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Complies with the new standard BS EN 60335-2-73. From April 1st 2004 this is the only standard applicable for immersion heaters manufactured for sale in the European Union.
As standard these electric heaters come with thermostatic control only, with a range from 5c to 30c and a can be protected from curious little fingers by a lockable slider control. If you require timed control this is available via an optional plug RX24ti 24hr timer, a single zone pilot wire, runback timer and the capability of connecting to a central control system using pilot wire or mains borne signalling.
The Greenbrook T4 Fluorescent Tube is ideally suited to go with old or new T4 link light fittings and come in either white, warm white or cool white between 6-30W and a variety of lengths.
This Patio heater mounting kit from Dimplex has been made for the OPH Weatherproof range of patio heaters.
High output air stream for entrances up to 3m high. Modular design for simple product linking over any door width. Wide 40° air flow direction adjustment.. Electronic fan over-run control when used with compatible door sensors. Full (BMS) Building Management System Interface. ‘Easy-fix’ wall bracket provided for a quick alternative to standard drop-rods. Wall mounted controls included as standard. 230V-1PN Voltage. Recessed model requires 3 core supply cabling (not supplied). BEAB Approved...
1000W or 1500W rating. Maximum surface temperature of 43 deg C to comply with Department of Health guidelines. Slimline design. Quiet in operation. Concealed controls. Extremely accurate variable thermostat with frost protection setting. Fan only setting for air circulation. Optional 24 hour programmable timer. Half heat switching. Automatic safety cut-out. Splash proof to IPX4 for use in bathrooms and other damp areas. Hinged wall mounting system for easy installation and decorating....
Comes with power cord, 55cm connecting cable, mounting clips, integral switch & T4 2700K Warm White tube. Minimum wiring required. Up to 6 fittings may be linked together in series, using linking cable supplied or by plugging fittings directly together. Ultra slim design, extruded plastic body and triphosphorous tubes. Flicker free instant start.
This Greenbrook range of T5 fluorescent tubes are ideally suited to go with old or new T5 link light fittings and come in either white, warm white or cool white between 6-32W and a variety of lengths.
Wall mounted, mains powered units. Pilot wire or Mains Borne Signalling options. (See explanation below). 4 zones, each with separate customisable user programme for each day of the week. Installer configurable option to allow switching between Comfort/Setback modes, Comfort/Off modes or Comfort/Frost protection modes. Manual programme over-ride facility, with automatic return to programme at next timed change. Continuous Comfort, Setback, Frost protection and Off modes*. Holiday (time absence...
4 programmable time periods, switching heater between On/Off modes. Programme advance and manual over ride features. 1 timer required per heater. Cassette can be removed from heater for easy programming. Back lit LCD with powersave mode. Programmes saved in memory for 12 hours in event of power failure. Quick start user guides printed on rear of programming cassette.
High output air stream for entrances up to 4m high. Modular design for simple product linking over any door width. Modular recess design for seamless run of grilles over any door width.(Recessed). Wide 40° air flow direction adjustment. Electronic fan over-run control when used with compatible door sensors. Full (BMS) Building Management System Interface. ‘Easy-fix’ wall bracket provided for a quick alternative to standard drop-rods. Separate wall controls able to control up to four units...
Plug-in digital control for 13A (3kW) appliances and filament lamps up to 400W. A total of 20 ON/OFF switching programmes selectable over individual days and various combinations of days. 24 hour LCD display for easy viewing. Up to 24 hour countdown facility (giving a manual start to a timed OFF). Self-cancelling override and permanent. ON/OFF facility. Large 24 hour display for easy viewing. Optional random delay to both start and finish of all programmes. Output ON indicator light. Part...
6 ON/OFF switching programmes. Can be set to operate over all weekdays, both weekend days, all 7 days (24 hour operation) or on individual days. Three position slide switch allows manual operation, auto operation with timed ON’s and OFF’s or auto and photocell operation giving dusk start and timed OFF with additional timed ON’s and OFF’s if required. Built-in 1000 hour rechargeable battery retains programmes and clock times during power failure. Controls 40 – 300W of filament, 20 – 150W low energy...
Compatible with EPX, Girona and Monterey range only. 7 day, single zone pilot wire programming cassette –plugs directly into heater. Master/slave control – master heater fitted with programmer controls up to 10 slave heaters via pilot wire. 4 programmable time periods for weekdays and weekends, switching heater between On/Off modes. Programme advance and manual over ride features. Cassette can be removed from heater for easy programming. Back lit LCD with power-save mode. Programmes saved...
