Mats and Carpets for Cars Buying Guide

Car mats and carpets are used not only for enhancing the interiors of your car but also for its easy maintenance. Car mats and carpets are easy to remove and clean; this improves the hygiene levels of your car.    

Car Carpets

This forms the base layer of your car’s flooring. During winter and rainy days, when the floor tends to get muddied and soiled with wet soil and grime, it’s prudent to cover up this carpet. For this purpose, a car mat is used.    

Kinds of Car Mats

When it comes to high quality, rubber and PVC mats are hard wearing and durable. They provide the ultimate protection and offer outstanding protection. Such weather-resistant mats are available for people who want their car’s flooring to be impeccably clean.. There are other types of mats that fall under this category.   

  • Vehicle Specific Mats: Vehicle specific mats are exclusively designed to fit exactly in your vehicle foot well. You can choose these mats according to the carpet quality, colour and binding type to match your car interior.
  • Tailor-made Mats: Tailored mats are specifically tailored for a precise and custom fit for each vehicle. These mats retain their shape for long time and they are highly durable.
  • Cut-to-fit Mats: Cut to fit mats are engineered from knowledge of foot well shapes to provide a better fit for standard shaped foot wells. These mats are hard wearing and are suitable for off road driving.
  • Heavy Duty Mats: Heavy duty truck and van range of rubber car mats are specifically designed to match vehicles that can withstand off road dirt, snow, liquid or kids. They are functional and hard wearing.
  • Universal mats are customised to provide a reasonable fit for a wide range of vehicles with some minor adjustments.   

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Premium Black And White Union Jack Car Mat :

Go the black-and-white way with this trendy mat

Manchester United F.C. Car Mat Set :

Fiercely loyal to this football team? Get this cool mat with their logo

Luxury Deep Pile Car Carpet Mat :

These mats have non-slip backing.

Quick Picks

Mooneyes Logo Rubber Car Mats :

These quality mats have a cute logo design.

Sexy Pink Heart Car Mats for the Girls :

This set of four mats is a great choice for young female drivers

Ring Carpet Shield Rubber & Carpet Floor Mat Black :

This set is designed to protect your car’s interiors from dirt and soil.  

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