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Arts and Photography Books Buying Guide

If you want to learn about the arts, a book on the subject (or a specific area of the subject) can be a lifesaver. Not only do books on art and photography make great references and study guides, but they also make excellent gifts for any crafty or artistic people you know. Even if your friend can't draw a stick figure for her life, maybe she'd still appreciate a book of photography based on her favourite area (London photography ,desert photography ,city photography , etc). We've compiled some great search ideas to get you started, as well as a few specific art/photography books that are very popular. Get ready to put on a beret, break out the easel, and start learning about art!

Quick Picks

Janson's History of Art 7th Edition by Anthony F. Janson 

If you want to know about art history, then this book is a must. The colour illustrations are amazing, and the author covers the history of Western art thoroughly.

Selected Essays of John Berger 

Read the best essays by Britain's infamous left-wing art critic. This book makes a great gift for those studying art, art analysis, and art history.

Renaissance by Andrew Graham-Dixon  

Brought to you by BBC, this book contains interesting essays on Renaissance art that will settle any arguments over who painted what cathedral.

The Shock of the New by Robert Hughes 

This book is great for art enthusiasts and also makes a great gift for those who aren't art experts but enjoy reading and looking at art. This book focuses on the rise and the fall of the modern art movement.

Rembrandt's Eyes by Simon Schama 

This is commonly viewed as one of the best critical biographies of Rembrandt written in English. A perfect gift for any Rembrandt fans you know. 

I Am a Camera: The Saatchi Gallery by Graphic Thought Facility 

The Saatchi Gallery, a great supporter and advocate of contemporary art, brings us interesting photography divided into three sections: "True Life Adventures," "Fiction and Artifice," and "Places Portraits Still Lives Tableaux."

The Negative (Ansel Adams Photography, Book 2) 

If you are a fan and artist of black and white photography, then this book is a must-have. Adams gives you wonderful tips and details on how to make the very most out of your negatives. 

Photography by Barbara London 

This makes a great gift for anyone who can appreciate cool, interesting, and artistic photography. You don't have to be a professional photographer to enjoy this book. 

Sarah Moon: Coincidences 

This book is quite the attention-grabber. Whether you are a professional photographer or just like looking a beautiful pictures, this book from the from the late 60's and on by French model-turned-filmmaker/photographer Sarah Moon is a must read!

Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson 

This book explains to beginners of digital photography how to get creative and get out of auto mode. 

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