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A beautifully styled, quality Speedo swim nose clips available in translucent clear or blue design with soft silicone cushions for added comfort.
Swim arm bands are a good tool for teaching children and adults alike how to swim, but they should not be used as a life-saving device. Although the swim arm bands are useful for keeping and child afloat, they will not prevent them from going under the water’s surface, so these arm bands are required to have standards of use. Swim arm bands must be puncture resistance and must be able to retain the air in them in the even that the inflatin valve is accidentally opened. There are instructions in plain...
Teaching tool for teachers, shows how children progress through the Seriously FUN Awards Scheme.
Also, many swimming pools operate a changing-room policy, find out what this is before you go so that you can ensure it is not going to cause you difficulties with supervision of children of different ages and sexes. The ISRM offer guidance about this in relation to changing for school groups, which may assist.
Kids attach their hard earned stickers to their very own wall chart and easily see what awards they've completed.
» To submerge completely under water and surface to face teacher with eyes open
» Participate in a huddle for 2 minutes using a floating object and a minimum of 3 swimmers
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» Swim 5 metres and perform a head first surface dive to retrieve an object and return to surface. Swim a further 5 metres and perform a feet first surface dive to retrieve an object
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* A snorkelling mask : This is your underwater window, so when you buy a snorkelling mask , choose one that gives you a clear view and avoid tinted glass. Make sure your mask fits your face snugly but feels comfortable – to test the fit, hold it up against your face with the straps untied, then see if you can keep it on just by breathing in slowly. Snorkelling masks are come in a range of sizes and shapes to fit men, women and children.
» Swim for a few seconds on the front or the back without support or buoyancy aids
It is hard to believe that the magnificent Hearst Castle was ever a private property. The construction of the Neptune pool spread over 12 years, successively getting larger and larger. For those rainy days, there is also a large pool inside the mansion.
» Perform 2 jumps attaining good height and taking up a different position in flight i.e. straight, tuck, pike, turning, star
This is a national site providing local service by enabling parents to search for specific baby and toddler activities in their local community, and activity leaders to advertise their services, all for free.
Alternatively, if there is someone else in the house to help you lift your baby in and out, you could get into the bath with your baby. The downside of this arrangement is that you should use only baby bath products, and the water temperature will need to be much lower than you would probably choose.
Teaching tool for teachers, shows what children need to achieve for each certificate in the Seriously FUN Awards Scheme.
For children who are not quite ready to jump to the next level. They receive a Keep Trying certificate which rewards them for their effort and motivates them to get the next award.
When it comes to choosing between disposable and reusable swimming nappies, there is no right answer. Reusable swimming nappies are popular among parents who opt for eco-friendly baby products as they limit waste, and they are also much more economical for families that go swimming frequently. Since disposable nappies of any kind are expensive, purchasing disposable swimming nappies can quickly add up in terms of cost.
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A4 Sticker Sheet - Speed Star, Dive Star, SUPER Swim Star (Pack of 10)
A4 Sticker Sheet - Star Safe, Star Challenge, National Curriculum, Keep Trying (Pack of 20)
A4 Sticker Sheet - Metre Eater, Star Skills, Starlings (Pack of 20)
A4 Sticker Sheet - Metre Eater, Star Skills, Starlings (Pack of 20)
A4 Sticker Sheet - Star Safe, Star Challenge, National Curriculum, Keep Trying (Pack of 20)
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