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Sample Offers
One yellow underground marker tape for use in excavation situations when attention needs to be drawn to danger of buried cables. Durable rot resistant polyethylene, 100 micron thickness.
40W, 60W or 80W models. Adjustable wall brackets. Very economical to run. Fitted cable. Double Insulated Class II appliance, which eliminates the need for supplementary bonding. IP24 rated. Finished in Crisp White or Chrome.
Four sizes from 25 litre to 125 litre. Smart, compact modern styling. Left or right hand inlet and overflow. Thermostat adjustable from 18C to 70C. Suitable for inlet pressures up to 7 bar. Long life alloy sheathed element. Adjustable master thermal cut-out on FBM 3kW models, for additional user protection. Thermostatic blending valve and pressure reducing valve available as an optional accessories.
Philips InStyle Tubo White IP44 Wall Light. Can be mounted horizontally or vertically and comes with an on/off switch.
The slimmest storage combination heater available. Sensamatic fully automatic storage heater output ensures room comfort levels are maintained throughout the day without user intervention. The Warmflow fan heater has manually adjustable room temperature sensing thermostatic control accurate to within 0.5°C. Quiet, low velocity Warmflow fan. All controls are concealed behind a lockable flap. Hydraulic input charge control thermostat provides auto-set input charge control. Fan heater ratings...
20W CFL Energy Saving PIR Bulkhead Light – equivalent to 200W incandescent lighting. Pan & Tilt light aiming adjustment. Light ON times adjustment – 20 seconds to 5 minutes. Optional mode settings – Manual and Test mode. 140° PIR detector (pan only) within adjustable 180° range and 10m detection. Light level adjustable – Day to Night (5 to 1000 LUX – permanently ON when at max). Can link with ECO Floodlight codes ECO1FL, EC02FL & EC03FL for matching installations (not exceeding 4 x CFL 20W...
50M range. 91dBA sound level. White. Additional chimes can be operated from one or more pushes. Multiple pushes can be programmed for different sounds. Choice of three different sounds. Receiver requires 3 x C batteries. Transmitter supplied with 2 x AAA batteries. Conforms to EN 300220-3, EN 301489-3, EN 60950-1, 62080-1.
The Philips Disney SoftPal Mike is your child's glowing light friend that softly lights up their bedroom. Thanks to this portable guide light, your child can sleep safe and sound with a soft and cuddly companion.
The weatherproof dusk to dawn photocell is adjustable, offering a 10 to 300 lux range and is constructed from a tough vandal resistant polycarbonate moulding.
Powerful sickle blade motor. 13.5" Fan. Variable speed. Quiet operation. Tough ABS body. Ability to be ducted.
Compatible with the EPX, Monterey and Girona panel heaters. Runback timer cassette – plugs directly into panel heater. Installer adjustable run backtime, 30 mins to 4 hours (in 30 min increments). Switches heater between On and Off modes on button press. 1 timer required per heater. Can be locked into heater by installer, preventing user from tampering with time settings. Neon indicates when time period is active. Alternative “advanced” mode allows heater to be controlled on comfort/background...
The PestWest Titan 300 Ultra-Violet Fly Killer is ideal for smaller premises, shops and even for domestic use. A wrap-around chrome guard gives 360º protection and this all-metal unit offers features and performance far beyond its price. Two powerful 15-watt Quantum BL UV tubes coated with DuPont Teflon® fluoropolymer provide protection of up to 180m2.
The expansion vessel, when fully charged, will absorb all expanded water produced by the Aquaheat heater. Supplied pre-charged to 4.1 bar. The non-return valve prevents back-flow of hot water which could cause cross-contamination of the inlet water.
Hot running water when you need it. Allows over 50 hand washes per fill. Gives full compliance with HSE handwash regulations. Foot operated infra-red system guarantees maximum hygiene. Fine spray makes maximum efficiency of water. Temperature limited to 50C, for comfort and safety. Large wheels make transport safe and easy. Robust design and optional transport case. CE marked. Full commercial guarantee.
