What is a ShopWiki Approved Store?

ShopWiki Approved Store Badge

Dear Shoppers,

Let's face it: sometimes shopping online can be...unnerving. ShopWiki strives to alleviate these concerns by providing users with a rich and thorough online shopping experience driven by trustworthy and established stores. We are continuously working to improve this ability with our Listed, Approved and Premier Store Programs. ShopWiki created these relationship levels to help our shoppers feel confident when making a purchase decision on the merchant site or on ShopWiki search result pages.

Our staff individually evaluates ShopWiki Approved Stores for their quality, and the Badge Program conveys this value to our users. Please note that a valid Approved Store Badge links to the the merchant's unique store page on ShopWiki.

How to I Become a ShopWiki Approved Store?

Dear Merchants,

Building trust with your potential customers is more important now than ever!  Increase your credibility and reduce shopping cart abandonment by becoming a ShopWiki Approved Store.  Simply open a Merchant Fusion account and follow the step-by-step instructions on submitting your store for Approved status evaluation.

Soon, we will release the full version of this platform. An Approved Store will be able to curate its unique store page with useful information to the stores business policies, social network presence, popular products, other accreditations, and more! ShopWiki includes Approved Stores in our Partner Stores Browser, provides prioritized technical support, and publishes a shout-out through our Twitter account announcing your store's status upgrade. There is absolutely no risk or fees to use this platform.

The ShopWiki Approved Store Program is also available for merchants with stores based in: United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, and Belgium. (Coming soon: Poland). If you have more questions about working with ShopWiki, please use our ShopWiki Merchant Helpline for immediate assistance.

How do we evaluate Approved Stores?

Here are a few basic things we look for in an Approved Store candidate.

1. Your store must have full functionality at the time of submission.

2. You must be the owner or have administrative access to the store.

3. Your annual sales fall within the top 1% of all ShopWiki retailers.

4. You deliver favorable customer service.

5. You have memberships of the Better Business Bureau, Thawte, ScanAlert, GeoTrust, TrustKeeper or other similar certifications that show the store is safe and reliable.

6. You are a legitimate online store. ShopWiki will not knowingly approve a scam store or a merchant that sells fakes or replicas. We also cannot approve stores listed in online marketplaces such as Etsy or Ebay as we are not able to identify the individual shops.

Please understand not all stores will qualify, and we reserve the right to decline your application or remove your status at our discretion.

Remember to Add Your Store!

If you just opened up a new store, first make sure to add your store before opening a Merchant Fusion account. If you are not interested in participating in Merchant Fusion, here's a vanity badge to show your inclusion on ShopWiki.

My Store Is On ShopWiki

About ShopWiki

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