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3mm Liquid Skin neoprene for a comfortable fit Fully elasticated and adjustable ankle cord for secure fit Adjustable ankle strap to eliminate ballooning Reinforced heel and toe areas Durable, flexible sole Learn More
Quick Overview Gul Junior Rash Vest Baby Blue, a very stylish looking rash vest, with flatlock stitching and a specialized cut. Can be worn under a wetsuit to reduce chaffing. The vest can also protect the body from UV rays, UV protection factor SPF50 Available in Short Sleeve or Long Sleeve
Quick Overview The Curve Boost single travel board bag is a great all round day bag offering even greater protection for your precious board. Featuring a massive 20mm (3/4") reinforced nose and tail protection zone and 7mm (1/4") protective foam core body, the Boost is light enough to carry but strong enough to defend your board against almost everything.
Quick Overview Overture activated bamboo charcoal bags are an innovative and uniquely natural way to help maintain the life and health of your wetsuit and wetsuit accessories. They effectively absorb odour creating toxins from the surrounding area whilst also balancing excess humidity and preventing bacterial growth.
Quick Overview The future is now: A collective of six surfers set out on a voyage to alter one’s perception of modern day surfing. Starring: Dane Reynolds, Dion Agius, Yadin Nicol, Mitch Coleborn, Dusty Payne and Jordy Smith.
Quick Overview The Response was developed out of demand for a durable all-round range of suits with technical features and style. a perfect combination of value and performance, Response wetsuits include Gul's easy-adjust collar, stretch panels for flexibility and hard wearing Dura-skin knee areas.
The Response Shorti is a multipurpose wetsuit designed for spring/summer with super stretch G-flex neoprene panels for maximum comfort and flexibility.
Quick Overview Dawn Surfer Camper Van Volkswagen Moneybox Dimensions: 8.5" x 5" x 4" Money slot in rear windscreen
The Response Shorti is a multipurpose wetsuit designed for spring/summer with super stretch G-flex neoprene panels for maximum comfort and flexibility.
Quick Overview China VW Campervan surf salt or pepper cruet set. Measures 7 x 5.5
Futures FSB1 350 Stewart Side Fins (pair). Composite side fins in black. Compatible with FCS fin boxes. Use them as side fins for a 2+1 set-up.
Quick Overview A high definition surf film. Julian Wilson’s Scratching the Surface without a doubt will be the most watched surf film released in 2010. The long awaited film takes the viewer on a high definition journey into the life of one of the world’s most animated surfers.
Quick Overview Introducing the 5 HD Megapixel Surf HERO Wide waterproof camera. Sporting a 5mp sensor, improved low light performance, faster "Photo every 2 second" mode, and mega-wide 170 degree lens.Shoots 56 minutes of video and 5mp photos, automatically.Quick release mounts to your surfboard so you can get those epic shots from your local spots and surf adventures. The Surf HERO comes with different mounts including an FCS plug mount which you can have inserted anywhere on your board and the...
Campervan ceramic dishes ideal for resting teaspoons, teabags or for holding all your odds & sods!
It doesn't include a bottle opener, multi-tools or any other tricks, but the Northcore wax comb will freshen up your wax a treat or scrape it off effortlessly when the time comes
Quick Overview X-flex super stretch arm panels for flexibility & freedom of movement, D-flex lower body panels for durability, Non-petroleum based neoprene, Flatlock durable seam construction, Tech-Neck single layer seal, Smooth Skin chest and back panels to prevent wind chill, Titanium 2 lined neoprene reflects the heat back in, Dura-Skin print to prevent wind chill, Powertex knees for flexibility & durability
Quick Overview <p> Organic print, certified by the Soil Association. 100% Global Organic Textile Standard, organic combed cotton. Machine wash. Printed in the UK and designed on the South Coast. A true South Coast Original Colours: Spring Green or Red. Sizes: Small, Medium or Largee</p>
Quick Overview Matunas air freshner -Surfboard shaped coconut scented: Matunas Organic Coconut Surf Wax Air Fresheners are surfboard shaped, handmade in California from recycled paper, packaged with recycled plastic and scented with real organic coconuts! These air freshners are fun, funky and smell great! Colour: Black one side and white the other, with Matunas surf wax logo
Quick Overview The Surf Girl Handbook encompasses all you need to know about surfing, taking you from total beginner to standout ripper at your local surf spot. Crammed with invaluable knowledge, outstanding photography and insider tips from professionals, the Surf Girl Handbook really is an essential reference for any surf girl. Just like having your own personal surf instructor, lifestyle coach and fitness guru all in the one book!
Quick Overview In May 2007, our family embarked on a Five month Road Trip. A two year old, a pregnant mother, a dog, a dad and a camper van. This isn’t a particularly new concept; Surfers have been doing it for years. The bread and butter road trip. No Boat Charters, Internet Swell predictions or expensive budgets, just a car, some boards and a plan....
