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The Greenbrook 35mm Deep 1 Gang Switch & Socket Boxes 10 pack are suitable for use with flush mounted accessories, made from galvanised steel and conform to BS4662.
Specially designed for children by just touching and swiping the colour circle on the product, this LivingColours light fills the room with 256 colours they can choose from.
500 Watt output. Touch pad control. Electronic thermostat with LED display. Full or half heat. Child lock. On/Off and Override keys. Full heat for either 1 or 2 hours. 3 x wall brackets. Pilot wire for connection to separate BMS. Liquid filled for even heat. Fitted cable. Double Insulated Class II appliance, which eliminates the need for supplementary bonding. IP24 rated.
The receiver accepts the (MBS) signal and converts it to a pilot wire output, automatically switching the radiator(s) between comfort and set back modes in accordance with the preset programme.
Duplex stainless steel cylinder for long life. 190, 210, 250 and 300 litre capacities (indirect). 170, 210, 260 and 300 litre capacities (direct). Choice of direct or indirect auxiliary heat input. Specially designed solar coil for maximum solar efficiency. Safety and hot water controls. Remote expansion vessel. High flow rates for improved hot water delivery *. Compatible with a wide range of UK solar systems. Lower running costs and reduced energy bills. Environmentally friendly – reduced...
The Broughton 110v Vent Extractor and Portable Fan is made in Britain ideal for removing fumes from welding bays, warehouses, tunnels, basements, chemical laboratories or anywhere where fumes are posing a problem.
Complete with individual on/off switch which allows independent control and supplied with a cool white (4000k) lamp, 1.8m power lead, mounting brackets, butt joiner and fitted end cap.
An Ionisation smoke alarm can detect particles of smoke that are too small to be visible, the particles pass through an ionization chamber, an air-filled space between two electrodes, and permits a small, constant current between the electrodes. Any smoke that enters the chamber absorbs the alpha particles, which reduces the ionization and interrupts this current, setting off the alarm.
These can also be fed from the mains but only if one of the self venting taps (see opposite) is used. As with the oversink model, the special tap acts as an inlet valve so that when the tap is turned on, the cold supply is allowed to flow through the water heater, displacing the hot water into the basin. The outlet part of the tap is always open to atmosphere allowing the expanded water to drip from the tap into the basin during the heat up cycle. Undersink models can also be connected to a cold...
The HRU ECO 4 Combiflow system has been designed to recover as much heat as possible and to function using as little energy as possible. It removes contaminated wet air from kitchens, utility rooms and bathrooms, then simultaneously converts up to 91% of the heat leaving the building in to fresh preheated air for the other rooms in the home.
Water supplied to one or two outlets (either one shower and one hand basin or two hand basins). Water outlet via existing tap or mixer (especially suitable via spray tap). Direct mains supply. Small compact shape. Remote fitting option. No standing heat losses. Fast response. Choice of two power settings on installation. 3 Year Guarantee.
High output air stream for entrances up to 4m high. Modular design for simple product linking over any door width. Modular recess design for seamless run of grilles over any door width.(Recessed). Wide 40° air flow direction adjustment. Electronic control system with full heat, half heat and fan only settings*. Electronic fan over-run control when used with compatible door sensors. Full (BMS) Building Management System Interface. ‘Easy-fix’ wall bracket provided for a quick alternative to...
The exceptional performance of the IPX4 rated Rio quartz heater extends to its long lamp life of 5,000 - 7,000 hours ensuring that the heater is almost maintenance free. The soft ambient light given off by the heater lamp will add to the conviviality of any social occasion. Available in a choice of white, black or silver the Rio Grande quartz heater provides heat up to 12 square metres.
