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High output air stream for entrances up to 3m high. Modular design for simple product linking over any door width. Wide 40° air flow direction adjustment.. Electronic fan over-run control when used with compatible door sensors. Full (BMS) Building Management System Interface. ‘Easy-fix’ wall bracket provided for a quick alternative to standard drop-rods. Wall mounted controls included as standard. 230V-1PN Voltage. Recessed model requires 3 core supply cabling (not supplied). BEAB Approved...
The SafetySure RCD twin socket from Greenbrook is available in either white ( M22W) or metal clad ( M22M) giving you added protection for you and your family against the risk of electrocution, is suitable for use with all makes of electrical and gardening appliances.
The Titan Alpha commercial unit is ideal for smaller premises, shops and even for domestic use and with additional design features it provides you with protection far above what its size and price would indicate.
As standard these electric heaters come with thermostatic control only, with a range from 5c to 30c and a can be protected from curious little fingers by a lockable slider control. If you require timed control this is available via an optional plug RX24ti 24hr timer, a single zone pilot wire, runback timer and the capability of connecting to a central control system using pilot wire or mains borne signalling.
Automatic infra red flow control to save water and energy. TF001 & TF003 - 6 volt transformer powered option. All connections push fit together to save installation time and stop potential damage from soldering. Complete with 800mm of cable for connection to the power supply. TF002 & TF004 - 9V lithium battery with IP65 protection according to European standard EN 60529 (dependant on model) Battery life approximately 4 years with 150 operation per day (dependant on model). User adjustable sensor...
Thermo Group UK Thermoprotect EZ frost protection trace heating cable have been specifically designed for protecting metal piping and guttering against low temperatures and the risk of freezing where variable heat and length is required as the cable can be cut using the Thermo Group Repair Kit.
New ‘stylish’ heater design with low noise performance. Designed for wall mounting between 1.8m – 2.3m from floor. Multi directional wall bracket giving 40° vertical and 120° horizontal adjustment. Single screw angle adjustment. Thermostatic control standard on all models. PFH30R model has a wall remote control supplied as standard, and all models have a thermostat and full heater control. All models have cool blow ‘air circulation’ setting. Grey finish. BEAB Approved.
Powerful 2x 8W LED Energy Saving PIR Floodlight – equivalent to 200W incandescent lighting with only 10% of the running costs. Pan and tilt light aiming adjustment. Light on times adjustment 5 seconds to 10 minutes. Optional mode settings – Dusk to Dawn and Test mode. 140 degree PIR detector (pan only) within adjustable 180 degree range and 10m detection range. Lux (light level) adjustment – Day to Night (2 to 200 Lux – permanently ‘ON’ when at max). Operating temperature -20c to +40c. Ideal...
All tubular heaters are IP54 rated. Supplied as standard with 1mtr of 3 core flex. Suitable for use in Zones 1 & 2 within the bathroom. Manufactured from aluminium with sizes from 1ft to 6ft, at 60W per foot. All heaters are supplied with mounting brackets and anchorage for each length. Linking kits (TBX2-PK) are also available to allow for banks of tubular heaters to be installed. Available in standard colour parchment and white.
The RF-SFTP allows a system to be set up involving the selection of one base as a MASTER and the others to operate as REMOTES. The system operates as a monitored RF system, signalling to and from the MASTER unit which broadcasts every ten seconds, monitoring the responses from the REMOTES. On battery back-up, the units are not supervised but do ‘listen’ for signal messages. On mains power being restored the system re-establishes itself.
The Greenbrook 35mm 2 Gang Dual Boxes 5 pack are suitable for use with flush mounted accessories, made from galvanised steel and conform to BS4662.
Fits Trojan, Mini-Max, Columbus and Meridian ranges. Comes with either 16W or 28W maintained ballast.
The Robus 70W Track Projector finished in Satin Silver is suitable for single circuit lighting track, is non dimmable and is compatible with quartz or ceramic lamps.
The Brackenheath fluorescent is ideal for use with plaster s, the light has a 1.5m fitting on a fixed tripod and comes with tube, 10 metre cable 2 x 16A sockets and 16A site plug.