The Zip Inline DBX Instantaneous Water Heater comes in four three phase versions, either 18kW, 21kW, 24kW or 27kW. This is the most energy efficient way of directly heating water electrically using a highly efficient bare wire heating system that provides instant and constant supply of hot water at exactly the temperature selected.
Up to 500W of light using 400W ‘C’ Class energy saving lamp supplied. Total 3000W halogen or incandescent PIR switching. Also switches fluorescent & low energy loads. Scrolling LED ‘System Live’ status acts as advance deterrent. Light ON times adjustable from 5 seconds to 18 minutes. Adjustable light level control. Manual ON/OFF override. Optional holiday mode allows light ON time setting between 1 & 8 hours. Direct mount bracketless fixing – Contractor quick fit aid supplied. Total PIR...
The Brackenheath fluorescent plasterers light comes with 2 x 18w fittings on A-frame type stand, 5 metre cable and 16A site plug.
Single button test/reset operation. Electronically latched. Typical Trip Speed less than 40mS. Less than 30mA Trip Current. Conforms to BS7071, BS1363. Mechanical, large and easy to see trip indicator.
A welcoming curtain of warmth for large doorways in shops, hotels, offices and commercial premises. Overall energy savings are likely when the heater is sited above a frequently opened external door as the airstream can prevent heat loss.
Weatherproof: IP54 rating. Detection range: up to 10m. Detection angle: 120°. Time lag range: 2 to 20 minutes (adjustable). Photocell range: 10 lux to infinite lux (adjustable).
Red Rocker Switch. Double Pole. Rugged steel construction. Front plate flush fits to back box. Back box supplied as standard. Single switch nominal dimensions H86 x W86 x D50mm. Twin switch nominal dimensions H86 x W145 x D50mm. Conforms to BS EN 60669-1: 2000.
RL1 (95970134) – Where an electric shower and an Heatrea Sadia Amptec electric boiler are installed in the same dwelling, the Heatrae RL1 relay prevents circuits from overloading by shutting down the Amptec electric flow boiler when the shower is in operation.
The Timeguard ECO36F 36W Energy Saving Floodlight provides 75% energy saving compared to a standard 150W halogen bulb at approximately 25% of the running cost.
16(6)A load rating. 96 quick-set segments for up to 48 ON/48 OFF programmes. Red LED ‘Mains ON’ and green LED ‘Output’ indicators for easy viewing. Special ‘Traffic Light’ slider switch for easy ON (green), Auto (green & red) and OFF (red) mode indication. Switches ON and OFF at preset times. Easy to use captive segment dial. Permanent ON/OFF control. Part No. NTT01. 3 Year guarantee.
A pair of male and female connectors for the Brackenheath L Range of concealed fluorescent lighting. Connectors only.
High output air stream for entrances up to 4m high. Modular design for simple product linking over any door width. Modular recess design for seamless run of grilles over any door width.(Recessed). Wide 40° air flow direction adjustment. Electronic fan over-run control when used with compatible door sensors. Full (BMS) Building Management System Interface. ‘Easy-fix’ wall bracket provided for a quick alternative to standard drop-rods. Separate wall controls able to control up to four units...
Single button test/reset operation. Electronically latched. Typical Trip Speed less than 40mS. Less than 30mA Trip Current. Conforms to BS7071, BS1363. Mechanical, large and easy to see trip indicator.
Choice of 7 or 10 litre capacities. White case with flow control. Compact, low profile. 1kW or 3kW rating. Choice of 13 vented taps, spouts and mixers. Easy conversion from oversink to undersink use. Easy access for maintenance. Externally adjustable thermostat from 5°C to 90°C. 40°C temperature lock for hand-wash applications. Dry start cut-out. Anti-frost protection. Long-life alloy sheathed element. Two year guarantee with on-site service support.
Ultra efficient storage heating system with low running costs delivered by utilising off-peak tariffs. Dynamic storage capacity – automatically adjusts to user needs. Designed to retain over 50% of heat 24 hours after the initial charge. Infinitely controllable electronic heat output to precisely match user lifestyle. Fan assisted heat output when required. Attractive state-of-the-art design, no deeper than a double wet radiator. Chassis covers previous “fixing marks” of all comparably sized...
