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What is the best companion toy for your dog? A Bright Blue Duck! with it's funky purple tuft of hair, it will surely entertain your dog for hours!
A wide range of aquarium lighting, including fluorescent lamps and tubes that can be easily installed to tank hoods. The lighting range comprises lamps of various wattages and colours, helping you to create an ideal tropical paradise for your fish. Please see the following table to find what you need.
The Chuckit Heliflight is a soft but durable rubber dog toy with a hard wearing fabric. Its structure ensures it lifts quickly when thrown but doesn't fly too far. Ideal for when you are playing in a limited space. The shape of the Heliflight makes it easy to pick up. Supplied in randomly allocated colours.
The 40 Winks Luxury Box Mattress is made up of an exclusive premium range of contemporary and comfy designs. Designed to complement modern and natural styles around the home.
Equimins Aloe Vera Gel is a soothing gel that helps maintain healthy skin. Aloe Vera has a long history as a skin lotion and it can aid natural recovery from minor grazes and sunburn. This gel is useful for almost any skin condition that needs soothing and astringing. Aloe Vera Gel is available from Viovet in 250g and 500g tubs.
Good Boy Snowy Polar Bear is a soft plush bear which your dog will love to throw about and cuddle up with. A great Christmas present for your dog.
Boredom Breaker Salad Bowl offers small animals a delectable dish, combining 6 delicious varieties of herbs, vegetables and edible flowers. This 100% natural snack even boasts a biodegradable palm leaf bowl that can be used time and time again. Boredom Breaker Salad Bowl is both healthy and nutritious, ensuring your pet receives only the best in-between meal times. Salad Bowl is suitable for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Chinchillas.
Thin French Link Snaffle has a slightly curved mouthpiece, allows for a more comfortable position for the bit in the horse's mouth. The ring diameters are 3 inches and the thickness is half an inch.
Each Likit Treat Bar is around the size of a chocolate bar and has a re-sealable pack which makes it easy to carry around with you. Horses respond best when treated so why not help them help you and treat them to a Likit Treat Bar next time you are out with your horse. Each bar is randomly allocated as either cherry, mint or apple flavours.
Happy Pet Tough Toys Rope Ball is made of natural rubber which is attached to a high quality rope which can be thrown considerable distances. These all-round toys are great for tug games and retrieval training. Tough Toys Rope Balls are available from VioVet as floating or non-floating studded or flat surfaced balls, and come in a variety of randomly allocated colours.
Freephone: 0800 084 2608. Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 7:00pm. Sat: 10:00am - 3:00pm.
Gram-positive: Staphylococci (including β-lactamase producing strains), Clostridia and Streptococci Gram-negative: Escherichia coli (including most β-lactamase producing strains), Campylobacter spp, Pasteurellae, Proteus spp. Resistance is shown among Enterobacter spp, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Dogs diagnosed with Pseudomonas infections should not be treated with this antibiotic combination. A trend in resistance of E. coli is reported. Amoxicillin is...
In acute cases (those with sudden onset), the doses can be given every 15 minutes, up to 4 doses. For cases that are not acute (chronic, long term problems), one dose 3 times daily. Once a response is seen, administration should be reduced to 2 times daily and eventually once daily. If reduction causes symptoms to worsen, original dosing may be continued a little longer before reducing. If a remedy is working well and dosing is not reduced, an aggravation of symptoms from overuse may occur. Stopping...
Pavlov Anti Bark Collar Refills are aerosol sprays which can be used in all makes of anti-bark collar and remote spray training products for dogs. Each refill contains approximately 200 sprays.
Hurtta Outdoors Ultimate Warmer is an excellent way to provide efficient thermal insulation, especially in prolonged cold outdoor periods. It is laminated with a breathable, waterproof Houndtex membrane and protects the dog's most important muscle groups, their neck and chest with its high collar and protective front and rear long hem. It has an adjustable collar, waist and neckline to ensure the best fit while allowing complete freedom of movement. To make your dog more visible it also comes with...
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Blagdon Feature Clear is a treatment that ensures your water feature's water is free from unsightly bio-fouling such as water clouding.