Incorporates PowerBreaker technology. Mechanically latched - no need to reset after a power failure. Maximum 13A lead (13A inductive). Rated trip current 30mA. Typical trip speed < 40mS. Mechanical flag and neon indicator. Double pole operation. Conforms to BS5733 and BS7288.
Quiet operation. Optional remote controller (HE7001) for HE7010 & HE7020 offers fan only or fan plus heater operation (bought seperately, please see options below). Automatic safety cut-out for thermal overload protection. Bracket supplied for angular adjustment of heat flow. Finished in Dove White. Wireless Controlled model available (HE7010W) for use with CZC1 (bought seperately, please see options below).
Comes with remote control with luminous night-light. High efficiency performance. Adjustable fan speeds for rapid cooling or minimum noise. Heat-pump model provides heating as well as cooling. Plug & Play anywhere operation. Digital display to show operational settings and temperature.
Complete with wall duct (WD range), 155mm square external back-draught shutter, foam strip and wall fixings.
These can also be fed from the mains but only if one of the self venting taps (see opposite) is used. As with the oversink model, the special tap acts as an inlet valve so that when the tap is turned on, the cold supply is allowed to flow through the water heater, displacing the hot water into the basin. The outlet part of the tap is always open to atmosphere allowing the expanded water to drip from the tap into the basin during the heat up cycle. Undersink models can also be connected to a cold...
High quality aluminium case finished in two-tone silver. Designed and rated for permanent external installations. Instant heat - avoiding the need for expensive pre-heating. Costs as little as 10p per hour* to run. 'In-situ' lamp replacement for minimum downtime. Fitted guard included. Optional mounting kit for hanging or pole/mast mounting.(OPHMK1). Energy efficient heaters that heat people without heating the air around them for a cost effective solution. Low energy user (2kW) giving substantially...
500 Watt output. Touch pad control. Electronic thermostat with LED display. Full or half heat. Child lock. On/Off and Override keys. Full heat for either 1 or 2 hours. 3 x wall brackets. Pilot wire for connection to separate BMS. Liquid filled for even heat. Fitted cable. Double Insulated Class II appliance, which eliminates the need for supplementary bonding. IP24 rated.
A pair of male and female connectors for the Brackenheath L Range of concealed fluorescent lighting. Connectors only.
Prompt service - only pronlem was with the internet ordering - needed to telephone in the end to place the order
High air volume throughput of 300m3/hour. Quiet running, totally enclosed motor. Wall mounted with 2 part self supporting bracket. Multi directional adjustment of 45° vertically and 150° horizontally with single screw locking. Remote control switch available as an option to provide a cool air circulation facility. 1 year guarantee (UK). BEAB and CE approved. Model No: 50816401.
Smooth curved styling. Easy to use controls, out of sight of young children. Frontal grille for efficient heat distribution. Secure wall fixings for safety. Feet may be fitted under carpet or on top of a suitable floor covering. Matches the PLX range of panel heaters. Compatible with all off peak tariffs. Drip proof construction (IPX2 rated).
The Expansion Vessel, when fully charged, will absorb all expanded water produced by the Multipoint heater during normal operation.
Heatrae Sadia 95612667 Thermostat for the Heatrae Sadia Express and Multipoint Water Heater. Suitable for 1999 models and from Feb 2000. 30 & 50L models only.
Single button test/reset operation. Electronically latched. Typical Trip Speed less than 40mS. Less than 30mA Trip Current. Conforms to BS7071, BS1363. Mechanical, large and easy to see trip indicator.
High output air stream for entrances up to 4m high. Modular design for simple product linking over any door width. Modular recess design for seamless run of grilles over any door width.(Recessed). Wide 40° air flow direction adjustment. Electronic control system with full heat, half heat and fan only settings*. Electronic fan over-run control when used with compatible door sensors. Full (BMS) Building Management System Interface. ‘Easy-fix’ wall bracket provided for a quick alternative to...
The Trojan range of energy efficient bulkhead fittings have a round polycarbonate base and diffuser. Together with a two part poured gasket, the Trojan leads vandal-resistant IP65 technology.
The well renowned Brackenheath Briticent Gripper handlamp range is designed to provide reliable portable lighting wherever required in such situations as garages, workshops, building sites etc. The Standard range comes with a metal handle, open wire guard and a choice of either a BC2 or an ES lampholder 12-24V / 100W Max.
