Apple Day Buying Guide

First organized in 1990 by the Common Ground organization, Apple Day is the annual celebration of apples and its symbolism for our cultural traditions in nature.  Apple Day is traditionally held on October 21, but in recent years has moved to whatever weekend is closest to this date.  The idea is for each local community to host its own Apple Day in a orchard to promote local distinctiveness.

Apple Day Activities

In additional to the ever popular flea market, competitions are held to encourage participation.  The most famous activity for Apple Day is The Longest Peel Competition , which is divided into hand peeling and machine peeling .

Apple Peelers

Rotary Apple Peeler 

They way grandma used to do it.

Apple Peeler and Cutter 

Unlike a traditional peeler, this peeler only takes the peel off, not the entire apple!

Hand Peeler 

Cheap and portable.

Apple Corer 

Eat an apple without worrying about seeds or stems.

Other activities include apple bobbing, apple spoon race and apple demonstrations.

Apple Day Food

Apple Day is a great way to explore all of the great foods that use the apple as their base.  From chutneys to pies, the varieties are endless!

Apple Preserves 

Spread a little on some toast and you're good to go!

Apple Chutney 

Try a peanut butter and apple chutney sandwich. Also great on crumpets.

Apple Bread 

Make you own spiced apple bread without the hassle.

Apple Crisps 

A healthy alternative to regular crisps.

Apple Pie 

A great American import.

Related Apple Products

Apple Peelers

Apple Candles 

Make your house smell like an orchard.

Apple Body Butter 

Make yourself smell like an orchard.


As if you don't already have one.

Apples to Apples 

A great game for kids and adults alike.

Apple Tree 

Grown your own apples.