The extensively researched plants contained in Respadril are known for their respiratory tract virtues. The aromatic essences and plant extracts contained in Respadril can aid respiratory comfort allowing the
Interpet PF2 Filter Accessories are for the Interpet PF2 Internal Power Filter, which is a compact and highly effective internal aquarium filter, suitable for aquariums of up to 90 litres.
Royal Canin Mobility Support is a nutritional support diet for dogs in cases of joint pain and movement difficulty. The diet contains a beneficial blend of ingredients to promote the health of joints, thereby improving mobility and reducing discomfort. Combining L-carnitin, Green Lipped Mussel powder, cartilage precursors and a patented blend of antioxidants to strengthen and protect joints and tissues, whilst helping to promote the health of internal systems. Suitable for ageing dogs and those with...
Protein (min) - 8.0%. Fat (min) - 4.0%. Crude Fibre (max) - 0.5%. Crude Ash (max) - 3.0%. Moisture (max) - 80.0%.
Luxury padded comfort carrier with solid, non slip base, integral collar clip and detachable water bowl.
A simple yet fully functional product, designed to ensure your cat stays hydrated throughout the day. The Catit Water Fountain comprises many unique design features to encourage your cat to drink water, something that will promote healthy kidney function. The fountain incorporates an elevated design and an innovative circulation feature to prevent water becoming stagnant and stale. Ideal for all cats and small dogs, providing a continual source of fresh, cool and filtered water.
Freephone: 0800 084 2608. Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 7:00pm. Sat: 10:00am - 3:00pm.
This anti-fungal and anti-microbial shampoo can be used on pets to keep their coat looking fresh and glossy. It is economical and can be used continually without any bad effects on the animal.
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Aqua. Sodium lareth sulphate. Glycol. Cetearate. Laureth cocoamide mea. Coconut diethanolamide. Vitamin E. Jojoba Oil. Shea Butter. Aloe Vera. Apple fragrance. Preservative. Sodium chloride. Citric Acid. Pink Colour.
Townend branded socks ideal for summer. Made from Coolmax to ensure the height of performance when the pressure is on. Wicks away the sweat, comfortable and durable. Machine Washable. One size fits all.
Freephone: 0800 084 2608. Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 7:00pm. Sat: 10:00am - 3:00pm.
The HySCHOOL Jumping Whip has black braiding with matching rubber grip handle, featuring a silver button and black leather keeper.
Vetzyme JDS Insecticidal Dog Shampoo is a concentrated solution known to kill fleas quickly and safely. Boasting the powerful and highly active ingredient Permethrin, Vetzyme Shampoo is an effective flea treatment, preventative measure and deterrent. Protecting against reinfestation, Vetzyme Shampoo also cleanses and conditions the coat, leaving it glossy and attractive, with a natural resilience to tick and flea infestation.
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An average adult cat of 1 - 7 years, weighing between 3 - 5 kg should be fed between 3 and 4 trays per day in at least 2 separate meals. Serve the food at room temperature and ensure clean, fresh drinking water is always available.
A lightweight flexible neoprene boot which is easy to put on and moulds to the horses leg to create a perfect fit.
These guards from Lorina protect the horse's lips from the bit rings chafing and pinching, prevent the bit from moving in the horse's mouth, and provide a better fit if the bit is too wide. They are used with loose ring Snaffle Bits , Gag Bits and Pelham Bits to name a few. They are normally applied for jumping events and polo, whilst they are not permitted in competitive dressage or horse show Hunt Seat. Sold in pairs. This website shows you how to fit Cheek Guards - How to put Bit Guards on a Horse...
The original humane grooming tool. It is ergonomically designed and fun to use. It contains top quality, precision-engineered hardened stainless steel blades. This ingenious comb is designed to shorten and thin hair by way of back-combing hair and then thinning or shortening via a clipping action.
Supplementation with this traditional blend of plants in syrup or powder form can be a great help. Owners start using it in the spring just as they start to sense the season is changing. It is particularly important to feed such horses correctly to minimize discomfort because repeated exposure to such an environment can result in long term issues that are much more difficult to come to terms with.
The Rogz Cat Lead & Harness Sets have the unique SafeLoc break away system which can be adjusted according to the cats size and weight. Each harness comes complete with a matching lead which is 1.8 metres long.
