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The HySCHOOL Sparkle Riding Whip has a pink/navy lurex braiding, metallic silver striped handle with grey/navy cap and matching grey/nacy double leather keeper. Colour randomly allocated.
Protein - 42%. Ash - 16%. Oil - 35%. Fibre - 2.5%. Moisture 4.5%.
Rheumocam is a modern, non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drug which is licensed for use in dogs, cats and horses. It is particularly used for conditions associated with pain, swelling or reduced mobility of bones, joints and muscles. It is sometimes also prescribed to reduce the inflammation and discomfort which occurs following an injury or surgical procedure. It is available as a liquid for dogs, cats and horses and also tablets for dogs. Rheumocam is normally given once daily, with the first dose...
Pet Brands Tennis Balls is another great value deal from Pet Brands, available at VioVet. This colourful selection of tennis balls will encourage your dog to exercise, resulting in a healthier, happier dog. Available on 2 pack sizes, Pet Brands Tennis Balls come in assorted colours.
Crude protein - 11.0%. Fat - 5.5%. Ash - 3.0%. Fibre - 0.5%. Moisture - 79.0%.
Vitamin E - 44,000lU. Magnesium - 50,000mg. Thiamine Hydrochloride - 80,000mg. Riboflavin - 500mg. Folic acid - 300mg. Pyridoxine Hydrochloride - 20,000mg. Saccharmyces cervisiae.
Efavet has for a long time been the top brand of oil-based supplement for dogs with itchy skin. It is based on Evening Primrose Oil with Marine Fish Oil, along with specific vitamin and mineral co-factors, all of which are designed to provide the maximum health benefit to the skin. A healthy skin works as a more effective barrier to allergens and is able to control potential over-growth of aggravating bacterial and fungal infections.
Royal Canin Urinary Support is a specially formulated diet for dogs in cases of bacterial cystitis, dissolution of struvite uroliths or calcium oxolate urolithiasis. The diet contains a carefully selected blend of ingredients to help manage symptoms and reduce discomfort, including increased levels of sodium to reduce the concentration of calcium oxalates and struvites and thus dilute urine. Magnesium levels are also reduced in the diet as magnesium is a component of struvite uroliths which exacerbate...
Crude Protein - 13%. Crude Fibre - 1%. Crude Oils & Fats - 0.2%. Crude Ash - 2%. Moisture - 82%.
Bamboo Flexible Maxi may not be for the purist but first-time and younger fish keepers love these colourful and eye-catching designs: so why deny them! It’s even worth creating a few ‘fun’, dry displays to inspire people who thought fish-keeping was a bit dull into the hobby.
Chaste Tree Berry. Dandelion. Raspberry. Chamomile. Skullcap. Passion Flour. L-Tryptophan. Magnesium Fumerate. Minerals and other antioxidants.
Made in durable Lycra, this hood has an easy to use zip closure with an elasticated surcingle and hook & Loop fastening. It is ideal for head-shy horses when getting on puul-on hoods is difficult. Great for keeping plaits neat and tidy or just keeping the mane clean.
Equimins Electrolyte Paste is a balanced formulation of body salts and essential Calcium and trace elements in a convenient oral syringe. This is a high specification energy boosting formulation to compensate for loss of important body electrolytes lost in heavy strenuous exercise. It will greatly assist recovery from exhaustion and fatigue.
Bold fashion designs combined with traditional motifs which are firmly established with the modern pet owner
Red webbing with black and gold paw print decoration. Fully adjustable with plastic clip and a silver loop for a Companion lead.
Scalibor Protectorband Collars are available in two sizes and are for use on dogs. They contain the potent insecticide and repellent deltamethrin. It is primarily used to prevent ticks, sand flies and mosquitoes from biting dogs. Using a Scalibor collar is one of the most effective ways of preventing dogs from acquiring diseases such as Leishmaniasis, Lymes disease (Borreliosis) , Ehrlichiosis, Babesiosis and heartworm disease. These are all transmitted by biting insects or ticks. Scalibor is suitable...
