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Rapid drying cosmetic hoof varnish. Apply with the brush provided to clean dry hooves for instant, lasting shine. Remove with varnish remover and apply a hoof preparation such as hoof oil.
Johnson's Poultry Mite & Lice Powder kills mites, lice and fleas by destroying the waxy coating present on insects. Suitable for use on the birds directly and also in the coops and bedding areas. Natural organic formulation using diatomaceous earth powder which works by causing the insect pests to dehydrate. Safe enough to be used on laying chickens, turkeys and ducks etc while you can still eat the eggs.
It should be perfectly safe to eat eggs from chickens treated with Septi-clense . The main active ingredient is chlorhexidine, which is actually included in some human mouthwashes. Ingestion of small amounts is fine though none would be present in the eggs anyway, even if your chickens inhale or swallow some of the product. It is very safe.
Flypor should be applied using either the calibrated dispensing chamber incorporated into the 1 litre applicator bottle or the approved Novartis Pour-on gun. For fly and lice control approximately one quarter of the calculated dose should be applied to the top of the head, the remainder should be poured along the neck and mid-backline.
Rosewood Cyber-Dog Rubber Galactic Tyre is a combination of durable natural and nylon fibres that create an excellent chew toy that helps remove plaque and tartar to give your dog better oral hygiene. The strength of the 100% natural rubber tyre means it is ideal for aggressive chewers. The Rubber Galactic Tyre is available from VioVet in various sizes and comes in randomly allocated colours.
A high quality all-purpose roll of cotton wool, ideal for use with cleansing washes and padding
muzzle. You can even use it on your gear to add that extra bling in the ring! Will stay on all day and come off easily when your done.
Hurtta Outdoors Ultimate Warmer is an excellent way to provide efficient thermal insulation, especially in prolonged cold outdoor periods. It is laminated with a breathable, waterproof Houndtex membrane and protects the dog's most important muscle groups, their neck and chest with its high collar and protective front and rear long hem. It has an adjustable collar, waist and neckline to ensure the best fit while allowing complete freedom of movement. To make your dog more visible it also comes with...
The HySCHOOL Riding Whip Pastel Fleck Leather Handle has black braiding with black leather handle featuring a pastel colour underlay on the handle. Leather keeper. Colour is randomly allocated from either pale pink, pale blue or white.
Protein - 7.8%. Crude Fibre - 0.5%. Oils & Fats - 4.5%. Crude Ash - 3%. Moisture - 82.5%.
Butchers Tripe is a complete and nutritionally balanced canine diet for all adult breeds. The food combines a wholesome, tailored blend of rich proteins as well as fortified vitamins and balanced fats to nourish and protect from the inside out. Butchers foods are completely free from all filler cereals and soya, reducing the chance of exacerbating digestive sensitivities in your dog. Butchers Tripe (cow's stomach) is a highly digestible and palatable food free from all artificial ingredients. The...
Whiskas Dentabits are tasty little cat treats which provide dental assistance by helping to remove plaque as your cat enjoys the treats. The chewy, abrasive texture encourages your cat to chew as the treat does the cleaning. The treats contain green tea which has been scientifically proven to reduce plaque. Suitable for cats over 10 months old.
Real Meat - tasty building blocks for body and cell maintainence. Chicory - natural prebiotic to help maintain a healthy tummy. Fish Oil - natural omega 3 and 6 to help maintain a bright, shiny coat. Green Tea - natural antioxidant to help the body's natural defences. Seaweed* - natural source of important trace elements. Glucosamine & Chondroitin** - natural ingredients to help maintain joint mobility.
Made with natural ingredients. Gluten free. Nutritionally balanced and complete. No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. Made with fresh meat.
Hollings Puffed Jerky are 100% natural dog treats which have been air dried to lock in the goodness and make them taste scrumptious. They only have the highest quality ingredients available.
Royal Canin Urinary Support is a specially formulated diet for dogs in cases of bacterial cystitis, dissolution of struvite uroliths or calcium oxolate urolithiasis. The diet contains a carefully selected blend of ingredients to help manage symptoms and reduce discomfort, including increased levels of sodium to reduce the concentration of calcium oxalates and struvites and thus dilute urine. Magnesium levels are also reduced in the diet as magnesium is a component of struvite uroliths which exacerbate...