The brand new Q-Rad electric radiator combines radiant and convection heating elements with a self-learning adaptive control system to provide heat exactly when it is wanted, as economically as possible. The intuitive, self-learning delayed start function on Q-Rad even learns the thermal characteristics of a room and determines how when the appliance needs to start in order to reach target temperature based on factors such as room size, heat losses and the prevailing weather.
The Kingshield 24 Hour Mechanical Timer is a simple plug-in timer with adaptor and comes with a manual override switch so you can choose for it to be on permenantly.
High output air stream for entrances up to 4m high. Modular design for simple product linking over any door width. Modular recess design for seamless run of grilles over any door width.(Recessed). Wide 40° air flow direction adjustment. Electronic fan over-run control when used with compatible door sensors. Full (BMS) Building Management System Interface. ‘Easy-fix’ wall bracket provided for a quick alternative to standard drop-rods. Separate wall controls able to control up to four units...
Energy saving heating control. PIR activity sensor. Highly accurate thermostat which is set by the installer. Comfort heat setting between 19°C to 25°C. Background heat setting between 6°C to 17°C or heater is switched off. Comfort heat time period can be set to run between 30 minutes and 3 hours. Loading up to 3 kW. Can be surface or flush mounted. Neon indicators.
The Red Giant range of space heaters is ideally suited to light industrial applications such as small warehouses and industrial units offering an incredible level of durability combined with heat outputs suited to small industrial units and garages, and available at affordable prices. The Red Giant Light Industrial Series make clean, dry electric heat more accessible and they also promise to keep going long after the competition has burnt out.
The RF-SFTP allows a system to be set up involving the selection of one base as a MASTER and the others to operate as REMOTES. The system operates as a monitored RF system, signalling to and from the MASTER unit which broadcasts every ten seconds, monitoring the responses from the REMOTES. On battery back-up, the units are not supervised but do ‘listen’ for signal messages. On mains power being restored the system re-establishes itself.
Optical smoke detectors are quick in detecting particulate (smoke) generated by smoldering (cool, smoky) fires. Many independent tests indicate that optical smoke detectors typically detect particulates (smoke) from hot, flaming fires approximately 30 seconds later than ionization smoke alarms. They are less sensitive to false alarms from steam or cooking fumes generated in kitchen or steam from the bathroom than are ionization smoke alarms. For the aforementioned reason, they are often referred...
Small size, low cost, high output and stylish design, Dimplex pride themselves on the highest standard of electrical goods and this is no different. Using the Optiflame Coal effect from the Dimplex Fires range, on/off switch for simplicity of use, flame effect only setting and under 6kg, you will struggle to think of a reason why you shouldn’t have a Dimplex Micro Fire.
1 melody. 30 metre operating distance. Fixed code. Portable chime requires 3 x AA batteries (not included). Push requires 1 x 23A battery (included).
The Expansion Vessel, when fully charged, will absorb all expanded water produced by the Hotflo heater during normal operation.
Specially designed for children by just touching and swiping the colour strip on the product, this LivingColours light fills the room with 64 colours they can choose from.
The Greenbrook 47mm Deep 1 Gang Switch & Socket Boxes 10 pack are suitable for use with flush mounted accessories, made from galvanised steel and conform to BS4662.
Single and Twin junction boxes. Available with or without the internal earth frame. Threaded 20mm cable entries. Lid screw covers for clean line appearance. Conforms to BS EN 60529.
Philips Living Colours Micro 5W LED Micro White Lamp is especially designed for the Living Room and Bedroom, choose from 64 colours or select automatic colour changing mode.
Thermoprotect frost protection heating cables have been specially designed for protecting metal piping against low temperatures and the risk of freezing. When properly installed, the heating cables will only switch on when the temperature drops to +5°C. Additional applications include trace heating for use in gutters and around gulleys to prevent freezing. For example gutter runs above public entrances can be heated to prevent snow build up and resultant snow falls.
Opti onal controller for remote switching of Consort Claudgen HE Air Curtains - HE7402 / HE7420 / HE7426 / HE8320
The Philips Disney SoftPal Minnie is your child's glowing light friend that softly lights up their bedroom. Thanks to this portable guide light, your child can sleep safe and sound with a soft and cuddly companion.
30mA trip current. High intensity LED power-on indicator. Double pole. 13A Sockets (13A inductive). Twin earth terminals. Weatherproof to IP66 even with plugs inserted. Can be used for long term projects in all weather conditions. Clear lid/cover for easy visibility. Made from high impact polycarbonate. Substantial clip feature to keep lid shut down. Rust-proof hinges. Easy cable entry. UV protection - will not deteriorate in sunlight. Twin box dimensions: H145 x W189 x D80mm. Conforms...