As you would expect, the Ancol big Dog collar is designed using fine materials for durability and comfort - even for your larger than average dog. Each 100% leather collar comes padded with a polished buckle.
Walter Harrison's has specially designed different ranges of bird feed . This Finch specific range has everything that a Finch needs to give it a full and healthy balanced diet. That satisfies the high energy requirements that Birds really need.
Clinically proven to: be a reliable elimination diet for dogs suspected of adverse food reactions. improve skin signs in dogs with adverse food reactions. resolve gastrointestinal signs in dogs with adverse food reactions. Proteins with a molecular weight less than 10,000 daltons are unlikely to be detected by the immune system. The animal protein in z/dTM ULTRA Allergen Free Canine is extensively hydrolysed (a major part of the protein has less than 3,000Daltons in size) to minimise the risk of...
The ultimate breech waterproof windproof and breathable. Dirt repellent outer fabric and fleece lined for added warmth. Side pockets and a zip back pocket. Also soft stretch leather knee patches.
Resistance to ivermectin (an avermectin) has been reported in Teladorsagia in sheep and goats within the EU and it is common in Haemonchus in sheep outside the EU. Therefore the use of this product should be based on local (regional, farm) epidemiological information about susceptibility of nematodes and recommendations on how to limit further selection for resistance to anthelmintics.
Protein - 27%. Oil - 10%. Fibre - 3%. Ash - 7.5%. Vit A - 12,000iu/kg. Vit D3 - 800iu/kg. Vit E - 60mg/kg.
Anti-Crib Gel from Net-Tex (formerly Seven Day Anti-Crib Gel) is a foul tasting formula which stops horses from biting and chewing rugs, bandages, stable doors and fences. Each application lasts up to 7 days and can be used safely on manes and tails. This non-toxic, transparent and non-staining formula will not cause any irritation to the horse's skin.
Yumove is a radical, revolutionary and natural supplement boasting the first triple-action joint support on the market. Originally developed to be the leader in canine joint health, Yumove is now available for cats too. Yumove contains all the vital nutrients associated with optimal joint condition in dogs and cats. This all-in-one supplement is one of the most popular, trusted and effective and has proven to aid joint stiffness, support joint integrity and enhance mobility. Canine Yumove particularly...
An entirely natural and non-toxic virucidal disinfectant suitable for use in organic systems. Ideal for terminal disinfection of stables, utensils and grooming kits. Especially effective against EHV1 and all known bacteria. Dilution 1:100.
PPI Stoneware Rabbit Dish with rabbit design is a durable, weather-proof food bowl that can easily be wiped clean.
Cereals (min. 4%), Meat and Animal Derivatives (including min. 4% Fresh Meat, min. 4% Beef), Derivatives Of Vegetable Origin, Meat and Animal Derivatives (including min. 4% Fresh Meat, min. 4% Beef), Oils and Fats, Vegetables (min. 4% Carrots), Minerals, Milk and Milk Derivatives, Various Sugars, Fish and Fish Derivatives.
Controls body weight - A decreased energy content, compared to a regular adult food, contributes to the appropriate weight management and keeps your dog in top condition. Calcium & Phosphor level - Provides all the calcium and phosphor your dog needs for the proper maintenance of his skeletal system. Supplementation is contra-indicated. Joint cartilage protection - Sources of Glucosamin & Chondroitin support the production, protection and maintenance of healthy cartilage. Omega-3 & -6 - Omega...
Freeze-dried food sticks for all goldfish, containing fortified minerals and trace elements to promote all-round health and vitality. The sticks are specially tailored to encourage growth and stimulate the natural colouration of your fish, adding vibrancy to a pond.
Crude Protein - 11%. Crude Fibre - 0.5%. Crude Oils & Fats - 2%. Crude Ash - 0.5%. Moisture - 82%.