The Electrorad 6 Zone RF Programing Unit controls up to 6 zones when used in conjunction with the D10 Radio Frequency Room Stat and Aeroflow Electric Radiators.
150hr battery back up. Digital display. Manual override available. Timer 'on' status indicator. Summer time setting option. Countdown timer function. Random setting available. Fits a 25mm dual appliance socket box for mounting the timer next to a spur or socket outlet. 230V AC, 16A resistive load, 2A inductive load (T108-C: 8A inductive). Conforms to BSEN 60730-1, BSEN 60730-2-7.
This decorative chain pendant hangs 1 metre from the ceiling and requires 5 x 60W E27 Lamps (not included).
Ideal to control energy costs in areas such as student accommodation, hotels and offices. Designed for use with PLX/NC no control panel heaters or any other heater up to 3KW output (except Quartz heaters). When activated room temperature is boosted from background to comfort temperature for a pre-set period of time. Comfort temperature, background temperature and time delay selected on installation. User cannot adjust settings once installed. PX9700 and PX9900 activated by PIR occupancy detector...
Pushfit and should be secured with solvent adhesive. Cowl diameter: 200mm. Material: PVCu. Colour: Grey. Used with: Premier DX180, DX200, DX400, DX100 axial models in exposed situations.
Suspended, wall or trunking mounted. Mounting brackets supplied for optional use and ease of installation. Heat settings and fan speeds. Optional controller HE8407 available for remote. Fan only setting for air circulation. Automatic safety cut-out for thermal overload protection. Models HE8333 & HE8350 single or 3 phase. Semi recessed or ceiling mounted (Model HE8333 & HE8350 only). Remote controller (Model HE8333 & HE8350 only). Finished in Dove White.
High quality aluminium case finished in two-tone silver. Designed and rated for permanent external installations. Instant heat - avoiding the need for expensive pre-heating. Costs as little as 10p per hour* to run. 'In-situ' lamp replacement for minimum downtime. Fitted guard included. Optional mounting kit for hanging or pole/mast mounting.(OPHMK1). Energy efficient heaters that heat people without heating the air around them for a cost effective solution. Low energy user (2kW) giving substantially...
Provides heat to a zone or localised area, saving energy compared with equivalent air heaters. Optional passive infra-red switch. Robust ceramic elements for efficient radiant heating. Can be mounted inside or outside. Silent operation. No visible light output. Adjustable mounting bracket. Fitted guard included. Choice of vertical or horizontal 2kW models.
Choice of 7 litre or 15 litre capacities. 3kW rating (7 litre also available in 1kW). Fast heat up (9 minutes for 50C rise in 7 litre, 3kW unit). Complete with spout and valve. Optional telescopic spout. Copper interior. Thermostat adjustable 10-80C. Dry-start cut-out. Long life alloy-sheathed element. Quick and easy installation. 2 year guarantee.
Used individually these Dimplex skirting convector heaters provide limited background heating for a variety of applications making this an ideal solution for heating conservatories, utility rooms or where wall height is at a premium.
Clear lid to show power status. IP55 13A Switched socket. Conforms to BSEN60529. IP55 even with the plug inserted. Large wiring space. Padlockable lid for security. Shielded cable entries. Two bottom cable entries (Single). Three bottom cable entries (Twin). Easy press out cable entries. Mounting holes outside the waterproof enclosure. Twin earth terminals. Rated voltage: 230V AC 50Hz.
240W or 500W output. Can be installed in either a ceiling tile system, direct from a ceiling or suspended. Can be controlled by an external thermostat. Automatic safety cut out. IPX4 rated. Insulated to reduce heat loss through the ceiling. Easy to clean. Silent operation.
3 Heat settings (1, 2 or 3kW). Fan Only setting for air circulation. Quiet operation (43dBA). Automatic safety cut-out. Fitted with 1.8m of supply cable. Wireless option (CZC1, CZC2 or CZC3 required sold seperately).