The Rogz Cat Lead & Harness Sets have the unique SafeLoc break away system which can be adjusted according to the cats size and weight. Each harness comes complete with a matching lead which is 1.8 metres long.
The Stubbs Water Butt / Feed Bin is a large capacity STUBBYTHENE corn bin that will not rust or leak. Also available for the 18 gallon tub is a lid with a recess which allows for stacking.
Freephone: 0800 084 2608. Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 7:00pm. Sat: 9:00am - 3:00pm.
Freephone: 0800 084 2608. Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 7:00pm. Sat: 10:00am - 3:00pm.
Dodson & Horrell Nettle contains essential vitamins and minerals which prove to be a general purpose supplement that helps your horse in various ways. It is widely known to improve the horse's coat, giving it a bright shiny look. It is also effective as a digestion aid and acts as a natural body fluid regulator while also supporting the natural flushing action of the urinary tract.
Dogs can easily be upset by circumstances around them. This can result in poor behaviour and misery for their owner, or it can profoundly disturb the hormone systems in the body, resulting in long term stress. Using Global Herbs Relax can help to get your dog used to stressful situations and lead a happier life.
The HyIMPACT Lambskin Leather Over Reach Boots are strong, smart and complemented with a soft and luxurious lambskin collar. Ideal for schooling and warm up. Sold in pairs.
Concentrated and effective, Grooms Choice Super Shampoo is formulated to promote excellent coat condition, restoring the ideal oil/grease balance in the coat. Pleasant smelling and deep cleansing, renew your horse's coat's sheen and lustre quickly, easily and simply. Super gold is for chestnuts, palominos and duns. Super Red is for bays and chestnuts. Super White is for greys and flea biting. Super Black is for blacks and dark browns.
Dodson & Horrell Dandelion is well known as being a natural kidney and liver cleanser for horses. It promotes detox of the kidneys and optimises digestion. It also works with the immune system by helping to stabilize blood sugar and prevent and cure liver diseases.
Boredom Breaker Treats Corn On The Cob is a tasty selected quality corn which is a real favourite and has been naturally dried to preserve it's vitamins and minerals. Corn is an energy rich food and therefore should only be offered as an occasional treat. Your pet will love the challenge of eating the corn straight from the cob.
The Exo Terra Skull hides are extremely realistic and add an exciting accent to any type of terrarium, desert, rainforest or aquatic. These hides offer multiple entrances for easy access and add an extra dimension to the terrarium setup. Available in three types: Primate, Buffalo and Crocodile.
Do not apply too tightly. Apply the last Sportwrap with no tension, pressing firmly into place. Ensure Sportwrap is changed daily. Do not apply directly over wounds. Ensure the bandage is not causing discomfort.
Acana recognises the need for your dog to eat a diet rich in meats (60%), fats and vitamins to stay at the peak of health, vitality and immunity. Acana Adult Small Breed is packed with Grade A local eggs, protein-rich free-run Cobb chicken, and wild-caught flounder from North Vancouver Island. Loaded with 20% of fruits and vegetables from Okanagan Valley, Acana ensures a balanced and healthy diet for your small breed dog. Fit for human consumption, this has passed the most rigorous freshness tests...
Cereals (min 4%), Meat and Animal Derivatives (mim 4% Lamb in the Medium Brown Kibbles, min 4% Meat in the Meaty Nuggets Filling), Vegetable Protein Extracts, Oils and Fats, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Minerals, Vegetables (min 4% Carrots in the Orange Kibbles, min 4% Peas in the Green Kibbles).
More dog owners can now benefit from the unique features of these premium retractable leads with the introduction of the Flexi Comfort Long (8m length). The prime feature of this range is the soft grip handle, where you can feel the difference and discover why this leash gives total confidence. Available with both cord and tape leads in different coloured handles and lengths.
It seems that even dogs or cats with a flea allergy can tolerate a very occasional flea bite, but they react badly if they receive bites regularly and frequently. As long as the flea population is kept to an extremely low level, your pets will not react and you will never see any fleas. It does not sound very convincing, but in fact it really does work. However, if you are seeing fleas, that always means that there are loads about, and Program will be very slow to get rid of them. It will stop them...