Duplex stainless steel water heating cylinder – for maximum strength and long life. Pressure tested to 15 bar. Provides effective, fast and safe mains-fed hot water. Two long life incoloy, low noise immersion heaters. Easy to install with simple step by step installation guide. Energy efficient rigid polyurethane foam insulation (CFC/HCFC free). Relief valve operates at 7 bar / 90-95C. 3 bar working pressure. High flow rates of up to 55 litres per minute - ideal to supply power showers without...
Ultra efficient storage heating system with low running costs delivered by utilising off-peak tariffs. Dynamic storage capacity – automatically adjusts to user needs. Designed to retain over 50% of heat 24 hours after the initial charge. Infinitely controllable electronic heat output to precisely match user lifestyle. Fan assisted heat output when required. Attractive state-of-the-art design, no deeper than a double wet radiator. Chassis covers previous “fixing marks” of all comparably sized...
The Byron Plug-In & Portable WireFree Door Chime Kit has both the plugin door bell chime and the portable door bell chime for extra convenience.
10, 15, 30 and 50 litre capacities. Choice of 1,3 and fast recovery 4.5kW ratings. Heavy gauge copper inner container. Externally adjustable thermostat 10-70C max - lockable in hot or mid-range position. Replaceable long-life alloy sheathed element. Element 'ON' indicator. Supplied complete with tundish and service valve. No anode to inspect or replace. Suitable for use with any standard mixer or tap. Fitted with 1 metre of 3-core cable. Supplied with easy-fit wall-mounting bracket. Factory...
For rooms with no opening windows Slimline SL100 is available with a built-in overrun timer. Humidistat models are available for shower rooms and heavily used bathroom applications. Ordering is straightforward: simply select the size and control option required, then add the appropriate window or wall kit. But the Slimline bathroom extractor fan range doesn’t just have a pretty face, installation is simple too. All Slimline models have two adjustable QuickClamp fixings which make traditional wall...
The Dimplex Optima Radiant 2kW Electric Fire is a traditional style radiant fire which has 2 heat settings to control the 2kW radiant heat output.
Four sizes from 25 litre to 125 litre. Smart, compact modern styling. Left or right hand inlet and overflow. Thermostat adjustable from 18C to 70C. Suitable for inlet pressures up to 7 bar. Long life alloy sheathed element. Adjustable master thermal cut-out on FBM 3kW models, for additional user protection. Thermostatic blending valve and pressure reducing valve available as an optional accessories.
The Timeguard ECO36F 36W Energy Saving Floodlight provides 75% energy saving compared to a standard 150W halogen bulb at approximately 25% of the running cost.
Using a combination of heat sources in this way has proven to be a more effective and energy-efficient way of heating. Reduction of total energy use (kWh) by up to 10%, compared to traditional storage heaters. The 10% reduction in energy use is recognised by the Governments SAP 2005 (Standard Assessment Procedure for energy ratings in dwellings). Not reliant on ‘off peak energy’ alone for heating. Heat output provided by a combination of off-peak and standard rate electricity sources. Stored...
Massive Zagreb Black 100W Outdoor flush Wall Lantern.
Individually packed tap with both blue and red bezel, primarily used as a cold tap to match TXH01, it can can be used as a hot tap when connected to a Santon Vented Basin Hot Tap that is supplied with the open outlet manifold that should always be used.
The Heatrae Handy No Touch handwash provides an instantaneous no-touch hand wash unit for a cost effective and hygienic means of providing hot water for hand washing. Simple operation with a no touch on/off control dial and tamper proof adjuster for temperature and flow control.
The metal brew unit with horizontally mounted metal piston ensures maintenance-free operation for up to 30,000 coffee products a year and the precision grinder guarantees consistently fine grinding quality. In combination with its pre-infusion system - whereby the ground coffee is wetted to release the flavour substances - and micro-fine sieve, the machine produces highly aromatic, top-quality espresso and coffee specialties.
8×20mm knock-out cable entries (bottom 2 entries supplied with cut to size grommet). 2 x earth terminals in back box. This RCD socket outlet comes with extra fast action – trips out within 40 milliseconds (BS7288). Contacts break when power supply is temporarily lost. Test button for safety checks. Still protects with lost neutral. Automatically disconnects both Live and Neutral connections leaving Earth connection intact. Complies with BS7288 and BS1363. IP55 weatherproof rating (when lid...