Hill's Science Plan VetEssentials Young Adult is a complete food for adult cats (aged 1 - 6). To help your cat's digestive tract the food only contains highly digestible proteins and a balance of fibres. The formula contains omega 3 fatty acids (DHA) to support the development of the brain and eyes. Other Omega 6 fatty acids will help your cat to have healthy skin and a shiny coat. Specially adapted level of vitamins and minerals will help your cat to have strong teeth and a healthy mouth. A precise...
Bacterial resistance to fluoroquinolones most commonly occurs by alteration of the target, DNA-gyrase, via mutation. Less commonly mutation occurs at the topoisomerase-IV target. Other mechanisms of resistance occur when bacteria decrease the ability of the drug to enter the cell or increase active transport out of the cell. Resistance is usually chromosomally developed and, therefore, remains after antimicrobial therapy ends. Cross-resistance of enrofloxacin with other fluoroquinolones can occur...
JW Dice are a great toy for stimulating your bird's senses and motor skills, as well as adding interest and creativity to your bird's cage. Ideal for anyone wanting to add something a bit different to their bird's enclosure, encouraging intrigue and play.
Clumps like it's supposed to. I use this with the Omega Paw Roll'n Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box. Kitty took to it straight away. Very easy to remove solid waste. I get no urine odour which I am pleased about. On occasion you can smell solid waste and sometimes I smell nothing. I guess it's more to do with what kitty has eaten. If anybody knows of litter that removes odours 100% I've yet to hear about it so don't expect it to. If like me you have an indoor kitty and need an indoor litter tray...
16HH+ 7-8 scoops. 14-15HH 5-6 scoops. 12-13HH 4-5 scoops. 11HH and under 2-4 scoops. Miniatures 1-2 scoops.
These Raised Polka Dot Jodhpurs from HyPERFORMANCE bring even more fun to riding with their spotty designs. While being hard-wearing they are extremely comfortable, stylish and practical. The raised polka dot material helps to increase grip when in the saddle. Regular leg length and machine washable at 40C.
The Rogz Cat Lead & Harness Sets have the unique SafeLoc break away system which can be adjusted according to the cats size and weight. Each harness comes complete with a matching lead which is 1.8 metres long.
Animal based proteins - High levels of chicken, fish and egg provide for animal based proteins to promote strong muscles and superb body condition. Coat & skin care - Chicken fat and fish provide both energy and the proper essential fatty acids, which promote a thick and shiny coat and a healthy skin. Digestion - Beet pulp and Yucca schidigera (both prebiotics) work in synergy for a healthy digestive system, smaller stools and reduced stool odour. Immune system - Vitamin C, vitamin E and rosemary...
The Stubbs Bib for Horses helps to discourage tearing of rugs and blankets whilst still permitting feeding and drinking. Tough, Dark Brown Stubbythene moulding. 2cm wide nylon straps for headcollar attachment plus noseband straps. Also available without straps.
The Jumbo Pelican from James & Steel is a large, soft dog toy with a squeaker inside. It is perfect for indoor play. Please note, colours may vary.
Daily hoof boost for horses. The vitamin Biotin is important for good hoof growth. It is required in the formation of the structural proteins that make up the hoof. This product is ideal for giving to horses that have poor hoof condition due to insufficient dietary Biotin. 30 days supply.
Unlike other cat litters, it is said to absorb instantly, locking in liquids and preventing them from spreading and soaking the whole tray. It also forms a solid lump when soiled and these clumps can be removed easily with a scoop, leaving clean fresh litter in the tray. Because only the soiled litter need be removed, it makes the product extremely economical.
Matching long socks to complete your Equitheme outfit. Feature a padded heel and sole for shock absorbing effect and a contrasting logo on the sole and side of the sock.
I love this shampoo, which I bought a month or so ago and use once a week. My two jack russells have very sensitive skin which is easily irritated and are prone to bothersome mites. This lovely smelling shampoo really helps their skin and afterwards they look so fresh and not red and irritated! And they smell delicious. Would definitely recommend.
Dreamies are a range of delicious treats for cats. They are ideal as a reward or as a tasty treat and contain only 2 calories each! The treats are small crunchy squares with a soft centre to be particularly appealing for cats. They are available in a wide range of delicious varieties and also in mixed bags to suit your cat's preferences.