Nor-steroids are used in humans to induce abortion. Accidental injection may be a particular hazard to women who are pregnant, intending to become pregnant or whose pregnancy status is unknown. Care should be taken by the veterinary surgeon when handling the product and the person restraining the dog to avoid accidental injection. Pregnant women should administer the product with caution. This is an oil-based product that may cause prolonged local reactions at the site of injection. In case of accidental...
In further studies, in addition to the adulticide flea efficacy of imidacloprid, a larvicidal flea efficacy in the surroundings of the treated cat or dog has been demonstrated. Larval stages in the cat’s and dog's surroundings are killed following contact with a treated animal. Oral studies in the rat show imidacloprid to be absorbed rapidly from the gastro-intestinal tract. Almost complete absorption (95%) occurs within 48 hours. Peak plasma concentrations are observed within 2.5 hours following...
Omega 3 fatty acids, L-carnitine and borage: For healthy skin and beautiful fur. This food can have a positive effect on skin irritations and promotes a healthy skin barrier function. Special combination of nutritional fibres: Can help to prevent hairball formation. Appropriate energy content to help your cat maintain its ideal weight and reduce joint stress. Fructo oligo saccharides (FOS): can help to promote healthy gut bacteria and a good digestive system. Special kibble: which is the right...
Eskeez Thermal Beenie Hat has a smooth slip knit surface on the outside with a soft fleece interior. It has a four way stretch which gives incredible comfort while fitting excellently under helmets and other head wear. Coated with a water repellent to make it very fast drying, the soft bulk threads leave gentle seams next to the skin. Each hat is constructed using overlock, serger and cover stitching and is ultra comfortable and lightweight.
Rotastak Cages provide a complete living environment for your Hamster, Gerbil or Mouse. The Wide Variety of Rotastak Tubes, Tunnels, Extension Units & Accessories help to stimulate their natural living conditions and provide them with hours of fun and entertainment.
I would also say that it is not at all unusual for cats to start to do behave as yours is. There are thought to be a lot of potential triggers for this. Some of them are simple "itchy" things like fleas or other parasites, others are more tricky to understand. Adverse drug reactions can cause a general feeling of itchiness, so the Advocate may have caused this. Many other things seem to do so too, and the fact that it took 2 days or so to happen might make it less likely to be the Advocate. Allergies...
Amla berry. Commen Basil. Winter cherry. Mango. Zinc proteinate. Copper proteinate. Manganese proteinate.
dehydrated poultry protein, maize, vegetable protein isolate*, animal fats, wheat, maize gluten, rice, hydrolysed animal proteins, vegetable fibres, wheat flour, chicory pulp, minerals, fish oil, soya oil, fructo-oligo-saccharides, psyllium husks and seeds, hydrolysed yeast (source of manno-oligo-saccharides), borage oil, hydrolysed crustaceans (source of glucosamine), marigold extract (source of lutein),hydrolysed cartilage (source of chondroitin).
Pettex Roman Gravel is coated in a colourfast resin for easy, trouble free aquarium keeping. It is also the perfect planting medium due to its fine size.
"I have used various types of joint supplement over the years, and when I saw iMove this year, I thought I'd give it a try. For the first couple of weeks I didn't notice any difference, but after a month it felt as though someone had picked up a grease gun and oiled my joints for me, a feeling which has continued. I've just ordered some more and will be sending some up to my sister, who's joints are even worse than mine!" - Jill Phillips
Hill's™ Science Plan™ Oral Care is a complete food for adult cats between 1 and 6 years old. It has been clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar due to kibble technology. It will also help to freshen breath as it will provide your cat with daily dental protection. It is essential to the health and happiness of your cat to have a healthy mouth. Many cats have dental or gum problems even though it may not be obvious. The food will also promote and ideal body weight and lean muscle maintenance...
Freephone: 0800 084 2608. Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 7:00pm. Sat: 10:00am - 3:00pm.
A licensed medicinal product. An absorbent and antibacterial powder, easy to apply creating the ideal environment for optimum healing. Containing 2% Tosylchloramide Sodium Ph.Eur. For use on minor wounds, cuts, bites and scratches. Suitable for sheep, cattle, horses, pigs and chickens. AVM-GSL.
Small Olympic rings for encouraging activity and playful interest in your small bird's enclosure. Ideal for perching on and swinging from, with an added feature bell to appeal to your bird's senses.