Product Dimensions: 360mm(h) x 450mm(w) x 600mm(d). Weight: 43kg. Unit External Width (mm): 450. Unit External Depth (mm): 600. Unit External Height (mm): 360Packed Width (mm): 570. Fuel Type: Gas and electric. kW rating: Nat gas: 5.7, LPG: 7.5, Electrical power rating: <1. UK 3 Pin Plug: Yes. Oven Shelf Width (mm): 440. Oven Shelf Depth (mm): 480. Number of Shelves: 1. Gas Pressure (Natural): Nat Gas: 20MB, LPG: 37MB. Inlet Connection: 1/4" BSP (female). Voltage Supply: 220/240v.
Plug-in 2 hour boost timer. 13A (3kW) loading. Easy to use push button control. ON time can be increased in 4 steps: 0.25, 0.50, 1 and 2 hours. Fits standard flush or surface mount boxes min 16mm deep. Part No. TGBT6.
The Timeguard ECO36F 36W Energy Saving Floodlight provides 75% energy saving compared to a standard 150W halogen bulb at approximately 25% of the running cost.
The inset drip tray (95970123) for fitting into a work surface, the inset stainless steel drip tray is also comes with a 1 1/4" BSP waste outlet.
Splashproof to IP24. Limits all surface temperature to 43°C at full output. Safe air leaving temperature. Low maintenance. Use with NOBO Heating wide range of thermostat options. Suitable for schools and nursing homes. All controls can be tamperproofed. Stylish design.
The well renowned Brackenheath Briticent Gripper handlamp range is designed to provide reliable portable lighting wherever required in such situations as garages, workshops, building sites etc. Comes with a black handle and an open wire guard.
Complies with the new standard BS EN 60335-2-73. From April 1st 2004 this is the only standard applicable for immersion heaters manufactured for sale in the European Union.
Powerful 8W LED Energy Saving Floodlight – equivalent to 100W incandescent lighting with only 10% of the running costs. Pan and tilt light aiming adjustment. Instantly bright like halogen lighting but under half the size. Operating temperature -20C to +40C. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor installations. IP44 weatherproof rating. Easy installation with Fast-fix terminal block connection. RoHS compliance.
The Greenbrook T4 Fluorescent Tube is ideally suited to go with old or new T4 link light fittings and come in either white, warm white or cool white between 6-30W and a variety of lengths.
Finished complete with a durable floor stand & handle the corrosion resistant body provides a durable finish and the finned / sheathed heating elements with rigid steel outlet grille vanes to direct airflow to where you need it with the safety of an electrical reset cut-out.
A pair of male and female connectors for the Brackenheath L Range of concealed fluorescent lighting. Connectors only.
For the older versions of the Megaflo please see Product Codes 95606920, 95606963, 95606964 or click Alternative Products link above.
Energy efficient heaters that waste no heat directly into the air, but heat people or objects for cost effective heating. Allows high heat-loss buildings to be heated cost effectively. Optional passive infra-red switch. Instant heat – no waiting around or pre-heating needed. Highly efficient – by heating people and not the air around them, heating within larger, higher heat loss buildings is possible. Low running costs – heats only the area that needs heating, not the whole building. Silent...
The Deltech G4 Capsule 12V replacement lamp is patent pending and has a registered design. These are an ideal replacement for 10W Halogen lamps.
Using the latest LED technology, the Deltech range of 220-240V LED GU10 bulbs use a fraction of the energy of equivalent bulbs. Using a cluster of 21 miniature LEDs for illumination, they are best suited to accent or small display lighting rather than replacing main room lighting.
1.5kW quartz lamp. 5,000 - 7,000 hour lamp life. Safety guards are fitted as standard. Optional mounting brackets for use with umbrellas, windscreens, etc. IPX4 rated for permanent outdoor or indoor use. Fully adjustable bracket for flexibility in use. Optional Somfy or Tansun controller with remote handset. Heat span of up to 12m2.
1 melody. 30 metre operating distance. No loss of socket. Fixed code. Push requires 1 x 23A battery (included).