Simultaneous recording and live viewing (also via the internet). Motion detection (area adjustable). Lapsed recording time indicator. Alarm for motion detection during recording. Search and play on time and subject. Play, stop, fast forward and reverse, pause. View image during play. 2x zoom function. 5 programmable time-settings for recording. Viewing and recording images live on a PC via a network or the Internet. Menu settings and recording functions password protected. Menu with choice...
These grille boxes are used in conjunction with egg-crate ceiling grille and ceiling diffuser grille to connect to ductwork.
Simple On/Off control with indicator LED. Floor temperature probe included. Fits on a standard width electrical back box. Manual temperature limit feature. Easy to use temperature dial. Can control up to 16A UFH systems. Sensor Modes: Floor temperature. Max Load: 16A 3600W. Protection: IP20. Sensor Probe Length: 3m. Power Consumption: 5VA. Temperature Control Range: 5 - 40oC. Storage Temperature: -5 - 50oC. Dimensions: H86mm x W86mm x D47mm (22mm to wall). Warranty: 3 Years.
Quartz controlled to ten minutes a year. Rechargeable battery keeps time during power interruptions. Up to 60 or 120 minutes boost means extra hot water at any time. Indicator lights show whether on-peak or off-peak power is being used. Summer and winter time settings instantly visible. Large terminals and back box. Easy wiring harness and simple installation. Designed with both installer and user in mind.
Available in a 24 hour (ETU11)* or 7 day format (ETU17). The 7 day timer shares all the benefits of the ETU11 plus individual day, every day, every weekday or weekend programme selections over a 7 day period. Top side display for ease of viewing when in use. Slimline plug-in control. Simple two button programming. 4 ON and 4 OFF switching commands over 24 hours. (ETU11). Shortest switching time 1 minute. Manual override until next programme change. Optional random switching facility. 10...
The RGB striplights are fully controllable when a remote controller and receiver (RK1RGB or RK2RGB) is used. Also the RGB LED striplights can be extended to 20 metres without any additional parts. If you need to extend past 20 metres then a signal repeater (RKRPT1) and a 24V power supply is required.
Fitting of U6 Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve Pack does not alter the requirements that if the static supply pressure exceeds 4.1 bar (60p.s.i.) a Pressure Reducing Valve must be fitted to the cold main supply. If a Pressure Reducing Valve is used an Expansion Vessel must also be used. Use Accesory Packs U1 and U5 code no.’s 95970352 and 95970356.
Premier SELV fans have the same clean and sleek styling as the rest of the Premier range, with a white gloss body and fascia. They are designed for easy installation in walls, ceilings, windows or ducted installation at any angle, and LVCF20 models come complete with a brown 100mm grille for wall or soffit fixing. All models come complete with a universal mounting kit and an automatic backdraught shutter.
The Greenbrook 47mm Deep 1 Gang Switch & Socket Boxes 10 pack are suitable for use with flush mounted accessories, made from galvanised steel and conform to BS4662.
Provides a bright natural white light. Energy saving xenon 78mm (120W) and 118mm (400W) lamps are supplied. 230V AC 50Hz. IP44 rated. Conforms to EN 60598-2-5.
With its self adhesive back this striplight kit also comes with driver, end cap pack and mounting clips to make for an easy installation.
The Philips Disney SoftPal Mickey is your child's glowing light friend that softly lights up their bedroom. Thanks to this portable guide light, your child can sleep safe and sound with a soft and cuddly companion.
This range of T4 fluorescent tubes are ideally suited to go with old or new T4 link light fittings and come in either white, warm white or cool white between 6-30W and a variety of lengths.
24hr/7 day multi-funtional programming with up to 6 ON/OFF settings per day. User programmable with 2 temperature changes allowing you to set your own floor temperatures for different times of the day/week. Clear easy view display with back light. Full system status display information. Thermostat setting 10º to 30º C. Manual temperature override. 4hrs rechargeable battery back-up retains programmes in event of a power failure. Mounts on a single gang flush or surface mount wall box min. ...
This ensures that all Redring immersion heaters are compliant, and do not rely on the fitting of a combined rod thermostat with cut-out to meet the safety requirement. Dual cut-out immersion heaters are available in standard copper or Aqualoy variants for use in more aggressive water areas.
For hand-wash applications, we only recommend the use of Redring approved 1/4 turn lever control ceramic disc operated spray tap which will enhance the delivery performance on dual-outlet installations.