Available in 9.5kW and 10.8kW models. Integral power level selections. Four power options – High, ECO, Low and Cold. Eco function allowing reduced running costs and minimising electrical wastage. Ease of control with the new adjustable power dial. Delivers hot water instantaneously at point of use eliminating the need to connect to a centrally located hot water cylinder with long pipe runs. Provides instant mains pressure hot water to one or two hand basin outlets. Suitable for dual basin...
The HeatScreen 230V Air Curtain is a single phase unit available in either 7.2kW or 9.0kW this makes it ideally suited to small shop entrances, cafés, restaurants, hotels or other public entrances where an overdoor heater is not sufficient but a three-phase air curtain is too expensive.
13 amp single (TPS101) or twin (TPS201) gang socket. 5×20mm knock out cable entries - Single Gang (bottom entry supplied with cut to size grommet). 8 x 20mm knock out cable entries -Twin Gang (bottom entry supplied with cut to size grommet). 2 x earth terminals in back box. Complies with BS1363. IP55 weatherproof rating (when lid closed). Impact resistant housing. Spring back socket lid cover. Suitable for all BS 13 amp plugs.
1 x EACP1 – Single Zone Control Panel – 2 gang. 1 x EARB1 – Reset Button – single gang. 1 x EAPC1 – Pull Cord. 1 x EADF1 – Over Door Flasher. 1 x EADS – Disabled Sticker.
9V - Battery Operated. Low Battery Warning. Compact Design - Easy to Fix. Battery Included. Dual Ionisation. Loud Piezo Electric Alarm. 5 Year Guarantee (alarm only). BS EN 14604: 2005.
Independently tested for 30, 60 & 90 minute fire rated ceilings. As simple to fit as a conventional downlighter as supplied with a 50W GU10 halogen lamp. Aluminium Construction. Full protection, no need for a firehood. Adjustable springs for different ceiling thicknesses. Compliant with Part B Building Regulations (fire safety). Compliant with Part E Building Regulations (Ressistance to passage of sound). Conforms to BS476:21. Available in white, brass, chrome and satin chrome to suit any...
Traditional 'cast iron' style stove in matt black finish. Unique Optiflame® coal effect with real coals. Choice of 1kW or 2kW fan heat settings. Remote control on/off. Flame effect can be used independently of heat source. Product Code: TNG20R.
The Burco 4 litre catering kettle features a keep warm element that allows reboil in less than 1 minute and a concealed element for easy cleaning and de-scaling, plus a secondary handle makes handling and control easy.
High frequency ballast. Class 1 construction. Polycarbonate diffuser and base. GR8q, 4 pin lamp - supplied. 230V AC 50Hz. F marked - can be mounted on flammable surfaces. White bezel supplied as standard, alternative black and silver bezels are available separately. Dimensions: 16W: Diameter 270mm, 28W: Diameter 325mm. Conforms to EN 60598-2-1. Emergency Gear Tray available for 28W models.
Modern appliance design. Under counter design maximises counter top space. Intelliboil™Plus technology for the efficient management of the boiling water cycle. Boiling water safety switch. Over-boil protection system. Easy installation. Integral electronic water conditioner to reduce scale. Engineering grade thermoplastic water container. Modular construction ensures easy maintenance. LED indicators for boiling water status. Choice of filter or non-filter. Chrome finish Aquatap dispenser...
Pulsating flashing alarm with audible and visual alert. Reset button fits standard BS flush or surface mounted boxes. Complies with BSEN 60065: 2002. Designed to meet requirements of the DDA (Disability Act). Part No. EARB1 (white) EASSRB1 (Stainless Steel). Available in White or Stainless Steel Finish.
This range of heater has been designed as a replacement for the traditional convector radiators. It means that you can have a more deficient heat output from your wall mounted heating system. As with the other to products, these are plumbed into the heating system and powered by a 12 volt current to run the convector.
The KingShield weatherproof connector has a maximum current rating of 15A and can be temporarily immersed in water.
Contemporary fire designed for use either wall-mounted or recessed. Flame effect can be used independently of heat. 2kW fan heater with a choice of 1kW and 2kW heat settings. Thermostat. Finished in silver grey with a reversible frame finished in gloss black and gloss white. Remote control. Optiflame® log effect.
Operation is simple, to mate simply line up alignment ribs then push the bodies FIRMLY together until the latches FULLY click into engagement. To un-mate simply pull and hold back the collar in the direction of arrow then separate the two parts.
Spare Burco Pair of Handles for Manual Catering Boiler.