The Petstages Large Durable Stick has a new design which uses an innovative material that combines real wood with durable synthetic material to create a stronger, safer “stick”. The natural wood smell of the stick attracts and keeps the dog's interest for hours. The material they are made out of is a non-toxic, durable material that is safer than chewing real sticks.
For turning your horse out in safety. If this headcollar catches on the fence there are rubber breaking points that will snap preventing nasty accidents.
The Equisafety Polite Flashing Dog Collar is the perfect way to spot your dog in low light conditions. It has a jazzy reflective pattern around the collar and an extra large LED which lights the whole collar up. It has switch which can turn it to either constant, off or two other flashing choices.
Trace elements - zinc 129 mg/kg (zinc chelate of amino acids hydrate 287 mg/ kg and zinc sulphate monohydrate 239 mg/kg), iron 81 mg/kg (ferrous sulphate monohydrate 260 mg/kg and ferrous chelate of amino acids hydrate 17 mg/kg), manganese 30 mg/kg (manganous sulphate monohydrate 95 mg/kg), copper 13 mg/ kg (cupric chelate of amino acids hydrate 43 mg/kg and cupric sulphate pentahydrate 34 mg/kg), iodine 0,81 mg/kg (calcium iodate anhydrous 1,33 mg/kg), selenium 0,19 mg/kg (Sodium selenite 0,43 mg...
Ornamental stainless steel feeder used to hold peanuts for wild birds. Innovative oriental design with screw top to deter squirrels and predators. Suitable for all year round feeding. Easy to fill and clean.
Protein - 40.0%. Fat content - 20.0%. Crude ash - 8.5%. Crude fibres - 2.0%. Calcium - 1.5%. Phosphorous - 1.3%. Sodium - 0.54%. Potassium - 0.71%. Energy value - 3.91 kcal/g.
This product may be used in conjunction with NSAI's such as Metacam (Meloxicam) and Glucosamine/Chondroitin supplements (see Supplex capsules).
A natural combination for the nutritional support of the skin and coat. Formulated to assist breathing in a hostile environment. It also supports the respiratory system from dust and pollen. Do not use on pregnant mares.
Nature's Harvest Complete Adult Duck & Brown Rice is specially formulated to match a dog's natural diet by using only the finest ingredients including real ocean fish, whole brown rice and vegetables. It also contains special ingredients including salmon oil, glucosamine and chondroitin to support good joint function. It also has natural rubbed herbs, vitamin C and yeast extract for anti-oxidant properties and help to support the immune system. Nature's Harvest does not contain any meat derivatives...
This effective treatment works immediately on fish with external parasites including White Spot, Costia and Trichodina. Repeat treatment at 48 hour intervals while symptoms persist and for 48 hours after all spots have gone. A 10% water change is recommended after the problem has been terminated.
Ancol Rox 'n' Brix are made from squeaky latex and are ideal for medium to large dogs. Sold singly in a randomly allocated design.
Pheromones are extremely widespread in the animal kingdom and are used to communicate between members of the same species. The pheromones emitted by one individual can affect and change the behaviour of other individuals of the same species. Examples of pheromones with which pet owners will already be familiar are the sex pheromones of dogs and cats. In addition to making the bitch or queen more attractive to the male when they are in season, they can also influence territorial marking, aggression...
Mikki Ball Pin Brush is a useful grooming product, with long nickel brushing pins to manage long haired breeds. The pins themselves are mounted on an air cushion to enhance grooming action and reduce any excessive brushing force.
Rosewood Cyber-Dog Rubber Galactic Tyre is a combination of durable natural and nylon fibres that create an excellent chew toy that helps remove plaque and tartar to give your dog better oral hygiene. The strength of the 100% natural rubber tyre means it is ideal for aggressive chewers. The Rubber Galactic Tyre is available from VioVet in various sizes and comes in randomly allocated colours.
Soft web material for comfort, with wicking properties to stay dry and prevent chaffing and rubbing. Strong with Stainless Steel roller buckles.
Dogs should not be bathed or shampooed from 48 hours before treatment. Immersion of the animal in water or shampooing within 24 hours after treatment may reduce the efficacy of the veterinary medicinal product. However, weekly immersion in water did not affect efficacy against fleas and ticks. The safety of the veterinary medicinal product has not been established in pregnant or lactating bitches, nor in breeding animals, although in laboratory animal studies no indications of relevant effects on...