100 metre Festoon cable with BC or ES lampholders, comes with either 3m or 5m spacing depending on the cable length. Perfect for larger work areas.
Spare Dimplex Element Cartridge - TRS175W Series D & E.
Comes with remote control with luminous night-light. High efficiency performance. Adjustable fan speeds for rapid cooling or minimum noise. Heat-pump model provides heating as well as cooling. Plug & Play anywhere operation. Digital display to show operational settings and temperature.
Supplied with IP65 tempered glass, 2mtr tough rubber cable, aluminium body and comes complete with a ground spike and wall bracket.
Air replacement grilles permit air to flow into the room with the door shut. Tight closing bathroom / toilet doors prevent air circulation to the fan.
Connector Box provides tough and durable housing. 4 gang 13A socket strip included (cable and plug not supplied). 1×20mm cable knock out (mains into socket strip). Up to 5 x cable seal outlets (to appliances). IP65 weatherproof rating. Keyhole slot for temporary locating and in situ alignment. Size: 335mm (H) x 220mm (W) x 107mm (D). Part No. WP401.
This vented hot tap is constructed to control the flow of incoming mains water supply to an open outlet type electric water heater. This displaces the heated water in an unrestricted flow through the tap’s permanently open outlet. This TXH01 vented hot tap is for full bore plumbing. Above the basin it is identical to the Santon range of universal taps. Matching cold tap available (TXU01) if required.
Sockets are weatherproof even with plug inserted. All sockets have lids that can be padlocked for added security and safety. Shielded cable entries. Mounting holes outside the weatherproof enclosure. Single box dimensions: H143 x W107 x D87mm. CE marked. Conforms to BS1363 & BS7071.
Small size, low cost, high output and stylish design, Dimplex pride themselves on the highest standard of electrical goods and this is no different. Using the Optiflame Coal effect from the Dimplex Fires range, on/off switch for simplicity of use, flame effect only setting and under 6kg, you will struggle to think of a reason why you shouldn’t have a Dimplex Micro Fire.
1 melody. 30 metre operating distance. No loss of socket. Fixed code. Push requires 1 x 23A battery (included).
Choice of models with heat outputs of 2kW or 3kW. Innovative oil free technology. Mono or dual panel control for optimum heat selection. 24 hour programmable timer. Electronic climate control for accurate thermostatic and timer control*. Micathermic elements offer up to 50% more heat and 50% faster warm up time than equivalent, traditional oil-filled competitor products. Up to 5kg lighter than an equivalent sized oil-filled product. Effective radiant and convected heat distribution. Easier...
7 Day version. 84 ON/OFF settings (12 per day). Analogue clock face. On/timed/off switch selector. Minute hand indicator. Timer 'on' status indicator. Fits a 25mm dual appliance socket box for mounting the timer next to a spur or socket outlet. 230V AC, 16A resistive load, 2A inductive load. Conforms to BSEN 60730-1, BSEN 60730-2-7.
Powerful 8W LED Energy Saving Floodlight – equivalent to 100W incandescent lighting with only 10% of the running costs. Pan and tilt light aiming adjustment. Instantly bright like halogen lighting but under half the size. Operating temperature -20C to +40C. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor installations. IP44 weatherproof rating. Easy installation with Fast-fix terminal block connection. RoHS compliance.
Energy efficient heaters that waste no heat directly into the air, but heat people or objects for cost effective heating. Allows high heat-loss buildings to be heated cost effectively. Optional passive infra-red switch. Instant heat – no waiting around or pre-heating needed. Highly efficient – by heating people and not the air around them, heating within larger, higher heat loss buildings is possible. Low running costs – heats only the area that needs heating, not the whole building. Silent...
Hand drying only. Stainless steel cover. Easy to clean. Fully automatic. UK manufactured. IP21 rating. BEAB and CE approved. 3 year guarantee (UK).
Philips Watermill Inox Outdoor LED Wall Light decorates your wall with a powerful bi-directional LED light.
