makes manoeuvring into the correct position for sitting and standing up simple. The rotating cushion, with diameter of 40 cm, consists of two parts which are connected to each other and can rotate through 360�. The soft padding remains very comfortable even after prolonged sitting and easily moulds itself to every car seat profile. It can also be used as a simple aid for getting into bed etc. * Upper material: velour 100% polyester, lower material: anti-slip coating...
This heavy and long lasting 5 W torch with its innovative High Power Cree LED technology gives out a very bright light. * Very bright 5 Watt Cree LED * Water-repellent IP62 This torch has a schock-resistant and water-repellent aluminium casing and lights up to approx 150 m which makes it ideal for use outside. * Modern, energy saving LED technology * LED with life of up to approx 100,000 hours * Very bright 160 lumen * Powered by 3 x Baby (C) batteries (not supplied) * Size: 24.2 x 3.9 cm (height...
This 6 Volt universal manual spreader spreads simply, quickly and evenly any material that can be spread, such as road salt, fertiliser, sand, seeds, and much more. You can easily spread over areas up to 800 m�. The quantity and speed of spreading can be set individually for any size of material, which always guarantees optimum distribution of the spreaded material. The container of the universal manual spreader has a capacity of approx. 2.7 litres. Technical specifications: Container capacity 2...
Saucepan set with ceramic coating for low fat cooking and frying. * Scratch-proof hard ceramic coating * Low fat cooking and frying * Saves energy and time * Very good heat conductivity Cooking is no longer a chore when you cook with these saucepans. Aluminium cookware with very good heat conductivity. The saucepans have induction energy saving bases and scratchproof, extremely hard ceramic non-stick coating. You will hardly need to use any fat. The set consists of 3 saucepans with glass lids and...
100 piece set rivets M3, M4, M5 and M6, 25 of each.
Additional stainless steel lid diam 28 cm for normal cooking for article no 179101 (multi purpose pan).
Your property is well protected with this stainless steel padlock with hardened shackle. Due to its construction it is difficult to crack with a bolt cutter when locked. Incl. 3 keys. Size : 70 mm diameter 25 mm thick Shackle diameter 10 mm.
Small, electric heater for heating small spaces up to approx. 15m�. Protects equipment at risk of frost, such as: * Mains water distribution pipes * Toilets * Plumbing installations * Small greenhouses * Caravans * Site caravans * Cellars * Birdhouses * Electric and electronic installations A smoothly adjustable thermostat independently switches the heater on and off. In addition, a safety thermostat is fitted that switches the heater off when it is inadvertently covered. The heater has a chromium...
At last end the game of hide and seek. Now you know immediately where the pegs are and also where they belong. Ready to hand and well protected in high quality bag with goose decor. 50 free clothes pegs are included. Size : 32 x 36 x 1 cm Material : polyester with wooden hanger, pegs - plastic
It doesn�t matter if you use it for a saucepan, frying pan, baking tray, casserole dish or even a grill, it will get everything cleaner quicker and you won�t need to use so much washing up liquid. You will receive: * 1 scourer with handle for sponges size: 24 x 6.5 cm * 4 scouring sponges made of galvanised and copperised fine wire � size approx 8.5 cm in diameter Order replacement scouring sponges directly: item number: 803078.
Parquet and laminate tapping block with spring on the long side Length approx. 300 mm
High-quality white universal grease for lever grease guns. Best suited for roller, ball and friction bearings, proven in the motor industry, on machines and agricultural machinery. Water-resistant and acid-free, with emergency running feature and corrosion protection. Temperature range from -30 �C to +120 �C, for permanently lubricated bearings up to +80 �C. industry proven, 1 cartridge contains 400 g. Length 240 mm, diameter 52 mm.
This cosy new wool neck roll will do you good. It gives out warmth which is long lasting. The especially material mixture of 10% new wool and 90% acrylic, it will reflect the body’s own warmth. The polyurethane foam can be used when sitting or lying. Size: 35 x 35 x 10 cm Made in Germany.