Petstages Mini Barbell Chew has multiple different textures which massage the dog's gums when chewed and the rope and canvas streamers help remove soft tartar. The Mini Barbell Chew is a fun chape which can be easily tossed and carried and is a perfect size for small dogs.
Healthy Digestion: Tailored fibre blend including Prebiotics and beet pulp for healthy digestion. Strong Immune System: Antioxidant blend with Vitamin E to help the immune system of your older dog. Healthy Teeth: Crunchy kibbles scrub your dog's teeth with every bite, to help reduce plaque and tartar build-up that can lead to bad breath. Iams Daily Dental CareTM reduces tartar build-up by up to 55%. Healthy Joints: Formulated with essential nutrients to promote healthy joints. Strong Muscles...
Low RSS struvite & oxalate - Low urinary RSS values (Relative Super Saturation) values for struvite and calcium oxalate for undersaturation and low metastable saturation, respectively, to minimise the risk of new struvite and calcium oxalate crystals forming in the urine. Reduction of struvite recurrence - The diet has a reduced content of magnesium and phosphorus (components of struvite crystals) for reduction of recurrence of struvite crystals and stones. Urine pH control - A urine pH below ...
This Sippy Water Bottle by Ferplast can be fixed to wire cages and also has suction holders for fixing to smooth surfaces.
PPI Wood Handle Comb Medium is a high quality product geared at grooming medium length coats. The product comprises a wooden comb handle and coarse metal teeth, with rounded ends to minimise potential scratching when used to groom your pet on a regular basis.
Liquorice. Marshmallow. Aniseed. Garlic Flakes. Ginkgo. Nettle. Golden Rod. Peppermint.
The Camphor and Menthol infused gel quickly gets to work cooling and relieving overheated, fatigued or swollen legs. Enriched with arnica and witch hazel, the Carr & Day & Martin Ice Blue Leg Cooler helps disperse heat and prevent bruising. Water soluble, this concentrated liquid can also be diluted and used as an envigorating and refreshing body wash. Comes in a clean, simple and easy to use pump dispenser.
There are currently no questions for Lorina Bradoon Nylon Mullen Mouth Steel Ring, be the first to ask one!
The optimal calcium-phosphorous balance for forming strong bones and teeth. Vitamin E for strong bodily defences. Important proteins support the development of muscle fibres and provide healthy, strong muscles. Natural sourced glucosamine supports the creation of stronger joints. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids support the development of healthy skin and glossy fur. The natural source DHA of fish oil supports healthy development of the brain and eyes.
Repti Glo 2.0 lamps have a higher visible light output but lower output of ultraviolet light than the Repti Glo 5.0 or 10.0 lamps. All types can be used in combination if required to get a fuller spectrum of light. The 5.0 and 10.0 lamps with higher UV output are more suitable for desert species which require more intense UVB light, whereas the 2.0 lamps are more suited to tropical forrest species, where the light is more filtered by the time it reaches basking sites.
Rosewood's Nuvola water and food dispenser is made from a thick and heavyweight plastic with a matt exterior and hygienic, easy to clean gloss interior. The flared corners and non-slip rubber feet keep the feeder stable as your dog feeds. Each dispenser contains a reversible hopper which works with water one way and food the other.
This Snuggle Factor Pooch Perfect Dog Coat is made from pink faux suede out fabric and the fashion sheepskin inner keeps your dog warm and cosy with a sheepskin collar for added warmth. This coat is nicely finished with a crown diamante motif making it the ultimate fashion coat for that smart dog about town. Adjustable velcro fastening for quick and easy fitting.
Fluval Underwater Filters include a 3 Stage filtration with Biomax for superior aquarium water quality. They have flip top access for quick and easy cartridge replacement and three way flow control make the new Fluval U Series the benchmark in underwater filtration. Fluval underwater filters with three stage filtration are ideal for use in fresh, marine or reptile environments. The Fluval U Series underwater filters are available from VioVet in several sizes.