The well renowned Brackenheath Briticent Gripper handlamp range is designed to provide reliable portable lighting wherever required in such situations as garages, workshops, building sites etc. The BC2 lampholder has an enclosed polycarbonate cover for safety.
The Symphony Diet Evaporative Cooler is a sleek and stylish air cooler packed full of features such as automatic louvers for better air distribution, high efficiency pad that cools 30% longer than conventional pads and powerful air throw for faster cooling.
Material: DuraTwill. Durable fabric: soft cotton on the inside, slightly impregnated, for better protection, on the outside. 52% Cotton 48% Polyamide, 240 g/m². Featuring 100% Cordura®-Polyamide reinforcements.
Choice of 7 or 10 litre capacities. White case with grey spout and flow control. Compact, low profile. 1kW or 3kW rating. Easy conversion from oversink to undersink use. Easy access for maintenance. Externally adjustable thermostat from 5°C to 90°C. 40°C temperature lock for hand-wash applications. Dry start cut-out. Anti-frost protection. Long-life alloy sheathed element. Two year guarantee with on-site service support.
Simple On/Off control with indicator LED. Floor temperature probe included. Fits on a standard width electrical back box. Manual temperature limit feature. Easy to use temperature dial. Can control up to 16A UFH systems. Sensor Modes: Floor temperature. Max Load: 16A 3600W. Protection: IP20. Sensor Probe Length: 3m. Power Consumption: 5VA. Temperature Control Range: 5 - 40oC. Storage Temperature: -5 - 50oC. Dimensions: H86mm x W86mm x D47mm (22mm to wall). Warranty: 3 Years.
Will deliver hot water to as many as four outlets. Enamel lined steel inside. Balanced supply of hot and cold water. Heat loss minimisation and energy savings from short pipe runs and superior insulation. Water outlet via existing tap or mixer. Adjustable thermostat to 70 deg C. Over temperature safety cut-out. Temperature pressure relief valve factory fitted to all MW models and available as accessory for EW range. Neon light indicates when heater is working. Compact shape for undersink...
The Stirflow Portable 2kW Convector Heater also comes with a surprising range of features. It comes with three heat settings, one of which is a cool setting to maintain a temperature in the room. It also comes with a thermostat to ensure total control over the room temperature. It also comes with a built in safety thermal fuse to meet safety requirements.
Timeguard Weathersafe ‘Vision’ Range - see-through clear plastic cover. Extra fast action – RCD trips out within 40 milliseconds (BS7288). Contacts remain latched when power supply is temporarily lost. Lockable cover facility. Impact resistant housing. Easy release lid catch. Multiple 20mm knock outs. Test and reset buttons for safety checks. Status flag indicator. Complies with BS7288 and BS1363. IP66 weatherproof rating. Part No. TGV104.
The contoured high gloss white housing is sleekly styled. For safety, a finger guard is integrated into the ultra slim high gloss ABS fascia. The UV stabilised roof cowl assembly is a generous size to provide weather protection at all angles. They are suitable for single and sealed double glazed windows and panels up to 25mm. Installation in wire cast and sealed double glazed roof lights is rapid using Xpelair’s unique metal ladderstrip and screw system, ensuring a secure and weather-tight compression...
An anti-tamper bracket with sliding tab is available at extra cost ensuring the product remains affixed to the wall (trade bulk sales only - please contact sales team for details of availability)
The wirefree doorchimes with 100m range from Greenbrook comes with 16 different frequencies to prevent nuisance operation from neighbouring pushes. The wireless digital technology means any of the GreenBrook wireless doorchime range may be taken anywhere in the home, garden or even mounted on a wall.
The Viessman Combination Boiler is also one of the smallest and quietest gas fired wall hung boilers with a noise level of just 40 db(A)
This LED Candle light is made for children in safe, durable plastic that's easy to turn on with the tilt of your hand. Charge the LED candle in a sure and easy way via the provided USB cable. Once charged, the LED candle can light up everyone's imagination for up to 10 hours.
Spare Burco Pair of Handles for Manual Catering Boiler.