Savic Aviary Poultry Feeder is a transparent plastic feeder for poultry or birds which sits on the floor and allows you to easily see when the feed needs replacing.
The Cosipet Scatty Igloo Cat Bed is a foam filled bed that creates a draught free bed for your cat to relax in.The fibre filled cushion is both removable and reversible. Comes with carrying handle
The Chuckit Tumble Bumper is a soft but resilient dog toy which flies, bounces, tumbles and floats to provide endless fun for you and your dog. The satisfying texture will ensure your dog will enjoy games of fetch and the shape makes it easy to pick up. Highly visible even in low light.
Hurtta Outdoors Slush Combat Suit is a premium quality, all in one suit designed to protect the body and legs by covering the dog from head to tail and all four legs. As well as being comfortable for your dog it is made from strong but light high performance material which is windproof, waterproof and dirt repellent. The Combat Suit has standard leg lengths and the bottom of the legs can be tightened while the neck and waistline are adjustable to create the perfect fit. There is a two way zip and...
No added wheat, dairy, soya, beef, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. With Taurine to help support a healthy heart and eyes. With MOS a prebiotic yeast to help support a healthy digestion. With Cranberry, beneficial for urinary tract health. With Calcium and Phosphorous for healthy teeth and bones. With Vitamin E to help support immune function. With Omega 3 for a healthy supple skin and glossy coat. With Yucca to help reduce stool odour.
The Troxel Legacy Riding Helmet provides excellent all-purpose protection for those that require excellent value and a comfortable fit. The narrow profile helmet has Troxel's GPS II Dial Fit technology to ensure a great fit, mesh covered vents for excellent ventilation, a removable washable headliner and Flip-Fold Headliner.
The Stubbs Blanket Master utilises the collapsible rug rack, adding easy to dismantle legs this has created a smart and practical display/storage rack. Entire product comes flat packed with just four bolts and wing nuts to complete assemble no tools required. Black Stubbyfine coated.
The Mark Todd Mens Hamilton Breeches offer maximum comfort and are designed in a flat fronted men’s breech style with no inner thigh seam.The ultra-grip knee patches have an embossed logo. The breeches are also made with a 4cm waistband and double belt loops. There are 2 back pockets with button closure and a front fastener with Mark Todd button. The Hamilton breeches also come with an embroidered Mark Todd logo and are machine washable on a cool cycle.
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Interpet AV Filter Accessories are to fit the various Interpet Airvolution Pumps. These extremely quiet but very powerful air pumps utilise the latest sound proofing engineering to give consumer satisfaction whilst delivering optimum performance for your aquarium.
Pero Chicken with Rice Dog Food is nutritious and palatable with chicken meat which is an excellent source of protein, and rice which is an easily digested carbohydrate that helps boost energy levels. This balanced food is hypo-allergenic as it contains no ingredients that commonly cause digestive disorders or skin allergies, like wheat gluten. It also contains no artificial colourings, added preservatives or genetically modified products.
Fiba First from Supreme Science is a unique monoforage diet which consists of long chain fibre and essential vitamins and minerals, which together create a diet that specifically caters for the natural feeding behaviour of rabbits. The high quality ingredients include a fibre content of around 30%, which is very close to the natural grass-based diet of rabbits. The long consistency needs to be well chewed which promotes dental health and a longer feeding time.
Hill’s science plan tender chunks in gravy pouches are not only delicious, they also contain everything cats need to stay in the very best of health. Containing Hill’s unique Immune Support Formula (ISF) which contains a powerful blend of antioxidants and vitamins. Unlike many wet foods tender chunks has a fixed formula which ensures the same great taste and healthy eating pouch after pouch. The great taste is due to high quality ingredients and not the addition of ingredients such as salt. Tender...
A fashionable jodhpur which gives the look of wearing jeans. A flattering contrast stitch and colour contrast pockets, belt loops and zip detailing make this a must have product. Machine washable at 40C. Leg length: Regular.
Freephone: 0800 084 2608. Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 7:00pm. Sat: 10:00am - 3:00pm.
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