Volkswagen Beetle Moneybox, pink hibiscus flower design, made of ceramic, approx size 205mm long x 100mm wide x 90mm high.
Quick Overview A lightweight, super-stretch rash guard that will keep you warm & comfortable in winter, and protect you from the harmful effects of the strong sunlight in summer. UV rated to 50+ and protects against ultraviolet rays A & B. They can also be used as outer layers to reduce windage and improve sailing performance.
Quick Overview While wandering through Indonesia filming the award-winning surf movie The Drifter, Rob Machado met up with various friends for surf sessions on the best waves the Islands had to offer. Set across the vast Indonesian island chain, Melali: The Drifter Sessions features Rob Machado — one of the most stylish and skilled wave riders of our time. Melali returns to the fundamentals of surf cinematography by focusing on the surfing experience, the artful relationship between man and surf...
Surfer Brian Conley travels the world in search of ultimate tubes and good vibes, bringing you unique camera angles to thoroughly document life inside the barrel.
Trying to carry a monster SUP board can be tricky, especially if it's a bit windy, which is why Curve have come up with the smartest SUP idea ever - the SUP board sling!
The 'mini-me' of Lockdown racks, we've made Curve Travel Racks as small as possible to squeeze into your boardbag or luggage when traveling overseas.
Quick Overview Our mugs are printed to the highest standards with the finest equipment and materials ensuring unrivaled finished quality, deeper more vivid colours and a dishwasher proof longer lasting finish.
The Curve Waterman Hydration Backpack and Boardcarry is for in-water use to keep you hydrated and on the land use to carry your boards
China VW Campervan large mug and coaster set in gift box.
Quick Overview 3mm Liquid Skin neoprene for a comfortable fit Fully elasticated and adjustable ankle cord for secure fit Adjustable ankle strap to eliminate ballooning Reinforced heel and toe areas Durable, flexible sole
Quick Overview Red Surfing Camper Van Volkswagen Moneybox Dimensions: 8.5" x 5" x 4" Money slot in rear windscreen
Quick Overview The Irons Brothers Productions film crew and the highly celebrated DC Shoes Surf Team (Bruce Irons, Dane Reynolds, Ry Craike, and amateur Garret Parks) hit the road in Australia for a two-week road trip complete with world class surfing, and a view into the boy's personalities
Quick Overview This is Mikey Detemple’s second surf film following his acclaimed debut, Picaresque. We get the same artsy feel, hip music, über-talented bunch of surfers and some very desirable lineups in this sure-to-be classic. Rip it out of the box, throw on your favorite pair of cut off jeans and crack a PBR for this one. .
Bodyboarding Wrist leash for increased durability and higher performance.
Quick Overview From Cyrus Sutton (UNDER THE SUN and RIDING WAVES) comes a look into the creative world of Tom Wegener who changed the entire surfing culture by introducing the ancient alaia style surfboard into modern times...see trailer below!
Quick Overview VW approved Merchandise. The china mug measures 8.5cm high and 8.5cm wide
<p>A soft, foot shaped footbed for ultimate comfort. Hard wearing sole.</p>
Quick Overview A great UK production by Tim davies, a World class surf movie. Join five British surfers and embark on the surf trip of a lifetime. Seven Stops incorporates seven of the best surf locations on the map, shows each destination for what it is and displays the best surfers on offer.
Quick Overview On Modern Collective, Kai Neville brought on the six most brilliant performers surfing could muster, and the academy approved. For his new collaboration, Kai rallies a dozen more surfers — including the original six — for Lost Atlas, a project to defy all norms and expectations. A location based film shot in under 12 months will take the veiwer on a candid jaunt into surfing today.
Idiosyncrasies, longtime surf photographer/filmmaker Patrick Trefz focuses on a different side of the surfing coin by highlighting a wide range of peculiar and creative personalities.
The Northcore Waterproof Wetsuit Bag is a simple, functional accessory designed to store and carry wet equipment such as wetsuits, towels, board shorts, bikinis etc.
Large metal wall plaque in 3 d effect - very eye catching for any wall! A splitscreen camper in white and turquoise, and a very effective, impressive talking point.
China funky VW campervan desk/shelf clock with stand.