2kW maximum output. 1kW output selectable on installation. Pull cord operation. Neon indicator. Energy saving thermostat switches output down to 1kW once the room is warm (functions on 2kW setting only). The FX20VE comes with a runback timer. Time period adjustable between 5 and 155 minutes on installation. Designed for high level mounting.
The Greenbrook Xenon IP44 Floodlight 400W with PIR Sensor is available in white or black. The 400W floodlight uses a 118mm Xenon lamp (supplied) that offers a saving of around 25% compared to standard halogen lamps with the same light output.
Available in 3.4kW, 4.6kW and 5.7kW models. More controllable, providing heat quickly when required. In-built direct element for out of season heating using day rate electricity. Fanned heat is faster and more even in distribution, particularly near ground level. Easy to use manual controls for room thermostat and economy charge. Single or 3 phase installation capability.
Available in 7.2kW and 8.5kW. Three power settings for energy efficiency and reduced running costs. Ergonomic rotary control - upper dial for start/stop and power selection and lower dial for temperature/flow adjustment for simple operation. Right hand side, multiple connection options (top, bottom or rear cable access and top, bottom, rear or side pipe access). Multiple fixing centres for ease of replacement of previous Redring Active models. Removable corner section for ease of installation...
Expansion vessel 3/4” BSP male, precharge pressure 3.5bar (x1). Expansion vessel wall mounting bracket (x1). Pressure reducing valve 3.5 bar, 22mm x 22mm compression (x1) Single. check valve 22mm x 22mm compression (x1). Pressure (expansion) Relief Valve 1/2”BSP x 1/2”BSP female, factory set at 6. bar (x1). Tundish, 22mm x 15mm compression (x1). 3/4” compression nuts (x2). Copper olive, 22mm (x2). Element plate tool (x1). Mounting brackets (x4).
Triple action filtration. Ion exchange resin to reduce water hardness. Carbon block to improve taste and odour. High efficiency filtration to remove particulates. Choice of four filters to suit various applications. Can be installed horizontally using optional bracket. Recommended for use when the hardness level is above 4 degrees Clark (60 parts per million CaCo3) measures to reduce the effects should be implemented.
The new Wall Mounted Autofill Water Boiler from Burco is available in 3 litre and 7.5 litre versions that have a LED touch control or an advanced LCD touch screen version that has a 5 litre capacity and also has an easy-to-replace internal filtration system that inhibits limescale build-up and other impurities to prolong the life of the appliance and provide the best tasting beverage.
The Heatrea Sadia SuperChill 25F Floor Standing Water Dispenser provides a hassle-free supply of fresh tasting, purified and chilled drinking water eliminating the need to supply and replace
13 amp single (TPS101) or twin (TPS201) gang socket. 5×20mm knock out cable entries - Single Gang (bottom entry supplied with cut to size grommet). 8 x 20mm knock out cable entries -Twin Gang (bottom entry supplied with cut to size grommet). 2 x earth terminals in back box. Complies with BS1363. IP55 weatherproof rating (when lid closed). Impact resistant housing. Spring back socket lid cover. Suitable for all BS 13 amp plugs.
Trip indication by mechanical flag indicator. Mechanically latched - no need to reset. Incorporates 13A fuse. Double pole. Trip current 30mA. Typical trip speed 20mS. Twin earth terminals. 4x 20mm knockouts. Clear lid/cover for easy visibility. Made from high impact polycarbonate. Substantial clip feature to keep lid shut down. Rust-proof hinges. Easy cable entry. UV protection - will not deteriorate in sunlight. Single box dimensions: H135 x W127 x D80mm. Conforms to BS1363, IEC6...
T4 Triphosphor Tube. Diffuser and Safety Clips. Double insulated, rocker switch. T4 3400K 8,000 hr. White lamp. All with mains connector kit, comprising 2 pin connecting plug & 2 metres of 2 core cable. Wall and under cupboard brackets.