LED backlit touchscreen display. Full 7 day, 6 event programmable heating schedule. Fits on a standard width electrical back box (47mm deep). White, chrome and black fascia options. Can control up to 16A or 3600W UFH systems. Comes with - fixing plate, screws, sensor probe & conduit. Sensor Modes: Ambient room temperature, Floor, Ambient with Floor limit. Power consumption: 2W. Setting range: 5 – 90C (Underfloor heating will not reach temperatures above 27C). Temperature Gradient: 0.5 –...
Adjustable heads. Individual LED lamp health indicators. Emergency operation duration 3 hours. Supplied with 2x 20W halogen 12V B15 lamps & 2x 12V 7Ah batteries. Fused mains terminal. Steel body, white finish. Product Code: ELTSNM.
This chrome chandelier with glass droplets hangs 1170mm from the ceiling and requires 6 x 40W lamps (not included).
These commercial ceiling fans can be installed at any angle in ceilings, voids and wall panels of any thickness. The ceiling hugging, low profile white fascia is styled to blend into any ceiling type, whether smooth, tiled or textured. For safety, a finger guard is integrated into the ultra slim high gloss ABS fascia. An integral spigot allows the attachment of flexible ducting, such as XFlex. Installation in ceilings and wall panels is rapid thanks to the concealed fixing points provided. Both...
These multi zone digital receivers can be fitted into heaters, in electrical outlets or in a consumer unit. Each receiver has a unique code that directs signals to transmit precisely to the relevant electrical appliance.
The Redring Slimline 650 Electric Shower is the perfect shower to space saving and stylish design. Fully temperature stabilised and has the added convenience of a push button power selection facility.
Timer ‘on’ status indicator. 230V AC 16A resistive load, 2A inductive load. Conforms to BSEN 60730-1 & BSEN 60730-2-7. 84 on and off settings available (12 per day). Analogue clock face. On/Timed/Off switch selector.
Front facing grille for efficient heat projection. Styling to complement Eco-Response radiators with pure white finish. Electronic thermostatic control - +/-0.3ºC, completely silent operation. Pre-set background temperature at 5ºC below thermostat setting (when connected to a programming unit supporting setback feature). Compatible with Creda 4 zone, wall mounted pilot wire signalling multi-heater programmers. Hidden thermostat range limiter feature - for additional economy. Simple detachable...
Duplex stainless steel cylinder for long life. 190, 210, 250 and 300 litre capacities (indirect). 170, 210, 260 and 300 litre capacities (direct). Choice of direct or indirect auxiliary heat input. Specially designed solar coil for maximum solar efficiency. Safety and hot water controls. Remote expansion vessel. High flow rates for improved hot water delivery *. Compatible with a wide range of UK solar systems. Lower running costs and reduced energy bills. Environmentally friendly – reduced...
This Brackenheath 4W LED Cabinet Light can be either recessed or surface mounted for different applications and also comes supplied with a pre-wired driver.
Instead of having a thermostat and timing system built in to the radiator, there is an free-of-charge factory fit option to have a radio frequency receiver built in. The radiator or radiators are then operated by a remote controller (see below). The remote is a radio frequency thermostat and timer which sends the operating signals to the radiators. Each remote can operate multiple radiators which can be a great feature when heating a large area with many radiators.
This pendant light hangs 1300mm from the ceiling but can be made shorter upon installation for versatility.
30mA trip current. High intensity LED power-on indicator. Double pole. 13A Sockets (13A inductive). Twin earth terminals. Weatherproof to IP66 even with plugs inserted. Can be used for long term projects in all weather conditions. Clear lid/cover for easy visibility. Made from high impact polycarbonate. Substantial clip feature to keep lid shut down. Rust-proof hinges. Easy cable entry. UV protection - will not deteriorate in sunlight. Twin box dimensions: H145 x W189 x D80mm. Conforms...
Window, wall or panel mounting options are available using the universal mounting kit provided. All have a stylish white housing with integrated safety finger guard and silent shutter operation using an electro-thermal actuator (except GXC6 where it is pullcord operated). GXC models have an integral pullcord actuator. Timer and humidistat versions are also available along with multi-speed models. A trickle ventilation facility is available for background ventilation when not in use. Designed...