Protein - 12%. Crude Oils and Fats - 0.3%. Crude Ash - 0.5%. Crude Fibre - 0.2%. Moisture - 81%.
Cannot be washed off or groomed out. 4fleas tablets are the only oral non insecticidal flea killing treatment in the OTC market. 4fleas tablet is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream of the cats and dogs. With 4fleas tablets, fleas only need to feed once before they are killed. 4fleas tablets interfere with the nervous system of the flea, rapidly causing hyperactivity, paralysis and then death. With fleas feeding every 15 to 20 minutes and only needing one feed to cause death, the opportunities...
This framed sifting pan is ideal for clumping litter and allows removal without moving the whole litter tray.
Dee system allows the weight to be distributed evenly making it a very comfortable girth. Easy to fasten and helps eliminate over tightening.
The universal brush for smaller to mid sized breeds with almost all coat types. Use on long coats daily shorter coats every few days. Originally designed for professional groomers all of JW's grooming tools are specially designed to be ergonomically correct using less pressure to manipulate the tool. With its non-slip soft grip even when wet you maintain total control.
There are currently no questions for Interpet Water Treatment Aqualibrium, be the first to ask one!
these are brilliant little biscuit bones, good for my tibetan with a very sensitive digestion- he has them daily so must be tasty too as he sits by the jar after his afternoon walk. great to find all natural treats with no added sugars either !
Puppy Love Crunch treats are delicious, oven baked little biscuits which contain added Linseed Oil and Barley to help produce a luxurious coat in growing puppies. The taste of them will keep them coming back for more. They also are great for toy dogs who require a smaller treat.
The daily individual requirement may vary depending on factors such as breed, environment, season, activity etc. It is therefore advisable to continue monitoring condition and body weight, adjusting the amount fed accordingly. The following chart shows the feed amounts in grams per day.
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The Hy Fleece Head Band range helps to keep your ears warm with the machine washable soft fleece material. The Fleece Band is a single colour all over and the Horse Head Band has colour contrast binding with the Hy horse logo embroidery detail on the front.
An ideal whip for Jockey's and Point to Point, but can begood for other disciplines such as Cross Country riding.
Nitrax - Juwel Nitrax is a biological filter medium to break nitrates down in your aquarium. It reduces the growth of algae and promotes the vitality of your plants and fish.
In laboratory species (rats and rabbits) spinosad has not produced any evidence of teratogenic, foetotoxic or maternotoxic effects nor any effect on the reproductive capacity in males and females. In pregnant dogs, the safety of spinosad has not been sufficiently established. The safety of spinosad in pregnant cats has not been evaluated. In dogs, spinosad is excreted in milk and colostrum and it is therefore assumed that spinosad is also excreted in the milk and colostrum of cats. As safety in suckling...
Highly Digestible - Contains high levels of healthy chicken and rice. Fortified with natural antioxidants Vitamins E and C and Selenium for a healthy immune system. Rich in Omega 3 & 6 oils for healthy skin and a luxurious coat. Hypo-Allergenic - selected ingredients to help manage food allergies and intolerances. NO Soya, NO, wheat, NO beef, NO GM Ingredients, NO fillers. No added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Fortified with Glucosamine & Chondroitin for healthy joints*. ...
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Shopper Bags from Moorland Rider are roomy bags which are made from strong 10 ounce cotton canvas. Built to last, each bag is fun, fresh and practical.
Davies Chub Rolls with added herbs are a great choice for dogs that favour a blend of wet and dry foods. The rolls contain a delicious balance of rich meat proteins- provided by the blend of fresh meat- fortified vitamins and minerals and natural prebiotics to promote digestive health. Additionally, Davies Chub Rolls are packed full of flavour and are available in a great many varieties, including chicken, lamb and rice, and turkey. The highly digestible and palatable recipes will suit even the fussiest...
Rip Stop material. Zip fronted. Stylish. YKK Vision 2 way front zip. Townend branded popper fastening and internal security pocket.
Rosewood Massage Brush is a paddle-style grooming brush, available to purchase in two sizes, depending on the size of your pet and the length of its coat. With rubber bristles mounted on a cushioned pad, the brush is sturdy enough to remove tangles and matts from long length hair, and smooth coats, whilst being cushioned enough not to place your pet in any discomfort whilst being groomed.