All Redring dual cut-out immersion heaters are supplied complete with rod thermostat, and are manufactured with a separate, 'secondary manual reset saferty cut-out' fitted directly to the immersion head. This ensures that all Redring immersion heaters are compliant, and do not rely on the fitting of a combined rod thermostat with cut-out to meet the safety requirement.
Track pack comprises 1m track, live & dead ends, 3 x GU/GZ10 die-cast ZAMAC spotlights & GZ10 lamps. Dimmable. Mains voltage, transformer not required. Adjustable light heads. Extra spotlights can be purchased separately. 2 years guarantee. Max Wattage: 50W. IP 20.
The Philips Disney SoftPal Sulley is your child's glowing light friend that softly lights up their bedroom. Thanks to this portable guide light, your child can sleep safe and sound with a soft and cuddly companion.
Each Salt Stick contains 1.5kg of Peacock de-icing salt which is of the highest purity, enabling you to use less salt far more effectively. Unlike ordinary brown salt which contains a high percentage of insoluble impurities that create a muddy sludge that is tramped into cars and buildings costing time and money to clear up, the salt in the Winter Wizard Salt Stick is clean and leaves little or no residue on the ground.
T4 Triphosphor Tube. Diffuser and Safety Clips. Double insulated, rocker switch. T4 3400K 8,000 hr. White lamp. All with mains connector kit, comprising 2 pin connecting plug & 2 metres of 2 core cable. Wall and under cupboard brackets.
Duplex stainless steel water heating cylinder – for maximum strength and long life. Pressure tested to 15 bar. Provides effective, fast and safe mains-fed hot water. Two long life incoloy, low noise immersion heaters. Easy to install with simple step by step installation guide. Energy efficient rigid polyurethane foam insulation (CFC/HCFC free). Relief valve operates at 7 bar / 90-95C. 3 bar working pressure. High flow rates of up to 55 litres per minute - ideal to supply power showers without...
These comprise of an expansion vessel and non-return valve ( Kit A ) and generally a pressure reducing valve ( Kit B ). It is however possible to use Kit A without Kit B, but the mains water pressure must never reach over 3.5 bar for the expansion vessel to operate correctly.
3/4 independently timed channels – hot water and 2 separate heating zones. Suitable for fully pumped systems. Stylish design with pull down flap for programming. Simple push button operation, illuminates on setting. 1 or 2 hour boost facility. Holiday mode to suspend programmes. Output led’s for channel switch status. 3 Channel: TRT038. 4 Channel: TRT039.
The Electrorad 6 Zone RF Programing Unit controls up to 6 zones when used in conjunction with the D10 Radio Frequency Room Stat and Aeroflow Electric Radiators.
The KN-RTH-RF is designed for up to 15 Wireless Alarm Base units to be used with one RTH test and hush switch within a single system, although this can be varied. It is guaranteed for five years and has a power-saving feature which ‘locks out’ after 36 seconds when continuous button depression occurs to avoid accidental drain in transmission.
Available in 3.4kW, 4.6kW and 5.7kW models. More controllable, providing heat quickly when required. In-built direct element for out of season heating using day rate electricity. Fanned heat is faster and more even in distribution, particularly near ground level. Easy to use manual controls for room thermostat and economy charge. Single or 3 phase installation capability.
0.12W Super bright light LEDs. Each kit comes with clips for mounting in decking and 3m cable. Easy to install. Cool running. 50,000 hour average lamp life. No UV content.
Steel wall liner. Length: 200mm and 280mm. Set of 508mm ladder strips. Other sizes available, please contact us for details.
Rugged and reliable. 3.0kW element. Strong white steel casing. Compatible with normal taps and multiple outlets. Hot draw off 22mm compression. Drain ½ inch female boss. Immersion heater 2 ¼ inch boss. Range of litres, 25, 50, 75, 100. Water inlet can be fitted either side of the tank.
15 litre, wall mounting or floor standing. 1.5kW or 3kW rating, element ‘ON’ indicator. Adjustable thermostat 10-70C. Lockable in hot or mid range position. Over-temperature cut-out 95C max. Plumbing and electrical connections at top of unit. 2 year guarantee.
The Heatrae Sadia Megaflo Direct Cylinder Coldwater Kit controls the cold water inlet for the Megaflo hot water cylinder.
1 melody. 30 metre operating distance. No loss of socket. Fixed code. Push requires 1 x 23A battery (included).