The PestWest Titan 300 Ultra-Violet Fly Killer is ideal for smaller premises, shops and even for domestic use. A wrap-around chrome guard gives 360º protection and this all-metal unit offers features and performance far beyond its price. Two powerful 15-watt Quantum BL UV tubes coated with DuPont Teflon® fluoropolymer provide protection of up to 180m2.
Complete with wall duct (WD range), 155mm square external back-draught shutter, foam strip and wall fixings.
Independently tested for 30, 60 & 90 minute fire rated ceilings. As simple to fit as a conventional downlighter as supplied with a 11W energy saving GU10 halogen lamp. Aluminium Construction. Full protection, no need for a firehood. Adjustable springs for different ceiling thicknesses. Compliant with Part B Building Regulations (fire safety). Compliant with Part E Building Regulations (Ressistance to passage of sound). Conforms to BS476:21. Available in white, chrome and satin chrome to suit...
2 x 30cm 10 LED Striplights. 1 x in-line LED Driver. 1 x 30cm Extension Lead. 8 x Crimps. 2 x Female Connectors. 2 x Male Connectors. 8 x Mounting Clips & Screws.
Stylish design, ideal for front of house use. Manual fill - requires no plumbing, making the coffee maker portable. Brews 1.7 litres of piping hot coffee in less than 6 minutes. Flexible modular system - coffee maker can be used alone or scaled up with matching single or double hot plates for higher volume caterers or remote use. Two individually switched hotplates to keep coffee piping hot and ready for use. Brew in progress indicator. Robust stainless steel construction. Full commercial...
The Greenbrook 25mm Architraves 20 pack are suitable for use with flush mounted accessories, made from galvanised steel and conform to BS4662.
Window, wall or panel mounting options are available using the universal mounting kit provided. All have a stylish white housing with integrated safety finger guard and silent shutter operation using an electro-thermal actuator (except GXC6 where it is pullcord operated). GXC models have an integral pullcord actuator. Timer and humidistat versions are also available along with multi-speed models. A trickle ventilation facility is available for background ventilation when not in use. Designed...
1kW- 12kW power options. Single, Double or Triple Banking. Incorporates a Philips quartz gold series lamp. Weatherproof IP 24 rated heater suitable for permanent outdoor use. High quality aluminium extrusion body. Highly polished spectral quality reflector. Die cast heat sinks to aid internal cooling. Safety guard fitted as standard. Bracket allows vertical and horizontal adjustment. Available in white, black and silver colour options. Optional gold reflector for glare reduction.
1.5kW, 3kW or 4.5kW models. No distracting light. High radiant efficiency. Guard included. Suitable for wall or ceiling mounting. Angular and directional fixing bracket included. Finished in Dove White.
With an open front and a high 4.0kW output, the Valor Firelite 4kW Black Oxysafe High Efficiency Gas Fire is not only up to 89% more efficient than a standard gas fire but suitable for a wide range of chimneys.
Powerful 8W LED Energy Saving PIR Floodlight – equivalent to 100W incandescent lighting with only 10% of the running costs. Pan and tilt light aiming adjustment. Light on times adjustment 5 seconds to 10 minutes. Optional mode settings – Dusk to Dawn and Test mode. 140 degree PIR detector (pan only) within adjustable 180 degree range and 10m detection range. Lux (light level) adjustment – Day to Night (2 to 200 Lux – permanently ‘ON’ when at max). Operating temperature -20C to +40C. Ideal...
Very happy with the light, it is cheap but well made and when on lights up our porch & pathway nicely.
Timeguard Weathersafe ‘Vision’ Range - see-through clear plastic cover. Fitted with 13A fuse link. Lockable cover facility. Impact resistant housing. Easy release lid catch. Multiple 20mm knock outs. Power ‘ON’ neon indicator is clearly visible with lid closed. Complies with BS1363. IP66 weatherproof rating. Part No. TGV103.