The innovative four-cutter geometry with the high centering prevent uncontrolled drifting of the drill bit with maximum drilling performance through optimal distribution of the drill forces. The ideal set for breakthrough drilling in order to lay cables and / or pipes afterwards. The Set consists of: 3 drills with high-quality 4-carbide cutting tip in the following dimensions 16 x 260 mm, 16 x 450 mm, 16 x 600 mm - each drill is packaged in a sturdy plastic sleeve. 4 - cutting carbide tips - for...
Best workmanship, sealed end,practically unbreakable fibreglass handle. Complete with hammer holder made from strong cow leather and metal strap.
1. Diamond Sharpening Disc Achieves a razor-sharp edge Reduces grinding time considerably Surface hardness approx. 70 Rockwell. Sharpens without oil, only with water. Based on its gentle metal abrasion gives long life to the blades that are sharpened. Grinding surface 50 x 150mm. Ideal for sharpening wide firmer chisels, plane irons, etc. Produces an edge of the highest precision. 2. Sharpening aid Always at the correct sharpening angle Suitable for plane irons, firmer chisels, etc. Adjustable sharpening...
The perfect clamping device for risk-free sawing work. Safe and easy - avoids the need for a 3rd hand. Fits on any wood or metal sawing horse. Sturdy galvanised design. Does not prevent the sawing horse folding up. (Photo: See clamping device on the sawhorse)
These solar lights will be an eye catcher in every garden, flower bed, garden pond or on patios and paths. The solar garden light has a solid stainless steel housing and is absolutely weather-resistant and rust proof. It is ideal for longer periods of outdoor use. The solar lights are equipped with a high quality LED. The crystalline solar panel feeds the light with environmentally friendly solar power. At dusk the LED will switch on automatically. The built in rechargeable battery (NiMH 1.2V / ...
This powerful 12 V hand vacuum cleaner with cyclonic action is ideally suited for use in the car. It can be used everywhere, where a 12 V cigarette lighter socket is available. Multi-position suction nozzle (200� adjustable, 10 fixed positions) for effective cleaning in hard to reach places . The lateral emptying system ensures comfort and hygiene while the filter cleaning wheel and the two-stage filtration system contribute towards the best suction performance. Accessories include - crevice tool...
Energy saving due to motor powered mixing bowl. This electric mixer will automatically process all your ingredients. You can use it for dough, cream, meringue, all these items will be powerfully mixed but at the same time the machine can also deal with heavy bread doughs etc. Use for mixing, kneading, stirring and beating . Great design in red metallic. The tiltable head makes life much easier. It works quietly and has 6 speed settings. The mixer has a plastic casing. Comes with accessories and is...
High quality forged steel tool. With this set you will easily be able to open all wooden boxes, remove nails and have a complete renovating aid. The set consists of: * Flat pry bar 180 mm * Flat pry bar 380 mm * Crowbar 300 mm
Universal car cover for nearly 90% all car types. The cover will protect your car from snow, rain, ice and keep it dry. The cover will also protect your car from tree resin, bird droppings or dust. Very good for allergy sufferers: if you cover the car with the cover, pollen doesn’t stick to the car and then get caught up in the car’s air vents. The design looks very modern and has drawstring stoppers. It has been well worked due to the sturdy material and double seams. The cover is breathable and...
Orchids have been fascinating people for more than 2500 years. They have been used as remedies, decoration by superstitious people. This canvas picture will create an elegant and excellent atmosphere in your lounge. * 4 x warm white LEDs * Battery powered (3 x mignon AA, not supplied) * Size 40 x 30 x 1.5 cm
9-Piece Spline Socket Screw Set with T-handle. With stand, matt chromedchrome-vanadium blades with black tips. The Allen key is additionally locatedsideways on to the Thandle, due to the large leverage effect, enables the loosening of very tightly fitting screws. Easy-grip, ball-type handle. contents: T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30, T40, T45 and T50. br> 10 years Westfalia warranty.
