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Sample Offers
Gilpa Pup Instant Porridge Puppy Food 10kg gilpa pupthe only puppy food with functional fibre, improved omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acid ratio and a combination of nutrients that help support and maintain the immune system of the pup. when to use a complete diet for growing puppies from weaning to half adult size. should be fed initially one part gilpa pup to three parts water and then may be fed dry post weaning. features complete balanced nutrition in a fixed formulation, therefore requires no additional...
Ancol Hand Sewn Leather Lead is strong and superbly made in handcrafted bridle leather. The strong industrial stitching and heavy guage metal fixings compliment the soft smooth texture
Highly effective and economic, Cortaflex Powder is the most popular in the Cortaflex range and ideal for young, old, active and retired horses.
Happy Pet Preener. A lovely selection of tough wooden shapes and cotton ropes in extra-bright colours.
Imac Flowmatic Feeder. Additional / replacement flowmatic feeder fits most small bird cages.
Ancol Double Sided Cat Comb for Medium Coats. A comb with an attractive pearlesque handle and 2 sides designed especially for grooming cats. Suitable for both short or long haired breeds.
For treatment & control of the important internal parasites of sheep.
Happy Pet Grass House. Natural grass houses catering for small pets. Jumbo - suitable for pets up to rat size. Medium - suitable for hamsters and mice.
Hollings Filled Bone quality natural air dried treats for dogs of all ages and sizes.
Stride Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM Powder is a complementary feeding supplement for the nutritional maintenance of healthy cartilage and joints in dogs. Impaired function of the skeletal joints due to age, injury or stress can dramatically reduce joint flexion movement and mobility. Stride Powder is a powder feed supplement which can be mixed into your dogs daily feed.
Good Boy Lob It Space Lobber has been designed specifically to be the best in throw & fetch fun. Groovy ergonomic grab handles allow easy grip for all aspects of play and easy action throwing for extra distance. This totally radical super squeaky interactive toy will encourage fun excercise for your pet.
Harkers Hormova is a vitamin mineral complementary feed supplement for budgerigars, canaries and all cage birds. Hormova is a very special feed supplement, which has been specifically formulated to provide all the necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements to keep your cage birds in perfect condition. Hormova contains the complete vitamin b complex as well as many other important ingredients.
Albert E James Farmgate Chicken Feed is a compound complementary feed of mixed wheat and maize for all classes of poultry. Feed as and when required. Contains: Protein 10%, Oil 2.4%, Fibre 2.5%, Ash 1.5%. Ingredients: Wheat, Cut Maize.
Classic Grooming Glove One Size Single stretchable (one size) and durable grooming gloves
Mayfield Starter Kit For Hamsters. A ideal home for your pet, made from strong long lasting wire with a strong durable and easy wipe clean base. Starter kit contains 1 x cage, 1 x play wheel, 1 x feeding dish, 1 x feeding bottle, 1 x pack of pet bedding and a handytip leaflet. Product Dimensions: 35 x 25 x 23cm
C J Wild Bird Foods Table Seed is a good entry-level seed mix for all-year-round feeding. Suitable for feeding from a bird table or from the ground. Not recommended for use in feeders.
Habitrail Ovo Tube Trail allows you to extend length to your design so you can make it as high or as long as your hamster can go. All around perforations improve airflow and ventilation to ensure your hamster's home is always fresh.
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