Silent in operation. Concealed controls. Extremely accurate variable thermostat with frost protection setting. Optional 24 hour programmable timer. Optional half-heat switching on thermostatic models. Automatic safety cut-out. Splashproof to IPX4 for use in bathrooms and other damp areas. Hinged wall mounting system for easy installation and decorating. The NC model can be used in conjunction with the Claudgen PIR programmable timer. Supplied with 1.8m of supply cable. Simple to install.
Available in willow white to match XL storage heaters. Convected heat for rapid warm-up. Suitable for domestic or commercial use. Choice of models with or without timers. All models splashproof (IPX4 rated) for use in bathrooms and other wet areas. Frost protection setting.**. Option of 7-day timer on 2kW and 3kW models. Front air outlet grille for efficient heat circulation. Lockable dust cover protects controls. Detachable hinged wall mounting frame for fast installation and easy cleaning...
The Viessmann Vitodens 100-W System Boiler a Sedbuk A rated unit is available in 4 system boiler outputs, 19,kW 26kW, 30kW and 35kW and provides 97% (hs) / 108% (Hi) efficiency.
Stylish design with forward facing louver grille for optimum heat circulation. Aesthetics to complement Dimplex DuoHeat radiators, with pure white finish. Pre-set background temperature at 5ºC below thermostat setting.*. Splash-proof (IPX4) rated, for use in bathrooms or wet areas. Completely silent operation. Simple detachable wall bracket for easy installation.
Simple to install 2-wire connection from control panel to kit components. Slimline design to compliment any building/room interior. Plastic and stainless steel finish designs. 4 zone systems ideal for multi-point applications, WC’s, residential homes, changing rooms and large commercial buildings. Continuous high dB control panel alarm with audible and visual alerts. Control panel fits standard BS flush 2 gang or surface mounted boxes. Complies with BSEN 60065: 2002. Designed to meet requirements...
High-grade stainless steel for longer life. 25-year transferable cylinder guarantee - conditions apply. 5-year guarantee on the coldwater control valve. 5 year guarantee on expansion vessel. 2-year guarantee on all other components. Mains pressure hot water for balanced supply to showers and mixers - no shower pump to consider. High flow rates give improved hot water delivery. Complete package incorporates safety and hot water controls. Indirect units 1 x 3.0 kW (240V). Direct units 2 x...
Plug-in, no wiring. Mains operated, but integral battery power allows setting out of the mains socket. Precision digital temperature control. Permanent manual override for instant ON/OFF switching. Integral temperature sensor. 0°C to 35°C temperature range control. Temperature setting can be easily reviewed.
The system enables thermostatic control using wireless signalling between the remote wall mounted thermostat and the receiver unit at the appliance.
The link-light connector kit for the Brackenheath L Range of concealed fluorescent lighting comes with a male and female connector cable in four different sizes:
100% solid state electronic circuit. Eliminates odours, dust, smoke, pollen etc. No filter replacement (uses state of the art stainless steel dust collector plates - easily removed and cleaned). 17 high density stainless steel needle points producing optimum negative ions level. Increase oxygen uptake - Researchers believe Negative Ions increase oxygen uptake capabilities on a cellular level. More oxygen to your cells means better overall health. Improves mood and helps to stay alert. Fights...
Traditional 'cast iron' style stove in matt black finish. Unique Optiflame® coal effect with real coals. Choice of 1kW or 2kW fan heat settings. Remote control on/off. Flame effect can be used independently of heat source. Product Code: TNG20R.
A range of clear prismatic diffusers for the Greenbrook King Sheild MLL#N range of T4 Slimline Link Light Fittings.
4 melodies. 60 metre operating distance. Self learning. Chime requires 3 x AA batteries (not included). Push requires 1 x CR2032 battery (included).
This vintage looking white chandeleir hangs 1000mm from the ceiling and requires 5 x E14 60W lamps (not included)
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