Hagen Plastic Aquariums are a range of attractive and functional plastic aquariums and small animal habitats that will make a great addition to any home. The blue and green aquariums are made from solid, moulded plastic and comprise an easy to remove, ventilated hood with a secure snap-locking system, a sturdy carry handle and a dual-level base ideal for creating wet and dry areas for reptiles.
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Global Herbs Movefree Maintenance can be used to gently maintain and support normal joint function and help keep future problems at bay. Use this formula at recommended feeding rate along and it will help your horse to maintain ultimate flexibility.
Manger can be leaned on without hurting horse. Ideal for stable door or fence this superb manger is a “must have“ item around the yard. Frost and UV proof.
Interpet PF4 Filter Accessories are for the Interpet PF4 Internal Power Filter, which is a compact and highly effective internal aquarium filter, suitable for aquariums of up to 182 litres.
New from Rogz, comes this fantastic range of cat collars, leads and harnesses. All collars have the unique Safeloc Break Away system which can be adjusted according to the cat's size and weight.
A natural product mixing three powerful ingredients in one delicious and nutritious supplement, TRM Garlic, Honey & Glucose uses the well known health benefits of Garlic and Honey to create an effective and 100% natural aid to general wellbeing with particular benefit on respiration. Glucose, an easy to metabolise rich energy source, gives your horse that extra boost it needs, particularly during the winter
I bought this collar for my cat, Bart. The collar is sturdy and well-made, and I like the variety of designs available. Whereas most collars start looking tatty very quickly if a cat is one to scratch at it a lot (which mine do), the Tuff Lock collar stayed nicer looking for longer than others I have purchased. It still can be snagged by scratching claws, however, and this one got frayed within a couple of months, though it is still perfectly functional.
Suitable for all horses, Pernamax Equine Gel offers quick relief from joint soreness and aches. The scientifically formulated product contains the patented active agent SuPernol, a 100% natural oily extract from the Green Lipped Mussel of New Zealand. Combining other potent ingredients with Hyaluronic Acid (HA), Pernamax Equine Gel is also designed to supplement cartilage, aiding rapid repair. Blended with the cooling effects of tea tree and menthol essential oils, this easy to use gel helps naturally...
A premium range of dog collars designed for safety and come with an unconditional lifetime guarantee.
The Stubbs Water Butt / Feed Bin is a large capacity STUBBYTHENE corn bin that will not rust or leak. Also available for the 18 gallon tub is a lid with a recess which allows for stacking.
The Rogz Cat Lead & Harness Sets have the unique SafeLoc break away system which can be adjusted according to the cats size and weight. Each harness comes complete with a matching lead which is 1.8 metres long.
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Mikki Soft Pin Slicker is a great grooming tool for fine and medium length pet coats, with specially shaped slicker pins and a curved brush back to enhance grooming efficiency. Available in medium or large, depending on the size of your pet, the Mikki Soft Pin Slicker is ideal for removing loose hairs from top and undercoats in moult.
Terumo Needles to push-fit onto Luer type syringes to give injections. Only to be used by persons who have received appropriate training from their own veterinary surgeon, or other suitably qualified person.
Chappie Dry Food is a nutritionally balanced diet for dogs of all ages and breeds. The food combines a hearty balance of blended ingredients, including rich proteins, fortified vitamins and controlled fats. The fresh meat content offers a rich and vital source of protein to support your dog's growth and development, enhance its physical condition and strengthen its natural defences. The highly digestible and palatable recipe will suit even the fussiest appetites, helping to nourish and protect from...
Concentrated and effective, Grooms Choice Super Shampoo is formulated to promote excellent coat condition, restoring the ideal oil/grease balance in the coat. Pleasant smelling and deep cleansing, renew your horse's coat's sheen and lustre quickly, easily and simply. Super gold is for chestnuts, palominos and duns. Super Red is for bays and chestnuts. Super White is for greys and flea biting. Super Black is for blacks and dark browns.