Quick Overview Take eleven surfers on a three different trips through Western Australia, Bali and on the Mentowis all from different surfing back grounds and throw in a range of epic and fun waves and you have yourself an AQUATIC DREAM. The film is beautiful flowing surf move showcasing some of the most sizzling surfing showcased in a surf movie in 2006…
Quick Overview For the first time ever, The Complete Guide To Surf Fitness brings together all the latest knowledge and techniques to offer a complete fitness training programme for beginners to pros. Illustrated with over 150 annotated photos and inspiring surf images, the guide covers everything from stretching and flexibility exercises to core strength, resistance training and plyometrics
Quick Overview Rod Sumpter presents 90 minutes of thrilling surfing action from Europe's first 16 mm footage in 1965 to Hawaii in 1971. Includes Morocco, Spain, Puerto Rico 1968 & Australia's Bells 1970 world contest and many extras & commentary by Rod Sumpter... "Wavelength Magazine; The sound track and surfing is totally retro and a blast to watch." Tim Nunn Editor Wavelength Magazine. Slickly edited, polished, great entertainment.Carve Magazine. CP. Very entertaining. Great stuff...
Quick Overview What happens if you put seven of the finest British and Irish surfers on a boat for 21 Days in some of the world's most perfect waves? 21 Days Later - Mentawais follows seven of Britain and Ireland's finest surfers on a 3 week boat trip around the Mentawai Islands off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, home to some of the most perfect waves in the world!
The Stealth Bodyboard Day Bag offers everyday protection for 1 or 2 bodyboards.
Quick Overview In SURF NATION: IN SEARCH OF THE FAST LEFTS AND HOLLOW RIGHTS OF BRITAIN AND IRELAND, Alex Wade takes the pulse of these islands' surfing credentials, and finds a growing army of devotees as well as some stunning locations. A witty and engaging mix of travelogue, reportage and guide to where to find the best breaks, SURF NATION reveals Britain and Ireland to be not just a growing hotbed of surfers but a surf destination of real credibility.
Quick Overview The Curve 2-in-1 Changebag is a change mat that's also a wetsuit bag. Unlike most "two-in-one" concepts this one actually works. Keep sand off your wetsuit and keep your car dry. Nothing uncool about that.
Quick Overview Eric Gamez basically travels around the world bodyboarding some of the best waves with the best riders, luckily for us he takes his camera with him to document everything. The footage he's collected has been edited by Julien Arnaud and presented in this DVD.
Quick Overview Following the release of the internationally award-winning Stroke and Clock In, Wake Up 2 is the newest surf video from by Tiago Garcia. The name Wake Up imparts a message for all of us: to confront the problems we're facing, and preserve nature and the oceans, which are our playground. Tiago's idea was to produce another high-performance surf video that sends an ecological message. Narrated by the former World Champion CJ Hobgood. - Region 0 (NTSC), check compatibility
Quick Overview Pete Frieden has been nomadically traveling the surfing globe in search of exclusive sessions with the world's best surfers. Even though many other photographers are also in the hunt, year after year Pete successfully finds himself at the right place at the right time. Something he calls "THE GAME! FEATURING: * Shane Dorian`s "WAVE OF HIS LIFE" at Teahupoo. * The New Sydney Slab wave "Hours" with Koby Abberton * Dane Reynolds at Home * Exclusive Cory Lopez on the Gold Coast * Andy...
Curve tiedowns come in a standard 4m (13ft) length which can be adjusted using a simple buckle to any size. Set them to the size you want and eliminate the hassle of free ends!
Quick Overview A unique casting, that well represents the Rock Food spirit, gathered together on the best waves in Indo. A surf trip between friends Miky Picon, Jeremy Flores, Fredo Robin, Alain Riou, Sancho and Marc Lacomare amongst others. The surf trip profits the Indo Children’s Future Association
Quick Overview This season Poor Boyz aims to shed some light on why our athletes do what they do. For 14 years we've given the ski world the most progressive riders to date with the most pristine locations. Behind every shot lies a story. "Reasons" will focus on why our crew makes the choice they do, and why those decisions are made. In 2008 Poor Boyz invites you into the lives of the athletes and focuses on the finer details in their journey to show the passion of the sport beyond the lens. These...
Curve Regular Surf Leash have a 7mm cord thickness and are available in the sizes of 6', 8' and 9' (stock permitting)
Quick Overview Dark Fall is all of us. It is a representation of NJ surfing, the lives we lead, the friendships we make, and the brotherhood that bonds us to our coastline. New Jersey is but a spec on the map of the surfing world and this film is our outlet, it is a voice that’s going to travel across the globe and explain our story.
Quick Overview A Staycation Surfari Epic on zero dollars… Making their own boards, bamboo rickshaws, solar cookers, and hobo stoves, surfers Ryan Burch and Cyrus Sutton set off on a thirty mile, eight day walk through San Diego, CA. But what begins as a guide to taking a minimalist surfing journey, quickly becomes an examination of freedom vs alienation. .
Quick Overview Kelly Slater blows up at J-bay. Joel Parkinson shreds Slab. Donavan: Soul searching. Gabe Kling: Dumping the box. Damien scores Giant Baja. Making headlines features all the film that goes along with some of the top featured articles in the Surf mags this season.
