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Sample Offers
For a traditional and classic look at a price point you will love, 9ct. yellow gold half eternity rings offer the best of both worlds where beauty and affordability are concerned. The practical nature of the half eternity ring, featuring brilliant diamonds set across the top half of the band, paired with the durability and rich finish of 9ct. yellow gold, combine to create a beautiful eternity ring that is not only comfortable to wear, but beautiful as well. Our beautiful selection of 9ct. yellow...
Eternity rings are designed to not only symbolize the unending love between a husband and wife or a mother and child, they are also designed to maximize the brilliance and sparkle of stunning diamonds on a precious metal backdrop. Nothing achieves this balance more perfectly than 18ct. white gold full eternity rings. Set the entire length of the lustrous silver toned band with dazzling diamonds, 18ct. white gold full eternity rings create a picture perfect combination. Our wide selection of 18ct...
Just Eternity offers a wide selection of magnificent 9ct. Yellow gold ruby and diamond rings to choose from. Using the classic look of 9ct. Yellow gold as the backdrop, these rings then add the perfect combination of dazzling white diamonds and rich red rubies to create a regal elegance that is unmatched. Our selection of 9ct. Yellow gold ruby and diamond rings come in a range of styles and designs and are perfect for any occasion.
Just Eternity offers a beautiful number of 9ct. Yellow gold sapphire and diamond rings from which to choose. Combining stunning blue sapphires with rich, white diamonds, these rings are set in a durable and affordable 9ct. Yellow gold ring. The warmth of the yellow gold is the perfect pairing to the fiery diamonds and cool sapphires. Ideal for active lifestyles, and perfect for budget minded individuals, our selection of 9ct. Yellow gold sapphire and diamond rings are sure to catch the eye.
Just Eternity offers a stunning selection of 9ct. White gold sapphire and diamond rings designed to suit your taste as well as your budget. Our 9ct. White gold rings offer a durable, long lasting finish that is as easy on the wallet as it is on the eyes, creating the perfect setting for the combination of dazzling diamonds and rich, blue sapphires. Offered in a range of styles to choose from, our 9ct. White gold sapphire and diamond rings are also as affordable as they are beautiful.
Just Eternity offers a wide range of elegant 9ct. Yellow gold emerald and diamond rings to choose from. The rich, golden finish of the 9ct. Yellow gold creates an affordable as well as beautiful setting into which is placed the perfect combination of stunning green emeralds and clear, sparkling diamonds. Our 9ct. Yellow gold emerald and diamond rings are ideal for active lifestyles and are designed to fit nearly any budget.
Eternity Rings are traditionally given a a gift for a special anniversary. Some people purchase an eternity ring after 10 years of marriage, some after just their first year. In recent years, eternity rings have also become a very popular choice for celebrating the arrival of a child. Full eternity rings have diamonds set all the way around the ring, forming a complete circle. Our range of eternity rings are available in platinum, 18ct gold and 9ct gold.
Platinum full eternity rings make the perfect gift to celebrate an anniversary or to commemorate the birth or addition of a child into the family. Made from one of the rarest precious metals in use today, platinum full eternity rings offer the top of the line in luxury and elegance. Their long lasting finish and incredible durability make platinum full eternity rings a very practical choice, while their rich white colour and prestigious nature make them a very sophisticated and beautiful choice as...
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