Kong Pet Stix are fun and interactive toss and tug toys that are ideal for active dogs. These durable nylon toys have minimal stuffing and are machine washable so perfect for fetch games even around muddy areas. Supplied singly in a randomly allocated design.
Strong and flexible trug for use around the stable yard. Ideal for feed or water. Manufactured in England.
The Stubbs Hat and Coat Hook Set adds a finishing touch to the tack room. Each set consists of 5 steel brackets with Stubbyfine coatings.
I have a large staffie and he loves these balls they are hard wearing he even plays tug-a-war with another large dog and they do not tear. only after a lot of use do they become swollen and more easily torn but I mean a LOT of use. Until I discovered these balls he would not retrieve now he loves nothing more than playing fetch.
This double loop of high quality leather secures the arms of the Fulmer and Full Cheek Bit to the cheek-piece, preventing the risk of the arms getting caught and hurting the horse. This accessory also provides a little poll pressure to the horse if desired. Sold in pairs.
Feelwells is all about treating you dog, but primarily making his health the main focus. All their treats are designed to benefit your dog's health and improve things such as joints in addition to encouraging healthy skin. Each treat contains specific probiotics which keep their digestive system balanced. This enables them to take more nutrients from their food so there is less waste. This enables firmer stools, better breath and less gas. Perfect for dogs with sensitive digestions. The Adult and...
Rosewood Medium Flea Comb is a useful grooming tool ,designed to smooth tangled, medium length feline and canine coats. The flea comb comprises fine and coarse metal teeth to provide the most effective grooming for your pet.
Bold fashion designs combined with traditional motifs which are firmly established with the modern pet owner
The Hy Soft Webbing Lead Rein without Chain is a high quality and high value lead rein with a loop handle and trigger hook.
Crude protein - 21.0% (min). Crude fat - 11.0% (min). Crude fibre - 3.5% (max). Moisture - 9.0% (max). Salt - 0.20% (min). Salt - 0.30% (max). Calcium - 1.1% (min). Phosphorus - 0.7% (min). Vitamin A - 6,500 IU/lb (min). Vitamin D3 - 225 IU/lb (min). Vitamin E - 80 IU/lb (min). Vitamin K - 0.9 mg/lb (min).
Vetrap from 3M is a market-leader, known for producing very strong and supportive latex-covered bandages. Vet Manufactured from high quality latex, elastic, non-woven cloth and polyester, these hard-wearing and durable bandages are water repellent and stick only to themselves, not to hair or skin. Vetrap Bandages are ideal for horse legs, maintaining normal blood circulation and allowing natural movement whilst providing effective support. Use Vetrap to guarantee top quality equipment and tack.
Nobivac FeLV has been developed by genetic engineering technology which allows for the production of the single specific antigen responsible for the stimulation of full immunity to all components of FeLV disease. This antigen is sub-group A FeLV p45 which is the specific fraction of the envelope glycoprotein gp70 involved in the immune process. In field conditions, only sub-group A of FeLV is infective and once established in the cat’s body it leads to the production of sub-groups B, C and FOCMA...
The Lincoln Hoof Pick with Brush is a sturdily built, high quality hoof pick made from top grade stainless steel with a plastic body. A vital item in any equestrian's kit, this appealing and easy to pick is built to last and boasts the added convenience of an attached brush. Ideal for removing stones and dirt
More dog owners can now benefit from the unique features of these premium retractable leads with the introduction of the Flexi Comfort Long (8m length). The prime feature of this range is the soft grip handle, where you can feel the difference and discover why this leash gives total confidence. Available with both cord and tape leads in different coloured handles and lengths.
Hurtta Outdoors Rope Dog Leads are a durable choice while being comfortably soft for your dog. They resemble climbing ropes in structure and material and have 3M reflectors for added visibility. The shorter Mountain Lead is more for city walks and the longer Training Lead for dog training and rough terrain. The Training Lead also has adjustable attachment points to alter the length and sturdy trigger hooks on both ends.
Design your own special playground or try to solve a super pet puzzle. Whatever the configuration, these snap-lock plastic components provide a unique concept in expandable small animal accessories. puzzle playgrounds are fun for hamsters, gerbils and mice, plus they are an educational challenge to pet owners of all ages. The set contains 42 interlocking pieces.