Cylindrical funky campervan china money boxes with rubber stopper.
The Response Shorti is a multipurpose wetsuit designed for spring/summer with super stretch G-flex neoprene panels for maximum comfort and flexibility.
Quick Overview If you weren't already jealous of Benji Weatherly's Life, now he rubs it in your face with a movie. Life as a Movie is a multi-sport film that features seemingly all of Benji's friends including: King Slater,Kalani Robb, JP Walker, Todd Richards, Dave Downing, Tom Carroll, Yadin Nichol, Shane Dorian, Riuzal, Jake Burton, Tony Hawk, Tosh Townend, Chad Bartie, and even Jack Johnson.
Quick Overview Chasing the Dream is a candid portrayal of eight Huntington High School kids trying to obtain the impossible - a career in professional surfing. These kids have dreams of competing on the Association of Surfing's Professional's World Championship Tour (WCT), of which only 44 men in the world qualify for every year and only one claims the most sought after title of all; World Champion. The teens must steer through the ranks of scholastic surfing while dealing with injuries ,overbearing...
Quick Overview The GROMS series showcases the considerable talents of some of today's best young extreme-sports athletes. This entry focuses on the next generation of snowboarders (those sixteen and under as of 2005), and features jaw-droppingly excellent, groundbreaking, and often downright inspiring performances from the likes of Keegan Valaika, Tyler Flanagan, Jed Anderson, Lucas Magoon, Elena Hight, Jack Mitrani, and Indigo Monk.
Quick Overview In this film, the audience is invited into the amazing surfing world of Volcom Stone. Created with an assortment of cameras and a wide range of Kodak film stock this 1995 movie shows surfing at its best. Starring Gavin Beschen, Dave Post, Shawn Barron, Tai Vandyke, Dave Wassel, Troy Eckert and many more.
Quick Overview Shooting the Curl showcases the work of 15 top surf photographers and gets the inside story on the surfers and waves that inspire them. Loaded with incredible images, this is a book for everyone who loves great photos of surfing and amazing waves.
Quick Overview A great movie, showing the life of one of surfing true legends. A lot of younger people won't remember Archy when he was on the circuit, but this is a movie that will suit any age. The good times and the bad, Archy had them all, but always pulled through with his 'I don't care what people think' approach. One thing Archy says about pro surfing in the movie is that in pro surfing you had to pump the board at the end and ride the whitewash....Archy's comment was "why would you do that...
Quick Overview Contrary to most of the events on the pro circuit, the Rip Curl Pro Search WCT hold what is officially called an ASP Floating License , which means that it can set up wherever they want, depending on where the best waves are. In 2006, Rip Curl had chosen Central America and the Mexican coast to host a stage of Fosters ASP circuit for the first time. The 4th stage of the Dream Tour took place between June 20th and July 1st 2006, in Puerto Escondido region. The site offered on the longest...
Quick Overview The Union Express is the first installment in a three-part documentary series by award winning director Josh Landan. The first film will star pro surfer / songwriter Timmy Curran as a tour guide down the West Coast, stopping at various Amtrak stations to surf with local and accompanying surfers. The film will be a blend of surfing, interviews, musical performance and lifestyle commentary on the culture and communities they encounter. It will be shot on 16 mm and feature: Dane Reynolds...
Quick Overview If you have a way to walk to get down to the beach, carrying one or two boards plus your other bits and pieces can be tiresome. Now you can take the strain out of lugging your board with the Curve Longboard surf sling - a tough, water resistant wrap-over sling that simply hoists your board onto your shoulder and off you go.
Quick Overview Take the strain out of lugging your shortboard down to the beach with the Curve surf sling - a tough, water resistant wrap-over sling that simply hoists your board onto your shoulder and off you go.
Large metal wall plaque in 3 d effect - very eye catching for any wall! A splitscreen camper in white and turquoise, and a very effective, impressive talking point.
The Curve Coil Bodyboarding Wrist leash has increased durability and higher performance.
Quick Overview When surfer musician Donavon Frankenreiter dropped in on the 2008 Billabong Pro, magic was made. Surfing with the world's best, jamming with the locals, and swimming with sharks, all set against one of the most magnificent backdrops on earth with exclusive tracks from Frankenreiter's new album PASS IT AROUND, "Alive in Tahiti" will take you to paradise and show you a side of Donavon, very few people get to see. Alive in Tahiti Music DVD featuring 10 new Donavon tracks from the brand...
The Curve Lockdown Rack is the only softrack that provides superior protection for your surfboard rails.
Quick Overview The only expandable SURF, SNOW, WAKE, KITE board etc home storage rack on the market! NICE RACK's patented two-piece design & modular linking system makes installation a 'snap' and expansion possibilities endless.
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