Super strong yet soft material textured to allow airflow. Shaped for extra comfort and moves comfortably without chaffing and rubbing. Elasticated at both ends, with Stainless Steel roller buckles. Easy to wipe clean.
These un-stuffed toys are for your dog. They can be chewed, bit and pulled, and there is nothing inside them to go spilling all over your bedroom floor! It's bound to be a hit with your dog!
The Lincoln Hoof Pick with Brush is a sturdily built, high quality hoof pick made from top grade stainless steel with a plastic body. A vital item in any equestrian's kit, this appealing and easy to pick is built to last and boasts the added convenience of an attached brush. Ideal for removing stones and dirt
Benefiting from the latest in scientific research, Lincoln's Muddy Buddy range incorporates unique innovations for the protection of equines against mud fever and related complaints. Lincoln Muddy Buddy is available in ointment, powder, scrub or cream form, whatever your preferred method of application, and offers effective relief against symptoms of mud fever, whilst acting to shield heels and lower legs against water and mud. The active properties in Lincoln's formulations work to alleviate bacteria...
Kava Shampoo's unique highlighting formula gently cleans and conditions while making your pet's coat brighter. Rich botanical conditioners make brushing easier while preventing dry skin and tangled hair. Wheat Protein highlights all colors naturally. Kava Shampoo leaves the skin and coat soft, shiny, and looking great
A great sporty top for all occasions. A soft feel cotton polo shirt with wide stripe pattern. Designed with 'ODT' Townend branding with Est' 2011 Townend tab on the left hem. 100% cotton. Machine washable
Rosewood Asteroid Dumbbell is a tough and resistant rubber chew toy that bounces irregularly, making an interesting version of fetch. The raised parts on the dumbbell stimulate the gums when chewed, which promotes dental hygiene through play.
The Animate Marsett is a soft Fur-Lined bed which has a waterproof base and is ideal for use as a crate mat or, for placing in the back of the car. The soft outer cover has a zipped removal which makes it easy to wash. Please note colours are randomly selected.
A strong and practical everyday, three buckle webbing head collar with brass fittings. Fully adjustable so you can adapt it to fit as the foal grows.
Fiprospot treats fleas and ticks through the simple application of a small pipette of liquid onto the skin, once every 4 to 6 weeks. Fiprospot contains the same active ingredient (fipronil) as the market leading brand which has been the major veterinary flea and tick treatment for some years. Fiprospot comes in an easier to use pipette with its own convenient stand and delivers the trusted, safe and effective treatment used throughout the world. Each Fiprospot pipette is supplied in child proof packaging...
Walter Harrison's has specially designed different ranges of bird feed . This Finch specific range has everything that a Finch needs to give it a full and healthy balanced diet. That satisfies the high energy requirements that Birds really need.
The Kong AirDog Football combines a squeaker and tennis ball into a toy shaped like an American football. You and your dog will have great fun playing fetch and catch with this toy. The coating is made of a non-abrasive material which doesn't wear your dog's teeth like a standard tennis ball does.
There are currently no questions for C J Wild Bird Square Hanging Feeding Bird Table, be the first to ask one!
Oropharma Pet Milk for Dogs & Cats is an artificial milk replacer under the form of a soluble milk powder, which closely resembles mother's milk. Pet Milk is is particularly suitable for motherless kittens or puppies and as a supplementary nutrition if the mother produces insufficient milk. It is also used as a supplement to weaning food, for the nursing mother to increase milk production and for the mother as a supplementary nutrition before, during and after the nursing period. Pet Milk contains...