Connector Box provides tough and durable housing. 4 gang 13A socket strip included (cable and plug not supplied). 1×20mm cable knock out (mains into socket strip). Up to 5 x cable seal outlets (to appliances). IP65 weatherproof rating. Keyhole slot for temporary locating and in situ alignment. Size: 335mm (H) x 220mm (W) x 107mm (D). Part No. WP401.
This Kidde Firex Smoke Alarm Surface Mount Pattress (SMK 4890 for Firex/ SMK23U for Kidde & Firex) is for use with Kidde Fyrnetics, Hard Wired Smoke, Heat and CO Alarms, where surface cabling is being used, such as in retrofit applications.
Transferable 25-year cylinder guarantee. Duplex stainless steel construction. No anode. Fast recovery coil. 40 metre (4 bar) maximum working head. Alloy sheathed immersion heaters. Immersion heater and safety cut-out designed to meet latest EU standards. Modern replacement for Cirrus & UDB cylinders. Ideal for use in aggressive water areas.
The Viessman Combination Boiler is also one of the smallest and quietest gas fired wall hung boilers with a noise level of just 40 db(A)
Available in Colour (DCC2) video. CMOS camera outdoor intercom unit including integral microphone and speaker, call button and name plate. Indoor phone monitor incorporating ON/OFF, door open, volume, brightness and contrast controls. CMOS camera provides high quality images. High clarity microphone and speaker for clear communication. Infra-red LED illumination – enhances image after dark. Simple 4-wire connection for sound, vision and door opening. Power screen saver. Illuminated name plate...
The HeatScreen 230V Air Curtain is a single phase unit available in either 7.2kW or 9.0kW this makes it ideally suited to small shop entrances, cafés, restaurants, hotels or other public entrances where an overdoor heater is not sufficient but a three-phase air curtain is too expensive.
The Brackenheath C Range T4 Mini Link-Light Connector for the T4 fluorescent mini high frequency link-light comes with male and female connectors on a 2 core cable and plug and socket. Available in three different lengths:
Rated outputs: 13 kW, 16 kW, 19 kW, 26 kW and 35 kW. Standard 5 year parts and labour warranty. 10 year warranty on Inox-Radial heat exchanger. Exceeds SEDBUK minimum efficiency requirements. Compact dimensions to fit in standard kitchen cupboards. Standard efficiency up to 97% through stainless steel Inox-Radial heat exchanger. Weather compensation option. LPG conversion available. Large user display.
Spare Dimplex Element Cartridge - TRS175W Series D & E.
Die cast aluminium. Square front bezel. Adjustable, rotates up to 350° & downward tilt to 80°. Ideal for wall washing or display lighting. High quality porcelain double contact lamp holder for use with dichroic lamp. Detachable front bezel. 2 years guarantee. Max Wattage: 50W. Cap Type: GX5.3. IP 25. Lamp Excluded.
All switch and socket boxes are suitable for use with flush mounted accessories, made from galvanised steel and conform to BS4662.
Provides exceptional performance but also superb economy. With the option of a fire-slide for ease of use.
Eliminates the need for plug in circuit breakers. Protects appliances from possible fire hazard. Extra fast action – trips out within 40 milliseconds (BS7288). Automatically disconnects both Live and Neutral connections leaving Earth connection intact. Contacts remain latched when power supply is temporarily lost. Test button for safety checks. Still protects with lost neutral. Still protects with pulsating DC earth fault currents. Complies with BS7288 and BS1363. Switched for convenience...
9 x 0.12W colour changing LEDs. Complete with clips for mounting in decking and 3m cable. Die cast aluminium body, stainless steel trim. 20,000 hour average lamp life. Cool running. Gentle colour fading effect as the colours change on a pre-programmed cycle. Recommended drivers, R12WLEDT and R36WLEDT. IP67 rated. 2 year guarantee.
A robust range of GRP cased portable tool transformers with 230V input, 110V output. Comes with 2 metre cable and 13A plug.
The high voltage LED chips don't require any driver so can be wired up simply and the high grade aluminium weatherproof housing means that it can be mounted almost anywhere.
This LED premium wall lamp is manufactured by Philips and comes with 3 2.5W LEDs. The lamp is rotatable and comes with an on/off switch.