200m Distance. Flashing Strobe Light Alert. 8 Sounds. 2 x C Batteries (not included). Transmitter Batteries Included. Volume Control.
Canopy free fire – no protrusion from fan heater. 2.0kW inset with choice of 2 heat settings plus thermostat control. Electronic thermostatic control giving highly accurate room temperature control. Designed to fit 16" and 18" fireplaces and all conventional flues. All controls concealed under the canopy which hinges forward for ease of use. Danesbury Brass and Black models - Inset depth of only 55mm using detachable spacer provided. Danesbury Antique Brass - Inset depth of only 60mm without...
Philips InStyle Tubo White IP44 Wall / Ceiling Light 1 x 28W. Can be mounted horizontally or vertically and comes with an on/off switch.
5.00 10.00 25.00 50.00 100.00 250.00 500.00 1000.00
Easy adjustable dial with clearly marked temperature scale. 5C – 30C temperature range. (TRT030/TRT032). 5C – 10C temperature range. (TRT031). Temperature swing adjustment (using jumper) between 1C and 0.5C. Output led (illuminates on call for heat). Includes optional tamper proof cover to protect temperature selections. (TRT031/TRT032). Surface mount with wall plate included. 2 or 3 wire connection (double insulated). 10 (2) A at 230V.
This Dummy CS11D Security Camera from Byron comes with a warning LED light, suitable for indoor security use and is easy mountable. (brackets provided)
This LED Candle light is made for children in safe, durable plastic that's easy to turn on with the tilt of your hand. Charge the LED candle in a sure and easy way via the provided USB cable. Once charged, the LED candle can light up everyone's imagination for up to 10 hours.
100M range. Volume Controller. 93dBA sound level (Standard) and 97dBA (Extra Loud) versions available. Flashing Xenon light. Additional chimes can be operated from one or more pushes. 16 different frequencies to prevent nuisance operation from neighbouring pushes. Multiple pushes can be programmed for different sounds. Choice of three different sounds. Receiver requires 3 x C batteries. Transmitter supplied with 2 x AAA batteries. Conforms to EN 300220-3, EN 301489-3, EN 60950-1, 62080-1.
The wirefree doorchimes with 100m range from Greenbrook comes with 16 different frequencies to prevent nuisance operation from neighbouring pushes. The wireless digital technology means any of the GreenBrook wireless doorchime range may be taken anywhere in the home, garden or even mounted on a wall.
Each Salt Stick contains 1.5kg of Peacock de-icing salt which is of the highest purity, enabling you to use less salt far more effectively. Unlike ordinary brown salt which contains a high percentage of insoluble impurities that create a muddy sludge that is tramped into cars and buildings costing time and money to clear up, the salt in the Winter Wizard Salt Stick is clean and leaves little or no residue on the ground.
The Santon Aquaheat Unvented Water heater has an alloy sheathed element, incorporated into an easily removable heater plate. The outer casing is made of substantial gauge sheet steel, anti corrosion treated, in a white stove enamel. Comes complete with an expansion relief valve which must be fitted with every installation.
This bar spotlight kit is decorated with petals to give your childs bedroom a bit of character. Lamps included.
Norslo dry lining boxes are suitable for use in cavity walls that are 16-30mm deep - made from polycarbonate.
This Wall mounted 765 Door Chime from Byron is an electro mechanical chime with PVD coated Bell Push and wire.
LD50 Comes with 1.5m cable. Overload protection. number of fittings: 6 max.
With the Zip DEX water heater the required outlet temperature can be set via two touch sensitive membrane keys within the range 20°C to 60°C (20°C to 55°C for DEX12) with digital display of the selected temperature. There is also the option of selecting two pre-programmed temperature settings for even more convenience.
Cover to prevent tampering for the switch and thermostat on the Nobo Series 14 Panel Heaters.
Pack Q (95970325) : Two-hole elbow mixer tap comes with 1/4 turn levers, ideal for surgical and medical environments. (Previous Code: 95970310)
Emergency operation duration 3 hours. Supplied with 1x 8W G5 T5 tube & 2x D cell battery packs. Supplied with down legend. Facility for remote switching. Dual fused mains terminal & switch. Steel body, white finish. Product Code: ELEXS.
Tempered Glass. Input voltage: 90 Vac – 260 Vac. 120˚ Flood. 30000 hours. IP65.
To make a real statement, this Valor Baltimore Multi Fuel Stove gives a maximum heat output of 12kW which is useful for the most generous of spaces. Comes complete with a choice of brushed brass or brushed steel door knobs.
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