This depends on the nature of the underlying cause of the weakness you observe. If this is down to degeneration of any of the synovial joints of the spine or hind limbs, then there is a chance it will help. It the weakness is due to something like disc disease of the spine, or a neurological condition, then it is unlikely to make any difference. If you do not have an accurate diagnosis, you should ideally consult your own vet. Failing that you could certainly try this supplement as it is extremely...
WaterSafe contains active ingredients that work to neutralise harmful elements in mains water including chlorine and heavy metals. These can often prove hazardous to the health of your fish when mains water is used to replace or top up pond water, causing significant stress and adjusting the balance of your pond. With WaterSafe, these harmful elements are neutralised and the active colloids in the treatment act to cover fish in a protective coating that accelerates the healing process and treats...
Boredom Breaker Naturals Willow Treat Basket Furry heaven; as if the corn on the cob and other scrumptious goodies weren't enough, you small pet will also have a fantastic willow basket to play with and chew at! Offer something different each day and make the pleasure last! Created to appeal to and stimulate your pet, brightening their day! You know how we like to eat tasty, carefully prepared food, well now your small pet can too! Suitable for all small animals.
Fluval Foam Inserts are specifically made for each of the Fluval 1 , 2 , 3 and 4 underwater filter systems. They are made of polyester foam and perform both as a mechanical and biological media.
Roger the Rabbit is a great toy for your dog. Made of a soft, plush material, the fluffy beard is comforting and offers a great 'mouth feel.' The tough rope arms not only make for a great game of tug o' war, but also floss your dog's teeth and massage the gums. The squeaker will fascinate and stimulate your dog for hours on end. The pink, girly colour scheme makes this toy ideal for either a female dog or owner.
Mikki Eye Wipes, available in two sized packs, can be used as part of a daily cleaning routine to remove discharge from around your pet's eyes. Whilst the wipes should not make contact with the eye itself, they are sensitive enough to be used around the delicate eye area, helping to remove dirt and prevent infection or blockage of the eye duct.
A specially blended variation, Wendals Special Calmer was specifically developed for the treatment of anxiety, nervousness and over-excitablity in Arab and Part-Arab breeds. Containing a selection of 9 herbs chosen specifically for their potency in Arab breeds, this formulation is high quality and well produced answer to the most difficult Arab horses
Praziquantel is a pyrazino-isoquinolin derivative, with anthelmintic activity. ATC Vet Code: QP 52 AA 01. The spectrum of action of praziquantel covers all the important species of cestodes in dogs and cats. It specifically includes all Taenia species occurring in dogs and cats, Multiceps multiceps, Joyeuxiella pasquali, Dipylidium caninum, Mesocestoides species, Echinococcus multilocularis and E. granulosus. Praziquantel is effective against all stages of development of these parasites occurring...
A great range of stylish corduroy and leather coats in varying colours and sizes to suit your tastes and needs.
The Signal Plastics Dog Feeding Bowl has a hygienic glossy wipe-clean finish on top and a textured matt finish underneath. Each bowl has cut outs for ease of handling and is supplied in a randomly allocated colour.
The JHL mediumweight turnout rug is a practical and stylish rug with fixed neck, ideal for spring, Autumn or Winter. This JHL turnout features a ripstop 600 denier polyester breathable, waterproof outer. The inner has an anti-rub nylon lining and a 250g filling. The JHL mediumwieght combo turnout features a large gussetted tail flap, extra length double front buckles with quick clip release, adjustable and removable leg straps, low cross adjustable surcingles and double neck buckles. This JHL rug...
Fibre - 6.5%. Protein - 18%. Vitamin D - 31,250 iu/kg. Vitamin E - 50 mg/kg. Copper - 10 mg/kg. Vitamin A - 10,000 iu/kg. Oil - 8%. Ash - 5%.
As well as forming a key part of the double-action digestive supplement, nucleotides are essential building blocks of DNA and RNA and are therefore essential to every cell in the body. Nucleotides help support immunity, stamina, cell replication and repair of cell damage.