Perfect for children's bedroom lighting, this playful monkey pendant light hangs 1676mm from the ceiling and comes complete with a Philips E27 18W Lamp.
The cup holder fits neat and tidily adjacent to the unit and accepts plastic cups with a rim diameter of 70-85mm.
Easy adjustable dial with clearly marked temperature scale. 5C – 30C temperature range. (TRT030/TRT032). 5C – 10C temperature range. (TRT031). Temperature swing adjustment (using jumper) between 1C and 0.5C. Output led (illuminates on call for heat). Includes optional tamper proof cover to protect temperature selections. (TRT031/TRT032). Surface mount with wall plate included. 2 or 3 wire connection (double insulated). 10 (2) A at 230V.
The Robus GU10 / GZ10 Mains Voltage Directional Downlights have a spring loaded lamp holder to make lamp changing easy. When fitting a GZ10 lamp the unit has a recessed GZ fitting with integral air cooling slots.
Master/slave control – master heater fitted with programmer controls up to 20 slave heaters (RX9913 receivers required for MBS versions). Choice of 7 preset or 1 customisable programme per day of the week, switching heater between comfort and setback modes (note: not On/Off). Cassette can be removed from heater for easy programming. Programmes saved in memory for 4 hours in event of power failure. Quick start user guides printed on rear of programming cassette.
No Glare. 35% Improved Heat Output. 10,000 hours life. Modern Design. Weather Resistant. Zero Maintenance.
Mid-sized cast-iron style electric stove. Controls concealed behind opening door. Optiflame® log effect with the illusion of 'dying embers' even when switched off. 2kW fan heater with choice of 2 heat settings. Remote control giving armchair selection of on/off heat output. Finished in matt black. Compatible with stove pipe accessory STP001 and hearth pad accessory HPD001. Flame effect can be used independently of heat source. LED flame effect with a lifespan of 50,000 hours (CLB20LED only...
High frequency ballast. Class 1 construction. Polycarbonate diffuser and base. GR8q, 4 pin lamp - supplied. 230V AC 50Hz. F marked - can be mounted on flammable surfaces. White bezel supplied as standard, alternative black and silver bezels are available separately. Dimensions: 16W: Diameter 270mm, 28W: Diameter 325mm. Conforms to EN 60598-2-1. Emergency Gear Tray available for 28W models.
On/Off switch. Hinged wall mounting system for easy installation and cleaning. Optional control panel locking kit – 18500441. Automatic safety cut-out. Fitted cable. Finished in white.
In order to maximise energy savings the Softstart Driver may be used in conjunction with our PIR1 Heating Control. The PIR1 is wired in place of the plate switch. In this situation the heating can only come on when there is a physical presence in the area, for a selectable time period, and only when the temperature falls below a predetermined level. Again, the PIR1 can control multiple Softstart Drivers.
The Dimplex Tube heater is available in 4 outputs, 60W, 120W, 240W or 360W and comes supplied pre-fitted with 1.5mtr of cable and plug and is IPX4 rated.
Electronic 7 day timer with digital display. 24 on/off programmes available. Clear lid/cover for easy visibility. Made from high impact polycarbonate. Substantial clip feature to keep lid shut down. Rust-proof hinges. Easy cable entry. UV protected - will not deteriorate in sunlight. Single box dimensions: H135 x W127 x D80mm. Conforms to IEC60670-1, IEC60670-22, BS1363 & BSEN60730-2-7. 13A resitive load, 2A inductive load. Manual override option available. Neon power-on indicator.
Adjust the light intensity of the Philips LED light with a dimmer switch (not included). This makes this light ideal for creating an ambience for any occasion.
2kW. Wall mounted. Quick to heat. Safety thermal cut out. 1 year warranty. Neon power on indicator. Easy operation power cord. Choice of max output (set at installation). Step down thermostat which reduces output to 1kW once the room is warm. Product Code: DF20.
This LED Candle light is made for children in safe, durable plastic that's easy to turn on with the tilt of your hand. Charge the LED candle in a sure and easy way via the provided USB cable. Once charged, the LED candle can light up everyone's imagination for up to 10 hours.
This wall light has a bulb in the top and bottom to make a nice feature wall light. Philips GU10 50W Lamps included.