Suitable for mechanical use, best chrome vanadium steel, doubly nickel coated and chrome coated. A 4 piece socket set with hexagonal direct drive made from quality chrome vanadium steel. Fits into any chuck and therefore offers the possibility to quickly use the sockets in your drill or re-chargeable screwdriver. Contents: 5.5, 8, 10, 13mm – safely stored in a bit holder. Thanks to the high quality surface coating the socket set offers highest rust protection. The additional knurl allows a...
Excellent walking comfort and amazing fit in a classical look * Exchangeable insole * Breathable net lining inside * Uppers made of supple leather * Well cushioned outsoles Order now to make sure they are with you before the summer starts.
For refrigerators, freezers, furniture, etc. Pack of 2, E14 fitting (small version) 15 watts clear.
For the dismounting/mounting of overrunning pulleys on alternators. The tool holds the central nut of the alternator. Multi-purpose, as thanks to the contents of the set a configuration is practically always found.Supply includes: • 1 x multi-tooth T50 + 33 tooth overrunning insert, drive: 1/2\" • 1 x multi-tooth insert XZN M10 + 33 tooth overrunning insert, drive: 1/2; • 1x 33 tooth insert with M15 hexagonal connection, diameter 19, 47 mm • 1x 33 tooth insert with M22 hexagonal...
Replacement hedge cutter blade
TOP QUALITY Ball bearing design Cutting length 600mm Hard metal cutting wheel Easy to read scale Angled and diagonal cutting stop. Now tile cutting can be fun This robust and durable precision cutter goes through tiles like a knife through butter. The ball-bearing scribing lever provides the cleanest cuts with the least pressure. Long cuts up to 600mm Smoothly adjustable stop strip with angled adjustment to 60°. The special breaker makes work even easier; a clean fracture is always obtained even...
Achieves a razor-sharp edge Reduces grinding time considerably Surface hardness approx. 70 Rockwell. Sharpens without oil, only with water. Based on its gentle metal abrasion gives long life to the blades that are sharpened. Grinding surface 50 x 150mm. Ideal for sharpening wide firmer chisels, plane irons, etc. Produces an edge of the highest precision.
Who likes watery lettuce � nobody! Freshly washed and spun lettuce will be able to be coated much easier with the sauce when prepared properly. Advantage: intensive taste, saves the amount of sauce you need and is gentle to the vitamins. What this device can do: it washes, drips, spins, prepares, transports, keeps fresh and can even be used for serving. Just one pull and your lettuce is dry. * Versatile stainless steel dish * Sieve * Rotating insert * Lid with pull cord * Keep fresh lid 26 x 15 cm...
The VARTA INDUSTRIAL is ideal when you need constant energy for devices that take a lot of power. They have been specially created for constant and pulsed mode operation with high energy requirements. The cells have been hermetically sealed which protects them from leaking and gives them a longer life. The VARTA INDUSTRIAL has been especially created for high quality devices with high energy requirements. They do not contain cadmium or mercury which makes them very environmentally friendly.
The new 3-way multi-functional handle serves at the same time as a handy tee-handle. The right spanner size is always at hand. Containing: 2 -2.5 -3-4 -5 -6 -8 and 10mm. Made from highgrade chrome-vanadium steel. 10 years Westfalia warranty.
Router Accessories for Routers with a collet diameter of 8mm. Suitable for article 426353 and article 368498
These heaters are ideal for farms, workshops, garages, restaurants and everywhere where oil or gas heaters are not allowed or desired. * Very sturdy and powerful * With fan and room thermostat * Stainless steel heating element * Protective class IPX 4 Technical details: * Voltage 230 V~50 Hz * Heating settings: 1 * Cable length: 1.6 m
* All-weather protection cover * 100% Polyester * 50 cm diam * Height 84 cm * Colour: green
This decorative bird feeding station is just the right thing for wild birds and will look great in your garden. Material: Solid, weatherproof wood. The roof is covered in green bitumen shingles. Size: * House approx: 37 x 28 x 21.5 cm * Stand approx: 44 x 44 x 80 cm * Total height approx: 101 cm
Trousers: Breathable, windproof and waterproof. Robust and wear-resistant nylon fabric. Adjustable waist, reflective piping below the knee at front and back. Adjustable trouser cuffs. Pockets: 2 hip pockets with zippers, 2 thigh pockets. Jacket: Breathable, wind- and waterproof. Robust and wear-resistant poyester (nylon) fabric. Collar with hood, reflective piping at the front, rear and on sleeves, adjustable hem. Pockets: 2 breast pockets, 2 hip pockets with zippers, 1 pocket for mobile phone, ...