This vintage looking white chandeleir hangs 1000mm from the ceiling and requires 5 x E14 60W lamps (not included)
It has an externally adjustable temperature control and a neon light indicates when the heating element is “on”. Because it is a vented non-pressurised system, Zip Tudor tapware must be installed with the system in undersink application.
PestWest Professional Sticky Traps are high quality units combining advanced glue board technology with slim-line designs. The slim-line designs enable glue boards to be placed closer to the UV tubes improving catch rates, whilst PestWest Reflectobakt® sleeves shield the board from the drying effect of the UV tubes.
The Electrorad Radio Frequency Room Stat controls the temperature of each zone when used in conjunction with the RF660 6 Zone Programmer and Electrorad Aeroflow radiators.
Thermo Group UK Thermoprotect EZ frost protection trace heating cable have been specifically designed for protecting metal piping and guttering against low temperatures and the risk of freezing where variable heat and length is required as the cable can be cut using the Thermo Group Repair Kit.
30mA trip current. High intensity LED power-on indicator. Double pole. 13A Sockets (13A inductive). Twin earth terminals. Weatherproof to IP66 even with plugs inserted. Can be used for long term projects in all weather conditions. Clear lid/cover for easy visibility. Made from high impact polycarbonate. Substantial clip feature to keep lid shut down. Rust-proof hinges. Easy cable entry. UV protection - will not deteriorate in sunlight. Twin box dimensions: H145 x W189 x D80mm. Conforms...
Heavy duty corrosion resistant case. Multi-directional wall mounting brackets. Fast airflow with air-off temperatures from 30°C to 60°C. Low voltage switch connections. Digital heater control. Fan over-run facility for maximum heater efficiency. On-board electronic control giving balanced 3 phase load at full and half heat.*. Fan and heat level control.*. 7 day time and temperature control.*. Full electronic thermostat for accurate control.*. Full function system control of up to 10 heaters...
High frequency ballast. Class 1 construction. Polycarbonate diffuser and base. GR8q, 4 pin lamp - supplied. 230V AC 50Hz. F marked - can be mounted on flammable surfaces. White bezel supplied as standard, alternative black and silver bezels are available separately. Dimensions: 16W: Diameter 270mm, 28W: Diameter 325mm. Conforms to EN 60598-2-1. Emergency Gear Tray available for 28W models.
6m diameter (3m radius) detection range at 2.5m mounting height. Maximum coverage. Light ON time adjustable between 5 seconds and 18 minutes. Manual on/off override. Suitable for outdoor use (IP44 rating). Adjustable light level control. Total PIR switching: 2000W (e.g. 20 x 100W GLS) incandescent or halogen, 500W fluorescent/low energy. Not suitable for discharge lighting. 75W fan.
The Electrorad Aeroflow Castors are suitable for use with all Aeroflow storage radiator models and allow the radiators to be free standing and moveable.
For hand-wash applications, we only recommend the use of Redring approved 1/4 turn lever control ceramic disc operated spray tap which will enhance the delivery performance on dual-outlet installations.
This energy saving triple ceiling pendant is manufactured by Philips and comes complete with 3 x 11W E27 Lamps.
This chrome chandelier with glass droplets hangs 1170mm from the ceiling and requires 6 x 40W lamps (not included).
Available in Colour (DCC2) video. CMOS camera outdoor intercom unit including integral microphone and speaker, call button and name plate. Indoor phone monitor incorporating ON/OFF, door open, volume, brightness and contrast controls. CMOS camera provides high quality images. High clarity microphone and speaker for clear communication. Infra-red LED illumination – enhances image after dark. Simple 4-wire connection for sound, vision and door opening. Power screen saver. Illuminated name plate...
No external controls. Built-in over temperature cut-out. Sealed, liquid filled design for maintenance free use. Provided with inlet/outlet plumbing connections – no expensive adaptors needed. Choice of models in white or chrome finish. Can be used with the new Dimplex radio frequency controllers and the Dimplex energy regulator DX4123 / DX4124 (dependent on model). IPX4 rated for bathroom use.