A tailored close fitting sweatshirt in 100% anti pilling polar fleece. Features contrasting cotton collar, embroidery on the chest, sleeve and back and a half zip. Machine washable at 30°C.
Healthy Digestion - Tailored fibre blend including Prebiotics and beet pulp for healthy digestion. Cognitive - Omega-3 DHA for smart, trainable puppies. Strong Muscles - Helps build strong firm muscles with protein sourced from chicken. Strong Immune System - Enriched with antioxidants to help develop a strong immune system. Healthy Skin and Shiny Coat - Omega-6 for healthy skin and shiny coat. Strong Bones* - With essential minerals to help build strong bones. Healthy Heart - Nourishes the...
Offering maximum security and protection from flies, the Absorbine UltraShield Fly Bonnet is specially-designed to provide genuine relief for the face, earls and jowls. Well constructed from patented Rip-Shield® material, this tear resistant fly bonnet also offers protection from the sun's harmful rays and is built to last
Vitamin A (E672) 10,000 iu, Vitamin D3 (E671) 1,000 iu, Vitamin E (alpha tocopherol acetate) 60iu,, E2 Iodine (calcium iodate) 1 mg, E4 Copper (cupric sulphate pentahydrate) 5 mg, E5 Manganese (manganous sulphate) 15 mg, E6 Zinc (zinc sulphate) 75 mg, E8 Selenium (sodium selenite) 0.15 mg, Antioxidant, Colours, Preservative.
Sweet Itch is an allergic reaction by horses to the saliva of the Culicoides midge. For susceptible horses it causes intense irritation, and the horse rubs, and nibbles at itself to try to alleviate the sensation. The horse will also be at risk from secondary infections by opportunist bacteria infecting the irritated sites.
The Chukk-A-Ball from Interpret is a hard wearing tennis ball with a bungee cord threaded through the centre. By swinging the bungee cord, the elasticity allows you to build up great speed, resulting in massive distances when you release the Chukk-A-Ball. If this game of fetch doesn't tire out your dog, nothing will! Also this design saves your arm from the strain of throwing, so everyone's happy!
Kyjen Squeaker Mats Long Body Squirrel is a soft dog toy with a difference. Contained inside are multiple squeakers to keep your dog constantly entertained. Even if your dog finds one or two, there are many more to go. Watch as your dog excitedly scrabbles around finding the different squeakers and swings the toy in the air as it gets enjoyment out of the long flapping mat swinging around. The Long Body Squirrel is available now from VioVet.
The Good Boy Beef Knotted Bone is a super strong chew for dogs that helps to clean their teeth and gums as they chew away. If that's not enough, they also have a beef flavouring to guarantee your dog's interest.
I purchased the 95cm bed, not realising that was the maximum external width - you have to scroll to the bottom of the very long page and click on size guide to find the information (Viovet - it would be helpful if the information was included in the description and next to the item). However, the dog likes it and although not as wide as I wanted, my dog seems very comfortable.
Feathers and Beaky Vegetable Holder is an innovative design which allow you to hang food off the floor, stopping it spoiling. It is made from coated wire and has a plastic top cover which can be removed so as to insert the vegetables.
The Dermapet TrizEDTA product range is widely known and recommended as a superbly effective ear treatment system, disinfecting, cleaning and cleansing infected ears. With a powerful but gentle active ingredient formulation, TrizEDTA products can be used singularly or in combination, as a preparation for medicated, prescription ear drops.
Maximizes the digestion and absorption of nutrients from all foodstuffs, particularly those from forage/fibre based diets
Boredom Breaker's Nature's Salad contains 21 tasty, nutritious ingredients which make up a tempting, mouth watering dish! With aromatic and beneficial marigold, dandelion, nettle and peppermint, your pets will be in furry heaven! Prepared with the minimum of processing, additives or added sugars, these treats offer the healthy option! Ideal for all small animals, particularly rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas.
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