Elegant radio alarm clock in nostalgic retro design. * Elegant nostalgic radio * Real wood casing * Clock with alarm function * Takes 1 x mignon (AA) battery for the clock (not supplied9 * Choose between FM or MW * 2 turning knobs: frequency and volume * External FM aerial and built-in AM aerial * Output: 1 Watt * Size (L x W x H): 252 x 104 x 158 mm
Aroma safe, drip-proof, freezer safe storage bowls. They can be stored inside one another to save space. You will receive 2 of each: * 400 ml * 600 ml * 1100 ml These attractive bowls have 4 click locks and a ring seal which ensures that the food inside stays fresh for longer and the bowls close very tightly. Ideal for keeping food fresh, storage, food preparation, transporting food or for serving directly from the fridge onto the table. Sizes: * 400 ml: 13 x 7 cm * 600 ml: 15.5 x 8 cm * 1100 ml...
Excellent walking comfort and outstanding fit in a classic style. Either with laces or hook and loop closure, both models have the very best features: Interchangeable sole with contours Real leather lining Upper made from smooth leather Well cushioned, non-slip soleMake sure you order to start winter on the right footColour: brown
Pancakes always go down well, for breakfast, as a starter or dessert. This special pan enables you to make 4 pancakes, hash browns or fried eggs at once. You can make the pancakes just to your liking, sweet or savoury. There are even recipe ideas included in the instructions. * Non-stick die-cast aluminium pan * Very thermoconductive * Easy to clean * Low fat cooking
There is no simpler way to brush your garden path. The claw broom is the ideal broom for the garden lover. Effortlessly brushes pine needles, leaves and general dirt. It is even a practical helper during winter with light snow fall. Thanks to the specially curved plastic bristles it is perfectly suitable for brushing garden paths, patios and uneven paving. The telescopic handle is an added bonus and due to the brush width of 40 cm you can brush bigger areas effortlessly. Telescopic handle extends...
Since the earliest times, swords and other weapons were laboriously made according to this traditional forging method with its many working stages. Their properties, such as unbelievable sharpness and hardness, are now transferred to kitchen knives. The blades of these high-quality damask knives are made of hard carbon steel and tough iron. Overlaying these materials and folding and forging the blade steel many times produces 34-layered damask knife blades. These have an unusual degree of hardness...
Nesting and hibernating help made of natural materials for all insects like wild bees, green lacewings and earwigs. The useful insects will nest in one of to them suitable “rooms;. The feeding needs of the useful insects is met thanks to the herbs, flowers, hedges and trees in the surrounding area. The wooden material of the hotel is free from timber preservatives. Size: 60 x 40 x 22cm Includes a galvanised roof and practical sturdy metal hook on the back for hanging up.
Allows accurate cutting of angles and diagonals on both sides, smoothly graduated from 0�- 45�. Particularly precise angle setting Fixed cutting angle (both sides) 15� - 22.5� - 30� - 36� - 45� and 90�. Saw blade length600mm Work table length 400mm Work table width 80mm Max. cut depth 120mm Max. cut width at 45�/100mm Max. cut width at 90�/170mm Mounted on stable, anti-slip wooden base. Supplied with one blade (for wood).
Replacement chain suitable for PKS
Gloves which can even be used when doing sports. Material: 100% polyester with non-slip trimmings made of polyurethane (PU).