Royal Canin Urinary Support is a specially formulated diet for dogs in cases of bacterial cystitis, dissolution of struvite uroliths or calcium oxolate urolithiasis. The diet contains a carefully selected blend of ingredients to help manage symptoms and reduce discomfort, including increased levels of sodium to reduce the concentration of calcium oxalates and struvites and thus dilute urine. Magnesium levels are also reduced in the diet as magnesium is a component of struvite uroliths which exacerbate...
Aquatec is a thin breathable material which is sensitive and does not hamper rider dexterity. Aquatec uses any moisture to increase the palm grip. The skin tight fit allows the rider to do and undo small buckles and straps without the inconvenience of taking the gloves on and off. Washable at 40ºc leave to air dry. Do NOT tumble dry the gloves.
Fashionable two tone knitted cotton classic cut ladies jodhpur. Comfortable, practical, great for riding and around the yard. Premium weight, 94% cotton and 6% Spandex for great 4 way stretch and comfort. Featuring discreet front zip pocket, full zip fly, belt loops, reinforced stitching and elastic boot strap at the ankles (removable) with rolled up bottoms.
The Millpledge E-Band is a standard type of adhesive, flexible bandage designed to secure dressings. Not to be stuck directly onto bare skin due to the strength of the adhesive, Millpledge's E-Band can be stuck on to fur or hair although it is not recommended due to the discomfort that removal can cause. The E-Band is pink and, because it is 4.5m long when stretched, the Millpledge E-Band offers good value and quality bandaging.
This product is an antiseptic and soothing cream for your pet if they are experiencing skin problems or irritation. However, I would not place this on open wounds and cuts as the tea tree can sting and cause further irritation.
Using a simple but effective blend of herbs including Garlic, Thyme, Fennel and Liquorice Root, Wendals Respiration provides long-lasting soothing and therapeutic respiratory effects, whilst also supporting the respiratory system through top quality nutrition. Incredibly successful as both a long term or seasonal supplement
Options Boredom Breaker Harness & Leads are an attractive set, suitable for safely exercising rabbits, ferrets and guinea pigs. With soft fabric and secure fixings, this is the ideal walking solution for small animals.
Protein - 10.7%. Oil - 6.5%. Ash - 2.5%. Fibre - 0.5%. Moisture - 75.0%.
An all-year-round feed for feeders and tables, with a high proportion of small seeds, attracts a wide variety of birds.
Our most challenging toy yet! The Boredom Breaker in a combination toy that includes a Likit Holder and a robust ball with inserts for two Little Likits. As with the Likit Holder, the Boredom Breaker is designed to be hung in the stable well away from any walls.
The Road Refresher Non Spill Water Bowl for dogs from Prestige Pet Products helps to eliminate spills and slobber by up to 90%. The ingenious design makes it great for use both at hove or on the move in the car. Inside there is a plate which allows your dog to drink at their normal pace but restricts a surge of water either if kicked at home or going over bumps in the road in the car. The design of this bowl also stops beards and long ears from dangling into the bowl and dripping water all over the...
Dodson & Horrell Lami-Free is a complex and beneficial blend of specially selected 100% natural herbal ingredients including Rosehip, Seaweed, Nettle and Garlic. Perfect for horses suffering from Laminitis, Lami-Free promotes rapid healing and enhanced circulation. Specially blended to contain the precise nutritional aid ideally suited to optimal hoof condition, Lami-Free is an effective dried blend, delicious and highly palatable
Classic Vinyl Dumbbell is a small squeaky toy shaped like a dumbbell that is made of vinyl. They are available from VioVet in assorted colours.
Training rope leashes are suitable as both training leashes and for daily exercise. They are soft and comfortable in the hand, but the structure is very durable. The leashes can be adjusted to several different dimensions based on the purpose of use. The training leashes are available in two different thicknesses and lengths. The effective 3M reflectors increase visibility and safety during the dark seasons of the year.
dl-Methionine 3.1.1 - 29400 mg. l-Lysine monohydrochloride 3.2.3 - 49000 mg. Manganous sulphate, monohydrate E 5 (5000mg) - 1550 mg Manganese. Zinc sulphate,monohydrate E 6 (10000mg) - 3500 mg Zinc. Biotin - 1000 mg. Calcium-D-pantothenate - 980 mg. Vitamin B6 - 1360 mg. Vitamin C E 300 - 40000 mg. Milk thistle tincture - 37.1 ml. Turmeric tincture - 20.6 ml. Blueberry tincture - 16.5 ml. Ginger tincture - 16.5 ml. Gingko tincture - 16.5 ml. Omicha tincture - 16.5 ml. Rosemary tincture...
