Audio Video Conferencing

AV Conferencing equipment includes all the items you need for a successful AV conference, and they are all right here. Choosing not to scroll down would be an injustice to you, your office co-workers, and the family that would not get to go to Disneyland if the deal doesn't go through--because remember, you don't get commission unless you make the sale.


  • Tricaster : a product that merges broadcast video, graphics and presentations. Contains all the necessary video and audio inputs/outputs for a small live presentation. The TriCaster software runs atop Windows XP Service Pack 2.
  • Multimedia Projectors : Display power point slides or use an instructional video to explain your presentation.
  • Projection Screens : Can't really project an idea without them.
  • Projector Lenses : Another essential projector item.
  • Balun : Converts electrical signals into usable forms--balanced to unbalanced and vice versa.
  • Microphones for Business and Conferencing.
  • Telly Tuners : For displaying live coverage.

Inter-Office Conferencing

  • Conference Phones : These phones are specifically designed to give optimum vocal clarity and are equipped with smart technology.
  • Recorders/Transcribers : These will be useful when you want to go over the key points of the conference at a later time.
  • Webcams: Using a web cam is the next best thing to conversing with someone in real life.
  • VoIP : Make your calls over the internet so that you can see and hear your business associates through the same outlet.
  • Fax Machines: Fax over important documents and charts so that everyone in the meeting can be on the same wavelength.

Presentation Equipment

Graphs, Charts, and Organisation

  • Binding Systems : Bind all the documents you need so that you don't have papers flying about.
  • Flip Charts /Meeting Charts : To display data, graphs, and chartable material.
  • Laminators : Use these machines to laminate--and therefore protect--your documents. Laminating Sheets  would probably be useful for such a project.
  • Portfolios : An organised way to carry everything to and fro. 
  • Report Covers : Covers that will protect who document--as opposed to the laminate which will protect individual sheets.