Appliances Buying Guide

If upon seeing a working blender  you think, "Now this is entertainment," then you are an appliance aficionado. Something inside you tingles when you hear the vroom vroom of the hoover , or the soft murmur of a top of the line refrigerator . This euphoric feeling is caused by a chemical reaction--similar to an exercise induced endorphins release--and fortunately, it can be brought on with the touch of a button. Make this feeling more frequent by expanding your collection of household appliances. And don't be shy to give them as gifts--as much as you think you are the solitary lover of appliances, most people hold their old bridal registry near to the bosom. 

Expand your horizons, dare to be dangerous, go nuts at a home goods store.


Who needs a housekeeper with all these lovely toys?

Steam Cleaners, and Hand Held Steam Cleaners 

 Hoovers: Canister, Hand Held ,Upright

Deep Carpet Cleaners and Wet/Dry Hoovers 


With these appliances you will never want to leave your kitchen. 

Large Appliances

Wall Ovens




Indoor Grills


Trash Compactors

Washing Machines



 Smaller Appliances

Check out our Gadgets for Specific Foods Guide for a more in depth description of some of these appliances. 

Personal Care

Because bad hygiene is just...bad. 

Dental Hygiene


Health Monitors

Hair Care Products

Home Spas

Indoor Temperature Control

No need to be freezing or heating up.



Air Conditioners

Portable Air Conditioners

Tankless Water Heaters

Electric Fans

Air Purifiers

Space Heaters

Digital Thermostats



Your home is your safe place, so why not make it the safest place possible? 

Carbon Monoxide Detectors


Smoke Alarms

Things That Make Life Simpler

We no longer wake up to the sounds of animals or go to sleep in the quiet of our home. It's all mixed up!

Alarm Clocks

Garment Steamers

Sewing Machines

Irons and Steam Irons

Sound Machines