Lots of new colours! This high-gloss, quick-drying synthetic enamel is particularly suitable for tractors. Quality features: • Impact-, shock- and scratch resistant, weatherproof, • Elastic and oil-resistant • Outstanding coverage in about 2 hours • Dust-dry in about 6 hours (non-tacky). 1000 ml tin of any colour, including VAT - (100 ml = 1.30)
Prima Flex Ear Tags. 2 piece set, embossed on both sides. Flexible ear tags. Simple and quick identification. Simple to insert. Permanent legibility. Available in 3 sizes. Contents: 25 of each size. Prima Flex Ear Tags finally you can work quickly and without problems. One pair of special pliers will insert all 3 different sizes.
This Gartenmeister gardening tool is ideal for looking after your vegetable patches and flower beds. The tool is telescopic which makes it easier for carrying when you want to take it with you. This universal tool can be used for loosening, aerating and weeding the soil. The tool is made of aluminium with a comfortable handle and an hook to hang it up. Can be extended from approx 60 to 90 cm.
Replacement dry grinding disc 150 x 20 mm (12mm Bore).
For securing trailers and dumpers. Wheel load up to 5000kg, Galvanised.
Lots of new colours! This high-gloss, quick-drying synthetic enamel is particularly suitable for tractors. Quality features: • Impact-, shock- and scratch resistant, weatherproof, • Elastic and oil-resistant • Outstanding coverage in about 2 hours • Dust-dry in about 6 hours (non-tacky). 1000 ml tin of any colour, including VAT - (100 ml = 1.30)
2-Piece Work Arbor. Shank diam: 2.5 and 3.0mm
For body work. For disassembling decorative strips, ventilation grids, radio panels, entry strips, etc. Prevents damage to paintwork, plastic and metal parts. Consists of 2 disassembly wedges (30/60mm wide) and 1 combination disassembly wedge (22mm wide).
Suitable for 5-litre pressure spray, continuously extensible from 75cm tomax. 140cm, including a complete set of jets
Roast your chicken on the rack and have a really crispy roast chicken or you can use the dish for bakes or casseroles. Due to the fact that the rack can be stored in the dish, this saves space when storing in the cupboard. * Non-stick coating * Heatproof up to 250 �C Size: 41 x 26.5 x 6 cm
Perfect moisture transport for a dry skin in sport, leisure and work. The fibre lies very smoothly on the skin, without any seams bothering you. Experience the feeling of Trevira underwear close to your skin and enjoy the dry, comfortable feeling even when physically exerting yourself. Let you body breath with Trevira. * Elastic material * easy-care * stays in shape * soft to touch * flat seams * breathable and perfect for allergic persons Material 100% Polyester. Pull into shape when still wet
Gönnen Sie Ihrem Traktor eine kleine Auffrischung ! Viele neue Farbtöne ! Der hochglänzende, schnell trocknende Kunstharzlack ist besonders geeignet für Traktoren. Qualitätsmerkmale: * schlag-, stoß- und kratzfest, wetterbeständig, hornhart * elastisch und ölbeständig * hervorragend deckend in ca. 2 Stunden * staubtrocken in ca. 6 Stunden (klebfrei) * 1000 ml Dose
Comfortable tracksuit which keeps its shape. It is made of micro polyester which is agreeable to the skin. You will be able to do sports and always look good while doing it. Ideal clothing for at home, when travelling or when doing sports. The pockets have zips and the pair of trousers has an elasticated waist. * Comfortable width * Keeps its shape even after many washes * Crease free * Easy to care for * No ironing required Material : 100% polyester approx 200 g/m�.
Rhodius cutting-off and roughing-down discs are outstanding in that only the very best quality materials are used. Rigorous inspections in everymanufacturing stage guarantee the maintenance of highest quality and safety standards. Cutting-Off Wheels for metal processing, drill 22.2 mm. 3 of each. 115mm diam.
The best in soldering technology, now at super price with 200 watt (bit temperature 430� C). The flux-resistant copper bit ensures long soldering life. Wherever possible, you will be able to do those home soldering jobs yourself e.g. roofing work on your house, summer house. These soldering irons are just the thing for joining bulkier materials, whether zinc or copper.