PPI Corner Loo for Hamsters is a practical and secure toilet training solution, taking advantage of a hamster's natural instinct to go to the toilet in one specific area. The corner-shaped design makes it a space efficient litter tray, suitable for placing in most small animal enclosures. It comes complete with a litter scoop.
The Mini Dogwood Acorn Chain from Petstages brings a stronger and safer alternative to chewing sticks found out and about. The real wood acorns have a synthetic strength and a natural wood smell which will keep your dog interested for hours at a a time. A great tug toy as well as something they can chew on their own.
Echinacea. Ground Fenugreek. Seaweed. Milk Thistle. Garlic Granules. Nettle.
All small animals love to shelter in and explore tunnels. This wipe clean tunnel has a rustle paper filling and can form a stimulating 'maze' by joining two or more together!
Fibre - 3.5%. Protein - 16%. Vitamin D3 - 1,500iu/kg. Vitamin E - 120mg/kg. Copper - 12mg/kg. Vitamin E - 120mg/kg. Vitamin A - 11,000iu/kg. Oil - 6%. Ash - 4%.
The most useful tool for stable or Garden. Use for Feed, Water, mucking out, storing, grooming tools, soaking hay and more
Brand new, innovative riding sock. Stylish socks with a specifically designed grip area on the inner calf, providing the comfort and simplicity of a sock but with grip and security similar to half chaps.
A multi-ball large feeder, ideal for storing up to 8 nutritious fat and suet balls for garden birds to peck at throughout the day. The sturdy wire enables birds to perch whilst they enjoy the contents of the feeder.
Crude protein - 15.6% (min). Crude fat - 9.0% (min). Crude fiber - 3.0% (max). Ash - 3.4% (max). Moisture - 12.0% (max).
The BioFlo Aerobic Filter from Hydor is a rotating water deflector with highly efficient aerobic filter. It moves the aquarium water which increases oxygenation and surface gas exchange which prevents the formation of the “white line” effects. It can be fitted with adaptors to the outlet of any pump or filter.
Safe Bed J-Cloth Flakes are a unique pet bedding, suitable for all manner of domestic pet. The bedding consists of coloured, fine shreds; these require shaking out before use in order to make for better distribution in your pet's habitat or sleeping area.
This training spray is to be used on furniture or other items to help prevent scratching and chewing. It is combined with a command which your cat or dog will in time learn to associate with not doing the unwanted behaviour. Pet Behave Training Spray does not contain any harmful chemicals and is harmless to children and pets if used as directed. Suitable for use with both cats and dogs Pet Behave Training Spray can also be used as a simple and effective training aid.
You should replace the filter cartridge of your Aqua-Flow filter every month.The sponge and the active carbon in the Dual Action filter cartridge become saturated in use. A replacement cartridge restores optimal filter performance.
The Mark Todd Padded Headcollar is a soft and strong nylon headcollar with a padded poll and nose protection, and a spring clip throat lash. This smart and practical Mark Todd headcollar is smart enough to use for everyday or show wear
Protect working surface and lay clean wet fastened garment flat. Hold bottle 15 cm/6 inches away from garment. Apply evenly to outside of fabric. Wait for 2 minutes. Remove any surplus product with a damp cloth. Check carefully to ensure no areas have been missed. After several minutes check for and remove any surplus product with a damp cloth.
Suitable for all breeds of cat, M&C Urinary Tract Care Paste uses a unique and revolutionary formulation to provide lasting support in the management and ongoing maintenance of feline urinary tract health. It is a rich source of dl-Methionine, known to reduce pH levels in the urine and reduce inflammation and irritation. Enhanced with 100% natural cranberry extracts for improved efficacy, Urinary Tract Care Paste is also a quality source of Taurine, an essential amino acid that is often deficient...
Blue Chip GARLIQ Liquid Garlic is made from oil from organically grown Spanish garlic and is blended and packaged in human grade facilities. It is highly palatable quickly absorbed and has a feeding rate of just 15ml per horse per day making it highly cost effective.
Equimins Wound Spray is an effective disinfectant spray, with soothing Aloe Vera, for treating minor wounds and deterring further pecking of the area by other birds.
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