Ultra efficient storage heating system with low running costs delivered by utilising off-peak tariffs. Dynamic storage capacity – automatically adjusts to user needs. Designed to retain over 50% of heat 24 hours after the initial charge. Infinitely controllable electronic heat output to precisely match user lifestyle. Fan assisted heat output when required. Attractive state-of-the-art design, no deeper than a double wet radiator. Chassis covers previous “fixing marks” of all comparably sized...
The Stirflow Portable 2kW Convector Heater also comes with a surprising range of features. It comes with three heat settings, one of which is a cool setting to maintain a temperature in the room. It also comes with a thermostat to ensure total control over the room temperature. It also comes with a built in safety thermal fuse to meet safety requirements.
13A 230V AC rated. Made from high impact polypropylene. Conforms to EN60529 (IP44) BS1363-2.
Complete with an exceptional 89% heat efficiency and up to 38% lower running costs. With a glass front, fireslide top control for ease of use and safety features such as oxypilot and flame suspervison device you have total control over your comfort and safety.
The Brackenheath L Series Fluorescent Link-Light is a linkable concealed fluorescent lighting for fitted kitchens, shop fitting etc. Designed to be fitted behind a small light pelmet. Individually switched, robust fitting with a long life, white tube and fixings.
Extract performance (FID, m³/h): 261. Extract performance (FID, l/s): 72. Electrical power (W): 38.6. SFP w/l/s: 0.5. Speed pressure db(A)@3m: 41. Hole diameter (mm): 150. IP rating: IPX4. Weight (kg): 1.75.
4.3 inch Colour touch screen. 5 flexible heating modes. 7 day programmable heating schedule. 2 interchangeable fascia kits. Full colour graphical interface. Can control up to 16Amps.
Floorstand unit comes with 2 metres of cable and 16A plug. Tripod unit comes with 5 metre cable and 16A site plug.
Santon manufactures a wide range of immersion heaters for heating water in commercial and industrial environments. Two element sheath materials are supplied to cater for all water conditions - Superloy and Titanium. All Industrial Immersion Heaters are covered by a full 12 month guarantee. These heaters are supplied with a factory-fitted stem type thermostat. A variety of fixing methods cover all conceivable installations, with loadings from 2.0kW available on a 21⁄4'' BSP head, to 54kW available...
AeraSmart™ Sensor monitors the air quality & automatically adjusts the fan speed to keep your air purified. Blue, amber and red lights indicate the purity of your air. Aera+™ Mode is designed for peak allergy conditions & increases air flow by up to 50%* compared to lowest speed setting. Filter Change Indicators let you know when it’s time to replace your filters. Carbon Filter removes odours and captures large airborne particulates. True HEPA Filter captures 99.97% of particles as small as ...
Easy to install. Low energy consumption - energy saving. Recessed or surface mounted. Life span 50,000 hours. 70mm dia x 20mm. 3W, 6000K. 178 Lumens. LEDCLWH comes complete with 10.5V, 3W driver pre-wired.
100M range. Volume Controller. 93dBA sound level (Standard) and 97dBA (Extra Loud) versions available. Flashing Xenon light. Additional chimes can be operated from one or more pushes. 16 different frequencies to prevent nuisance operation from neighbouring pushes. Multiple pushes can be programmed for different sounds. Choice of three different sounds. Receiver requires 3 x C batteries. Transmitter supplied with 2 x AAA batteries. Conforms to EN 300220-3, EN 301489-3, EN 60950-1, 62080-1.
Pulsating over-door flashing alarm with audible and visual alert. Complies with BSEN 60065: 2002. Designed to meet requirements of the DDA (Disability Act). Disabled sticker (EADS) included. Part No. EADF1 (white) EASSDF1 (Stainless Steel).