Coarse toothed (16 teeth over 25 mm). For all types of wood, plastic, plexiglass, acrylic glass6 piece
This night watch garden gnome is approx 30 cm tall. The gnomes are made of prime, impact-proof and frost-proof plastic . The bright colours are solvent-free and do not contain any poisonous substances .
The perfect standard equipment for the purposeful Beangeln of small robbers such as Forelle or Barsch. Everything is already installed - only fast a seal to the hooks and the Fischwaid can begin. This Combo is usually-sold and most popular owing to its universally range of application. Also this equipment was up to the catch of a principal Forelle.
The garden gap brush is a real innovation, because it removes almost everything from gaps, grooves and crevices that does not belong there, without much effort or bending over on your part All types of weed, e.g. dandelions; trapped or stuck dirt Heavy moss growth, even stubborn limescale. The garden gap brush is immediately ready for use, for you need no other tools it fits on almost any commercially available broom-handle using a standard thread just screw on Simply brush out any gaps...its done
PVC-coated flat wire, 100 m with cutter. For 100 things in everyday life for use in the house and in the garden e.g. to tie-up bags, to fix climbing plants onto trellis work etc. 1 roll is supplied
Using this bandage will give your ankle the support it requires and prevents pain. This bandage will prevent you injuring your ankle. The ankle bandage guarantees that it will fit your ankle perfectly which will give you the support you require. Size: * M = 21 � 26 cm * L = 26 � 31 cm * XL = 31 � 37 cm
Replacement chain suitable for PKS
An important aid when making fences. This pair of pliers can be used for barbed wire or pasture fences, it is very versatile. Use for: * Cutting wire and flex * Pulling cramps and nails * Twisting wire * Pulling wire etc
Prima Flex Ear Tags. 2 piece set, embossed on both sides. Flexible ear tags. Simple and quick identification. Simple to insert. Permanent legibility. Available in 3 sizes. Contents: 25 of each size. Prima Flex Ear Tags finally you can work quickly and without problems. One pair of special pliers will insert all 3 different sizes. Size 2: 4.5 x 6cm for cattle
With self-adhesive film, 4 x yellow. 100 x 45 mm
For a fast, easy and cheap way of sealing bags. The spare bag end is cut off in one operation. Can be used for rolls of tape up to 76 mm width.
Peeler with 7.5 cm blade for peeling fruit and vegetables. Ceramic was orginally developed for the aerospace industry but is now being used more and more in household products. This material is the guarantee for really sharp blades made to stand high wear and tear demands. The blades are: * lighter than steel * antimagnetic * non reactive to acids * heat and corrosion proof * hygenic * anti allergic and don’t take on odours * always sharp A “pulling cut;, this means you can cut soft fruit...
With Cambrelle lining that allows air throug and is breathable-permits moisture to escape and combats foot odour. Real leather with fabric inserts. The chief attraction: implement pockets on the leg. Leg height approx. 20cm, on-slip profiled soles, quick lace-up eye-holes, black colour.
Cut-proofing inlay up to height of waistband, adjustable, elastic braces, width adjustable trouser waistband, bib pocket with zip closure, 2 side pockets, back pocket with pocket flap and ruler pocket. 50 % Cotton, 50 % Polyester.
* Adjustable handle: pivotable in 8 positions, rotatable in 3 positions * Hardened safety blades work in opposite directions * Fast blade stop / brake function * Safety switch Comes with cable relief. Technical details: * Motor output: 550 W * Blade length: 550 mm * Cutting length: 510 mm * Cutting capacity: 16 mm * Electric blade brake * Weight: 3.5 kg
You can use these cloths wet or dry as required for the job you have for them. In each set there are 8 cloths which have been designed for 4 areas of use. Orange for the bathroom: Soft side for cleaning sinks, tiles the bath etc Structured side for removing soap deposits, water marks and other deposits White for the kitchen: Soft side for cleaning work surfaces sinks etc Coarse side for removing dried on deposits and marks Do not use the coarse side on scratch-sensitive surfaces. Pink for general...