Injection moulded ABS housing. Large mains terminals for loop in & loop out - no need for junction box (including earth terminal looping point). Pre-heat soft start function for input voltage surge protection. Integral in-line fuse - ensures complete safety at end of life. Thermal fuse - ensures safe failure if in excess of ambient temperature. Radio interference suppression in accordance with EN55015. Safety and performance in accordance with EN61046. In case of short circuit and overload...
The body of the groundlight is a die cast aluminium body with stainless steel front bezel and ABS injection moulded sleeve with a cool to the touch, 6mm thick glass front that is safe to walk over in bare feet.
Maximum wattage: 50W. GU/GZ10. Test report from Building Research Establishment. Suitable for standard dichroic lamps. Aluminium reflector lamps not required. 90 minutes fire rated. BRE tested & approved. 2 Years guarantee. Lamp excluded.
Unique TwistedTwin element. Safe for use in wet areas. Less than 4mm thick. Made in Germany. Lifetime warranty.
Philips InStyle Plano Nickel IP44 Wall Light. Can be mounted horizontally or vertically and comes with an on/off switch.
240V operated, remove starter for single lamp fitting or for multiple lamp operation remove wire wound ballast and connect 240V supply to lamp holders. Suitable for cold environments - no lumen drop at low temperatures. Perfect for light fitting locations that are difficult to reach or where it is expensive to have fluorescent tubes replaced. No need for reflector because of beam angle. Non dimmable. 5yr Guarantee.
Time Saving Installation. Each kit contains: die cast low voltage fitting, loop-in, loop out 60VA dimmable electronic transformer and a 3000 hr 35W dichroic lamp, plus a 3-pin male-female connector. Pre-wired for ease of installation. Lightweight die cast aluminium. Twist & lock front bezel. High quality porcelain lamp holder.
Weight: 24kg. Unit External Width (mm): 615. Unit External Depth (mm): 615. Unit External Height (mm): 375. kW rating: 2.5. UK 3 Pin Plug: Yes. Oven Capacity m3: 59L. Usable Oven Width (mm): 435. Usable Oven Depth (mm): 370. Usable Oven Height (mm): 297. Usable Oven Shelf Width (mm): 460. Usable Oven Shelf Depth (mm): 315. Number of Shelves: 2. Number of Shelf Positions: 4. Gastronorm Compatible: Yes (2/3). Voltage Supply: 220/240v.
The Burco Cygnet Manual Fill Catering Urn is the prefect catering boiler when you are on a tight budget and you need hot running water. Finished in polished stainless steel with sturdy carry handles this catering boiler will not let you down, the 3kW element provides fast warm-up times and the variable thermostatic control ensures that you can keep the water at the temperature you want.
Inset fire with unique Optiflame® effect. Supplied with real coal. 2kW fan heater with choice of two heat settings. Flame effect can be used independently of heat. Inset depth of just 55mm fully inset or can be used flat-to-wall using spacer provided. Designed to fit 16" and 18" fireplaces and all conventional flues. Brass effect finish with black. Product Code: ASN20.
The space saving design means that it is designed to fit neatly into the corner of the bathroom as well as being able to mount on a flat wall.
Inset fire with unique Optiflame® effect. Supplied with pebbles and real coal. 2kW fan heater with choice of two heat settings. Flame effect only can be used independently of heat. Inset depth of just 55mm fully inset or can be used flat-to-wall using spacer provided. Designed to fit 16" and 18" fireplaces and all conventional flues. Stainless steel effect finish. Product Code: ELD20.
Supplied with both a plain and a louvred front. Available in black (LVBLB-A) and white (LVBLW-A). Requires a 9W 2 pin PL fluorescent lamp - supplied. Dimensions: body size H87 x W225 x D73mm. Louvre size H100 x W233 x D70mm. Conforms to BSEN 60598-1.
This pendant manufactured by Philips hangs 1140mm from the ceiling and required a 60W E27 Lamp. (not included)
The Redring California 8.5kw shower comes complete with integral on/off flow control valve and neon power indicator. With this the Redring California Electric Shower also features a wide spray pattern handset, build from high quality rub clean materials, making it ideal to keep clean and hygienic. Unlike other electric showers the Redring California Electric Shower comes complete with the riser rail and soap dish.
Thermostatic control. Frost protection setting. Pull-cord operation. Automatic safety cut-out. Power-on indicator. Fitted power supply cable. Fixing/Securing bracket. Metal bodied. Finished in Crisp White.
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