Age Specific Toys Buying Guide

Shopping for kids for toys can be hard, especially if your giving a gift to a little one.  It's often a wise idea to ask the parents for any suggestions or if any particular items are forbidden.  For instance, if the household you're visiting has a strict no video games policy, you don't exactly want to be showing up with an XBox 360  now, do you?  Once you've gotten clearance from Mum and Dad, our handy guide to age-specific toys can help you sort through the muddle and give a truly great gift.  If you're shopping for your own child, there are a number of tips we can offer to make sure your kids are getting the most out of their activities, so read on for more information.  Happy shopping!

Infants & Toddlers (0-2 Yrs)

Stimulate their Senses

  • New eyes have so very much to take in, and everything is new and exciting.  You'll want to help your baby or toddler learn perception and hand-eye coordination with musical or light-up objects.  This way, babies can begin to learn where sounds come from, and toys that react to baby's movements can teach cause and effect.
  • Interactive toys can help your child with crawling, standing, and walking.
  • While it's true that toddlers will get into most everything, this is a great occasion to teach motor skills.
  • When he or she is old enough, your child will appreciate toys that have knobs and switches, provided they're not too small as to pose a choking threat.

Preschool (3-5 Yrs)

Getting Ready for School

Primary School (6-10 Yrs)

 Feed their Brains

  • Educational Toys are perfect for kids in this age group. The idea usually is to find a toy that is so fun that your child won't even notice that he or she is actually learning. Check out our guides to science and maths toys for some inspiration.
  • Maybe your son or daughter shows creative flair or he or she just has a fantastic time drawing and painting. Don't stifle a child's creativity: you never know what young minds will come up with if they're allowed to roam free!
  • Strategy games are a wonderful way to teach your children logical skills. Board  and card games  help improve kids' memories and teach them how to focus. Be sure to also show them how to be good winners and losers!
  • Let's face it: we live in the era of electronic toys, so your kids are going to be begging you for a Playstation or a Wii. Find games that have an educational or rhythmic quality to them so children won't be totally zombiefied.
  • Remember: get them outdoors as much as possible. There are a host of skills children will learn on football fields and tennis courts, so try to keep your kids involved.
  • Action figures  and dolls  are, again, valuable tools for make-believe play.

Secondary School (11-13 Yrs)

Encouraging Young Minds

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