Small, handy, precise. With a housing base made from diecast aluminium and a Pertinax sole. 1) Practical depth stop with pre-setting and fine adjustment or milling depth to an accuracy of 1/10mm. The milling cutter can also plunge cut when the motor is running.2) Soindle locking makes tool changing easier.3) Housing base and base plate made from diecast aluminium with a Pertinax sole for great sliding.4) Integrated suction device with special flexible 300 mm hose and adapter for demestic vacuum cleaners...
For freezing, thawing and cooking. Temperature resistant from -40� to +95�C. Made from high-quality plastic. All parts, without lids, are suitable for use in normal microwaves. Set comprises of: 4 x 250 ml 4 x 500 ml 4 x 750 ml 4 x 1000 ml flat 3 x 1000 ml high 1 x 2500 ml 250 ml: 10 x 10 x 3.5 cm 500 ml: 10 x 10 x 7 cm 750 ml: 16 x 9 x 7 cm 1000 ml (flat) : 21 x 10 x 7 cm 1000 ml (high) : 10 x 10 x 14 cm 2500 ml : 21.5 x 21.5 x 7.35 cm
Made from hardened and polished stainless steel for the finest carving work. Selection of 6 double-sided tools with the most oftenused carving chisels and blades. Length approx. 135mm.
Sporty pullover made of pure cotton. This pullover can be worn over a shirt, T-shirt or a polo neck. This pullover is the light alternative to sweatshirts. Dimensionally stable knit, sturdy, easy to care for and comfortable to wear. Material : 100% cotton
Comfortable shoe with water repellent membrane for your free time or for walking. The shoes have been made from a combination of leather and Cordura. The low weight compared to complete leather boots means that joints and feet are relieved and spared. The soft sole cushions your joints. The boots have a textile lining and rust-free metal eyelets. * Impact-proof front cap * Sturdy metal eyelets * Soft-step sole * Nubuck leather � Cordura outer material * Non-slip PU sole * Soft padded, breathable...
Particularly good cutting performance with low effort due to lever transmission. Induction hardened precision cutting edges. Cutting edge hardness approx. 64 HRc. Cut values: soft wire up to 6 mm diam, hard wire up to 4 mm diam., piano wire up to 3.6 mm diam. Length 200mm, weight 350 g
Light material, breathable, functional, sporty, easy care. These shirts, with either a continuous or short zip, provide the best thermal insulation, good wicking of moisture and optimum comfort. Material: 100% polyester microfleece
This ladder Stop Mat is small, light and practical. This quick aid will ensure that your ladder does not slip and accidents are prevented indoors and outdoors. Just put the stop mat on the ground, put the ladder on the mat and now your ladder will not slip. You will now feel safe and sturdy on your ladder. Ladder accidents are now a thing of the past.
Now the spring can come! Comfortable marine blue men�s pullover with zip collar and great striped pattern. You can wear this jumper during your free time, in the office: this jumper keeps its promises: comfortable to wear and can be worn on every occasion. Material : 100% cotton
This power packet combines power, efficiency and hygiene with 4 bar top performance Use for pore deep cleaning and disinfection of all hard floors, carpets, windows, kitchens and bathrooms, all without chemicals. Can also be used for refreshing upholstery, curtains, matresses and clothes. Universal with 15 piece accessory set: * Hand steam cleaner * Floor brush * Extension pipe * Flexible pipe * Mop / brush attachment * Micro fibre pads etc Comes with parking system, 1200 ml tank, steam regulator...
Matching wiper blade, rubber blade length 380 mm, with adapter for attaching to the windscreen wiper arm.
Versatile universal knife with advantageous ergonomic handle to enable to guide it exactly when cutting. Blade bracket with quick-change mechanism. Practical storage for up to 5 blades in metal body. Easy blade change. You will receive 25 blades. Size: 17 x 7.2 cm
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