This nickel wall light manufactured by Philips comes with glass droplets and requires 2 x 40W E14 lamps (not included).
Unique transformer - minimises shattering of insects. Front guard lockable in open position - for easy service. ‘Power-on’ and ‘grid-on’ warning lights - inspection at a distance. Spring-loaded removable killing grid - easy cleaning. Wrap around guard - 360 degree protection. Choice of mounting option for ease of placement.
Timeguard Weathersafe ‘Vision’ Range - see-through clear plastic cover. 24 hour timer switches ON and OFF at preset times. Segment setting dial with 15 minute switching interval. Up to 48 ON & OFF programmes daily. Manual override. Easy release lid catch. Impact resistant housing. Spacious design allowing full closure of lid with plug in position. Suitable for all 13 amp BS plugs. Complies with BS1363. IP66 weatherproof rating. Part No. TGV203.
1 melody. 30 metre operating distance. Self learning. Push requires 1 x 23A battery (included).
The Massive Ecomoods Triple 12W Spotlight a aluminium constructed light finished in white that comes complete with 3 x 12W E14 230v fluorescent 2700k (warm white) lamps providing up to 6,000hrs life.
T hese unique overhead suspended ceiling fly traps fit discreetly and easily into new or existing suspended-ceilings making them ideal for convenience stores, supermarkets and areas where space limitations may have previously made situating a standard unit difficult.
Philips Living Colours Micro 5W LED Micro White Lamp is especially designed for the Living Room and Bedroom, choose from 64 colours or select automatic colour changing mode.
The Zip Inline DBX Instantaneous Water Heater comes in four three phase versions, either 18kW, 21kW, 24kW or 27kW. This is the most energy efficient way of directly heating water electrically using a highly efficient bare wire heating system that provides instant and constant supply of hot water at exactly the temperature selected.
Four sizes from 25 litre to 125 litre. Smart, compact modern styling. Left or right hand inlet and overflow. Thermostat adjustable from 18C to 70C. Suitable for inlet pressures up to 7 bar. Long life alloy sheathed element. Adjustable master thermal cut-out on FBM 3kW models, for additional user protection. Thermostatic blending valve and pressure reducing valve available as an optional accessories.
Philips InStyle Tubo White IP44 Wall Light. Can be mounted horizontally or vertically and comes with an on/off switch.
Since valve kit has been fitted the hot water pressure has been absolutely amazing. Hadn't realised what we had been missing.
Pack Q (95970325) : Two-hole elbow mixer tap comes with 1/4 turn levers, ideal for surgical and medical environments. (Previous Code: 95970310)
The space saving design means that it is designed to fit neatly into the corner of the bathroom as well as being able to mount on a flat wall.
Independently tested for 30, 60 & 90 minute fire rated ceilings. As simple to fit as a conventional downlighter as supplied with a 50W MR16 halogen lamp. Aluminium Construction. Full protection, no need for a firehood. Adjustable springs for different ceiling thicknesses. Compliant with Part B Building Regulations (fire safety). Compliant with Part E Building Regulations (Ressistance to passage of sound). Conforms to BS476:21. Available in white, brass, chrome and satin chrome to suit any...
A mains filter RXMBSF4 is required for use with MBS controller and DuoHeat radiators, in addition to an RX03002 (which includes RXFER4 ferrite core) receiver for each DuoHeat radiator.
Manufactured by Philips, this beautiful chandelier hangs 1300mm from the ceiling and comes with glass droplets to add style to any room.
The Philips Disney SoftPal Minnie is your child's glowing light friend that softly lights up their bedroom. Thanks to this portable guide light, your child can sleep safe and sound with a soft and cuddly companion.
The sleek and modern design of this electric tail rail provides an easy-to-use structure for drying towels, and its combination of a low profile and slim frame allow it to be mounted in a wide range of bathrooms and en suites.
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